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Republican Blasts Trump’s Military Parade


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Trump's army parade may be expensive, but it's also dumb. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

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" Participants of Congress from both parties signed up with retired army leaders as well as professionals in heaping reject Wednesday on Head of state Donald Trump's press to parade soldiers as well as weaponry down the streets of the nation's resources– calling it a waste of loan that would break with democratic practices.

The parade, if it occurs, could bring storage tanks, amphibious attack lorries, howitzers as well as rocket launchers to Washington for the very first time because June 1991, when then-President George H.W. Shrub organized a $12 million victory party after the Gulf War that likewise functioned as a cleansing thank you to Vietnam veterans.

But also that feel-good effort drew isolated accusations that Shrub was installing a demonstration better matched to Moscow's Red Square– problems echoing even more noisally now that Trump is pushing for his very own screen of armed forces may.

" I believe confidence is silent and insecurity is loud," Sen. John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican politician, informed reporters in expressing resistance to the idea. "The U.S.A. is one of the most powerful nation in all of human background; you don't have to show it off."" *.

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  1. Posted by Keith Kemp, at Reply

    Man but that wasting money he need to focus on something else

    • Posted by Janeen Harris, at Reply

      Unfortunately the only thing he focuses on is himself.

    • Posted by Peter Schancel, at Reply

      Like taking care of Vets

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      You need to focus on your grammar lessons.

    • Posted by Keith Kemp, at Reply

      Janeen Harris yeah true but that a dam shame

    • Posted by mrt57rn, at Reply

      Yes…lets cut healthcare, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, programs for the elderly & poor children but have a military parade that will cost 20 million.

  2. Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

    “Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is loud.” – John Kennedy, R. Louisiana.
    Damn right. Given how loud Donnie the Dullard is, I think he takes the prize for most insecure celebrity in history.

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      In other words: the louder the bark the smaller the dog.

    • Posted by Karen Piotte, at Reply

      Herb Bluntman he’s insecure because he’s orange, fat and ugly. Just to name a few. Oh and brain dead have to stick that one in there.

    • Posted by Karen Piotte, at Reply

      ThatDutchguy not all I rather like people to not know how smart I am.

    • Posted by James Jackson, at Reply

      Do not insult our President with suck lack of respect to his name. Use his proper name, Donald the Dotard

    • Posted by Cat Momma, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 ..are you Seriously going to Defend THIS???

  3. Posted by Ntwadumela MATA, at Reply

    Cadet Bone Spurs Draft Dodger in Chief. Neff Said

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      Republicans whined all time under Obama how weak and in shambles US armed forces are and they cant win a war … now they suddenly are the greatest .
      Just have the parade to show how USA wins wars like in Korea that still goes on , Vietnam from where US puled out as losers , Iraq and Afghanistan where after 16 year Americans still cant figure out whats the goal of the war and dont forget that US even lost to Canada … US military is a joke .
      Also Pentagon has wasted 25 billions every year without paper trail … that money can pay for a parade or VA or veterans benefits but those US generals , like Kelly , needs their tax paradise accounts with millions of dollars of US tax payer money .

    • Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

      Ntwadumela MATA 😂😂😂.

    • Posted by Cat Momma, at Reply

      offchance …is have No Problem either…EXCEPT for the Fact that He Insults the Wives & Families of Fallen Soldiers and Insulted POWs.

  4. Posted by WiruSempai, at Reply

    Insecurities are loud… damn boy!

    • Posted by Lady Cheyne, at Reply

      WiruSempai (((airhorn blasts))) 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Posted by Jason C, at Reply

    Just blind fold Trump, tell him “it’s a surprise for you Mr President here baby rattle” take him to a Virtual Reality Room and simulate the parade, we all know he’s dumb enough to fall for it.

    • Posted by LordDragul Smitty, at Reply

      Jason C tell him sock poor people will sit next to him so he needs to watch from a television. Then you doctor the Russian or French videos of their parades to make it look American. He wouldn’t think it’s fake lol

    • Posted by Cool Chick, at Reply

      Can we just do that with him for the next 3 years.. Not just for the parade ?.. Leave him in there for the next 7 years tell him he won the 2020 and he gets to play Prez for 4 more.. This needs to be done its the perfect solution….

    • Posted by Jason C, at Reply

      +Cool Chick+ That’s a fantastic idea! John Kelly: Morning Mr President our War in “North Korea is going great want to watch it on Fox” Trump: yes, yes I would military man..John Kelly: ok Mr President “turns on the tv and you hear the Intro to M.A.S.H.” Trump: wait military man, why are 3 doctors doing surgery are we losing ? John Kelly: no no Mr President those are just drills..Trump: Yes yes we are winning Bigly!

    • Posted by Bert Turbaville, at Reply

      How about we just show the Orange Idiot an empty street, lined with SAG extras, and tell him there are thousands of vehicles out there, all employing “Stealth” technology and wearing State of the Art Urban camouflage… he’d buy it, he’s such a moron… “Yes, Mr President, they just fired their weapons in salute to your penis, as we all do, you didn’t hear because of the stealth silencers”

  6. Posted by William R Warren Jr, at Reply

    “…And there are Russian tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue, film at eleven.”

    • Posted by Shamir Roshni, at Reply

      William R Warren Jr beep bop bop beep I am a Russian troll bot Nazi I deserve to die 🇷🇺

  7. Posted by Niasia Williams, at Reply

    Take it out of his pay check and amenities 😐😝

    • Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

      You want to meet up? I’d like to meet you.

    • Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

      Brandons mother pulls his pud. Report him.

    • Posted by Dana Jessop, at Reply

      Brandon 444444 Reported.

    • Posted by You & Me, at Reply

      adam perkins wrong! He donated part of his first quarter check then again but after that nothing!

  8. Posted by Mathew Thomas, at Reply

    Trump is jealous of Kim Jong UN’s military parades. He wants to say, mine’s bigger.

    • Posted by George B. Wolffsohn, at Reply

      Mathew Thomas donnie and kimmy sitting in a tree…

    • Posted by spindalis79, at Reply

      Yep. I’m sure Drumpf wants a float in the parade of him with an enormous (orange) dong, because that is what this essentially boils down to.

    • Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

      Of course he would. He did the same thing when he bragged about how much bigger his missiles are compared to Kim’s missiles on Twitter.

  9. Posted by Green Peace, at Reply

    Lol let’s face it, the republicans who are objecting this Trump parade not because they actually care about the “budgets” (they know damn well who eventually would pay for it – the 99 per centers), what they really don’t like is allowing America to be compared to North Korea, Russia and China who deem to be the West’s adversaries. To save face is what’s really going on. Never trust any republicans.

  10. Posted by Manitoban Misanthrope, at Reply

    Isn’t this what dictators do?

    • Posted by Shamir Roshni, at Reply

      Manitoban Misanthrope Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, and Mexico. All sound like dictatorships to me.

    • Posted by Manitoban Misanthrope, at Reply

      Shamir Roshni I was thinking more along the lines of North Korea or 1940’s era Germany.

    • Posted by Shamir Roshni, at Reply

      Manitoban Misanthrope My point is that western democracies have military parades as well.

    • Posted by Manitoban Misanthrope, at Reply

      Shamir Roshni Typically these are celebratory parades such as the 4th of July for the USA or Bastille day in France. What Drumpf wants is a show of force typical of dictatorships.

    • Posted by Shamir Roshni, at Reply

      Manitoban Misanthrope I was thinking it would be on July 4th, if it is not I guess you are right.

  11. Posted by Franktional, at Reply

    Yeah I’m gonna have to agree with TYT for this one. Definitely a waste of taxpayer money. I fully support the military and believe we should keep it strong. I just don’t want my money going towards a parade…

    • Posted by Big Red, at Reply

      rajasmasala I’ll bet you didn’t know that UKs tax rate is 40% and their sales tax is 20%?? lol nothing is free buddy, also their social security tax is 25% lol

    • Posted by rajasmasala, at Reply

      Big Red, and yet you and your whole family would be richer there. Hmm, how does that work? Makes you wonder.

    • Posted by NwZ2, at Reply

      Wow. A strange moment of bipartisanship. In a way, trumpm brought us together on this one.


    • Posted by Ana_Graciela, at Reply

      And on top of that if we look at countries that love to display this type of parades are mostly communist countries

  12. Posted by Daysleeper70, at Reply

    “Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”
    Damn, I never thought I’ll get a chill from something that a Republican said!

    • Posted by Mona M, at Reply

      Daysleeper70 It was Kennedy that said it first. .But ,I agree with you ..

  13. Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

    And how’s that healthcare that Trump promised us at a fraction of the cost, working for you all?

  14. Posted by Bert Turbaville, at Reply

    Trump is actually unifying this country, all against him.

    • Posted by Western Wils, at Reply

      You’re just as crazy as sgt draft dodger

    • Posted by Kyle, at Reply

      All the low IQ leftists maybe.

    • Posted by nick m., at Reply

      Low IQ? Coming from the right ahahahahaha

    • Posted by Adrian Daniel, at Reply

      Unfortunately, he still has a 90% approval rating among republicans. It’s goddamn nonsense, I tell you.

    • Posted by Steve P, at Reply

      Kyle I don’t know man Democrats carry the majority in the population, and each successive generation is more progressive. You think the people at google are Republican? You think the people at the coal mines are Democrat?

  15. Posted by Chris Allen Stone 023, at Reply

    Trump got this idea from Bastille Day. Maybe somebody should clue him in that Bastille Day is the celebration of the poor hanging the rich.

    • Posted by KazakhToon, at Reply

      Chris Allen Stone 023 you mean cutting their heads off?

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Down with the aristocracy!

    • Posted by Louis Mazure, at Reply


    • Posted by J DG, at Reply

      i know people who are broke af who are now rich…

  16. Posted by Hurricane 23, at Reply

    He only wants a parade because other nations have them an he wants it 2 b about him. Pea brain DUMP TRUMP

  17. Posted by Philip Austin, at Reply

    Little Donny wants to play with his toy soldiers.

  18. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Constipation is silent……but trumps emotiona bowel movements are loud!😆😂🤣😬

  19. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    Let’s bring all of our troops home. Then we can have a big parade to honor them.

  20. Posted by Colonel 100, at Reply

    Even veterans are against this parade. No one in the military wants to waste their time to train marching in formation just to amuse a draft dodging coward.

    Veterans are either being deployed, working on base, or on vacation from deployment. NO ONE HAS TIME FOR A PARADE IN THE MILITARY they have something called a job and it’s not to amuse trump

    • Posted by Charlie Spurr, at Reply

      Colonel 100 well said.

    • Posted by Nikki Hines, at Reply

      Colonel 100 exactly ✊