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Racist Airbnb Host Pays The Price


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An Airbnb host who barred an Oriental woman from her residential or commercial property currently deals with a hefty penalty. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and also Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how much. Inform us just what you believe in the remark area listed below.

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"( CNN) A former Airbnb host who canceled a guest's appointment mentioning her race, will have to do more than pay a $5,000 fine.

The host, that has actually been banned by Airbnb after the February incident, accepted take a college-level Eastern American researches training course, volunteer at a civil liberties company and join a community education and learning panel.

The California Division of Fair Work and Real estate introduced the somewhat uncommon agreement Thursday and also described the measures as "forward-looking as well as restorative" in a declaration.

Dyne Suh had actually driven in a snowstorm to the Airbnb rental near Huge Bear, California. The host terminated the booking as Suh was close to arriving as well as texted her: "I would not rent to u if u were the last person in the world. One word says everything. Eastern," according to the division.

Suh reacted that she would report the host to Airbnb for being racist.

" It's why we have trump," the host wrote back. "And also I will not permit this nation to be told just what to do by foreigners."

An Airbnb representative called the occurrence, "abhorrent as well as undesirable" in April."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Amberia Allen

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by ccnp105, at Reply

    how is this new?? This happens to Blacks all the time unfortunately.

    • Posted by Kalu Abay, at Reply

      M0ebius what? so it was blacks that put Japanese in internment camps, signed the Chinese exclusion act, etc? gtfoh. if anything Asians don’t hire blacks at their restaurants, hair salons, nail shops, beauty supply stores they only hire Asians. that’s way more racist if you ask me

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      Natasha Cook, no reason to lash out at all whites because of one pathetic stooge on youtube. When you say “you’ll get no sympathy from us” if/when whites become a minority as you predict, doesn’t that make you just as bad as racist whites when you’re eager to discriminate against minorities? Most whites do argue in favor of blacks and have no ill will towards them, yet you’re going to talk about how much you look forward to discriminating against them.

    • Posted by John E. Blaze Sr., at Reply

      did you lash out at the pathetic youtuber who wrote the insult that she responded to? don’t you think you should do that first?

    • Posted by Aj Meyers, at Reply

      +Snakeye808 – QFT. Natasha Cook was baited into saying something incredibly stupid by a troll who isn’t even trying very hard. I’m beginning to wonder if schools shouldn’t offer “troll spotting” courses; the new group of ‘strangers with candy’ everyone should avoid. These basement dwellers troll with racism, sexism or whatever they think will get a rise of out actual people on the internet. The troll, as a species, can subsist entirely on pizza, beer and negative emotions. Natasha Cook, hopefully you can avoid reacting to troll comments in future (especially in the racist way you have here), thereby depriving the troll of one of its primary sources of sustenance.

  2. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    Alt-right snowflakes incoming.

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      #countryboycansurvive The Republican base was built on racism.
      Republican economic policies were completely dead (unelectable) in the 1960’s, back when most Democrats were still progressive on economics; but when the Democrats passed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act they pissed off a lot of racist white trash families whom had been voting Democrat since the Civil War simply out of tradition.
      The Republican party embraced racism to bring those people into the fold. The indoctrination of tax cuts for the rich and destroying regulations came later.

      Nixon also used the drug war to harass, arrest, and deny voting rights to minorities and hippies, two groups that usually voted Democrat. This is arguably the only reason why Republicans stand any electoral chance.

    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply

      If you use the “dead people votes” card and then comment about my not having facts, you lose every single bit of credibility and make it even worse when you apply “mic drop” to your own caps comment. Yes, every person who voted Trump is racist and so are you and anyone regardless of race. There are even blacks who support the KKK. Nothing in your comment is convincing and everything you wrote looks dumb.

    • Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

      Wow, I got a lot of alt-right snowflakes here.

  3. Posted by xavier johnson, at Reply

    i don’t like ignorant people

    • Posted by Mike L, at Reply

      Tyt is ignorant. The asian tried to con the host.

    • Posted by xerxBreak, at Reply

      She was trying to con her by adding 3 more people and 2 dogs to the deal without paying for them.
      Her “race” had nothing to do with it, do you think if the host hated asians she wouldve given her the initial room deal in the first place? The host made the “one word, asians” comment because Dyne was reinforcing an asian-american stereotype.

  4. Posted by oPESKYo, at Reply

    Go California! 👍

    • Posted by Brandon, at Reply

      What if she just didn’t say “Asian” then there wouldn’t be an issue.

    • Posted by Brandon, at Reply

      +lou Montana how about split the country in 2.

    • Posted by Lou Montana, at Reply

      Brandon Trump and conservatives are working on it.

  5. Posted by Mr.2Live4Tv, at Reply


    • Posted by Ivan Enfinger, at Reply

      john connor Practiced? As in the past tense? Don’t you mean continue to practice as in present tense? The slave trade in Africa is alive and stronger than ever. More people are enslaved today that any other time in human history. The Muslim slave trade which is also stronger than ever is the most barbaric form of slavery ever conceived by man. The simple and sad truth is that slavery has existed as long as man has walked the earth and will continue to do so until the last man dies.

    • Posted by Ivan Enfinger, at Reply

      michael garrido No it was not stolen it was paid for in an ocean of blood. We also paid for it in currency and continue to pay for it to this very day.

    • Posted by michael garrido, at Reply

      Ivan Enfinger yea I’m sure that’s what your mommy taught you.
      Evangelicals are so bright 🤠

    • Posted by Ivan Enfinger, at Reply

      michael garrido No I learned it from reading diaries and historical documents. You know real history not the watered down crap you learned at liberal arts university where they taught you your feelings outweigh facts. I bet you even believe that the Indians were all peace loving hippies who lived at one with nature and never hurt a soul until the white devil showed up and started indiscriminately slaughtering them. FYI it’s hard to take you seriously when that’s you narrow view of history.

  6. Posted by BobsGuns, at Reply

    Trumpanzees be like: “Hurr durr why you bring dear leader into everything? TYT FAKE NEWS”
    The racist waste of space brought Donna Tinyhands into this not TYT

    • Posted by Sonny J, at Reply

      BobsGuns tyt is wrong on this subject context is everything. The reason why she said one word Asian is because they go too far for a bargain and suh wanted to overbook without having to pay extra. Just goes to show you how ignorant liberals are that they see a small snippet if text and say ha clear sign of racism with no faults in the minority. See how evil this white person is

    • Posted by Mike L, at Reply


  7. Posted by ursaltydog, at Reply

    It’s federal law.. has been for a long time.. So.. if you’re putting your property up for rent, you cannot refuse to rent to someone based upon their race, gender, etc..

    • Posted by Mike L, at Reply

      The asian tried to con the woman. The host had every right to not accept the asian’s try of exploiting her.

    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      +Mike L She didn’t have the right to turn it into a race issue and make it seem like she wasn’t renting to the woman due to race. She dug her own grave.
      Besides, she was under no obligation to take the extra people under her roof, and a late cancellation like that would’ve resulted the airbnb host keeping most of Ms. Suh’s money.
      That host had nothing to be angry about b/c either ways she would’ve won, but then she opened her big mouth.

    • Posted by xerxBreak, at Reply

      which she didnt do
      she refused to rent her based on her trying to quadruple the deal. She made a comment about “asians” because of the adherence to the stereotype, not as reasoning for cancelling the deal.

    • Posted by xerxBreak, at Reply

      Except it was the woman who jumped on the comment to turn it into a race issue and get her share of activism out of it. I dont exactly condone her comment, but the one who opportunistically used it, thereby further reinforcing the stereotype, hurting her own cause in the long run, well, was not the host.

  8. Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

    Dear White Privileged Morons
    There are billions upon billions of Brown and Black People, so if you retards keep trying to deny business to non-whites, you’ll lose a huge customer base as we are part of a global economy now. Well, millions of millions of Brown and Black people world wide are starting their own businesses that serves all their needs. The world is in a world wide demographic-economic shift!

    • Posted by Ez miez, at Reply

      leonxl, well… it’s just sad, that a bunch of “stupid cavemen” managed to “enslave” sch an advanced world.

    • Posted by xerxBreak, at Reply

      lol bad examples there buddy
      the wars for oil have nothing to do with race and everything to do with OIL, also not a business
      not sure what you’re referring to exactly at the second example but that aint a business
      third example, not a business
      nooot business….

      Are you mixing up politics and private businesses? Arguably intertwined at times, but nooooot the same thing lol

    • Posted by Harry Butte, at Reply

      First off you act like there is no justice for black or brown people, this very video is about just that. Every time a white person is even the slightest bit racist you liberals publish it *ALL OVER THE NEWS! AS IF IT’S CLEAR EVIDENCE THAT ALL WHITE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE RACIST!* It’s not evidence of that at all, but you can go on hating a race by the actions of a few.

      There ‘s around 3 billion brown people, if you’re counting India with hispanics/latinos. There isn’t 2 billion black people. Learn how many people are in the world before you go on ignorant rants. There’s about 7 billion people in this world, not billions upon billions.

      China is the economic shift, not brown or black people. They are not black or brown, they are considered to be yellow. It’s being predicted that India is the next country to become like China and have an economic boom. India is pretty far from being labeled as African or Hispanic, your ignorance is amazing. The majority of Africa is still having troubles coming into the 21st century, but that’s fine, no big deal.

  9. Posted by Luca Toni, at Reply

    Asian people love white people why should she get mad at their master? Asians are also racist but they are not racist towards whites. also, most Asians are not even confortable in their own skin they buy bleaching creams to destroy their melanin which is pretty sad 😔.

    • Posted by Stephanie Mujan, at Reply

      His imaginary asian friend and girlfriend. Probably a basement dweller fat white troll with no job. lol

    • Posted by AnarchyJesus, at Reply

      lol why dont u go say this to an asian face to face see how submissive they will react? and white people is asian’s master? can u name the country that US and EU feel most threatened by? it start with ch and end with na can u guess it u asshat?

    • Posted by multiyoisi mok, at Reply

      look as an asian myself i admit that i have some racist feelings including the steriotypical idea of asian people worshiping white people. though i dont have any desire to be white or anything i can explain to you why asians have this white worshipping culture whilst looking down on other races. its because objectively white majority countries have done well and asians can recognise that and in a culture where theres little empathy or compassion for the lower class while looking up to the higher class its no wonder asians would behave like this especially when asians dont really care about political correctness. im not saying im proud of this behaviour but i can at least understand.

    • Posted by multiyoisi mok, at Reply

      El Luchador well its more like we arent dumb enough to vote for a party that we can tell is objectively trying to scam us and destroy regulations that protect us for the sake of the top 1%. i dont know why people expect asians to be republicans just cause we earn more when republicans dont even care about the higher middle class(which asians are mostly a part of) they only care about the top 1% and we asians know it. we also dont like how the republican party tries to deny climate change.

  10. Posted by jamane60, at Reply

    Are we really still shocked at racist white people? Like seriously this is still news???

    • Posted by Zesty Cheesemaker, at Reply

      Joe Smeeth you’re a troll and a liar here is the link to the screenshot of the conversation https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.everipedia.com/tami-barker-airbnb-host/amp/

    • Posted by Mike L, at Reply

      You are an idiot.

    • Posted by Ryan, at Reply

      Kiro if we all evolved from black people then they would be the closest to neanderthals. The head shape of some black people, particularly in Africa, seems to support this.

  11. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Taking a class in ” asian American studies” is now punishment for racists. Wow.

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      magiclion– No idea what you’re driveling about.. I’m stating a fact. If this kind of punishment was ever dished out to a racist non white there would be an uproar. Non whites are just as racist as any white you care to mention.. Put it this way if a black bnb owner refused service to a white or asian it wouldn’t be a story, it certainly wouldn’t be a national story….

    • Posted by Ryan, at Reply

      I’m reading Kissinger’s On China, which is pretty pro Chinese and it’s honestly fuel to hate the people more. Pre-Industrial China was extremely arrogant. The emperor sent insulting letters to both Abraham Lincoln and King George III. In modern times, in business and technology they’re rampantly copying everything the west is doing. In China, a vocal pro-American and anti China Chinese person would probably be arrested. In America you’re put in re-educational programs for being racist.

    • Posted by Raff Zh., at Reply

      Ryan How does Asian American Study make you racist?

    • Posted by robert kim, at Reply

      pre industrial china was ruled by manchurians, not han chinese, and the manchus refused to industrialize because they did not want the han chinese to become too powerful and overthrow their government. also, kissinger is a zionist israeli neocohen mossad agent, etc.

  12. Posted by Emily McG, at Reply

    I’m a right-winger and I think this punishment is splendid!

    • Posted by xerxBreak, at Reply

      lol are you seriously complaing about propaganda on a video about the Young “whats a holocaust” Turks? This very video is the definition of propaganda, leaving out crucial details of the story to spin a narrative to appeal to and amplify their audience’s hatred of a certain group of people on a different political position

    • Posted by Hopkins B, at Reply

      Jay Azathoth Not really Trump is president and Brexit happened so think we are doing fine you cuck.

    • Posted by Ez miez, at Reply

      And they say fake news isn’t real. TYT seems pretty fake news to me.

    • Posted by john lewis, at Reply

      It would be if this story was true Go to Vee shitposter and learn the truth behind this story because you will never get it from the Y T

  13. Posted by LucaineOfficial, at Reply

    But white people are foreigners to America, they came from Europe

    • Posted by n0wheregrrl, at Reply

      Douglass Davis That argument doesn’t really work either, however. By your reasoning, inherited phenotype and morphological characteristics determine where one is or is not “foreign,” but by that same reasoning, one could argue that all black people in America are also foreign — i.e., that they don’t and never will “belong” here. Moreover, I can take the argument even further, to its logical conclusion, by pointing out that all members of H. sapiens sapiens have their origins in probably Africa or possibly Asia, and certainly all members of the Order Primate have their origins in Africa. Ergo, by going back far enough, I can declare that ANY HUMAN not in Africa is foreign, including Native Americans living in the Americas. And, in fact, from a certain perspective, I’m perfectly correct in saying so … for whatever it matters.

      I was born in North America, in the United States. I can’t, by any REASONABLE standard, be foreign to the place of my own birth. You can absolutely argue that those possessing clinal characteristics such that they are commonly referred to in Western cultures as “Caucasian” arrived in North America AFTER those commonly referred to as “Native American” … because, of course, that’s simply factually true. There’s plenty of supporting evidence and no credible evidence to the contrary.

      However, no single individual who is a member of either group (or any other) can reasonably be considered “foreign” to his or her own birthplace. That would simply be ludicrous. No organism is born foreign to its own habitat! I mean, we call capuchins “native” to South America, but go back something like 40+ million years ago, and we’re pretty sure there weren’t any monkeys in South America at all … capuchin or otherwise! What is “native” changes as populations move around.

    • Posted by Ryan, at Reply

      Native Americans came from Asia. Everyone came from somewhere, the fact is that American’s made America – and they by and large came from the UK.

    • Posted by Ryan, at Reply

      Delightful Gentleman, China was probably the most advanced and powerful nation for most of recorded history.

    • Posted by oohanalligator, at Reply

      n0wheregrrl I think the point is that White people, who were born here yet are descended from European immigrants, ought to acknowledge and begin to make amends for the mass, long-term genocide and enslavement of Black people and Native Americans perpetrated on a mass scale by other European immigrants. Black people were brought by the millions to be enslaved for economic gain of the powerful few, labelled fundamentally subhuman, hunted and tortured, with families, cultures and traditions annihilated, as were Native Americans, who were slaughtered, subjected to broken treaties, and are genocide victims. Latinx people were always here too (California, Texas were part of Mexico), and Asian people helped build this country while they too were oppressed and not treated equally (to Europeans and people of European descent) under domestic and international immigration law. Every group is a part of the U.S. and helped build it, but some were and are more oppressed than others by the powers that be since 1776. White folks born here should start to acknowledge how history privileged them in the past and today, not look at themselves as the only “real” Americans, make amends for past oppression, genocide and violence, and start to extend the same empathy, respect, value and love to all members of the human race. You might find more love and happiness for yourself that way too. I have faith that one day you (and all reading this) will find love for all people regardless of national origin, religion, or skin color.

  14. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    I haven’t found an intelligent trump supporter yet. This search is becoming tedious

    • Posted by Spoon, at Reply

      Milo is a Trump supporter, there search over.

    • Posted by Jay Azathoth, at Reply

      Gary Busey is pretty intelligent, but he is crazy and has issues.

    • Posted by john lewis, at Reply

      SteveMHN Well Steve if you have any intelligence whatsoever there is little to no chance that you will become S W J and that is why you haven’t found one and probably never will

    • Posted by Jake A, at Reply

      The weaver of words Except the facts say otherwise. Blacks are equally protected under the law. They have the same exact rights as everyone else. It’s the Black communities choice at this point to be where they are. When they make up 50% of homicides that is not social injustice. That’s them breaking the law. When the single motherhood rate is high in the black community, that’s not social injustice. That’s an unfortunate situation where the father decides to leave. And there are plenty of studies showing otherwise. One showing that cops are actually more likely to shoot whites due to the fear of a lawsuit if they shot a black.(even if they’re in the right) And a Muslim is more likely to be seen as a terrorist because most terrorists are Muslim. Now that doesn’t mean we should treat Muslims unjustly but there clearly is an issue with the rise of radical Islam. When whites commit less crime they are going to have a less negative narrative around them.

  15. Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

    “It’s why we have trump” as butthurt woman refuses business based on race.
    But trump voters will say “we didn’t vote for trump because we are racist and trump isn’t racist either”.

    • Posted by Ez miez, at Reply

      The asian woman wanted to change the deal after they agreed. She wanted to take two other people and pets, too. The “Asian” refered to this exact stereotype. If the airbnb would be racist, she wouldn’t have a deal with the asian in the first place.

    • Posted by Ryan, at Reply

      Refused business based on the woman wanting her friends and 2 dogs to stay at the AirBnB, and she brought up race as a reason. I don’t think that was the reason, but I can see why the lady thought that. Learn more about the Chinese and how they do business.

    • Posted by Omegapede Prime, at Reply

      As always, leave it to TYT to only tell you half the story. The Asian woman tried to scam the host, calling her and saying she is going to overbook it with 2 more people and pets, and wouldn’t pay more and then played the race card. The host was referring to a stereotype when she said Asian because he was trying to change the deal after it was already booked. Yeah, it was a stupid thing to say, but taking it out of context is pretty shitty (welcome to TYT).

  16. Posted by Aaron Primack, at Reply

    wow that black chick suddenly changes the story about her and thinks all airbnb would discriminate against black ppl. the story was about Asian discrimination, and in her mind, all airbnb would discriminate against her. talk about a victim complex.

    • Posted by 201stars, at Reply

      There have been stories of blacks being discriminated against on air BNB. You honestly think a person who has that attitude towards asians wouldn’t feel the same towards blacks?

    • Posted by Isaiah Collins, at Reply

      Aaron Primack are you so stupid and inept you can’t possibly broaden a situation? You’re only allowed to broach a topic if you were specifically talking about it before hand?

    • Posted by Aaron Primack, at Reply

      of course i can, i just think the topic was about that victim, and to broaden the dicussion to race in general is unfair to airbnbs, as discrimination is not wide spread amongst the airbnb hosts. At least that is not what tyt is claiming in this video. my point is, for Amberia Allen to change the topic to discrimination in general is unfair to airbnb; since tyt is not claiming discrimination is wide spread within airbnb, makes her look like she has a victim complex. For you to call me dumb because you cannot grasp the gist of my argument, does not bode well for your intellect.

  17. Posted by RHAddict, at Reply

    The host canceled because the Asian woman said she’ll bring more people than they agreed on plus two dogs. She could’ve just said she canceled because of this change instead of being a racist.

    • Posted by Mike L, at Reply

      james d
      No. The asian just fit the stereotype.

    • Posted by Mike Trevino, at Reply

      did you even read the comment above you? no of course not dumbass

    • Posted by TheGreenFather, at Reply

      Did you read my first comment, just below your first one’s? “no of course not dumbass”

      Waiting for your next hypocritical statement 😉

    • Posted by chocolatechunks07, at Reply

      she said plainly she wouldn’t rent to her because she was Asian. Moron.

    • Posted by Doug B., at Reply

      I just looked at the transcript. It doesn’t say anything about extra people being added. Do you have a more detailed rundown?

  18. Posted by Maximum X, at Reply


    • Posted by Next Time I Tell You To Do Something You Do It!!!, at Reply

      *Maximum X* hahaha