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Republican Judge Does The Right Thing??


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Republican politicians are capable of acts of honesty. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us what you believe in the remark section below.

" In a remarkable response to a power-grab by Republicans in the North Carolina legislature, a Republican court surrendered today to prevent initiatives to strip power from the Democratic guv.

The Charlotte Onlooker reports that following today's surprise resignation by Republican Judge J. Douglas McCullough, Democrat John Arrowood was vowed in. Judge McCullough functioned as a staffer for Senator Harrison Schmitt (R-NM) before being designated by President Ronald Reagan as United States Lawyer in the eastern area of North Carolina.

Because Democrat Roy Cooper was chosen Guv of North Carolina last autumn, the Republican politician Legislature has actually gone to fantastic lengths to remove his office of power. Yet with a three-sentence resignation letter today, Court McCullough has actually verified that not all Republican politicians agree to support wrongdoings by legal Republicans.

North Carolina has a mandatory old age for judges. To prevent the Democratic Event governor from selecting replacements for Court of Appeals courts nearing forced retirement, the Republican politician Legislature passed a costs to shrink the dimension of the court from 15 to 12 courts– therefore rejecting the Democrat of three scheduled visits.

The legislation was banned on Friday, but an effective veto override was expected later on this evening." *.

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  1. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    TYT is garbage #LoserCenk #BaconGrease

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Kevin Brown I admit I probably jumped the gun on this video but at first it looked like a click bait video.

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      Ray Fire

      The man began TYT from his living room, while you’re still fapping to internet porn in the basement. You’re obviously the loser!

    • Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci shut up queer bait

    • Posted by Fuctmentality, at Reply

      Then why up their view count? Do you like garbage?

    • Posted by Kevin Brown, at Reply

      Fuctmentality some people believe in critical thinking and that sometimes involves listening to what the other side has to say

  2. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Checking outside my window to see if pigs are flying. The universe might explode.

    • Posted by James Rolfe, at Reply

      Fingers crossed.

  3. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Had to do a double-check on that title.

    • Posted by Monkbot10, at Reply

      Hal Jordan more than republicans do on foreign policy.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Hal Jordan I had to pinch myself and make sure I wasn’t dreaming

    • Posted by dodopoopinpoop, at Reply

      Monkbot10 lolz

    • Posted by dodopoopinpoop, at Reply

      Hal Jordan I know it’s as rare as a unicorn

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      In darkest day, in blackest night, no tyt title shall escape your sight….

  4. Posted by Szriko, at Reply

    *Why won’t TYT cover the muslim attack in Norway? I THINK WE ALL KNOW!*

    • Posted by Mohammad Abdul Taha, at Reply

      adam lane I was with you until you insulted The Noble Qur’an.
      The Noble Qur’an is not stupid.

    • Posted by adam lane, at Reply

      all so called holy books are stupid
      i don’t care if you are with me or not, your religion all religions are cancer

    • Posted by Mohammad Abdul Taha, at Reply

      adam lane you’ve clearly never read The Noble Qur’an. Do you ever get tired of being ignorant?

  5. Posted by Ro D, at Reply

    i just want to live in a happy world, is it to much to ask?

    • Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

      Ro D – I live in new zealand, its pretty peaceful here.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      William Merzlak – Your forced isolation would be more beneficial.

    • Posted by Blaine Mitchell, at Reply

      Ro D I have to go visit your country it’s on my list.

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      Well, yes. Have you actually met people?

      What do you think your odds are?

    • Posted by J.U.C.E., at Reply

      Some people just want to watch the world burn.

  6. Posted by New Moderate, at Reply

    TYT thanks all of the trolls that are addicted to TYT

    • Posted by Robin Sparkles, at Reply

      Bryan Rowe lots off trolls are classical liberals, who don’t like progress fanaticism

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Robin Sparkles Classical liberalism is another name for libertarian. You mean conservatives like Sargon of Akkad who call themselves liberals by ignoring real issues like the economy and environment.

    • Posted by karite2, at Reply

      They’re just making TYT more money to keep doing what they do and expand lol. People are so stupid. When you troll you lose idiots lol.

  7. Posted by Taylor ocean, at Reply

    That man is a true non-partisan

    • Posted by charlidog2, at Reply

      Ironically, we need him on the bench. What a world we’ve made.

  8. Posted by Cyber Billy, at Reply

    Someone who puts country before political party, wow

    • Posted by Karuska22ps, at Reply

      Cyber Billy
      incredible isnt it

    • Posted by Hexx Bombastus, at Reply

      Cyber Billy There are anomalies in every group.

    • Posted by Dadagan, at Reply

      he’s what I’d call a true Republican

    • Posted by TC IronBear, at Reply

      +Dadagan He is an old school republican. But they are exceedingly rare now a days. I thought they were extinct.

  9. Posted by Gar Funkle, at Reply

    If only all Republicans were built like J. Douglas McCullough. A Great Human being.

    • Posted by Christian Dauz, at Reply

      Then the Republican Party would have disappeared in the 70s

  10. Posted by Sam Richards, at Reply

    Great, just wish his decent behaviour wasn’t novel.

  11. Posted by Dog's Ballocks, at Reply

    Now let’s see Gorsuch resign

    • Posted by Yada Yada, at Reply

      NO, if anything keep him on for sometime. In 2020 we have to get a democrat in the white house and we have to make that old liberal women judge resign along with other liberals to resign SO we can place younger liberals. Prob even the old guy conservatives would retire during 2020-2024.

    • Posted by Geoffrey Sorkin, at Reply

      All Al Franken has to do in 2021 is increase the members on the court to 11 or 13. You can thank Republicans for nuking the filibuster for taking away their only defense against Democrats retaking the court once Republicans screw over baby boomers enough to make them finally stop voting for them.

  12. Posted by Lord Albrus, at Reply

    Bookmarking this for later when a right wing troll pulls the “they hate all republicans card”

  13. Posted by Troy Mccurry, at Reply

    I wonder if people ever get on conservative channels and complain about them not talking about liberal stories?

    • Posted by Punk Buster, at Reply

      Okay, it took him way too long but I have to say I respect him way more for finally acknowledging the article exists and rescinding it

    • Posted by noisepollution, at Reply

      Troy Mccurry The Young Turks is a name the British gave to the political group who tried to exterminate the Armenians, without the rest of the world knowing. Because these people use the name “Young Turks” they automatically assume the two groups are connected, and they’re not. “The Young Turks” is a BRITISH word used to describe a group of young progressives. So yes, The Young Turks did commit the Armenian Genocide, but this is not the same group of people. They just took the name.

    • Posted by Andrew Sprague, at Reply

      I don’t know about on YouTube, but on Reddit I’ve heard that conservatives have created their own “neutral” subs. eventually liberals went to those subs to post, you know, from another perspective. Apparently that made it not “neutral” anymore, and they just kept creating more subs until you got ones that would ban you for criticism.

    • Posted by Punk Buster, at Reply

      noisepollution No… It is connected because in 1991 and 1999 cenk uyger wrote articles saying the armenian genocide didnt happen which he just redacted this year.

    • Posted by AbdallN, at Reply

      I stick with r/Asktrumpsupporters, its probably the only place you’ll ever find any honest discussion, even then you have to wade through troll and dipshits who keep trying to post “Gotchya” questions.

  14. Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

    A republican with a conscience. That’s a rare sighting.

  15. Posted by LivingWithOsa TV, at Reply

    wonderful story.

  16. Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

    Kudos to you Judge McCullough.  Enjoy your well earned retirement.

  17. Posted by Alkalite, at Reply

    J. Douglas McCullough, hats off to you.

  18. Posted by Michael Parker, at Reply

    I can just imagine the anger those Republicans have at having a gay judge.

  19. Posted by chrisjacksonuk, at Reply

    Give the judge a medal for having the guts to do the right thing, a true hero……