Relationship Fails: It’s The Heartbreak Hotel (February 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Relationship Fails: It’s The Heartbreak Hotel (February 2018) | FailArmy


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Relationships are difficult, however, for several of these individuals they're full stops working. Appreciate the humorous connection fails in advance of Valentines Day! Have an amusing partnership tale? Share it with us in the remarks !!


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Spanish Dancer Sheds Skirt and also Shows Undergarments
Bridegroom Decrease Bride Going Into Wedding Party
Partner Gets a Mathematics Lesson
Female bulldog falls over when bulldog tries licker her
Teenager Makes Use Of Escalator to Place Arm Around Girl
Couple Constructing Out Diminish Chair
Motorist Frightens Traveler with Airhorn
Drone Crashes Into Back of Lady's Head
Pair Falls Short Executing Yoga Exercise Plank Posture
Duo Falls Short Resistance Band Workout
Couple Falls Down While Dancing in Rainfall
Couple Fails to Do Acroyoga Numerous Times
Individual's Foot Accidentally Slips into Girl's Bikini During Acroyoga
Female Falls While Doing Handstand on Patio
Chair Breaks Under Couple After Proposition
Two-Year-Old Ring Holder Has Temper Tantrum in Aisle
Singing Woman Falls on Stage at Wedding Event
Female Drops Partner at the Beach
Wave Strikes Couple While They Present for Picture in Sea
Lady Trips as well as Falls After Executing Acrobatic Stunt
Lady Scares Other Half While He Sings
Pet Interrupts Serious Outdoor Wedding Celebration
Bride-to-be Draws Chained Up Groom Down Aisle on Cart
Individual Falls Out of Handstand and Into Swimming Pool After Kiss
Pair Fall While Strolling on Icy Ground
Pair Loss at Ice Rink
Man Acts to Drop Wedding Celebration Rings Throughout Cliff Suspension Wedding
New Bride Throws Arrangement on Ceiling Drape
Woman Falls Down During Hooneymoon Selfie
Groom Loses Grasp While Dipping New Bride
Child Will Not Share Father With Mom
Bridesmaid and also Groomsman Attempt To Do Special Wedding Party Entrance
Man Pranks Wife at Shop
Woman Falls Down After Proposition on Ice Rink

Connection Stops working: It's The Broken Heart Hotel (February 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Aca yt 310, at Reply


    • Posted by Cruzy Tube, at Reply

      Aca yt 310 Please subscribe and i sub to

    • Posted by Jax the Fuzzy cat, at Reply

      Cruzy Tube I subscribed to you 😊

  2. Posted by LukaLesson563 Lesson, at Reply

    Jel ima tu hrvata

    • Posted by ZweeZy, at Reply

      LukaLesson563 Lesson ubi se

    • Posted by LukaLesson563 Lesson, at Reply

      ZweeZy zasto bi

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    • Posted by Clockwork Girl, at Reply

      LukaLesson563 Lesson love that profile pic! 😎

    • Posted by LukaLesson563 Lesson, at Reply

      Clockwork Girl 😎

  3. Posted by Wilku, at Reply

    You should public this film in Valentines Day 😀

    • Posted by deshization1, at Reply

      So we can cry twice hard as usual.

    • Posted by stellamoschovaki stella, at Reply


    • Posted by JoSaBo JoSaBo, at Reply

      well idea

    • Posted by sana bonesteel, at Reply

      Except for, “Ooowwww why’d you let gooo, I’m gunna have a welt”, what a whining wimp

  4. Posted by TECHTOID GâmER AnimeSH, at Reply

    0:55 cause the dji was single😂

    • Posted by A guy with no name, at Reply

      TECHTOID GâmER AnimeSH Who? Why was he single?

    • Posted by 허쉬핑크, at Reply

      A guy with no name DJI is the name of company that make drones.

    • Posted by 허쉬핑크, at Reply

      A guy with no name btw sorry for my grammar

    • Posted by A guy with no name, at Reply

      허쉬핑크 Oh ok.

  5. Posted by Matt Batt, at Reply

    Can’t have couple fails if you aren’t in a relationship ;-;

    • Posted by Yefta Tauran, at Reply

      Matt Batt i know that feel bro

    • Posted by Faceplant1235, at Reply


    • Posted by Faiq Khan, at Reply

      But it has upsides too… Like… You know… Spending all the money on yourself…

  6. Posted by Wilku, at Reply

    3:30 – funeral or wedding?

    • Posted by Flávia Denise, at Reply

      Faceplant1235 hahahahaha

    • Posted by Do Be us, at Reply

      By the way everyone’s dressed I’d say it was a funeral for a pet!

    • Posted by Jim Stewart Cohen, at Reply

      Ritual sacrifice. Those people are satanists, my friend. Satan wants blood, we give him blood. Blood of the dog. That’s why he’s freaking out. Hail Satan.

    • Posted by Stine_K_B, at Reply

      Eeth Koth Rick and Morty?

    • Posted by Flávia Denise, at Reply

      Jim Stewart Cohen nah. Satan wants people.

  7. Posted by Mustavo Gaia, at Reply

    3:35 – context needed. the guy is marrying the brunnete, holding the blonde hand (daugther?)

    • Posted by Zoie Bedford, at Reply

      LookalikeDemons they were praying. of course they were looking at the ground and sounding mellow lol

    • Posted by Flávia Denise, at Reply

      LookalikeDemons he sounds sad because it’s a wedding.

    • Posted by microglitch, at Reply

      I’d say it’s a pet funeral. a dog maybe. there is no cemetery.

    • Posted by Flávia Denise, at Reply

      microglitch I really don’t like that. I lost my beloved cat last Monday. Not yesterday, last week 🙁 I really wish it was a wedding. At least, a bizarre one.

  8. Posted by Wilku, at Reply

    4:59 – nice try boy :d

    • Posted by Mattias Hallén, at Reply

      Wilku so smooth 😂

  9. Posted by Jay Semiz, at Reply

    2:19 Lmaoo. “No mommy he is mine.” Cute. 😂

    • Posted by Chris, at Reply

      Jay Semiz *dady

    • Posted by Fat Potato, at Reply

      Chris umm no. It’s mommy*

    • Posted by Juanchordas, at Reply

      who de F is Lmao!!! is he a Chinese hacker? lmaoooo

  10. Posted by Mathieu Pythoud, at Reply

    1:18 it is the worst marriage proposal i ever seen

    • Posted by QTRG, at Reply

      Several people here made the point that it doesn’t matter how you do it… In my opinion, and this applies to most things, it’s a LOT more important how you do it than what you do. And a “big stone” falls under the “what” category here, not the “how”. The “how” in this case is the time and place you’re in, not having a third dude awkwardly sitting at the table with you, or even just addressing her with her name when you propose

    • Posted by Ian Luman, at Reply

      QTRG Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    • Posted by Give It A Rub, at Reply

      What if both of them both don’t like fancy stuff like that and he knew she didn’t want some cheesy proposal

    • Posted by DangerouslyDestiny, at Reply

      To the people defending the crap proposal…the guy proposed sitting down while eating dinner in their house and asks the question like its a casual thing. I mean jesus that guy is an idiot.

    • Posted by Ian Luman, at Reply

      DangerouslyDestiny Thanks for your opinion.

  11. Posted by Jay Semiz, at Reply

    Also I just noticed in the first clip she threw her damn phone out the window lmao oops 😂

    • Posted by PanBunktrek, at Reply


    • Posted by Jacob Stroman, at Reply

      I thought she was just tripping

    • Posted by conkerlive101, at Reply

      Obviously scripted and unfunny

  12. Posted by Obie, at Reply

    the guy at 1:44 is the worst.

    • Posted by EpicSonicSkillz, at Reply

      Obie don’t know how bad it hurts

    • Posted by Give It A Rub, at Reply

      EpicSonicSkillz even before she let go he sounded like a preppy spoiled brat

  13. Posted by All-Boy, at Reply

    0:00 I could be that guy

    If I had a girlfriend :'(

    • Posted by Anito El Huerfanito, at Reply

      Hahaha! It’s funny because i’m alone too! :’D

    • Posted by dunebuggysand oreos, at Reply

      Your not missing out on much tbh

    • Posted by Tay Tay, at Reply

      thats why you dont have one 😀

  14. Posted by Johann Lo, at Reply

    That wedding is insane. 5:38

    • Posted by BlogVomMax, at Reply

      Did the guy deop the rings? Was the first thing that came to my mind haha

    • Posted by RailsOfTheWorld, at Reply

      yeah he did.

    • Posted by Rurouni Kenshin, at Reply

      oh fak me…. dude first of all, crazyyyyy wedding but omg you dropped the ringsss??? What a wedding to remember.

    • Posted by Thomas Hughes, at Reply

      When the wedding is not down to earth , dropping the ring can take longer. A+ for imagination.

    • Posted by Faiq Khan, at Reply

      +Thomas Hughes and can’t even find the ring afterwords. It’s a fail from me. C

  15. Posted by CMDR DustyArne, at Reply

    6:23 And now you are on Youtube.. lol

    She got amazing eye’s btw..

    • Posted by Arsh Malik, at Reply

      CMDR DustyArne manon mathews
      Thank me later

    • Posted by CMDR DustyArne, at Reply

      Arsh Malik thanks but that wasn’t needed. I’m not going to Google random girl from the internet.

      I’m not that person. 😉

    • Posted by Jade McCracken, at Reply

      She’s a Viner. Not some random. There’s literally hundreds of videos of her on YouTube. So it’s not weird. She’s quite funny.

  16. Posted by Smull GT, at Reply

    At the exact 0:34 Jimmy knew he F*cked up.

  17. Posted by György Mohl, at Reply

    I can totally relate to all of them. Yeah. Totally. (Btw, what’s a relationship?)

  18. Posted by Tumult, at Reply

    2:49 I wouldn’t even count that as a fail that’s hilarious and cool of them xD Unless of course the guy tried to run and this is the outcome