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Put It In Reverse! 😂: Fails of the Week (July 2017)


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It's Friday, which indicates we have a fresh set of stops working. Get the weekend began with some falls short including a drag auto racing fall short, wedding event fails and Terry, poor Terry … Put it backwards!.

Which is your favorite? Let us understand in the remarks below!!


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Video clips:.
Solid Winds Reason Trampoline to Fly.
Bachelor Off Wakeboard.
Hang Glider Can not Land.
Telephone Line Catches Tree on Fire.
Dirt Motorcyclists Face Each Other.
Lady Unintentionally Throws Beer Off Watercraft Then Faceplants.
Lady Surprised by Bear in Garage.
Kid Backflips into Fencing.
Elk Goes after Guy on Fairway.
Elk Chases Guy on Golf Course.
Guy Attempts to Dive with Swimming pool Float.
Skier Attempts Jump Across Road.
Snowboarders Enter into Each Various other.
Males and female Break Swing.
Couple slip While Dance.
Grandpa Can't Hit a Golf Round.
Man Tries to Grind on Bench.
Youngsters Damage Wood Pole With Hammock.
Pig Unintentionally Tips Other Pig Over.
Guy Off Hoverboard Beside Swimming pool.
Snowboarder Wipes Out.
Motorist Enters incident.
Pet dog Groomed to Resemble a Zebra.
Man Tries to Dancing on a Table at the Bar.
Individual Aims to Dance on a Table at bench.
Individual in Wheelchair Cannot Back Away From Fireworks.
Guy Attempts Karate Kick.
Woman Attempts to Leap Over Street Barrier.
Lady Aiming to Jump on Hammock.
Drag Race Begins in Collision.
Man and Woman Try to Obtain Insect Zapper to Job.
Airborne Dancer Unravels.
Man Gets Smacked in the Face with Homemade Weight.
2 Boys Faceplant trying to Backflip.

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  1. Posted by PANOS XD, at Reply

    6:30 LOL

    • Posted by DefiniteLemon, at Reply


    • Posted by Bdog And TrustMeI'mADoctor, at Reply

      Etr officiel stop asking for subs and posting this more than once

    • Posted by Martin lorthiois, at Reply

      C’est toi le con c’est un troll et tu t’es fait avoir

    • Posted by Luis enrique vazquez regalado, at Reply

      Etr officiel happy birthday… but tomorrow because its 14 in ny country

    • Posted by Vincent, at Reply


  2. Posted by Sarah Walton, at Reply

    Terry! Oh Lord! Reverse!

    • Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

      That laugh at the end sounded like Eddie Murphy

    • Posted by Jonathan Campbell, at Reply

      Matthias Joseph Thomas van Trigt we drax them slax. here froggie froggie froggie

    • Posted by Shaurya Kaushik, at Reply

      Jonathan Campbell where ??

    • Posted by DJ Vinylove RESISTANCE, at Reply

      Donald (BATMAN) Trump Vs CNN MEME

      (on Youtube)

  3. Posted by Mariusplays, at Reply

    Who is watching without Socks?

    • Posted by mike wazowski, at Reply

      barefoot all day long.

    • Posted by david davids, at Reply

      your mum has them in her mouth

    • Posted by Purple Celebi ッ, at Reply

      Mariusplays almost 50 degrees fahrenheit in spain

    • Posted by spharick, at Reply

      +Purple Celebi ッ You are wrong, we have almost 50º Celsius, or 122º Fahrenheit

  4. Posted by Polandball and mapping Slovenia, at Reply

    Who’s here before 10.000 views?

    • Posted by An Exploding Production Channel, at Reply

      FailArmy yes of course unless I was here under 5 VIEWS.

    • Posted by Polandball and mapping Slovenia, at Reply

      @FailArmy OMG, you guys replied to me! :0

    • Posted by BWTicehammer, at Reply

      Wow, now it’s at 250k almost

    • Posted by TheSusan.H, at Reply

      +FailArmy cmon man, be serious xd

    • Posted by The Blue Mapper, at Reply

      soon its gonna be at millions as always

  5. Posted by Kai Wilson, at Reply

    2:20 i think that hoverboard may have gone in the water

    • Posted by Joey Zuraski, at Reply

      self-balancing scooter. hoverboards fly.

    • Posted by PixelResolution, at Reply

      Joey Zuraski It’s called a hover board. It’s a self balancing scooter known as a hover board. People don’t call it a hire board because it flies, but because that’s it’s NAME.

    • Posted by hunter PRO1, at Reply

      a fly just started humping your profile pic….

    • Posted by thomas ross, at Reply

      +hunter PRO1 it’s going balls deep lol

  6. Posted by *Oxy-Gen*, at Reply

    I laugh my laughs out
    I cry my cries out
    I roll my floors out

    I England my cities out

    • Posted by H Dub, at Reply

      Still…….”I England my cities out” lmao

  7. Posted by E J, at Reply

    who is watching in 3027 without socks?

    • Posted by elgin Blll, at Reply

      E J i got a hover clone

    • Posted by Beckynolife, at Reply

      E J tell me, has Elder Scrolls 6 come yet?

    • Posted by Patricia Segura, at Reply

      Erlend Holmen make me

    • Posted by mike wazowski, at Reply

      always barefoot, only way to go.

    • Posted by Diana Saldaña, at Reply


  8. Posted by Deathstroke Wilson, at Reply

    When I see Fail Army video:
    1. Get pumped
    2. Watch the video
    3. Laugh at the suffering of other
    4. Finish the video
    5. Go into the comments where people put a time stamp of their favourite part and watch those again

    • Posted by TheGamer4u 111, at Reply

      u already posted this exact same comment on the last failarmy vid

    • Posted by DJ Vinylove RESISTANCE, at Reply

      Donald (BATMAN) Trump Vs CNN MEME

      (on Youtube)

  9. Posted by NoDude, at Reply

    1:00 Guy feels like being in a horror movie when the engine fails to start hahaha
    In his case it’s not a murderer hunting him down but a fail…

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      why did none of the other blacks just push the disabled black guy out of the way?

    • Posted by Lewis Barlow, at Reply

      There is usually a lever that you can pull up and it allow you to push them, this is in case the battery dies and its in gear. This is in the UK I would presume the USA would have something similar

  10. Posted by Cherry Daily, at Reply

    I upload cherry everyday bro!

    I actually do!

    • Posted by Porch Monkey, at Reply

      Cherry Daily you just earned a sub

    • Posted by Tha gunslinger 022, at Reply

      Cherry Daily I

  11. Posted by • TRひE RELIGION •, at Reply

    *put it in reverse terry lord jesus!!*. 😂😂

    • Posted by Andrew Alexander, at Reply

      Best one lol

    • Posted by gpadog, at Reply

      • TRひE RELIGION> filed for bankruptcy

  12. Posted by -RaulMB-, at Reply

    1:35 When your trampolin is tired of living in a garden and decides to fly

    • Posted by Beast0987, at Reply

      -RaulMB- 🎶Do you ever feel like a plastic bag🎶😂

    • Posted by D34NO, at Reply

      Had enough of these fuckers jumping all over him all the time lol

    • Posted by Clash 0 Clans, at Reply

      Beast0987 floating threw the wind wanting to start again 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by -RaulMB-, at Reply


    • Posted by Dill Pickle, at Reply

      -RaulMB- relatable

  13. Posted by wooty, at Reply

    Stop putting emojis in the title (and description) please.

    • Posted by Alonzo Cajigas, at Reply

      wooty agree

  14. Posted by Jeremy Nafus, at Reply

    The dog made to look like a zebra is awful. Why would you want that?

    • Posted by Corbin, at Reply

      Jeremy Nafus I thought it was cool lol

    • Posted by BestVines, at Reply

      They can do whatever they want with the animal because they own it and they have control over it.

    • Posted by Jason, at Reply

      Jeremy Nafus dog doesn’t seem too sad lol

    • Posted by Moth Ter, at Reply

      Why not? He looked awesome. Probably temp dye or chalk for animals. Plus he looked extremely happy. ^_^

    • Posted by AdaM R, at Reply

      cos zebra

  15. Posted by 0culu5 4n0nymal, at Reply

    Do *not* click the links in any comments that don’t have the verification checkmark. They are bots. Report them instead

    • Posted by Spencer_, at Reply

      Walter White is the one who bots

    • Posted by LegendaryAssassinZTX //LGDteam, at Reply

      0culu5 4n0nymal i have been telling people that xD

    • Posted by DJMonster881, at Reply

      Balter Black is the one who steals.

    • Posted by 0culu5 4n0nymal, at Reply

      Walter White Ni🅱️🅱️a no, you lived. And I have don’t have the money. I’m only on season 3 though. I’m a bit late, I guess.

  16. Posted by My Channel Has Only 1Video Just To Make You Happy, at Reply

    If you fail in life you’ll fail in trusting my name

    • Posted by Dean Woods, at Reply

      Or your just gay

    • Posted by Imaniguana0510, at Reply


    • Posted by unknown, at Reply

      +Imaniguana0510 you’re a dumbass

  17. Posted by RADIS Dancer, at Reply

    4:08 Manliest scream in the world hahaha

    • Posted by Ilias OLY, at Reply

      RADIS Dancer and these things dont even hurt

    • Posted by Denis Begic, at Reply

      RADIS Dancer what did you expect from a fag..

  18. Posted by ajaxmuse, at Reply

    3:30 dude pushed his girl off him just to check if he dirted his pants instead of asking or checking if she is okay…showed her no love hahaha

    • Posted by ASTRONAUT Fitness - World Bodybuilding Archive, at Reply

      ajaxmuse came here for this comment. What a prick this dude is