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Republican Dirty Tricks Shut Down Abortion Clinic


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Capital Care was the last abortion service provider in Toledo. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us just what you think in the comment area below.

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" COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)– The Ohio Supreme Court supplied a set of blows to abortion centers in Toledo and also Cleveland on Tuesday.

In a 5-2 judgment, the high court upheld a state order shuttering Funding Treatment of Toledo, the northwest Ohio city's last abortion facility, in a decision the facility is anticipated to appeal.

Justices found that the Ohio Division of Wellness acted within its civil liberties in 2014 when it determined to shut down Capital Care of Toledo. Justices say the clinic went against a demand since it no more had a legitimate patient-transfer agreement.

Principal Justice Maureen O'Connor dissented in an opinion joined by former Justice William M. O'Neill, who submitted his point of view prior to surrendering Jan. 26.

O'Connor wrote that Capital Treatment had actually adhered to the state Health and wellness Division's rule on transfer contracts and that it was just abortion-related limitations tucked into the state spending plan in 2013 that needed the partnering hospital to be "regional." She concluded those brand-new laws were unconstitutional.

The limitations mandated that centers' long-required transfer agreements be with regional healthcare facilities, and also prevented public healthcare facilities from giving them. The College of Toledo Health center ended its transfer arrangement with Capital Appreciate 2 months prior to the legislation was enacted.

Republican Attorney General Of The United States Mike DeWine's workplace asked the high court throughout dental debates in September to bypass lower court judgments and support the state's order. A legal representative for the clinic informed the court that the state is attempting to avoid women in northwestern Ohio from looking for legal abortions and is placing them at greater threat."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

    No Chunk the law is what the legislature passes, it’s not what you personally want it to be.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      Correct, but what does that have to do with anything?
      Is there any proof they have passed a religiously based law?
      And that isn’t a rhetorical question and i do mean proof not assertion.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      States aren’t supposed to have legal weed, while the Fed is against it. The reason why we still have legal weed is because republicans are too afraid to go after legal weed, for weed has bipartisan support.

    • Posted by West African Gooner, at Reply

      SupaDr00g the SUPREME COURT LAW states that there shouldnt be any undue burden when it comes to getting abortions.. This law is a pointless law that tries to circumvent Supreme Court law.. So yes, “Chunk” is right.. This law is against the law and the law is the law..

    • Posted by West African Gooner, at Reply

      SupaDr00g TYT is well aware that it comtravenes federal law.. They keep saying it in almost every segment.. If the federal government really wants to shut it down they can.. But they won’t.. Because it’s stupid and political suicide..

  2. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    You know, the Republican Party has always pushed a largely negative view of Planned Parenthood and stereotyped them as the “abortion business” and that they need to defund it to stop abortions then use that money for other ways to help poor and working people, but this view is wrong.

    The Republicans (even before the Obama Presidency) have always been against big government providing handouts to poor people believing that it makes them too dependent on the government rather than working hard. This also applies to Planned Parenthood since it is a program that provides cheap services and Republicans don’t want the government to fund it more for their party’s ideological reasons rather than that they personally view abortion as wrong. Now to be fair, some Republicans do have religious views that see abortion as a bad thing, but a larger number don’t see it that way, they are against it because it has almost become a partisan/party view (like the Affordable Care Act) and any Republican that defends abortion (like climate change or social security expansion) will be ostracized by the rest of the party.

    Furthermore, many Republicans convince their voters that Planned Parenthood just does abortions and that by appealing to those who oppose it they can get rid of a business that kills unborn lives, but Planned Parenthood does more than that, most of which is less controversial. Planned Parenthood is a business that in addition to abortions, provides family planning, cheap cancer screenings/treatments, STD treatments/vaccinations, and adoption agencies for less wealthy families. Also, abortions are not funded in Planned Parenthood by government payments and are a small percentage of their yearly budgets, which are all things most Republicans don’t tell their voters because they rely on he overly angered morality of anti-abortionists to vote for them, and if they told their voters the many pros of Planned Parenthood beyond abortions then no one would want to get rid of it.

    Finally, because it is a program that provides services to poor people through government funding, the Republicans claim that by cutting its funding (like Social Security, Food Stamps, and Medicare/Medicaid) then our government will have more funding to help the working-class, but this is not entirely true. The amount of government funding for these programs is actually a fraction of what our government spends on programs nor aimed at the poor and working-class, and cutting the funding to all of these will not make a dent in our nation’s debt. Which again, Republicans don’t provide these numbers since they know they are not very large in comparison to programs they support and hurt working people more than help them in the long-run. Many Republicans would rather provide corporations large tax breaks to remain in power and raise taxes on working-class people while convincing them that Democrats are not doing what is in their best interest while programs like Planned Parenthood are bad.

    If you honestly don’t like Planned Parenthood/support the Republicans in Congress in spite of all of these factors, I respect your opinion. But to everyone out there who blindly hates Planned Parenthood and wants to do away with it because it lets women have abortions, just know that Republicans want to do away with it for reasons they won’t tell you about and those who claim defunding it will help working-class people will be disappointed seeing that this is not accurate.

    • Posted by jeommy kin, at Reply

      Jesse Torres great post.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Call up a few PP offices and ask them for some pre-natal care for your woman. See how many times you’re greeted by a confused employee who can’t help you, or even laughs at you. There’s some audio floating around where someone did just that and got those reaction. PP will pretend they are anything but what they mainly are, an abortion mill.

  3. Posted by Melfort Alcantara, at Reply

    Lmao Republicans be like “You gotta respect the law” When its a law they like but suddenly when its a law they dont like “Whatever happened to states rights?” Typical Hypocrisy from the right

  4. Posted by Perry McCorkle, at Reply

    There goes that big gov’t curtailing folks rights again. fckn republicans.🤢😡

  5. Posted by Sir Gerbil Macintosh, at Reply

    Start showing up to vote or enjoy your back ally abortions kids.

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      Sir Gerbil Macintosh if you want an abortion for contraceptive reasons the back alley is where it should take place

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      It’s a shame you weren’t left as a stain in the back seat of your father’s car, Mr. Navarro. We’d do just fine with one less conservative nutter.

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      how am I the crazy one. you idiots think a civilization can exist without the concept of personal responsibility.

  6. Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

    Any pro-lifer who thinks they have reason on their side, I welcome their challenge. Defending the right to abort is easy.

    • Posted by Paul Berevoescu, at Reply

      Fetuses have been taught to remember voices and tunes, proving that they’re conscious.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      The right to abort is moral and just even if we grant full personhood and citizenship to a zygote. Your point is therefore moot.

    • Posted by cptmiller132, at Reply

      Paul Berevoescu
      A fetus can’t even hear until 19 weeks mate..

  7. Posted by Typical Fox News-Watching, Science-Denying Ammosexual, at Reply

    Im against abortion because i failed 4th grade sciecne

    • Posted by Piromyśl, at Reply

      Typical Fox News-Watching, Science-Denying Ammosexual educated =/= smart

  8. Posted by Namelessandpure, at Reply

    I like when these republican blotards say they care about the babies, yet the second the FETUS is born and actually alive they couldn’t care less if it dies due to lack of medical funds, starvation, etc.

    Also, if they cared America wouldn’t have the HIGHEST MATERNAL DEATH RATE of the developed world. They just want to keep woman barefoot and pregnant. Remember pro-lifers the second they succeed here they’ll go after birth control(the ones they haven’t already gone after).

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Dumb talking point. Get back under your rock.

    • Posted by Namelessandpure, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 Only dumb to people who don’t actually care about real-life children like you. You only care about controlling woman.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Namelessandpure Justify justify justify (rolls eyes)

    • Posted by wildbattlechicken, at Reply

      Conservatives:  Abortion is murder.  Meanwhile poor people die in the US with easily treatable diseases.

  9. Posted by Get Social, at Reply

    I can understand people being pro-life and abortion not something you would do, but when they start taking the choice way from other people that do want the procedure done, that is when they are crossing the line. People already have to jump through hoops to get this done, now they close down the only clinic in the state? Also, why not set up where hospitals can perform abortions? Since there are hospitals everywhere, people would be better protected from the pro-life goons that keep trying to take away people’s right of choice.

    • Posted by TheSwordfish009, at Reply

      Pro-lifers are also pro-choice.

      We are for 4 choices: 1. Have the baby and keep it 2. Have the baby and give it up for adoption 3. Use contraceptives 4. Abstinence (everyone survives and has freedom in these scenarios)

      Or at least don’t have everyone pay for their abortion. Hands off their body then fine… hands off my wallet. 🙂

    • Posted by Get Social, at Reply

      TheSwordfish009 Not exactly. Many pro-life people do not seem to have a problem with taking the choice away to get an abortion, because they are against it. Also, many pro-life people seem to be religious and don’t seem too much a fan of sexual education being taught in schools which could lead to the lack of contraceptives being used. People that are pro-life also tend to be conservative and do not really like things like government funding and would most likely complain about having to fund orphanages (since people would complain about paying for a less expensive fetus removal, I don’t see how they would like supporting orphanages to care for fully-developed children). Besides, there is nothing in pro-choice people that says they are necessarily against adoption, using contraceptives, and abstinence.

      If anything, pro-choice is also pro-life, because they are not against people deciding to continue with the pregnancy, but do believe that a woman should have the choice to discontinue her own pregnancy for whatever reason. They are not using tricks to try to force people to get abortions or making not getting abortions more difficult. Also, people that are pro-choice seem to also care about people more, because there are a number of reasons for abortions: the child could have genetic defects that would decrease the quality of life for the child and the mother, child birth could mean the death of a woman, contraceptive failed, the woman got raped, etc. Plus, many pro-choice people are more likely to believe in government aid to women struggling to care for a child or to give to orphans.

    • Posted by Sandy Gonsalves, at Reply

      1. Might not be conducive or whats best for either mother or child
      2. adoptions don’t go as smoothly as you think, a lot of children end up in foster care
      3. contraceptives CAN fail, and lets face it people make mistakes (irresponsible or not)
      4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- you’re living in a dream world.

      Truth of the matter is…abortion for some women may be the best choice for them.

    • Posted by Get Social, at Reply

      Sandy Gonsalves Damn, I wrote an essay, and you broke it down in like five lines. lol
      I agree with you completely.

  10. Posted by Mae Foran, at Reply

    I agree that abortion clinics should have the ability to transfer to a hospital incase of an emergency. Seems decently fair of a regulation to me. What is not okay to me, is hospitals rejecting such thing. Like seriously? They shouldn’t have the right to use political opinion or religious belief to dictate who gets care! The hospital shouldn’t even have the right to refuse care for an actual cold blooded criminal let alone some woman with just a different view. I thought that’s how hospitals work. Such a shame 🙁

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      The thing is that unexpected complications in abortion are very rare, so admission privledges are not necessary, they can just take them to a hospital if something goes wrong.

    • Posted by Mae Foran, at Reply

      oh okay makes sense now, thank you for your response

  11. Posted by lance Hatchett, at Reply

    You should just have the baby and if you don’t want the baby just give the baby up for adoption

    • Posted by Avrysatos, at Reply

      lance Hatchett and the women that would die if they tried to carry to term? Oh well forget them at least they will leave a pretty corpse? “pro-life” is pro killing women.

      Also who is going to pay for that delivery?

    • Posted by SBlackmare, at Reply

      lance Hatchett
      *Women are not incubators. We are autonomous beings. You don’t get to control us no matter how desperately weak you feel without that power.*

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      Reptile Maniac how long should a woman have that right? 20 weeks? 30 weeks? 9 months? How long does it remain the womans body and never become a human being itself?

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      SBlackmare well thats projection

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      SteveBern you guys are really mean spirited despite claiming to have the moral highground. Are all liberals so unbearably angry all the time?

  12. Posted by Don M, at Reply

    Can’t women in Ohio enter into a class action lawsuit against the state government on the basis that their constitutional rights are being violated?

    • Posted by Christian Barrett, at Reply

      Possibly but the problem is getting the money and the organization to do such a lawsuit and then finding someone to represent them.

  13. Posted by Incubus Contreras, at Reply

    Abortion= murder ….

    • Posted by TheVirusSoftware, at Reply

      Eating an egg = murdering baby chicken!

  14. Posted by Christian Barrett, at Reply

    And here I thought Republicans were against regulations, and were for rule of law and personal freedom…. as if anyone with their brain intact would believe Republicans when they claim these things.

  15. Posted by lance Hatchett, at Reply

    Pro life

    • Posted by SteveBern, at Reply

      You mean, pro-fetus, idjit.

    • Posted by ongo bongo, at Reply

      lance Hatchett pro life is a lie

  16. Posted by Maria Sanchez, at Reply


    • Posted by SBlackmare, at Reply

      Maria Sanchez
      I don’t care what you think. Abortion doesn’t equal murder. See how meaningless your statement was?

    • Posted by SBlackmare, at Reply

      J Rods
      Hot? So airbrushing is hot? Those eyebrows are life forms of their own. Look like caterpillars.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      JNF You seem a lot like a bacterium, should you have been aborted?

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      SteveBern what did she say that makes her a nazi racist? The conservative argument that liberals call anyone who disagrees with them on any issue nazi racists doesnt seem to be a strawman…at least not in a tyt comment section.

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      JNF so if there are detectable brain waves say around week 16 yoi would be in favor of lowering the cut off point to then?

  17. Posted by Jon Fedien, at Reply

    Another example of how far behind on the social issues you guys are. Bible thumping should not be a legitimate policy basis.

    • Posted by SteveBern, at Reply

      Bible thumping IS NOT legitimate policy basis. Time for deportation of America hating religious bigots.

    • Posted by Jon Fedien, at Reply

      SteveBern I’d say people hating religious bigots, I’ve got no problem with faith either but lunatics with very loud voices seem convinced that science and reason must take a back foot to stories about burning bushes that talk and every type of animal in the world being on one boat

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      Jon Fedien so if say science could find that detectable brainwaves separate from the mother appear in less than 20 weeks you would be against abortions after that time?

  18. Posted by Misheard Metal, at Reply

    Conservatists fight tooth and nail to stop abortions yet at the same time they allow deregulations to happen of companies that destroy the planet. Hmm, what’s worse? a few fetus’ in the short term or 8 billion+ in the long term?

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      Misheard Metal please explain your data behind climate change. Because as far as I can see, 200 years of collecting data cannot depict how the earth has been behaving for millions of years..

    • Posted by SBlackmare, at Reply

      Humans aren’t the only thing on earth. Flora and fauna once covered the planet, but surplus humans have caused defoliation and extinction largely through habitat loss. I’m so glad I didn’t have children. This place is a mess. Look at Beijing and Mumbai and many other cities that pollute with fossil fuels. Everybody’s sick! Asthma is rampant. I resent my parents for being so selfish they had children. What lack of foresight! Wars will only increase as population explodes further.

    • Posted by Angelica Lynn, at Reply

      Actually it can’t. It isn’t just about space nimrod it is about what the earth can handle from a natural resources side of things. Our resources, like food, energy and such cannot handle that many. Talk about drinking the kool-aid. Oh and what happens when global climate change makes a lot of that land disappear because it is covered in water?

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      He’ll just ignore it, Mrs. Lynn, because he’s an ideologue. He isn’t interested in intellectual integrity, accuracy, or consistency.

      The rightwing mongoloids on these comments sections are only interested in pushing ideology. The aforementioned virtues don’t concern them in the least.

    • Posted by Michael Petrovich, at Reply

      you are scum

  19. Posted by J M, at Reply

    Why do republican leaders hate abortion so much? Because they want people to be burdened with children, which makes them work more, which narrows their view of the of the world, thus making them more susceptible to the constant propaganda on the right. Basically, they want you to be a slave, and this is just another way to achieve that.

  20. Posted by J H, at Reply

    Abortion is murder

    • Posted by Jason, at Reply

      That’s YOUR opinion based on YOUR ideology. YOU have NO right to dictate what someone else does with their body. Get off of your soapbox.

    • Posted by Matt Santos, at Reply

      It’s not her body. You people just don’t want to deal with a baby.

    • Posted by Jason, at Reply

      It’s not her body? So what you’re saying is that a woman has no choice in the matter once she’s impregnated? That’s so myopic it makes me sick. This is the same kind of ideological thinking that has led to the reduction of woman’s rights, all in the name of your supposed moral superiority.

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      J H
      Removing brainless cell tissue that can’t feel, think, emote, or have any semblance life apart from the already living woman, is not murder. Blowing up fully developed babies with bombs, and shooting them with bullets is *real* murder. The so-called pro-“life” republicons would rather spend Billions of taxpayer cash on more bombs and bullets to murder actually born babies with, than spend that same cash to heal sick babies and educate them. Hypocrites in the extreme.

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      Forcing a woman to have a high-risk pregnancy she doesn’t want that results in her death or injury is murder