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Quick Hits: Giuliani Out, DAPL Update, Crowdfund More Reporters!


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Some quick updates on a few things. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Friday he had removed his name from consideration for a position in Donald Trump’s new administration as the president-elect narrows the field of people he is considering for secretary of state.

Giuliani’s withdrawal from consideration came after Trump made clear that he was broadening his search for a secretary of state beyond the four finalists transition aides had identified: Giuliani, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former CIA head David Petraeus and Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.

In recent days, Trump has expanded his search for a secretary of state to include additional lawmakers and corporate executives, such as Rex Tillerson of Exxon Mobil Corp and Alan Mulally, a former executive at Ford Motor Co and Boeing Co.

The Wall Street Journal, citing two transition team officials, said Tillerson had emerged on Friday as the leading candidate for the State Department job. It said some Trump advisers saw Tillerson as a mold-breaking pick who would bring an executive’s experience to the post of top U.S. diplomat.

Giuliani, speaking to Fox News, said he had actually sent a letter withdrawing himself from consideration back on Nov. 29 but that the transition team had rejected it, saying they wanted to continue to keep him in the running for the State Department.

“I decided … that the whole thing was becoming … very difficult for the president-elect, and my desire to be in the Cabinet was great, but it wasn’t that great and he had a lot of terrific candidates,” Giuliani said in a phone call with Fox.”*

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  1. Posted by JO 93, at Reply

    I heard trump paid him compensation of $9.11

    • Posted by The TYT Critic, at Reply

      JO 93 L

    • Posted by Xiānshēng Lee, at Reply

      JO 93 W

    • Posted by bdawggification, at Reply

      Pretty sure it was $7.11

    • Posted by malakaijub, at Reply

      you mean yen?

    • Posted by Malcolm Dendtler, at Reply

      JO 93
      Its funny you mention that.
      Donald Trump knows 911 was an inside job.
      and that mayor Giulliani got paid millions in cleaning up ,salvage cleaners
      ,his private company which was major conflict of interest .

      DT doesn’t want him anywhere around to draw attenion to 911.

  2. Posted by isgravybaby, at Reply

    Yay! No Giuliani!!!

    • Posted by Onyebuci Mordi, at Reply

      +ross garner i would be fine anyway. the poor folks that voted for trump
      are the ones that are going to have a problem. having some alt right rule
      is the worst thing that can happen to this country.

    • Posted by Onyebuci Mordi, at Reply

      +error:data Incomplete it is not going to be rudyboy. it will be the
      billionaire oil man with deep ties to Russia.

  3. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Thank Gawd Giuliani said no, because this is a man whom felt though legally
    unconstitutional in the manner as to which stop and frisk was carried out,
    he felt it was worth breaking the constitutional rights of hundreds of
    thousands of people annually for profit!

    • Posted by kiliyah perry, at Reply

      Jamie Cox its more unethical if anything.
      stop and frisk is legal.
      they teach us that in criminology class.

    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      Jamie Cox NDAA

    • Posted by TheFireflyGrave, at Reply

      Giuliani didn’t say no, he was told no.

    • Posted by Pulling Cards, at Reply

      Juliani was just another pupit…

  4. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    still begging your viewers for money cenk, pathetic, *even more pathetic
    are the suckers that donate!* :D

    • Posted by Rastaman Miller, at Reply

      +Spunky1991 REAL TALK

    • Posted by Rastaman Miller, at Reply

      +Marq Mac thank you

    • Posted by Iffilayo 11, at Reply

      People, just do what I do to these (humans?). When they leave these
      asinine, whiny comments on TYT videos, just go to their account and block
      them. After that, you’ll never see another of their pathetic comments.
      Bitchy whines gone. Problem solved.

    • Posted by Deontae Allen, at Reply

      Iffilayo 11 not a bad idea

  5. Posted by Kareem Winters, at Reply

    Here come the the young teletubbies trolls to cry about Trump magnificent,
    grandiloquent, stylish cabinet picks.

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply

      #LoserTrumphumper #taxreturns #RapeyTangerineSnatchGrabber

  6. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    Americans should be speaking up for NAFTA and free trade deals. Don’t
    concede the economy to Trump and let him go down the road of protectionism.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      Neither of you want to engage in content because you both lost the argument
      on that front, so you dropped it completely. I addressed what you said and
      the actual content of your source. So why don’t you just admit that +13unner and
      move on with your life?

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      +Radical Feminist Thank you.

    • Posted by 13unner, at Reply

      @radical feminist

      What did I not address? I’ll address it now for you.

      Scapegoating? Hmm ok… So how do you know those sources aren’t peer
      reviewed again? I’m still waiting…

    • Posted by No Thanks, at Reply

      +Andrew Wells​​​​​ except I did address you’re arguments. Content does not
      an argument make, outside of high school debate tournaments. And you never
      addressed any of my points. So shove your arrogance right up the hole you
      pulled your “content” from.
      You never addressed my critique of GDP as a metric for economic growth, you
      never addressed the export of jobs as a currency for political influence,
      you never addressed stagnant wages (which the other guy brought up), you
      never addressed the argument that rising employment numbers don’t account
      for the fall in quality employment, nor how economic inequality correlates
      more closely to GDP than median income post-1960s. So no you said the same
      things over and over and used ad hominem as an ad hominem against people
      who questioned the quality of your “content”.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      +No Thanks You’re being ridiculous. I did
      address what you said. But your comment is telling, you don’t care for
      content and that says it all. All that matters for you is the author not
      the argument. (Content is where the argument is, not the author or the
      place of publication).

  7. Posted by strong foot, at Reply

    Giuliani is a very corrupt bastard. He profited from the tragedies of 9/11.

    • Posted by RUT RHO, at Reply

      Giuliani in the very least assisted in the cover-up of 9/11, and likely did
      much more. He probably abuses children like all the other elites the young
      turks are covering for.

    • Posted by Thank God I'm a Country Pepe, at Reply

      +The Humanist Perspective I had two uncles and cousin there, and I was
      supposed to be at work there that day myself but was home with a broken
      knee cap and torn miniscus, mr. loving , kind , tolerant and not at all
      condescending election winning because of your hypocrisy and nihilism

  8. Posted by frediax10, at Reply

    great I prefer the ceo from ExxonMobil

    • Posted by UB U, at Reply

      Me too buddy. Corporations FTW!

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply

      Rex Tillerson almost signed a pack with Rosneft dividing up the arctic

  9. Posted by RandomU5erName, at Reply

    Giuliani didn’t have a fat enough wallet for Donalds wallet

    • Posted by Chris Ashcroft, at Reply

      Trump will only sell off America to the highest bidder.

  10. Posted by Chrystal Clear1000, at Reply

    When are you guys going to start speaking out about prison labor!

    • Posted by CandyLaStar, at Reply

      when you donate and help them get more journalists to do more reporting!
      Get to donating friend and don’t forget to share! 🙂

    • Posted by Chrystal Clear1000, at Reply

      +CandyLaStar I just donated 😀

    • Posted by Ghost Dragon Studios, at Reply

      I gave entire speech at my college about private prisons and why they
      should be abolished.

  11. Posted by Anh Triệu, at Reply

    Unfortunately for us, Giuliani’s dad didn’t pull out.

    • Posted by iMarooned, at Reply

      Anh Triệu More unfortunately, 9 months later she pulled out an angry,
      racist, screaming Gnome!!

  12. Posted by lola bigcups, at Reply

    Oh please Giuliani is like bloody mary you say his name 3 times and well
    you know the rest.

    • Posted by ycccv ju, at Reply


    • Posted by Thank God I'm a Country Pepe, at Reply

      Love your hate.

    • Posted by Bear Arms, at Reply

      I’m curious, is it “Rudy Rudy Rudy” or “Giuliani Giuliani Giuliani”?

      Oh shi…

  13. Posted by sydandtaytum, at Reply

    donated today. happily so. jordan charitan has been doing the real work on
    the front lines this year. i am so proud of tyt for REAL news

  14. Posted by CanTheCaroKann Win, at Reply
    • Posted by Isaac Luscombe, at Reply

      CanTheCaroKann Win
      Just stop, you lost, get over it

  15. Posted by MrBibi86, at Reply

    If only Trumps dad pulled out! or pulled one out instead!!

    • Posted by Chris Ashcroft, at Reply

      Then who would we call Mango Mussolini?

    • Posted by RubberWilbur, at Reply

      no I don’t think his Dad was a liberal so he wouldn’t murder the unborn.

  16. Posted by Patricia McDermott, at Reply

    Brilliant! The more reporters the better!! Can’t wait 😊

  17. Posted by kyle stewart, at Reply


    • Posted by aoescool, at Reply

      DUDE THEY broke the story.. also they said its not going to the US it could
      go to Madagascar.. it doesnt matter as long as they report the story ..