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Quick Hits: N. Korean Missile Test, Europe Killing Coal, And More…


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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn't talking about North Korea's latest missile test. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us just what you think in the remark area below.

" Ahead of the very first meeting in between United States Head of state Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korea discharged a ballistic missile off the shore of the Oriental Peninsula, United States and also South Korean authorities said.

The missile– which came under the Sea of Japan, likewise called the East Sea, on Wednesday morning– is among several the country has test-fired in recent months.

Even before the missile test, North Korea's nuclear program was anticipated to be a crucial talking point in between Xi as well as Trump.

The United States has actually been pushing China to tax North Korea to quit its nuclear program and also rocket screening, yet Trump claimed on Sunday the United States would certainly be prepared to act alone to quit North Korea.

In his first five years as North Oriental leader, Kim Jong Un has overseen greater than double the number of missile tests than his dad did during his 17-year policy, according to the Facility for Strategic and also International Researches." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    chris brown: beats his girlfriend to an unrecognizable pulp. Sentence: a fine and no jail time. War Machine: does the same thing and will spend the rest of his natural life in prison. #blackprivilege

    • Posted by Albita Jofili, at Reply

      It is about his money, no his race.

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Were you beat up by mommy when you were young?

  2. Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

    Man N korea pretty bad.. But not bad enough to deny the Armenian genocide

    • Posted by Design It, at Reply

      I feel like this is starting to become an overrated meme.

    • Posted by HighFrequency, at Reply

      It is, because clearly they didn’t read the very same article they posted.

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Jesus Christ you idiots are still on this?

    • Posted by Baradin Stigh, at Reply


      My arm hurts from he thousands ot times I’ve copypasted this link.

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Baradin Stigh chop it off already. You don’t need it.

  3. Posted by Serge Rivers, at Reply

    my toe fungus > conservatives

    • Posted by Nick Polymer, at Reply

      Islam is Love

    • Posted by Serge Rivers, at Reply


    • Posted by Design It, at Reply

      People > Government

      Stop with the bullshit and start getting angry at THEM.

    • Posted by Crimson King, at Reply

      Jimmy Dore’s snot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Alex Jones

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      De cawk I made out of doo >>> All de Repoo-bleekine trools

  4. Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

    North Korea has been asking for it, for a very long time.

    • Posted by Benito Mussolini, at Reply

      Build a wall around North Korea.

    • Posted by The Sleeping Senator of the Islands, at Reply

      Mending Wall I hope it destroys USA completely.

    • Posted by Carlos Lee, at Reply

      make some videos of those fat titties and shut up you cow.

  5. Posted by Madam President, at Reply

    So it begins. Col Michael Aquino’s New World Order is here. The demonic Trump will spills rivers of blood to usher the coming of the anti gods. The three most satanic people on earth will be Aquino’s spear tip. The Israelis, the Arabs and the Scotts. Douglas Dietrich has been proven correct once again.

    • Posted by Caligula Caesar, at Reply

      Personally I welcome our new Chaos overlords.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      “I would bomb the hell out of those oilfields. I wouldn’t send many troops because you won’t need ’em by the time I’m finished.” Warmonger in Chief said on CNN 2015

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Madam President Meanwhile your profile pic is Hillary Clinton. lolololol

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply


    • Posted by travis heldreth, at Reply

      The Scotts finally win something!

  6. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I fled from North Korea when I was 19 years old, so I know a thing or two about North Korea, and i’ll have to say that TYT are just not being honest in this video.

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 Yeah I know, but it didn’t work. Nice try though. move along move along.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Noiseless Sounds “… it didn’t work”. I see the word “stupid” right on the screen. It worked just fine, stupid. 👅

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 wow lol smh.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Noiseless Sounds Trying to have the last word all the time doesn’t make you appear less stupid. Nice try though.

    • Posted by Kevin Hodgson, at Reply

      Is this all you can do? Make the same joke over and over again? You seriously need to a get a life.

  7. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    Rihanna is also Chris Brown’s Quick Hits..

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      lol nice.

  8. Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

    The “Young Turks” slaughtered 1.5 million Armenians in 1915… chunk Ogre still denies the genocide happened to this day

    • Posted by Jack M, at Reply

      LOL give me a break you triggered, Trumptard snowflake. It’s not my fault that you’re a failed abortion beta male. Now, I’ll give you a link of Cenk publicly acknowledging the Armenian genocide just as soon as you give me a link where Drumpf admits climate change is real and that he lost the popular vote, where Steven Crowder publicly acknowledges the Native American genocide (and admits it was a genocide that was worse than the Armenian genocide and Holocaust combined), and where Alex Jones admits aliens aren’t real. Thank you Mr Autism. *Micdrop

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Hollow headed stop projecting!

  9. Posted by Kryojenix, at Reply

    Okay guys, TYT needs a more serious science reporter.

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      None of them are strong on science. Bless their hearts.

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      Who are you talking to?

  10. Posted by Alex Oelkers, at Reply

    Trump just isn’t intelligent enough to be our commander and chief in this situation…

  11. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    first picture of a black hole, cool!

  12. Posted by Valhalla, at Reply

    Says a lot about TYT when Korean Missile Test is just a “Quick Hit”

    • Posted by Brenton Bolderoff, at Reply

      you’re definitely saying a lot…. not

  13. Posted by hmxr, at Reply

    Reduction in coal production will increase reliance on Russian gas.

  14. Posted by OsamaBinLaden, at Reply

    Trump supporters deny the Native American genocide

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Trump supporters deny the truth….and basic intelligence.

  15. Posted by NostraDumAss, at Reply

    Ive got a photograph of a black hole. But she said i could not share it.

  16. Posted by axion, at Reply

    wow there is that war on coal trump was talking about or atleast imagening

  17. Posted by Chad Spence, at Reply

    Normally I don’t comment on TYT’s Quick hits, mainly because attacking one point does nothing as even they did not go into full thought and detail during these segments, but I will say that:

    1. Obama refused to used the word Radical Islam because that makes ISIS and other terrorist groups stronger…for some reason, *rolls eyes* but the State Department no longer talking about North Korea’s missle test works the same way (it only gives them strength), But in this instance it actually does make them stronger as N.K has first world countries backing them and they approve of our fear. F*** them.

    2. Of course the Left is glad to see Europe killing jobs when they shut down coal plants. That is obvious.

    The only reason I wanted to comment at all was to say: Hell yeah, at the blackhole picture hit. Cannot wait to see that. This is why I am glad I was born in this day and age. Never let a person tell you that they were born in the wrong time of history. If that time of history does not have a photo of a Blackhole, it is not worth living in :).

  18. Posted by Ron H, at Reply

    Look to assholes