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Red State Newspaper Faces EXTREME Backlash After 2016 Endorsement


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Local newspapers across the country took a stand during the 2016 election and made controversial endorsements, an Oklahoma newspaper is facing an extreme backlash after endorsing Hillary Clinton. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"One Sunday after church, Jeff Mullin and his wife were in line at the Western Sizzlin steakhouse here when a man, fists clenched, threatened to beat the hell out of him.

“My first thought was just to kind of try to keep things calm. Otherwise, it was going to be two old guys rolling around on the floor of the steakhouse, and that would be pretty unseemly,” recalled Mr. Mullin, 64, the mustachioed senior writer for Enid’s daily newspaper, The Enid News & Eagle.

The dispute was not personal. It was, of all things, editorial.

Mr. Mullin’s red newspaper in a red county in what is arguably the reddest of states went blue this campaign season and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The editorial board, in a gray-shaded column on Page A4 on Oct. 9, wrote that Donald J. Trump lacked “the skills, experience or temperament to hold office.” The headline and subhead read: “For U.S. president: Hillary Clinton is our choice for commander in chief.”*

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  1. Posted by GamesTrailerzers, at Reply

    In 2 second 6 dislikes. These trolls have no life

    • Posted by Mad Max, at Reply

      GamesTrailerzers yet you spend your life complaining about dislikes on a
      fake news channel on YouTube. Interesting.

  2. Posted by Nick Little, at Reply

    Video 4 minutes old and is 9 minutes long and 7 dislikes, these fuckers
    love this channel

    • Posted by Pepe La Zamasu, at Reply

      Now say it without crying

    • Posted by playgrrrr, at Reply

      +Pepe La Zamasu Those are tears of laughter m8

  3. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend triggered conservatives in Oklahoma.

    • Posted by Jon S, at Reply


    • Posted by types10000, at Reply

      Poor baby doesnt understand what the word triggered means. Unless these
      conservatives are blocking roads, preventing access to venues and trying to
      suppress other people’s rights to freedom of speech then they’re not
      triggered, they’re simply exercising their autonomy and taking their
      business elsewhere 🙂

    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      +Jon S OH NO! 😱

  4. Posted by Signature Thapa, at Reply

    *Liberalism is a mental disorder.*

    • Posted by XxGR3YW01FxX, at Reply

      +Kiki Boo You and anyone else you dares to respond goes as proof. I mean
      this is ridiculous I thought you Liberals were supposed to be the educated
      ones; I thought college was supposed to make you smart.

    • Posted by Haseeb Gatsby, at Reply

      Conservatism is cancer Nuff Said… Death, destruction and rape is the
      result of hundreds of years cuntservatism..

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      They aren’t the ones crying and acting like little bitches all because
      someone had the nerve to have a different opinion……..based on facts btw.
      Buncha conservative snowflakes acting like three year

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      +types10000 Have you ever seen video or heard accounts of civil rights
      protests from the 60s? They were WAY worse than anything that happens
      today. The fact that the Civil Rights movement and anti-Vietnam protests
      were so successful is exactly why the government began to crack down on
      protest so hard: they don’t want people starting another civil rights
      movement and taking more power from the Elites.

  5. Posted by Ramon Abaroa, at Reply

    So when is TYT going to invite someone from out of their own echo chamber
    for a little chat?

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      Ana Kasparian talking about open mindedness, the same person who, when
      confronted with oposing opinions, has been known to lunge forward,
      demanding angrily “! am Better than YOU!”. The dictionary definition of
      bigotry is like putty in her hands! lol

    • Posted by Ramon Abaroa, at Reply

      ThisWarIsMyLatestFashion years ago though… The last opposing view
      interview was (I think) Sam Harris. Since then not one.

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      I will never be voting democrat again after the disgraceful multiple
      layered attempt at refusing to let go of power. Jackie Evancho is the
      latest on a long, Long list of people threatened with death for not doing
      exactly what the iliberal ‘liberals’ want.

    • Posted by ファビオ魔王, at Reply

      If they are in the right, they would, but they know they are wrong

    • Posted by Baulbustor, at Reply

      I wouldn’t call any of those “interviews”.

  6. Posted by I rock prada, at Reply

    Republicans don’t want everybody thinking independently, they want
    everybody to think like them. It destroys them inside when u have your own

  7. Posted by John Apple, at Reply

    All of the anti Trump “republicans” will be paying big time for the next 4
    years. People aren’t going to forget they were pushing for the epitome of
    establishment corruption to take the white house.

    • Posted by Evan Currie, at Reply

      Gee, why would I make that mistake on a TYT forum about a story that didn’t
      involve NYT at all? Huh. Weird.

    • Posted by John Apple, at Reply

      +Evan Currie
      Because you don’t read carefully.

    • Posted by LincDN, at Reply

      +John Apple No, it’s cause you love red herrings

    • Posted by John Apple, at Reply

      TYT fans can’t read.

    • Posted by LincDN, at Reply

      +John Apple Dude, you spelled Trumpanzees wrong

  8. Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

    That’s what I like about tyt, they bring on debate guests who have
    different views abou… oh wait.

    • Posted by BroTheDude, at Reply

      +Rob Robberson They don’t… they blame others for not presenting facts or
      misinformation. Presenting accurate information is more important than
      having a “counter argument.”

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      BroTheDude If TYT, admittedly a leftist progressive opinion based media
      outlet, says something is a fact, I’m sure they present all the relevant
      facts, and not just present that which supports their agenda. They’re so
      objective about things, aren’t they?

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      BroTheDude Well, seeing as we can’t know how much we both have seen and
      compared, etc, gues we’ll have to agree to disagree. I say they are no
      better, only slightly more likeable in some ways.

    • Posted by David Kingsley, at Reply

      Exactly. Every time Cenk debates, he makes a fool of himself e.g. Sam
      Harris, Dinesh D’Souza, Katherine Straughan.

  9. Posted by just for you, at Reply

    the right has to resist intelligent political discussion because
    intelligent political discussion often times leads to the left. I can say
    that personally I have discussed politics with a lot of people in the last
    year. I have never encountered a conservative who was open to listening to
    opposing points of view. never. conservative points of view remind me more
    of religion a point of view not based on reason but faith alone and not
    open for discussion.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      There are plenty of left-leaning people who are closed minded. I’m not sure
      it comes down to something as simple as what you suggest.

    • Posted by just for you, at Reply

      Smaakjeks K 9. you’re right I was going to say that but I didn’t want to
      make the comment too long overall I’ve noticed that people in general are a
      little too confident in their views and not interested in hearing others.
      that being said I have encountered a few liberals who have taken the time
      to ask people around us” what do you think” and listen to them that has
      never happened with a conservative. that’s just my experience in life which
      is not representative necessarily.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      +just for you
      Alright 🙂

  10. Posted by Rachel Thompson, at Reply

    Obama sold out within weeks of his first term–look who he hired for

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      and they still act like he wanted change.

  11. Posted by nil bogg, at Reply

    White Supremacists/Trumpists don’t want moral stands, social values or
    simply “doing what’s right” they want a strongman they can snap into line
    behind and follow at a goosestep.

    • Posted by Mike Stavenes, at Reply

      Welcome to the Mob…here’s your mentality…wear it with pride, and it’ll
      save you from having to take any responsibility for your own actions. 😉

    • Posted by nil bogg, at Reply

      +Mikhail Tagallie The white supremacists are a “voting block” a large
      SEGMENT of the U.S. population. They CHARACTERIZED the Democratic party (as
      the GOP NEVER tires of saying) right up UNTIL the civil rights act of 64.
      They THEN moved en masse to the GOP. SO now they characterize YOU. The
      left’s only failures in working for the people is that the GOP will “grind
      it to a halt” if they can’t rule:
      The GOP has always engaged in “obstructionalism” when not in power, then
      POINTING TO the inactivity they cause and say “SEE Dem supporters? They
      don’t “care about you! PLEEEAASSSEEE join us!!!”. But the Dem supporters
      are SMART. They KNOW who their enemy is *spoilers* it’s the party the
      racists/bigots/xenophobes FLOCKED to in 64 with Strom Thurman leading the

    • Posted by nil bogg, at Reply

      +Mikhail Tagallie There’s NO SHAME in NOT wanting to “come together” when
      ONE SIDE has The American Nazi Party (actual Nazis), the KKK and all other
      white supremacists groups as it’s BACKBONE SUPPORTERS. Uglinss is to be
      fought, not joined hoping they’ll “come around”.

  12. Posted by lilian makori, at Reply

    I’m glad I watched this casue it opened my eyes to my own confirmation
    bias. I feel that we has a human race have forgotten what agreeing to
    disagree is and take it personally when someone disagrees. Personally I
    feel it’s important to talk to people who have a differnt world view then
    your own, because it opens your mind to differnt perspectives, and helps
    you become a more well rounded person.
    I feel bad for that journalist because it was an editorial piece and they
    were just giving their opinion. Guess the people of this town don’t
    understand that the world is bigger than their backyard.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      nah, endorsing Hillary is the enemy so no

  13. Posted by Gísli Brynjólfsson, at Reply

    When you feel you need to state “I’m an adult” every other time you open
    your mouth, you’re probably not an adult. 4:30

    • Posted by EddyCurrents, at Reply

      I heard it once …you seem like a child

    • Posted by EddyCurrents, at Reply

      +Gísli Brynjólfsson “feefees”. My mistake, you must have dementia

    • Posted by Gísli Brynjólfsson, at Reply

      You’re starting to sound like my doctors now. You know, without the sense
      of humor, obviously.

  14. Posted by Salty Admiral, at Reply

    Why are conservatives so easily triggered and butthurt?

    • Posted by MrLOBIP, at Reply

      They’re insecure cucks, what do you expect?

    • Posted by Žan Ujčič, at Reply

      That is not a trait exclusive to conservatives.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      using boycotts was always a leftist thing though so its great

    • Posted by Flash, at Reply

      Michael Robertson Not always, special snowflakes always get triggered when
      there’s not a snowflake on their red Starbucks cup

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      +Flash yes always…..leftist always living in an echo chamber never having
      their views challenged is also your thing and now you are bitching someone
      else does what you do

  15. Posted by Jullius Correia, at Reply
    • Posted by Gesticulating Pedantics, at Reply

      you on dbol?

    • Posted by Jeremy Siganga, at Reply

      csaba toth…ok…that explains it…

    • Posted by Gesticulating Pedantics, at Reply


  16. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    Right-wingers want an open debate, as in they want an open exchange of
    ideas? I honestly never noticed that tendency.

    • Posted by Gustav, at Reply

      +Brosedale Who are the lizard people again?

    • Posted by Brosedale, at Reply

      +Gustav read a book

    • Posted by csaba toth, at Reply

      Gustav So let me get this straight. You will not talk to the right even if
      THEY want to talk to you in a civilised manor, because you don’t talk to
      plebs? Your high horse isn’t even a horse anymore. It is a giraffe.

    • Posted by Gustav, at Reply

      +csaba toth Of course I do. When they’re not resorting to name calling,
      knocking down strawmen, and make unsubstantiated claims. Many seem heavily
      influenced by less serious media outlets like Fox News and right-wing
      talkradio. Also, they are really angry, but usually at powerless people
      instead of the powerful. That’s based in ignorance. I see how corporate
      dominance came about in the US, resulting in high poverty and inequality.

  17. Posted by Pranay, at Reply

    If you give conservatives facts they get triggered.

    • Posted by Boxy Brown, at Reply

      They’re the most delicate of all the snowflakes.

    • Posted by Fan Wang, at Reply

      omfg I am so triggered Trump won. I am going to make Trump suck bad vids
      for 4 years to show my outrage and call those who against me triggered.

  18. Posted by William Hunter, at Reply

    Ana, I’ve noticed too that there are consequences for doing the right
    thing. For example, supporting decency, humanity and equality. I’ll accept
    those consequences gladly. I’ve noticed that there are consequences for
    supporting such as fRepublicans and the tea party and the alt-right
    movement. Those folks seem to have difficulty with things like looking you
    in the eye, sleeping at night, and they seem to drink a lot. ¶ On another
    topic (in other news) The Young Turks numbers are growing at a phenomenal
    rate. People are clamoring to climb on board TYT train. And this train is
    building up an unstoppable head of steam!

    • Posted by → to the knee, at Reply

      *…re-branded white nationalist movement.

  19. Posted by elaineg60, at Reply

    It’s called HYPOCRISY…and we’re certainly in the middle of an

    • Posted by lola bigcups, at Reply

      elaineg60 The Truth!