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Racist Stephen Miller SHOCKED People Think He’s Racist


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Stephen Miller is shocked as well as appalled people think he's a white supremacist even if he wants more white people and less brownish people in the nation (because he believes the white race is supreme). Oh and white supremacists all love him. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" White Home senior consultant for plan Stephen Miller talked at the day-to-day press instruction on Wednesday to tout Donald Trump's newly announced strategy to cut legal immigration in fifty percent and also make it harder for non-native English audio speakers or low-skill employees to go into the country.

When he was challenged on this component of the proposal by CNN press reporter Jim Acosta, Miller chose to clarify that America's genuine opponent was: The poem on the Statue of Freedom.

Acosta and Miller after that entered a lengthy back-and-forth regarding just what it implies to be an immigrant to this nation. Acosta implicated the management of attempting to restrict immigration in a way that was "trying to synthetic the racial and also ethnic flow of individuals into this nation." Miller reacted that Acosta betrayed his "cosmopolitan prejudice" as well as "ignorance" by suggesting that the administration was aiming to restrict immigration to specific sorts of individuals." *.

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  1. Posted by Mark Halley, at Reply

    I will never forgive Stephen Miller. What he did today was simply unforgivable. He made me cheer on CNN.

    • Posted by Tyran Pesut, at Reply

      Nazism was a Germanic socialist movement and largely died in the 40’s. White Nationalist’s tend to want a European descent only Country which includes many different European cultures and ethnicities which all have similar ethical core values

    • Posted by Abcd Efgh, at Reply

      Are you joking?! He destroyed Acosta. It was beautiful.

  2. Posted by Bryan Villamar, at Reply

    Steven Miller is an incompetent, inhumane, and heartless bastard.

    • Posted by Gilbert Jacobs, at Reply

      You can stick almost any name on Drumpf’s administration to replace miller and it will still stand.

    • Posted by Wini Olivache, at Reply

      Castornator Alternative facts?

    • Posted by BillPrestin Esquire, at Reply

      yes because so many Americans want to clean toilets and pick fruit – veggies , please check the facts prior to running your suck hole, thank you

    • Posted by Manuel Quintana, at Reply

      Bryan Villamar
      Not so, in his explanation I understood clearly what he meant and I’m of Hispanic decent. He objectevly explained how illegal migrants from Mexico and southern countries with no or very little formal education displaced black, hispanic and white U.S. citizens from working in different industries by accepting very low wages. Just be honest, objective morals equal common sense.

  3. Posted by IAMdeathblade, at Reply

    Trumpets are idiots!

    • Posted by QueenFanPiper62, at Reply

      Then why are we right and you are wrong?

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      Regressive leftists who can’t meet in the middle are killing the left.

  4. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    Hey Trump supporters, this is the guy your glorious leader hired. Feeling proud at this unAmerican? Trump also called the White House a dump, you idiot.

    • Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

      MJtheSkeptical He has not done any of that.

  5. Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

    Typical racist Republicans. Nothing new.

    • Posted by Abcd Efgh, at Reply

      Jim is the man you realize we were the ones who took away your slaves and you all are still mad about it.

    • Posted by melt, at Reply

      Please explain us what was racist lol

  6. Posted by Serge Rivers, at Reply

    It won’t matter cenk, no amount of reasoning can possibly knock any sense into these dense cuckservatives

    • Posted by Nobody Famous, at Reply

      He can’t even win a debate

  7. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    If you look up the word weasel in the dictionary…. this fools picture will be front and center!

    • Posted by sabrielle lunin, at Reply

      Bogie from who? For what? What is your source? I mean really, your statement was useless as is.

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      Funny, I think of Cenk’s little minions on stage with him when I think weasels.

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      MJ, correct! l saw Cenk in Pasadena on Sunday. He is shorter than Shapiro. He looked 5’6″.

    • Posted by Sonia C, at Reply

      Jamie Cox he’s Swiper from Dora the Explorer

    • Posted by Weasel, at Reply

      How dare you.

  8. Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

    Trump has been using H2B visas and LYING on the affidavits to bring them in, claiming there are no Americans who want those jobs and/or are qualified. These are jobs like bus boys, housekeepers, janitors, etc.

    He’s a lying, unAmerican, sack of excrement.

    • Posted by VanHulstein, at Reply

      I am not glad that Trump is President. We need someone to deport all non-whites to Mexico.

    • Posted by D, at Reply

      VanHulstein right. So when will whites go back to Britian and europe cause this land was ripped from the hands of native tribes.😕

  9. Posted by Cov Fefe, at Reply

    Ana’s cleavage.


    • Posted by Katrina L, at Reply

      I too, find Ana’s cleavage very aladdin.

  10. Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

    I love immigrants. They do the best work for me.

    • Posted by Trip Vic, at Reply

      This very well could be the real Donny.

    • Posted by Jonathan Rose, at Reply

      They might the best wives, right Donnie?

    • Posted by Delovely 1, at Reply

      They make the best wives believe me.

  11. Posted by Jon Mapa, at Reply

    If being liberal means I have to support unchecked immigration from deeply backward places, I want off.

    • Posted by Sam Burns, at Reply

      Jon Mapa – If being liberal means I have to support unchecked immigration from cultures who openly intend not to assimilate into ours, I’ll *gladly* join you.

    • Posted by Lacey J, at Reply

      Jon Mapa That is absolutely not what liberals want and it’s pretty pathetic you have to over exaggerate to even come close to opposing them.

  12. Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

    Only progressives would think immigration policy should be dictated by poetry.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      Arguing for unfettered unrestricted immigration is quite literally and adamantly not standing for any principle.
      We don’t care who comes, we don’t care how many come, we don’t care what they can do for the country, that’s your argument, that is your “principle”.
      The opposite argument is we want people to come who want to adopt and support American culture, we want to mange numbers so it doesn’t adversely affect American citizens, we want people who can contribute, those are actual principles.

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      +BadWebtDiver, You’re the kind of regressive leftist that got Trump and Hillary elected as candidates for president. As a centrist I can’t stand people like you who call the other side principle free. I can name plenty of liberal AND conservative ideas I have that are BOTH principled. You are a smug libtard.

    • Posted by Lance Egan, at Reply

      Not only that but think it’s the law. HAHAHAHAA! How stupid is stupid. Oh that’s right the TYT got trashed at Politicon that’s how stupid.

    • Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

      you mean carrying on the tradition of Ellis Island

  13. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.””

    Conservative translation : No immigrants allowed! Only white people!

    • Posted by Blackworld official, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond No, it’s give me your strong, your rich, your smart, your intelligent citizens to create a brain drain in your country and make America great again. MAGA.

    • Posted by Rowing Away, at Reply

      Kodakie That’s just whataboutism on your part, neither should play a part in the legislative process. Only the constitution should.

    • Posted by Kodakie, at Reply

      Rowing Away That’s true, but my point is, when has “should” ever mattered?

  14. Posted by RanGer498, at Reply

    Trump 2020

    • Posted by Some dude, at Reply

      Patrick Linsley for What?

    • Posted by Impending Doom, at Reply

      Trump off a bridge 2017

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      Patrick Linsley is just another one of those democrats that believe conspiracy theories about Trump, make up crimes that were never committed and chose to ignore the real crimes committed by Hillary Clinton.
      The definition of hypocrisy.

    • Posted by Alex DeLarge, at Reply

      Seriously scotaloo? 🙂 You only have to listen to what Trump says himself. He admits… brags about it. Literally too stupid to keep his fat, vulgar mouth shut.

    • Posted by Nashresi, at Reply

      Trump 2020 – because 4 years of embarrassment, buffoonery, and mockery on the international stage isn’t enough!

  15. Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

    Stephen Miller’s face and a Louisville Slugger haven’t been properly introduced yet

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      See if Negan is free!

    • Posted by Michaela Burke, at Reply

      Jon Ericson ohmygod 😂

    • Posted by Karoar12118, at Reply

      How very progressive of you. Lel

  16. Posted by Proud Goy, at Reply

    You can call us racist all you want but we’ll never care what you think about us.

    • Posted by Katrina L, at Reply

      +MrHispanicpride Pepe did nothing wrong.

  17. Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

    You call Miller a racist for wanting more white immigration while at the same time you want more brown immigration. You dirty hypocrites. You racists.

    • Posted by Sol Invictus, at Reply

      +Michael 마익흘 Aronson I bet Koreans feel the same way, that’s why there are so many Africans, Indians and even whites like yourself in Seoul. I mean it’s not like there is any racial discrimination in employment there, they don’t want to remain Korean after all.

  18. Posted by timtim 1, at Reply

    Tyt super fake news

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      Which part was fake?

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      LOL Trump has been using H2B visas and LYING on the affidavits to bring them in, claiming there are no Americans who want those jobs and/or are qualified. These are jobs like bus boys, housekeepers, janitors, etc.

      Your man Trump is shitting on you, ha ha ha

  19. Posted by UNLebanon, at Reply

    Conservative snowflakes think that liberals cry ‘racist’ in order to be insulting and to mud sling.

    If you steal, then you are called a thief. It’s not an insult, it’s what you call a person who steals.
    If you murder someone, then you are a murderer. It’s not an insult, it’s what you call a person who murders.
    If you say or do racist things, then you are a racist. It’s not an insult, go read a freaking dictionary.

    • Posted by Lucius Phós, at Reply

      As I see none of you two actually addressed the bar for racism today. I don’t use false equivalence, but the comment above does. Racism is abstract (words), murder and theft are fyzical (actions). Comparing those is nonsense, because even if you are a racist that doesn’t make you the same as a murderer.
      Besides my point is what is perceived as racist by one is not necessarily viewed as such by others. Nothing more. Like in this video, this Miller guy can be a racist, but I don’t see how is this video a representation of it.

    • Posted by UNLebanon, at Reply

      +Lucius Phos, No it is not abstract. A lot of conservatives would like us to think it is abstract so they can say and do objectively racist things without consequence.

      Yes, I equate racist actions with theft and murder because all three are against the law. Ask any lawyer, motive is relevant in any criminal investigation. If my motive to deny employment, bar from admission, or block public access is based in racism, then I can be prosecuted and convicted of a hate crime. Motive may not be the easiest thing to establish, but it is far from impossible and far from being “subjective.”

    • Posted by Baldheadslck, at Reply

      then how was he a racist? everyone here is saying racist but not giving an example. jim acosta implied only white ppl speak english when that is far from the truth

    • Posted by UNLebanon, at Reply

      +Baldheadslck, I never made that claim. But I think what you are asking about is in regards to his previous comments and positions not shown in this particular video. You should ask those who are accusing him of racism.

    • Posted by Lucius Phós, at Reply

      You are talking about actions, and yes acting on your racism and deny service or do harm is illegal, but words, even harmful do not equal actions and having thoughts is not a crime, if you thinking about killing someone, that is not making you a killer, but if you act on it, then yes. Racism like any other idea and ideology are abstract concepts, but still semantics is not my point, I just still don’t understand why is the man in this video called a racist.

  20. Posted by Y2K, at Reply

    So immigrants aren’t Americans? WTF?