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Report: Trump/Russia Dossier Funding By Hillary Clinton Campaign


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A record discloses that the Steele File was partially moneyed by the Clinton Project. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you the details. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section below. Join TYT:

" It's long been known that study that went into the "Steele file"– a well known paper filled with lurid accusations about Donald Trump's connect to Russia that eventually attracted FBI rate of interest– was moneyed by Trump's political adversaries, including some Democrats.

And now, many thanks to a new report from the Washington Article's Adam Entous, Devlin Barrett, as well as Rosalind Helderman, we've discovered simply who those Democrats were: Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the DNC. (Politico soon verified the report.).

Each the Message, in April 2016, legal representative Marc Elias, working on behalf of the Clinton project as well as the DNC, started paying the resistance research business Combination GPS to check into Trump's ties to Russia. Former British spy Christopher Steele did this work for Combination, as well as authored just what came to be known as the Steele file, which had bawdy (and also uncorroborated) political economic, and sex-related allegations concerning Trump and his top associates.

Before that factor, Combination GENERAL PRACTITIONERS had actually apparently already done research right into Trump, in support of a Republican client. Yet we don't yet know who that Republican politician customer is.

As the Russia rumor has actually swirled, Republicans, including Head of state Trump, have for months attempted to call higher focus on the question of simply that paid for the research study behind the file. GOP congressional boards have been investigating the matter, as well as traditional media electrical outlets have actually usually looked for to represent this as the genuine Russia rumor.".

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  1. Posted by Curtis, at Reply

    cenk: whaaat?!!!
    yikes. opposition research that caused major ripples in russian american cohesion.

  2. Posted by TRAITOR Trump, at Reply

    TYT comments sections hacked again.

  3. Posted by EarlyTrail ET, at Reply

    everyone let’s pray for mueller 🙏

  4. Posted by mgdheavy, at Reply

    this is all bullshit, the dossier, at least 10 claims anyway, were all laid out before the election in a Nov 4th Newsweek piece by Kurt Eichenwald. He even hinted at the pee tape on his own twitter feed as click bait, even though the article itself said nothing about it.

  5. Posted by Cactus Queen, at Reply

    John is a degenerate dog.

  6. Posted by stone1andonly, at Reply

    I wonder who the Republican candidate was who had the initial research done… maybe Jeb or Ted?

  7. Posted by fadi jwaid, at Reply

    When Donald Trump did it he got crucified by tyt!!! lmao what agenda, right tyt?

    • Posted by Jo Pao, at Reply

      Shut up fake. trumpi isn’t being attacked for oppo research but for collusion

    • Posted by fadi jwaid, at Reply

      wheres the proof? and telling someone to shut up online is kinda stupid lol

  8. Posted by GÜREL PEYNİRCİLİK, at Reply

    Fake President

  9. Posted by Iron Mark, at Reply

    TYT Has been part of the MSM bullshit peddling of the Trump/russian hackers myth. If you are a liberal and you support these racist lying morons you will see your movement go absolutely *nowhere*

    • Posted by chicagosbest82, at Reply

      Iron Mark How much are they paying you to troll tyt??

    • Posted by Mnd0vrMnky, at Reply

      An example of said bullshit peddling is the DeAndre Harris story. It takes less than a minute to find the five sec clip on YouTube of him swinging a maglight at a Nazis head outside the garage. But im guessing they won’t retract that story. Arrested for taking a beating the said…. smdh.

  10. Posted by Acuna Matata, at Reply

    I hate this phone >:0

  11. Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

    the left is no different than the right you people are like little kids throwing a tantrum

    • Posted by Jo Pao, at Reply

      Yaya, another right-winger trying a false equivalency. Yes, it’s plainly obvious you people are bigoted, corrupted to the bone and warmongers… and no, not everybody is… it’s just YOU.

  12. Posted by Blake Foster, at Reply

    Cenk, the story about the dossier all along was that it was sourced through the Ukranian and Russian government. HRC and DNC knew it all along. They handed over false intelligence, that they paid for, from foreign governments about a political opponent to the FBI to start baseless BS investigations.

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      That was never the story. Where do you get your information?

  13. Posted by nomadic hunter, at Reply

    Corrupt to the core

    • Posted by Jo Pao, at Reply

      Yes, trumpi, the gop, the rnc and pretty much all republican politicians are corrupted.

    • Posted by Los Critics Supreme, at Reply

      Jo Pao
      I’m sure many republicans are as corrupt as the Democratic party CHUMPS. The corrupt establishment is collapsing. That’s why they plus dumb Bernie supporters hate Trump. Oh hey look we have an actual budget for the first time since the Bush era!!!

  14. Posted by djlink111, at Reply

    the democrats hiring a 3rd party to knowingly get intel from russian foreign nationals is a nothing burger?

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      You need to pay attention to what the actual story is.

  15. Posted by Homosymbion, at Reply

    Clinton/DNC did not declare the funding of opposition research in their filings, which is against election law.

    • Posted by itchygonads, at Reply

      What are you talking about you brainwashed snowflake? The republicans DID follow the law. The pro-paedophile left broke the law however.

    • Posted by A Gott, at Reply

      yeah as far as we know right now, Clinton campaign might have broken election law but we don’t have any evidence atm that Clinton or Trump colluded with Russia

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      A Gott That’s why Mueller is investigating Tony Podesta.

    • Posted by Wilbur Jenkins, at Reply

      Clinton actually did opposition research. It wasn’t hidden, just unannounced. Trump and his scum lied about a dozen secret meetings with Russians.

    • Posted by itchygonads, at Reply

      Are you deliberately lying? John Podesta Lobbied for Russia against US interests while not declaring himself as a foreign agent.
      Hillary Clinton did not do “opposition research” she paid in secret to invent a fictitious document with the help of international intelligent officers….This isn’t alarming to you? Never mind the Uranium situation which will almost certainly wind her up in jail (Hopefully worse).

      But never mind, I can see from your pathetic and groveling attempt to equate the Trump Jnr situation in which no crime was committed, nothing was colluded nor no money was exchanged, to the disgusting and traitors behaviours of that vile woman shows you are not a serious nor intelligent person, only a rabid, brainwashed libtard caught up in the fake politics that dominates that US. Educate yourself or don’t vote. Do your country one favour.

  16. Posted by itchygonads, at Reply

    Of course Fatass Genk see’s nothing wrong with it…..BUT WAIT???? WHATS THIS??? DON JR WAS GOING TO MEET ABOUT POTENTIAL CLINTON INFO??? COLLUSSSIONNN!!!!!! OF COURSEEE!!!!

    LOL Tyt are an absolute joke.

    • Posted by Wilbur Jenkins, at Reply

      Collusion with our allies?

    • Posted by itchygonads, at Reply


    • Posted by Kavian, at Reply

      Did Hillary get this information from SECRET meetings with Russians like Clown JR or through legal investigation? Did you miss the part that GOP started this investigation by the way?

  17. Posted by Lorenzo Blues, at Reply

    Haha, unconvincing climb down guys.

  18. Posted by Angelo mansueti, at Reply

    Meuller was also involved in this FISA warrant with this dossier which is a huge problem and now he’s been leading the collision investigation against Trump for the last 9 months. Advise to democratic Socialists, the ship is sinking. Stop watching CNN. you will not get the facts.

    • Posted by Tyler Griffith, at Reply

      Thanks for the tip

    • Posted by John Edwards, at Reply

      Clinton News Network*

  19. Posted by wheelzwheela, at Reply

    Russia wasn’t hacking as hard Hillary was when she “wasn’t sick”… that is until she had admitted she had pneumonia. She is a fraudster and should never be trusted.

  20. Posted by Nien!, at Reply

    Now opposition research is normal when we do it? Hahahahah young burkes#