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Quadruple Hurricane And Media STILL Won’t Talk About Climate Change


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" In 2016, the significant networks' coverage of environment adjustment come by two thirds compared with 2015.
As a matter of fact, environment insurance coverage last year was close to its lowest degrees given that 2009, inning accordance with a brand-new analysis by MediaMatters of the night and Sunday news programs that air on ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as Fox. This decline is regardless of historical wildfires, severe weather occasions like Hurricane Matthew, as well as month after monthof record-breaking worldwide temperatures." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by philip013, at Reply

    Why don’t the networks get some scientists from NASA on? See what they say?

  2. Posted by Mr.Orca32, at Reply

    haha I like how the same race realist rightists who call libs fact denying don’t believe in global warming

    • Posted by first secons, at Reply

      If Trump signed the Paris agreement there would not be any storms, right?

    • Posted by Alex Purtle, at Reply

      Nooooooo….if Trump signed the accord that would only mean he isn`t pandering to the ignorant!!

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      climate change is real nobody denies that. humans are just not the main factor of climate change. we are a small portion of the climate change compared to solar activity.

    • Posted by first secons, at Reply

      Alex Purtle <- Don't know about the "ignorant" (hehe) but I am sure he is not pandering to the delusional left

  3. Posted by Jamiul Ahmed, at Reply

    WAIT NAAA?! Am I seeing this??? People in the comment section doubting scientists on climate change?? Listen all you stupid fucks. Climate change is agreed upon by nearly every scientist around the WORLD, what part of HUMAN ACTIVITY WARMING THE EARTH IS HARD TO GET??? All you trump supporting, right wing lunatics need to get your GIANT HEADS out of your asses. The future of this planet is at stake.

    • Posted by somebuddycool, at Reply

      But what about muh free market?

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      I’m gonna get raptured so what, me worry?

  4. Posted by Steven Band, at Reply

    if you don’t believe in science, please turn in your cell phone and tv at the door….

  5. Posted by Mari Pre, at Reply

    When I was 11 years old my two sisters and I won a carnival costume competition here in Europe. We were dressed as “Water”, “Air” and “Earth” with the words “stop polluting nature” written on the dresses. We won because the jury thought this was an important message for the future. Now I’m 44. US, please try to catch up!

    • Posted by Jason Thorne, at Reply

      @Censtudios These people seem so easily whipped into a fear of things, I’m surprised how they manage to even leave their house, let alone travel abroad 😀

    • Posted by Roger Starkey, at Reply

      Jason Thorne
      LEAVING the house is probably ok…
      FINDING IT again, however……..

  6. Posted by mark goggin, at Reply

    This is an example of “Institutional Marketing”.

  7. Posted by TheSuave101, at Reply

    Lol online we can look the facts…. Awesome, that’s why I don’t pay for cable.

  8. Posted by RMJ1984, at Reply

    Imagine how much cheaper it would be, not just for the United States, but the ENTIRE world to actually combat climate change. Sure you will still have volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis etc. But they will be a lot worse if we don’t do anything.

    And let’s just look at how many billions these 2 hurricanes ends up costing. Probably 20-30 billion dollars. That money would have gone a long way to combat climate change. Then there is the loss of human life and irreplaceable person items lost.

    • Posted by sarah silverman, at Reply

      TYT $20 million, nothing for the victims.

    • Posted by Andrew_Owens, at Reply

      Yeah, but from the point of view of these shock doctrine oligarchs that bright future is awful! After all, if people are reeling from crisis to crisis, you can deregulate and create a police state before they know what’s going on. In better times, people might actually start to look at policy using facts and reason.

    • Posted by Nicolas Jeuniau, at Reply

      Sarah Silverman, Trump $???, nothing for the victims… It’s a long list you’re starting here!

  9. Posted by 007 Memo, at Reply

    It is the entire world’s governments, scientists, scientific societies and universities in agreement on Climate Change versus a relatively miniscule handful of Republicans and Corporations.

    But that miniscule handful holds the rest of America and the World hostage. How did it get to this? It’s inconceivable.

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      It got to this because of Crony capitalism. The religious “right” worship the Profits. The so-called “right” value Profits over People, no matter who they rip off, what they wreck, or whatever gets sick and dies, as long as “I” cash out on that. Not only the far “right” GOP, but the corporate, “right” wing light, democrats who vote for most everything the GOP wants, and is seen as “weak” because they don;t fight against what they *ALSO* want.

    • Posted by Klaus Niemand, at Reply

      The massive & coordinated lobbying of climate change denial started in the US, about 3 decades ago.

  10. Posted by Tom Tucker, at Reply

    Conservatives = The stronger the Truth. The greater their opposition.

  11. Posted by Ms. Woodard, at Reply

    Man made disasters

  12. Posted by brian2786, at Reply

    Scientists that study climate do not claim that the planet doesn’t cool or warm naturally.
    They argue that human activity throughout decades has INTERRUPTED and ACCELERATED the natural course of our climate, to extremes that will affect us tragically and permanently.

  13. Posted by B Mullin, at Reply

    Global Warming/Climate Change isn’t real. It’s true, I saw it on Fox News.

  14. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    Global warming threatens to cost rich folks a few dollars……so they ignore it and hope it will go away….(which it might in a few centuries! Who knows?)

  15. Posted by Yolo Sock, at Reply

    ” let’s not report the facts because of what people might call us” Lol, sounds like people reporting on Charlottesville

  16. Posted by Kenneth Moertel, at Reply

    We really don’t need to warn the ignorant, just let them die it will help the gene pool in the long run! 🙂

  17. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    lolz this video has been up for 17 hours and barely broke 100k views. no one is leaving cable news to come to your crap propaganda show Cenk

  18. Posted by bohemianwriter1, at Reply

    …And remember folks…There is such a thing called “clean coal”…..

    Haven’t you seen Trump and his coal cronies bather their kids in it?