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Reporter Sick Of Being Called ‘Fake News’ Goes OFF


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A lot more reporters need to stand up for themselves such as this man. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area below.

" Tensions flared during Tuesday's White House press briefing, the initial on-camera briefing in one week, as a frustrated reporter accused replacement spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders and also members of the Trump administration of "irritating" hostilities with the media.

The warmed exchange came as Sanders was replying to a question relating to a lately withdrawed CNN tale concerning President Donald Trump and Russia that promptly triggered the resignation of 3 staff journalists the day before.

" If we make the tiniest mistake, or the smallest word is off, it is simply an absolute tirade from a great deal of individuals in this room," Sanders claimed. "Yet news electrical outlets reach go on day after day as well as cite unnamed sources, make use of stories without resources," she added. *".

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  1. Posted by No Dogma Mama, at Reply

    Look at that insufferable indignation. Trump and his sycophants lie on a daily basis, sometimes their lies change by the hour. Now they are seizing on one story. Notice how they call everything fake news but this is the only story they are able to seize on. The Trump sycophants could learn from CNN on how to face repercussions for not getting things exact. Trump lies, it’s not getting words wrong-Trump lies. Where’s Trump’s resignation for all the actual lies he tells?
    Trump wranglers are now attempting to bully the media into submission. The dear leader’s conflict of interest and corruption must be investigated. Trump’s love affair with right ring authoritarians worldwide-starting with Putin and Erdogan are red flags. The press must keep the public informed on Trump’s attempts to turn us into a right wing petro reliant totalitarian theocracy.
    Trump seems to forget that he is accountable to the American people. The hypocrisy of the right wing and their near cavity searches when it came to Obama but now Trump gets to tell the American people we are on a need to know basis? GTFOH!

    • Posted by No Dogma Mama, at Reply

      Zach Morris Veritas is not journalism. its embarrassing for yourself to even say that. Wow.
      cringe worthy actually.
      “She (Huckabee)then went on to cite a video being pushed by James O’Keefe, a rightwing provocateur who was convicted of entering a senator’s office under false pretences in 2010.
      O’Keefe was initially charged with a felony for his role in an effort by conservative activists dressed as telephone repairmen to gain access to the telephone system in a federal building in New Orleans where Democratic senator Mary Landrieu had an office. He faced a maximum of ten years in jail but took a plea deal.
      He also has been involved in much hyped videos purporting to show liberal activists making inflammatory statements that have often turned out to be misleadingly edited if not entirely false.
      “There’s a video circulating now, whether it’s accurate or not, I don’t know, but I would encourage everyone in this room and everyone in this country to take a look at it,” said Sanders. ”
      These people want state run media and to indoctrinate people with fake O’Keefe videos.
      innocent people don’t behave like Trump and his administration.

    • Posted by Zach Morris, at Reply

      No Dogma Mama Veritas is simply real life, undercover videos of leftist operatives speaking candidly about their dirt. Thats it. You can try to spin it all you want but the videos don’t lie. If the poor leftists exposed in PV videos are victims of slander, then why have so many of them been fired/forced to resign? You can’t answer that question, and surely you can’t possibly even believe your own BS. I couldn’t care less what some leftist cuck is quoted about trying to spin PV videos when its clear what is going on PV videos. Hilarious how much mental gymnastics you all have to do to try to explain off real world candid videos.

    • Posted by gil martin, at Reply

      Lol yea they messed up and had to resign. Y isn’t the dictator trump resigning after all his lies. Please look up on YouTube “trump exposes trump” I think ull get a kick out of it. U do know just cuz ur republican u don’t have to b on of trumps drones. Think for ur self don’t agree just cuz he’s ur queen bee

  2. Posted by Ben Kellis, at Reply

    Cant wait for TyT to cover CNN producer saying the Russia investigation in mostly Bullshit and how its just for ratings

    • Posted by John Ude, at Reply

      Kevin Mezentsev And nobody cares about sjws or feminist or political correctness, people care about healthcare, minimum wage, free college, student lone dent, social safety net, Medicare, medicade, social security, gun law’s, climate change, clean water and energy and etc.
      And your worried about sjws lol GTFO.

    • Posted by NeK0kasumi, at Reply

      Ben Kellis umm please enlighten me on how fighting terror for the last 16 years has gone? Are we safer than we have been? Are living in love and free from fear from getting bombed. You keep saying we should terror. Ok what terror should be fighting? How about the white American who goes on a shooting spree in a theater? Is that not terror? Was that done by a refugee? Nope an unstable white guy? I am saying we shouldn’t but it should extremely obvious by now that plan isn’t working. Please instead of dismissing this. Please take some time to think about these questions.

    • Posted by xithappens, at Reply

      Like in Kansas you mean? Without redistribution only a percentage of the country prospers.

  3. Posted by KirbyTheKirby, at Reply

    TYT used to call the mainstream media out on their BS until Trump = ratings

    • Posted by Dan Extrinsic01, at Reply

      Trump doesnt make it hard though, you forget that Trump himself is either guilty of something, or just plain stupid for creating all of the propaganda.

    • Posted by Kevin C, at Reply

      Why do you care about their ratings? You don’t even listen to what they say. Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Posted by NwZ2, at Reply

      and they still do, not that it matters to a sycophant like you.

    • Posted by DTownApollo, at Reply

      Hurr durr no smoke without fire reeeee

  4. Posted by Hector Diaz, at Reply

    Her eyes immediately make her seem 10X stupider.

    • Posted by Ron Rogers, at Reply

      Sorry, but she made him look the fool. All the lies these clowns state like the main stream media will all soon come crashing down

    • Posted by catchifyoucan232, at Reply

      I was just going to comment, “What’s up with her eyes??”, when I saw your comment. She looks like she’s cross eyed and it gives her a look of confusion.

    • Posted by Vienna Waits4U, at Reply

      + Hector Diaz – Which would still be twice as smart as you.

    • Posted by elisa wade, at Reply

      +Vienna Waits4U what? ????

  5. Posted by SuperAlby65, at Reply

    Someone give that guy a medal For standing up XD

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      The Press thinks people who have less have a right to other people`s money if they have more.

    • Posted by Joshua Brant, at Reply

      SuperAlby65 >XD
      Kill self

  6. Posted by Alexandria Ivanka James, at Reply

    The only fake news i know is Fox news.

    • Posted by Ryn H, at Reply

      big city Her job is to explain the agenda of the president and his administration… not dodge questions and give her opinion… I could care less about her opinion.

    • Posted by big city, at Reply

      Who’s opinion are u talking about.

  7. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT are real news. Cenk has given truth back to humanity.

    • Posted by Vienna Waits4U, at Reply

      +Jeri Kourkoumelis – TYT joyfully posted several video’s by Shaun King – aka Talcum X – just a few months ago. How’s that for TYT news integrity? *TYT=Fake News.*

    • Posted by e val79, at Reply

      Lunatic Fringe the way they made it sound I thought it was a white biker guy.
      Tyt also lies about gender wage gap.
      Tyt Lied about the sjw college riots.
      TYT lies and fails to even mention the DNC lawsuit!
      Refuses to talk and lies about Seth rich murder.
      What’s the point of having TYT people can just go watch CNN.

  8. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Trumptards will continue screaming fake news until their Obamacare gets taken away and they all die from not having health insurance.

    • Posted by Darrell Corder, at Reply

      graylobo133 no you ❄ are

    • Posted by Vienna Waits4U, at Reply

      + Kevin Montrond – I exercise regularly, don’t smoke and watch my diet. Therefore, I don’t need to pay hyper-inflated insurance premiums to the government for a healthcare plan that’s too expensive to use.

    • Posted by Alexandra fa, at Reply

      Vienna Waits4U So what if the dumb bad luck know kicks in?

  9. Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

    Lol couldn’t finish the video. Does Cenk conveniently leave out the project vertas video that’s currently trending where a CNN supervising producer is caught on film admitting that they’re using the Russia-Trump conspiracy for ratings???

    • Posted by mgeek1, at Reply

      +Miguel Puig – Bravo! Well said.

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      Miguel Puig CNN is clearly a left wing advocacy group. Don’t give yourself the title “The most trusted name in news” when you have a very obvious agenda. That is why people dislike CNN so much. When you have multiple people in your own agency admitting they are over playing the Russia-Trump conspiracy to generate ratings even though there is no credible evidence, you deserve to be called fake news.

    • Posted by mgeek1, at Reply

      Meanwhile CNN, right behind MSNBC is beating the pants off of FOX “News” in the ratings. But continue telling yourself that “people dislike CNN.” SOME people.

    • Posted by Miguel Puig, at Reply

      Joel Medina It’s true that there hasn’t been a smoking gun for the collusion thing but there are really alarming pieces to this story that grants an investigation including what happened with Flynn, Comey, and other people in Trump’s cabinet that have political ties with the Russian government. CNN didn’t start this investigation. They’re just reporting on it. It was the right thing to do to investigate Hillary because of the private email servers but not Trump? Is he untouchable just because he won the presidency? Do you want to let the Justice department to let it go for those you feel are on your side? We need to be judged equally. Again CNN is not investigating anything they are just reporting.

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      Miguel Puig Well let me start off by applauding you for being the first decent TYT fan I’ve encountered. I find myself trolling a lot in this comment section because quite frankly it’s extremely difficult to take any of y’all serious but your providing fair talking points. That being said, let me explain myself a bit more clear. My gripe at the moment is more with CNN then with TYT. TYT is garbage but let’s focus on the topic. I am not opposed any investigations being conducted on Trump’s campaign team, although I do believe it is a witch hunt. I consider myself to be a Trump supporter but I don’t agree with everything he does. I just want to make that clear. Where I’m sure everyone can agree on is that Trump is not being treated fairly by the media, whether you believe he deserves fair treatment is irrelevant. The reporting that CNN is doing is pure leftist propaganda. Again the supervising CNN producer is caught on film admitting that CNN was not this critical on Obama because their viewers wouldn’t have liked them to be so judgmental on him. What Session’s pointed out in his public hearing is absolutely correct. The media is portraying secret innuendo in an effort to undermine the current administration. Anybody with common sense knows exactly what’s going on. The Democratic Party along with the media obviously supporting them are stalling and continuously mentioning Trump-Russia for their own gains. Come 2018 with mid-term elections the Democratic Party will use the investigation for political points. The investigation is ongoing and has been for almost a year with no credible evidence. With the amount of leaks happening you’d know by now whether there was any collusion. Like I said the investigation is ongoing and if the day comes where evidence is brought forward I will gladly admit I was wrong. But come one be a man and call like it is. You gotta be able to say bullshit when it’s bullshit.

  10. Posted by Antonio Capone, at Reply

    Sarah Hillbilly Huckabee is lies without any shame.

    • Posted by Anemone071, at Reply

      I lived in Arkansas when Mike Huckabee was governor, that was a dark time

    • Posted by Goomba Oomba, at Reply

      why are you leftists so hatefull towards poor/southern whites?

    • Posted by Weeaboo in Denial, at Reply

      Goomba Oomba Because they’re hateful to literally everyone who isn’t them. Source: I live in the south.

  11. Posted by Maywither Dragon, at Reply

    Young Turks is literally FAKE NEWS!

    • Posted by Eric Conway, at Reply

      Click more, on fake news, support it with all of your index finger skills. You do realize that the internet is monetized based on clicks?

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      Maywither Dragon is literally FAKE COMMENT!

    • Posted by Happy Camper, at Reply

      Maywither Dragon named after a terrorist group to

    • Posted by Goahead, at Reply

      I take that as you’re just joking. If you are serious, goto Fox News get REAL news!

    • Posted by Rip Van WInkle, at Reply

      What is the Armenian Genocide?

  12. Posted by TrixAre4Kids, at Reply

    TYT defending CNN again

    • Posted by Belgian Sebastian, at Reply

      You’re a moron. Dumbass social rejects of society

    • Posted by longbeach225, at Reply

      I believe Trump has involvement in Russia we just don’t know exactly yet but we need to look at his financial connections with Russia. On the first day Trump tried to lift sanctions on Russia, sanctions that are in place for election interference and annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. Trump was basically saying who cares about election hacking and was willing to throw Ukraine under the bus when Russia is illegally invading their country. That is bad diplomacy but Trump is only looking at it from a business perspective with Russia. This is why Congress is working on a bill to weaken Trump power to lift sanctions. That anxious wanting to lift sanctions right there is sign that Trump has some connection with Russia hence why the investigation is ongoing.

      Same with his travel ban. He did not include Saudi Arabia because he has his hotels there so he has business there therefore he exclude them from the travel ban. The 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia but Trump places no travel ban on them. Yeah he keeping America safe only when it pertains to his wallet. This investigation will go on for months to years. This could be the biggest scandal in US history.

    • Posted by Bill Hass, at Reply

      crazybutcrazy 1919 You are actually an idiot sir. Where is the video TYT makes bashing CNN for the fake story about Scaramucci? Had to recall that one because of a threatened lawsuit. CNN and TYT are pathetic. Go ahead though keep losing elections. Idiot dems don’t realize this is why they lose votes bc they can’t ever be smart or honest

  13. Posted by J DS, at Reply


    • Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

      elisa wade Stop being racist against hillbillies.

    • Posted by Golden Wizard, at Reply

      Was under obomber.

    • Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

      Brandon Meuleman They are continually trying to destroy Trump. Why would he want those losers in the WH??

    • Posted by Brandon Meuleman, at Reply

      Shaun Gardner Well if you watch the video CNN know it’s fake and do it for ratings. So by your definition it’s fake news. Regarding fox news I don’t watch it much so I can’t really comment.

    • Posted by Brandon Meuleman, at Reply

      Shaun Gardner Having only one source to make a claim and ruin someone’s career is careless and clear negligence all for ratings$$$. Van Jones said himself it’s all nothing.

  14. Posted by Barro80, at Reply

    Southern hamburger girl looked like she didn’t know how to respond to that.

    • Posted by Cody K, at Reply

      Fat shaming…? Ana is that you?

    • Posted by Jacob Hamfeldt Kold, at Reply


  15. Posted by Fabricio Larios, at Reply

    Fake White House!!!
    Spread it!!!!!

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      Fake Black House

    • Posted by pad dad, at Reply

      why? the white house is doing a great job…..the news really is fake

    • Posted by Duane Elliott, at Reply

      pad dad only idiots believe that

  16. Posted by 1993TRS1, at Reply

    Poor little Trump snowflakes have their feelings hurt by the media reporting facts.

    • Posted by pad dad, at Reply

      except the media often doesn’t report the facts….CNN was caught this week on camera admittng they produce fake russia stories

    • Posted by Kawiboy, at Reply

      CNN BREAKING NEWS: The planet is warming. All snowflakes will eventually melt.

  17. Posted by Not Sure, at Reply

    *TYT are establishment propagandists.*

    • Posted by Trigger Warning, at Reply

      Deepweb Files aj is funded by Qatar royal family its propaganda for Qatar

    • Posted by Trigger Warning, at Reply

      Deepweb FilesTyt since partnering with aj+ has not criticized Qatar once and has defended them instead

    • Posted by J Roig, at Reply

      based on… strong letters ?

    • Posted by apope06, at Reply

      J Roig based on Russia obsession without evidence.

  18. Posted by TheWokenSpirit, at Reply

    so CNN is responsible and retracts a story that was not properly vetted, yet “obama is from Kenya, millions of illegals vote, Obama wiretapped trump, there are tapes of james comey, healthcare for everyone, drain the swamp…” I can go on, but I’m not about to right a trumps lies novel right now.

    • Posted by Andrew Velonis, at Reply

      And when was the last time Fox ever retracted a story? Or Brietbart? Ha!

    • Posted by Pablo Cruise, at Reply

      TheWokenSpirit —- oh boy– you’re so misinformed.. your boy drumpf even said no tapes… you’re the problem.

    • Posted by Robin Fellows, at Reply

      cry some more

    • Posted by thejool, at Reply

      So you find it acceptable that CNN is consistently telling lies and false stories for ratings as long as they say oops sorry? SmDH. Nope not okay. If a boo boo really did happen then it would be once in a blue moon. These guys are making “boo boos” daily, all day long. And anyone who is willing to let them off the hook for flat out lying to the public every day all day long is insane and blind and really doing America an severe injustice. We should all be calling EVERYONE forward and I to excellence when it comes to reporting to the public, as if we don’t then we’ve got Hilter on our hands again shoving misinformation to sway public opinion…… And so far, I haven’t seen one public broadcast that is for Trump, which means he isn’t the one to worry about, it’s the ones shoving the narratives down people’s throats that we all need to worry about. Trumps comments about the media is a response to the intense swaying of public opinion with lies that fit their corporate agendas. Hello??????!!?!?!?!

    • Posted by The Young Turks Critique Channel, at Reply

      They’re both fake news.

  19. Posted by Nastya Pigasova, at Reply

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    • Posted by Максим Зырянов, at Reply

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