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Radio Host Told Don’t Disrespect Trump


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Bruce Bond stopped his job after being told he could not criticize Trump on air. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment section below.

" Pennsylvania radio host Bruce Bond just quit after being asked by his station bosses not to pound Donald Trump on-air.

" I stood up– and also I'm out of a job," the 58-year-old WTPA-FM jock told the Daily News. "Nothing like this has taken place prior to."

We reached out to Bond to talk about the dangers of speaking up in the extremely charged age of Trump– a "different climate," as he placed it. What follows is the records of that interview, modified for clarity and also compressed for space:

Daily News: Do you consider on your own a shock jock who intends to stimulate discontent?

Bruce Bond: No. I'm not below to be debatable. I was worked with (3 years ago) at WTPA to do an entertaining program. It was a mix of many points. I spoke about whatever– food, trivia as well as, naturally, stupid individuals in the news."

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  1. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    *Free. Speech.*

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      make your own station then

    • Posted by KIROTHEDON Chosen1, at Reply

      +Hitchhiking Vagabond #FUCKTRUMP 👺💩💩

    • Posted by katra, at Reply

      they’ve always been the snowflakes.

  2. Posted by Sav Aww, at Reply

    So who are the snowflakes now?

    • Posted by Justin Hernandez, at Reply

      Sav Aww

      Still libtards….

    • Posted by FLYING DREAM PRODUCTIONS, at Reply

      “So who are the snowflakes now?” You.

    • Posted by David Stone, at Reply

      +Justin Hernandez +FLYING DREAM PRODUCTIONS someone’s melting, Oh its you snowflakes. go melt outside you’re ruining my floor.

    • Posted by Justin Hernandez, at Reply

      David Stone

      Can you give me your definition of a special snowflake?

      I’d bet your ignorant and don’t know the original meaning behind that insult….

  3. Posted by Davi Jones, at Reply


    • Posted by Kim Jun Mi Pos Liy Dong Chenk, at Reply

      youre being sarcastic . or are you glad hes back can laugh at me

    • Posted by Ph Ph, at Reply

      Only reason I subscribed

    • Posted by Ph Ph, at Reply

      Kim Jun Mi Pos Liy Dong Chenk Haha such a troll, no one could be this stupid in real life.. Nice try troll, but your not fooling anyone.

    • Posted by SphankeyPD, at Reply

      Ph Ph You’re*

    • Posted by Ichsuka, at Reply

      OF coooourse.

  4. Posted by The Genocidal Ghost, at Reply

    Wow, I thought there was something called the First Amendment. Oh well, gotta make sure the Orange-in-Chief doesn’t have his wittle feewings hurt.

    • Posted by KIROTHEDON Chosen1, at Reply

      +Dragon1717 Donald j trumpanzee is that you??…. 👺🙈

    • Posted by Beep Beep Imma Dragon, at Reply

      Trump disrespects everyone else so it’s only fair. 🤷‍♀️

    • Posted by FLYING DREAM PRODUCTIONS, at Reply

      This has nothing to do with the First Amendment and everything to do with the dollars. Don’t kid yourself.

    • Posted by Archie Dorrough, at Reply

      Most businessmen start with a format, if the employees can’t stay within the format, they should seek employment else where.

  5. Posted by GotDRAMAbringit, at Reply

    Against the 1st Amendment which Republicans hate. Sad

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      make your own station then

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      Hitchhiking Vagabond, so you’re the guy who everyone collectively rolls their eyes at because your response to everything, such as a negative movie review, is “make your own movie then.” No one likes you.

    • Posted by dudebladeX, at Reply

      Only when it hurts _them_. When the 1st Amendment helps them, they’re all for it.

    • Posted by sogghartha, at Reply

      Read the 1st amendment again. It says the government can’t abridge your free speech, private companies can do what they like. Don’t make this mistake.

  6. Posted by longbeach225, at Reply

    Conservatives say liberals hate free speech but guess who cannot openly criticize Trump. Yeah so conservatives are a fat hypocrite.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      No. If you watched, TYT criticised Obama on many things. It’s just that almost everything Trump does is worthy of criticism.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      make your own station then

    • Posted by Zedek, at Reply

      They always have been, and they are *always projecting* on to liberals too.

    • Posted by drjimiboy69, at Reply

      You cannot have a land radio broadcast frequency without an FCC license. Youtube is a free platform (for now), but land radio is about as diverse in viewpoints in most markets as the old Soviet Union. For example, in the Miami-Fort Luaderdale area, there is not one liberal who broadcasts on land radio, AM or FM, let alone a real leftist. It’s all right wing balderdash. No contrast whatsover. You may want to rethink it.

  7. Posted by Adriano Mullins, at Reply

    Don’t disrespect the orange buffoon!, so many triggered right wing snowflakes who don’t want their dear leader to be criticized, your country has turned into a total joke!, Sad.

    • Posted by Kim Jun Mi Pos Liy Dong Chenk, at Reply

      youre being deported

    • Posted by John D'oh, at Reply

      Too white and too rich, only poor “other” people get deported.

    • Posted by Beep Beep Imma Dragon, at Reply

      Adriano Mullins Yep and Trump was racist to entire races of people and a gold star family.

  8. Posted by James Graham, at Reply

    Will the “free-speech” warriors defend this man? Probably not.

    • Posted by Dean, at Reply

      there’s freedom of speech, but the different news outlets pick what they report based on their (official or unofficial) political bias. if you own a station you can set that bias and people who work there have to work within that. or choose to leave.

    • Posted by James Graham, at Reply

      Dean I mostly agree with you, the station can chose what they broadcast. My point is that the “free speech” warriors pick and choose who they defend. For example, many of them came out in support of Tomi Lahren after she was fired by the Blaze because she said things that Glenn Beck disagreed with. This case is no different.

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      James Graham, excellent point, but as if we’ve seen time and time again, freedom of speech in the minds of right-wingers only applies to right-wingers. No dissenting opinions to the conservative agenda are protected by the First Amendment.

  9. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    Why aren’t Milo the pedo and Tomtom the snowflake crying about this blatant violation of the first amendment?

    • Posted by hhiippiittyy, at Reply

      LincDN because it isn’t a violation of the 1st amendment…

    • Posted by LincDN, at Reply

      I know, but trumpanzees think private organizations aren’t allowed to stop people from speaking.

    • Posted by Adrain Acha, at Reply

      Lol as for milo is currently very buzy online looking for teenagers boys to shag..

  10. Posted by Pussygrabber 45, at Reply

    I have every right to disrespect 45 because he does it to everyone.

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      Pussygrabber 45 I’ve got no problem disrespecting Dolt45

  11. Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

    Still losers after the election. And they finally found out they lost the popular vote so they are trying anything they can do delegitimize the president.

    • Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

      Nope its true. Pew research

    • Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

      trying to distract with _Hillary_, pathetic
      Drumpf is a wanna-be fascist dictator…

    • Posted by ShadowDurza, at Reply

      Johnny Blazem Then why don’t you comment a link to the Pew research page?

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      The illegal voting is probably why Trump won! LOL! Typical of the Imbecile-in-Chief to investigate something that was actually in his favor! The guy has no brains!

    • Posted by ShadowDurza, at Reply
  12. Posted by Amaury Lindy, at Reply

    Already 10 dislikes how lol

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Amaury Lindy
      The spittoon sound effects trigger them bigly.

  13. Posted by Black Star, at Reply

    is this north korea?

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      Every democratic socialist should be sent to NK for vacation.

    • Posted by LardGreystoke, at Reply

      You seem to have missed the point of the comment.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply


    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      This is MAGA! Hillary came, she saw, she silenced and killed people who were against her.

  14. Posted by Stephanie Reneé DeRamus, at Reply

    Hello? Free speech? This is literally the opposite of what journalism is.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      LardGreystoke – ‘nothing but right wing dial’ on the radio? LOL what century are you living in?

    • Posted by drjimiboy69, at Reply

      Hey, what’s the problem with taking people off the air for being critical of Trump (aka Agent Orange). Signed Kim Jong Un

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      The station doesn’t want to lose listener’s. More listener’s = more money. Yeppity Yep Yep Yep

  15. Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

    Also that Person 8 years ago: OMG OBAMA ISN’T MY PRESIDENT! GO BACK TO KENYA.

  16. Posted by Brijan B, at Reply

    do people call donald president

  17. Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

    Cool song.

    – said nobody ever, even Trump supporters.

  18. Posted by Oisin Murphy, at Reply

    I knew it would be country western music. Chewing tobacco & drinking moonshine. lol

  19. Posted by Otis Williams, at Reply

    As someone who lives in Pittsburgh, I can confirm what Cenk said. Rural Pa is rough…