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Republican Candidate: I Was Abducted By Jesus Aliens


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Jesus would never snatch Kid. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you think in the remark section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera said the experiences started when she was young and also happened several times throughout her life.
She saw three beings– two women and a man, she stated.
They were tall, full-figured as well as blonde.

They put on robes, talked telepathically and were in a rounded spacecraf.
Rodriguez Aguilera described her experiences with space beings in old interviews uncovered by the Miami Herald as the onetime council member from Doral, Fla., vies for a seat in Congress.

Several years before the 59-year-old announced her candidateship to change Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), she showed up on Spanish-language tv programs and also spoke in great detail concerning her experiences with aliens." *.

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  1. Posted by Garett James, at Reply

    I bet she wins.

  2. Posted by Sharif Nur, at Reply

    Is not her fault she was high on crack and she saw bunch Norwegians and she thought they were aliens

  3. Posted by Romeo Lopez, at Reply

    Three Jesus? wtf lmao I’m sure they were wearing a wig.
    I think I was abducted, I’m not really sure, all I remember was I went to sleep, next thing everything was bright and I guess I was talking a lot, then somehow I ended up on the floor of my bed. Ever since then, I’ve been having fast reflexes, and my instincts would kick in 🙂

  4. Posted by Beth Lind, at Reply

    Sorry jesus was from the middle east with Dark hair. hehehe /I think she would fit in fine in Washington hehehe

  5. Posted by philip bant, at Reply

    white people are the reason you are here and have rights as we ruled the world and GAVE it to you Cenk………………hello McFly….typical brown skin gets his freedom off us and now a hater……….

  6. Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply

    He should have been labeling people crazy that’s a very dirty word to people in the medical field

  7. Posted by John, at Reply

    Tall blonde aliens are actually one of the groups that ufologists talk about. They call them Nordic Aliens. Now I’m not saying I think it is true, but that is one of the groups that people claim to have encountered and been abducted by, along with the Greys, of course. As for her other comments, she could have been saying all religions are the same deity interpreted through different cultures. Or she could just be crazy. Sounds like she is into UFO lore and conspiracy theories, though.

  8. Posted by Daniel Smith, at Reply

    aliens are of the devil you fools! repent and buy some of Jim bakker’s apocalypse gruel or you don’t love your family!

  9. Posted by Long duk dong, at Reply

    Yet Republicans will vote for this loon!

  10. Posted by CovfefeAddict, at Reply

    Make the Galaxy Great Again

  11. Posted by hawkeyemadi, at Reply

    Sorta sounds like an episode of Steven Universe

  12. Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

    And she’s a republican. Go figure. $100 says she actually gets shitheads to vote for her.

  13. Posted by Menachem Sachem Robotscowitz, at Reply

    I regularly encounter a big fat orange alien with bright yellow fur on it’s head and tiny hands.
    His people communicate by screaming, and lying is considered a virtue.
    Elaborate courtship rituals involve insults, publicly grabbing genitals and may even include urinating on bed sheets.

  14. Posted by Greg Raines, at Reply

    “Aliens are white, kids, sorry” -Megyn Kelly

  15. Posted by Marc Hudson, at Reply


  16. Posted by Daniel Bonner, at Reply

    republicans are absolute mental health 😂

  17. Posted by MrToolmaker23, at Reply

    The scary part is there are people out there who will believe everything she says … and vote for her because of it.

  18. Posted by True Tech, at Reply

    Gee, lucky her. At age 7, I was given memories of my older brother punching me in the face repeatedly while in my bedroom, while quietly telling me to shut up, shut up, because he didn’t want mom to hear me crying from down the hall. So I complied.
    Think I need a vacation at Happyland in Florida..

  19. Posted by Kali Fires, at Reply

    Jesus H. Christ! why are all the loons in Florida?! I feel like the inmates have taken over the asylum down here.