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Racist Goes NUTS in Target (VIDEO)


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A female went on racist tirade in a Target. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, show you the video of her rant. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" A new video clip that's going viral on social media shows a mad Target client tossing merchandise around the shop while hurling racist slurs at workers.

The video, which was uploaded by Twitter individual @dechavien and also has actually been retweeted greater than 18,000 times, shows a woman scolding staff members at a Target store making use of racist language.

" You f * cking sand n * ggers!" the woman chews out the begin of the video clip. "F * cking pieces of sh * t, f * ck all of you … all you are sh * t!".

A brief time later on, the lady begins grabbing pieces of merchandise as well as hurling them at various other clients.

At this point, a security guard at the store came by to physically restrain the woman. He battled her to the ground and handcuffed her while she shouted at him.".

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Sean Hayes, at Reply

    If your security gaurd can’t properly apprehend a 95lb female, consider rehiring.

    • Posted by Tony007corp, at Reply

      Most POLICE can’t handle a 95lb female, thats why we have so many shootings.

    • Posted by DininDalael, at Reply

      Partially Wrong. I worked in security for nearly 10 years and have been taught how to perform a civilian’s arrest, and you can absolutely get them down on the ground. What you CANNOT do, is use your weight on their back to keep them down, otherwise you risk suffocating them since the diaphragm will not be strong enough to push all that weight up when trying to breathe. As for taking too long, its not nearly as easy as it looks when the other person is struggling. I was honestly surprised by how hard it can be to put handcuffs on someone when you don’t have nearly enough practice and they’re actively struggling.

    • Posted by TruthGate Games, at Reply

      Sean Hayes sure beating a 95 lb woman is easy enough but trying to restrain one without hurting them is not…

    • Posted by a marq, at Reply

      DininDalael this is information I literally just got yesterday. Maybe it’s different protocol where you have worked but at my store after so much crap that’s went down with police brutality they’re probably just being more cautious. Plus i don’t think Target security has extensive training on how not to use weight while someone is down. They just avoid it all together. No point in even risking it for someone just shoplifting or causing a scene.

  2. Posted by joe smith, at Reply

    That poor woman being attacked by a n*****! That security guard is a racist! He needs to go to jail. That n***** assaulted that poor lady..

    • Posted by Maximum X, at Reply

      I’m assuming that your a troll?

    • Posted by Maximum Karnage, at Reply

      Maximum X This basement dwelling virgin won’t reply to you.

    • Posted by Confetti Sprinkles, at Reply

      You’re trying way too hard, get an outdoor hobby Joe.

  3. Posted by Desmond Turner, at Reply

    She’s crazy arent liberals supposed to be more sympathetic towards people with mental illness?

    • Posted by Skyshadow38, at Reply

      Cenk said multiple times that he felt that she should have just been let go, so I think he was being sympathetic. I disagree however. She was not beaten, a taser wasn’t used, no weapons…the security guard simply restrained her until authorities could arrive. An arrest was neccessary in this case. If she has mental issues, she can get the proper help that she needs. But just letting her go could have put people elsewhere at risk.

    • Posted by moonlily1, at Reply

      Yes, I have the utmost sympathy for Trump supporters.

  4. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    It’s always Target or WalMart.

    • Posted by ????????????????? ?????????????????????, at Reply

      +dipperdandy just clothes though? they’ve got electronics, food, make up, household items. it’s not a win if you only get away with just clothes. you gotta have a little bit of everything. come on, man. you didn’t pick up not one other item from another section other than the clothes section?

    • Posted by bonz420, at Reply

      this would never happen in Whole Foods lol

    • Posted by dipperdandy, at Reply

      sorry. I’m small time I guess.

  5. Posted by RAWLIVESTREAM, at Reply

    They’re always tough talking, until they get hands put on them. Then they play victim. Had the nerve to be screaming “help”. Give me a break

    • Posted by Kaycee K, at Reply

      Ignorant cowards *always* screech like that. The thin-skinned, rotting tangerine in the White House is an example…

    • Posted by Kaycee K, at Reply

      I started applauding the moment she stepped up and made sure those bracelets were accessible to the security guard! Rock on, little sister! Well done!

    • Posted by hakbug, at Reply

      HAHAHA help me! help me! let me goooo lol

    • Posted by hakbug, at Reply

      I would never let her go. i’m sure she thought because she was white that the security guy would be lenient on her, but no you are a threat to customers, doesn’t matter if you’re white…

    • Posted by Kimberly Casey, at Reply

      Ethereality Now.. ask us how many fucks we give.

  6. Posted by Hidanas, at Reply

    When white people act out they have mental issues. POC act out they’re thugs or is proof of inferiority.

    • Posted by Robert Brewster, at Reply

      People of color is a catch all term for all ethnic minorities that are not “white”. Yes calling a person colored is an ethic slur for black people but People of Color is inclusive of all none white ethnic minorities and isn’t considered a slur.

    • Posted by Xane Vic, at Reply


    • Posted by Henry v Zyl, at Reply

      Hey that’s not cool man, that is actually pretty racist. POC are not inferior, they can also have mental issues or be dumb just like white people, but to call them inferior… that’s just wrong.

  7. Posted by Roland Taylor, at Reply

    Cenk sometimes talks like he’s been on stimulants.

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply

      You would know -_-

      Just fucking with you :P~

  8. Posted by J C, at Reply

    Another Trump Supporter bites the dust.

    • Posted by Pepe the Frog, at Reply

      You don’t even know who she supports! Don’t assume every racists are trump supporters!

    • Posted by Boro, at Reply

      And a Hillary supporter makes a dumb comment!

  9. Posted by Chick Magnet Punk #CMPunk #BestInTheWorld, at Reply

    YoungTurk propaganda agian,The title should be “Mentally I’ll woman goes NUTS”. Stop trying to make people hate each other and get trolls on here. As if we were’nt divided enough already😧

    • Posted by WebAnt, at Reply

      We don’t know for a fact that that woman is mentally ill, although she appears to be.

    • Posted by Kimberly Casey, at Reply

      Gaytwinbros And I wana be ur partner!

  10. Posted by Mike Mentzer, at Reply

    racist no xenophobic no homeless ill drug addict yes…and it’s funny they don’t show the blacks acting a fool every single day in videos they are a dime a dozen. they had to dig to find a white person doing this.

    • Posted by idkidc 06:37, at Reply

      Mike Mentzer
      Racism exists, she was yelling derogatory names at people that didn’t do anything to her. She may definitely be mentally ill, but she is also racist.

    • Posted by Brian Pearson, at Reply

      Mike Mentzer lol

  11. Posted by Roman Natale, at Reply

    This is what happens when an online troll is spotted in real life…

    • Posted by Nirobiscloset, at Reply


  12. Posted by Urius Tosh, at Reply

    The woman is mentally unstable, clearly. This goes beyond racism, it’s a lack of mental stability.

    • Posted by michael jordan, at Reply

      Urius Tosh you’re right. But what about those extremist terrorists we see?? People need to realize that those guys are also mentally unstable which allows them to be brainwashed by misguided evil doers. It’s really the same thing. Only difference is one is white and the other is Arab

    • Posted by John D Gates, at Reply

      Urius Tosh
      Would you say that if she were black?

    • Posted by John M, at Reply

      John D Gates I would think she was mentally unstable and/or on drugs no matter her skin tone. Mentally unstable people can be racist it’s just how serious do you take it and how offended should you be by their comments.

  13. Posted by Spirit of justice, at Reply

    WTF white people

    • Posted by Connor Katana, at Reply

      I hope you don’t think this woman represents all white ppl, if you do then you are a moron

    • Posted by The Pale Sicilian, at Reply

      Yea white people , Quit it . WTF black people why all the interracial rape by black males ? And 50% murder rates . Stop it .

    • Posted by Kyo Sho, at Reply

      @The Pale Sicilian. Please give actual numbers and not percentages from your sources. Also you wanna talk about rape, African Americans and Latinos were created from rape thats why the vast majority of them have European blood in them.over 400 years of rape… Also interracial rape is extremely low and happens on both ends. I love how idiots only post percentages to twist reality. It’s less than .1% of the population.

      You want to tell a certain demographic to stop doing “bad things” there is a certain group bombing people, installing puppets to exploit people in foreign countries, funding terrorist to disrupt countries and steal their resources, polluting the atmosphere and oceans causing migration, suppressing 3rd world countries, selling drugs and weapons through an special agency, etc.

  14. Posted by Johny Kidd, at Reply

    She’s a junkie. She’s on drugs.

    • Posted by Ethereality, at Reply

      Johny Kidd you know this for a fact? She could be mentally ill, it you decide to label her as a “junkie” right off the bat. This comment section is great, it shows the true ignorance and apathy of tyt

    • Posted by Johny Kidd, at Reply


    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Wrong, she’s just being white.

  15. Posted by Baku kay, at Reply

    let me guess who is she-White trash Christian plus Trump supporter! sad…

    • Posted by Ethereality, at Reply

      Baku kay she’s a mentally ill person who should likely be living in an institution. You moron

    • Posted by Tiger Chu, at Reply

      Ethereality so she is a Trump supporter

    • Posted by Pepe the Frog, at Reply

      Why are you so hateful against white people? I love white people 💪🏻👱🏻

    • Posted by Confetti Sprinkles, at Reply

      White trash? I’m not touching that. Trump supporter? Probably. Christian? Doubt it.

  16. Posted by MangorushZ, at Reply

    A Trump supporter ladies and gentlemen

    • Posted by Eldritch Guy, at Reply

      My money’s on her being a Trump supporter

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      liberals keeping racism and division alive

    • Posted by Boro, at Reply

      Lol that’s the dumbest statement I’ve heard all day

  17. Posted by HARLEMQUEENMELANIN, at Reply

    “I’ll leave if you let go!” So pathetic, so typical and so, so so not surprising in any way and on so many levels!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by mysteryof7, at Reply

      BVargas78 my point exactly. If she were truly mentally unstable I don’t believe she would have. This was nothing more than a display of her acting out bc she thought she’d get away with it.

    • Posted by moonlily1, at Reply

      “Help!” Who does she think is going to help her? And why she’s so terrified? He’s not really doing anything to her.

    • Posted by HARLEMQUEENMELANIN, at Reply

      moonlily1 Exactly……it’s called VICTIM MOOD! Smdh

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply


    • Posted by Cole Knapek, at Reply

      I still feel bad for her but welcome to the real world. Anyone getting arrested would leave if they could thats why its called getting arrested.

  18. Posted by sweetwildflower, at Reply

    Absolutely agree with Ana. Don’t matter the race, sexual orientation or social status. She blatantly ignored safety if others, she yelled racial slurs. If she was another color, sexual orientation., she might be dead. Think about that. Dang Cenk, Let her go??

    • Posted by Cole Knapek, at Reply

      also Quagmire no one is going to take you seriously if you use jim crow language and call people colored. Im just saying.

    • Posted by Cathy Jolivet, at Reply

      The Quagmire, clearly this is not about color. Let her go? Let her go get into it with someone who’ll hurt or someone she could hurt. It’s not even about what she’s saying; it’s a safety issue and she’s a threat.

    • Posted by The Quagmire, at Reply

      Thing is people are stupid everyone is colored I am just trying to not hurt some snowflakes feelings by calling someone black or white. Regardless how you look at it even white people are colored. Second of all she was a threat to herself and others I don’t see an issue of her being detained.

  19. Posted by Kirsta Kilpsinger, at Reply

    Sounds drunk to me.