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R. Kelly Sex Cult Victim Breaks Her Silence


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Among R. Kelly's affirmed sufferers has stepped forward with damning information. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you her tale from inside R. Kelly's sex cult. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section below.

" In 2008, Jerhonda Johnson was a 15-year-old sophomore from Chicago's south residential areas that cut secondary school everyday to participate in R. Kelly's trial on 14 counts of making child pornography. The R&B super star had no bigger follower, as well as Johnson was priced estimate in national media tales safeguarding her music idol.

Currently a 24-year-old mom of 3 with the wedded name Jerhonda Rate, she tells BuzzFeed News that after the test, when she was 16, she turned into one of many women distressed by a sex-related relationship with Kelly. Her detailed as well as well-documented story of accepting cash money settlements from the celebrity in return for authorizing nondisclosure contracts, which has actually not been formerly reported, shows how Kelly has been able to silence young women he has actually apparently mistreated.

A number of people with firsthand understanding of the circumstance have actually supported Rate's claims. In addition, BuzzFeed Information reviewed authorized legal files, drafts of settlements in between Kelly as well as Pace, communication in between Pace as well as the attorneys included, a polygraph examination performed at the demand of her lawyer concerning her relationship with Kelly, a probate court file opening up an estate for Speed as the outcome of a civil negotiation, and also a succeeding repayment made by Kelly's administration company to Rate."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by TRUMP IS THE BEST, at Reply

    Meanwhile TYT ignores Podesta’s emails.

    • Posted by Bear Jew, at Reply

      Just curious, what are your 4 top most trusted news sources???? Also, are you willing to walk through Newtown and face the community with your Alex Jones hoodie on? .

    • Posted by TRUMP IS THE BEST, at Reply

      Wikileaks is the only trustworthy source as of now but I watch all of them.
      Yes, then I will ask for the footage from the brand new security system that was installed and proof of bodies.
      So far there have been none.
      How can you defend a “tragedy” with no evidence of a tragedy?

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      TRUMP IS THE BEST: You know some Right-Wing nutjob suggest that I go to a Wikileaks site involving e-mails between Podesta and Clinton to prove some Conspiracy Theory she had. I consider myself open-minded so I gave it a shot. All I could find was a bunch of innocuous conversations such as where they should go for lunch. You’d have to be a real whack job to read anything into it.

  2. Posted by TheQuietAtheist, at Reply

    What I want to know is how is this video able to have ads on it? They talk about Sex Cults.

    • Posted by Zen Life, at Reply

      Tyt will always have ads. Cenks in bed with YT execs.
      It’s part of why they pander. I’d guess

    • Posted by TheQuietAtheist, at Reply

      Yeah… I guarantee that if I talk about the same issue on my Channel. My video would get destroyed.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      not a single video by TYT gets demonetized. They are connected directly with utube. Youtube only targets conservatives.

    • Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

      Because they generally only demonitize right-wingers and left-wingers who don’t parrot the corporate media narrative.

  3. Posted by Henbot, at Reply

    America, the only place that you can be a pedophile and sex offender blatantly and be a millionaire and have thousands and thousands of fans that will cheer for you on social media. Also him scouting out pretty much settles him as a total sexual predator.

    • Posted by PoloBoyPrince, at Reply

      Don’t other countries usually have a younger age of consent than America. Just another YouTube comment bashing America ignorantly.

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      Yeah, in most countries around the world, it’s no issue.

      16 is old enough

    • Posted by Dustin Stich, at Reply

      Roman Polanski… the french cultural minister wrote about having sex with underage boys in Thailand

    • Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

      lmao, Japan is the rape/pedophile capital of the world.
      If a woman gets raped in Saudi Arabia she gets charged with a crime.

  4. Posted by Mr K, at Reply

    I heard an interesting anecdote about how R Kelly claimed a fly spoke to him, telling him ‘you might be a famous singer, but can you climb walls as effortlessly as I do?’
    R Kelly replied, ‘I believe I can, fly.’

    • Posted by Darth Zim, at Reply

      That was just awful. Slap yourself for your own sake

    • Posted by Mr K, at Reply

      +Darth Zim Sorry. I would take it back If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time.

    • Posted by fuctifino Mcgrath, at Reply

      Mr K,that is the best comeback ever on youtube 10 out of 10,LMAO,regards from Scotland,and being honest i am going to use that one,just Awesome.

    • Posted by Mr K, at Reply

      +fuctifino Mcgrath Well, may I say it’s nice to meet a fellow Jock on here. Feel free to use it, after all I myself ‘borrowed’ the original comment from Vic Reeves.

    • Posted by fuctifino Mcgrath, at Reply

      Mr K,I love Vic Reeves,funny man and also you are very honest,only a Scot could come out with a quick reply like that,we still have the best sense of humor,stay safe my friend,and all the best in the future to you and your family.

  5. Posted by ZZZs, at Reply

    Just so you know, the age of consent in most parts of Europe is somewhere between 14 and 16. In Germany it is 14, in the UK it is 16. For us, Europeans it’s hard to be outraged by stories like these.

    • Posted by Doris Chu, at Reply

      we’re talking about a USA queso European laws or not applicable here. Got it?

    • Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply

      Well then adapt the concept.

      What is it in your country?
      Subtract 4 years from that persons age.

      That is how we feel.

    • Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply

      Now picture someone saying an adult man was taking advantage of a ten or eight year old girl is in no way weird.

    • Posted by Mattias Åkesson, at Reply

      ZZZs Well, the legality of an item seldom guide my feelings toward it, and I’d wager to say this is true for almost any person. For example cannabis is illegal most everywhere yet I don’t particularly care about it or people who consume it, to each their own. Whereas buying out politicians (in america) is completely legal, a total outrage, and the root of so many issues in the US, and by proxy the world.

      The legal question of consent is a precarious one. I want kids to be able to have sex at their own prerogative while at the same time have the judicial means to protect them from this kind of abuse. But if you’re going to allow a 16-yo to have sex with a 19-yo then you have to allow him/her to have sex with anyone above that age as well, since there is no distinction in the eyes of the law as soon as the person is of age. Now I’m pretty sure that if the stuff about the paper she allegedly had to sign etc. is true, that would constitute extortion, effectively annulling the consent but if he had just stuck to abusing the power and authority he has as an artist and rich adult the law couldn’t touch him.

  6. Posted by Mauri Mela, at Reply

    Why schoolgirl porn is legal?

    • Posted by Doris Chu, at Reply

      Mauri Mela
      It’s not legal if girl is under age of consent.

    • Posted by Alexia, at Reply

      Its pretty disgusting how our culture fetishizes under age girls, incest and abuse like this, then act all appalled and morally outraged when real people out in the world behave like this. Mixed messages there.

    • Posted by while my qatar gently weeps, at Reply

      I love doing schoolgirl roleplays with Ana K. It’s makes me a little uncomfortable wearing a skirt but it’s ok

    • Posted by Theman, at Reply

      Alexia so people should not be able to fantasize about Things that are wrong?

      P.s. it is normal to be sexually attracted to post pubescent people.

  7. Posted by Taylor Se'mone, at Reply

    No contract should be legal when dealing with minors, and that also includes anyone in their teens ( still a teenager).

    • Posted by Taylor Se'mone, at Reply

      shandcunt but they still your baby for life

    • Posted by Doris Chu, at Reply

      Taylor Se’mone
      Right. Girl was underage when she signed and her parents did not sign anything. Kelly in deep trouble.

    • Posted by Doris Chu, at Reply

      Miners dig in mines.
      Do you mean minors who are underage and can’t sign contracts on their own?

    • Posted by shandcunt, at Reply

      What? I was talking about miners who work in mines

  8. Posted by enzof50, at Reply

    somehow “young” gold digging whores can’t stop falling on R Kelly’s c*ck….really, come on Cenk! Call it like you see it!

    • Posted by Dukie Doomsayer, at Reply

      Yeah, because children are supposed to be the responsible parties in these transactions.

    • Posted by fai365day, at Reply

      Dukie Doomsayer if they’re smart enough to open their legs then they’re smart enough to deal with the consequences

    • Posted by enzof50, at Reply

      okay! ask yourself this…would your daughter be hanging out with R Kelly? And if so, why? I hope your next answer is that she is being mentored to be the next star…and if that is the case, why are you f*cking the mentor? at what point do i blame the “young child” or the parent(s)? think it over before you give an “emotional” response please…because that’s what “real” men do, we reason and think, let us maintain that little advantage that we have

    • Posted by Dukie Doomsayer, at Reply

      You’re a sick, disgusting pig.

    • Posted by enzof50, at Reply

      u responded too quickly (2 minutes)…i told you to think it over

  9. Posted by Reza Ym, at Reply

    She’s actively lying about her age and going after this guy. She’s not less guilty.

    • Posted by Elizabeth Britton, at Reply

      Reza Ym she was under the age of consent. If you sign legal documents under age they are nul and void because you are deemed to not fully understand the ramifications of your signing. It’s the same with sex. He was the ‘grown-up’ he didn’t ask how old she was and obviously she looked young, he didn’t care to ask.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Elizabeth Britton Actually apparently he did asl her age and she lied.
      Also she was 16 so depending on the state she could have been old enough to consent to have sex.

      This seems like your typical moneygrab attempt by a washed up groupie.

    • Posted by shinra358, at Reply

      Elizabeth Britton and now shes old enough and still hangs around…..

    • Posted by Elizabeth Britton, at Reply

      shinra358 guessing you have never heard of manipulation. Ive seen a dirtbag that only liked to date 16 /17 /18 yo’s because they would do what he wanted and didnt know any better. And that was just a ‘regular’ guy, not a celebrity where you have stars in your eyes. From what tyt are reporting here, then he used further manipulation in the form of mental abuse, control and legal threats from forms she signed at 16.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Elizabeth Britton At 18 you arent manipulated in to being with a man lol. At that point you’re a grown as woman fully reaponsible for your own life choices.

  10. Posted by NaturalHI, at Reply

    Kelly is around 50 yrs old. Shouldn’t he be married to a woman around his age? Still chasing kids. He should have learned by now. WTH is wrong with him!?

    • Posted by manweller1, at Reply

      NaturalHI sex addiction with a tea spoon of mental illness intermixed with musical genius wealth and power. You have a terrible evil cocktail.

    • Posted by KungKras, at Reply

      He’s doing what men have done throughout most of history if they had high enough status. Having a harem of women.

    • Posted by Tabs T, at Reply

      peados act like that

  11. Posted by mberg1974, at Reply

    Polygraphs is a scam, just pseudoscience.

    • Posted by Doris Chu, at Reply

      CIA & FBI still use it polygraph tests for screening potential employees.
      Yes Russian spies are trained in techniques to fool the machine & tester.
      The law case if & when it gets to court woukd not be solely on lie detector info. Other evidence such as videos, cancelled checks to pay the girl off, signed non-disclosure agreements, etc. would be taken in evidence.

    • Posted by Angela Graves, at Reply

      Even the inventor of the polygraph denounced it as worthless.

  12. Posted by addy kelly, at Reply

    So many people blaming the girls here. You know they were below the age of consent. That means they are not capable of giving consent. So he is guilty.

    • Posted by soubifan700, at Reply

      addy kelly Yes! I always get so angry when people victim blame. There is a clear distinction between who is the adult and who is underage.

    • Posted by addy kelly, at Reply

      MRostendway There was video evidence of him with a 14 year old girl having sex. That is underage in all states. So yes I can say he was guilty. Sometimes young people are groomed by their abusers and never find it in themselves to leave. Also I don’t care if they were 16 and in some places that is legal. If the law where you live says 16 is below the age of consent and you break that law then you have committed a crime. No matter how sexually aware YOU think a sixteen year old is there is a definite imbalance of maturity and power between a sixteen year old and a middle aged man.

  13. Posted by Sneaky NinjaKat, at Reply

    R Kelly is like one of those guys you hear about on the deep web that kidnaps and sells girls.

    • Posted by DeadStick Rhodes, at Reply

      How old are you?

    • Posted by Bryna L., at Reply

      DeadStick Rhodes. Stop being a creep.

  14. Posted by bigladybritches, at Reply

    So, young misguided girls extorting money from a man they know likes having sex with young girls? She had sex with him while underage knowing she lied about her age then told her real age and got paid. Now she wants the rest of her money so she’s speaking out. I am sure he’s a pedophile but, making a spin on this story as if she’s a victim when she KNEW what she was doing was wrong is just sick.

    • Posted by Steven, at Reply

      bigladybritches not as sick as the pedophile himself. No sympathy for rkelly… Sorry

    • Posted by Sparkling Wine, at Reply

      A guy urinates in a 14-year olds mouth.
      But sure let’s talk about “money extoring girls”. Come on.

    • Posted by Crystal Rafferty, at Reply

      I agree, this story doesn’t make sense, she lied about her age, THEN told him her real age. Why is TYT reporting on this?

    • Posted by dee MAVERICK, at Reply

      bigladybritches yeah, it is unheard that teenagers tell lies. Slapped, chocked, spit on…a little girl.

  15. Posted by Gad Yariv, at Reply

    Some one please explain to me how is it legal to using nondisclosure agreements to cover up criminal activity.
    seems to me, if you offer some one any monetary compensation in order to secure their silence, that should be considered obstruction of justice and there for an illegal act with in itself
    There shouldn’t be any legal ramification for reneging on nondisclosure agreements if any illegal and criminal activity is its subject, people who were paid to keep their silence about anything that is any way shape or form is criminal and/or illegal, shouldn’t be forced to give back the “hush money” to the people who gave them that money…people shouldn’t be allowed to buy others silence. this is a criminal corruption of the justice system, how is it allowed to happen?

    • Posted by Serina Taylor, at Reply

      Gad Yariv 100% agree.

  16. Posted by JPJPR, at Reply

    Polygraphs are BS. Read up on it Ana! :S

    • Posted by juffums, at Reply

      Correct, it drives me crazy when people talk about polygraphs as if they can “detect lies”. They can’t. They are bullshit pseudo-science, modern day phrenology.

    • Posted by Killuminati911, at Reply

      doesnt work on russians lol

    • Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply

      JPJPR I missed the part where Ana said polygraph are perfect. It’s called reporting the facts, she’s not reporting about the validity of polygraph, just that one was done and what the results were.

  17. Posted by Anthony Lopez, at Reply

    sex cults are the best cults

    • Posted by nikada vise, at Reply

      you have never had sex with anyone but your dog now have you???? or your what 11 years old mentally if not physically as well? go home little boy no one cares what you think or say

    • Posted by Anthony Lopez, at Reply

      nikada vise you do cause u commented if u didn’t care you would have just kept it moving congratulations you played yourself lmaoooo

  18. Posted by Christian Kelly, at Reply

    Feed child molesters their own genitals.

    • Posted by Mohammed Abbas, at Reply

      if they could suck their own dicks, you think they would need kids for that?