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Republican: People Who Lead ‘Good Lives’ Don’t Need Healthcare!


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The trouble with undesirable people is that they are all sinners who deserve to burn in hell! John Iadarola, Michael Tracey, and also Michael A. Timber Jr., hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" A Republican congressman said Monday that a change to the GOP's American Health Care Act would certainly require sicker people to pay even more in insurance prices than people "who lead great lives."

In a meeting with CNN's Jake Tapper Monday, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) was asked about an amendment he supports to Republicans' health care initiative that would enable states to pull out of health- as well as age-based prices defenses called for by Obamacare, if they developed risky swimming pools or various other equal steps in their area.

Challengers of the change say it would cause higher expenses for sicker, older people. Brooks gave that.

" My understanding is that it will permit insurance provider to need people that have higher health care expenses to add even more to the insurance policy pool that assists balance out all these costs, thus reducing the price to those people who lead great lives, they're healthy, you recognize, they are doing things to keep their bodies healthy and balanced," he claimed. "And also today, those are the people who have done points the proper way that are seeing their expenses increasing."

A speaker for Brooks did not immediately respond to TPM's concerns concerning the remark." *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Michael Tracey, Michael A. Timber Jr
. Cast: John Iadarola, Michael Tracey, Michael A. Wood Jr.


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  1. Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

    So where are people getting this nonsense of Jesus helping the sick?

    • Posted by Chris White, at Reply

      Mending Wall nice rack!

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      i wondering if someone like pence or some other bible belt congressman is going to say that if jesus wants to heal someone then he willand if he doesn’t then so be it and so nobody get helath insurance and just have faith in jesus or some kind of crap like that.

    • Posted by TollFree999, at Reply

      Fake News

      -conservative republicans

  2. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    I golf so if I ever have a heart attack, please, don’t call a doctor.

    • Posted by dlee t, at Reply

      Wison was in a coma the last 15 months and no one knew. The moron-in-chief has never known grammar or complete sentences so he could be in a walking coma uttering whatever Hannity feeds him. Ivanka is filling in for Mrs Wison, Nancy Reagan laid out Ronnie’s scripts and consulted his astrologist. If Gorbachev’s moon was rising she rescheduled. Cheney’s meetings were so secret W wasn’t invited.

  3. Posted by The New Dragon, at Reply

    Old white racist republicans

    • Posted by Rich Gult, at Reply

      Edward, Sorry you did not get Bernie but we do not want Socialism and that is why the US voted in Trump.

    • Posted by robbie g, at Reply

      you voted for trump because you are a myopic idiot

    • Posted by iloveyoumadhuri, at Reply

      Dummy! Can’t you Google the bills voted “Yea” or “Nay” on? That’s how all the politicians vote! If the bills aren’t heading toward socialism, THEN THERE IS NO SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Besides, can’t you look up or Google the campaign and inauguration donors of politicians? That’s whom the bills and actions are geared toward anyway!

  4. Posted by RancisGamer, at Reply

    people this stupid don’t need to be in politics

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      urduib, If you majored in biology or chemistry, you likely didn’t have any interest in going into politics, nor would you be qualified. Politicians should have some education in law, political science, history and/or economics. When people with medical backgrounds get into politics, for instance, we end up with Ben Carson trying to make decisions about things he knows absolutely nothing about.

      However, we certainly do require scientists for various government agencies, and politicians should listen to these scientists when making certain policies such as those related to the environment. The problem is when someone like Trump picks people like Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, when he has questioned climate science and worked closely with energy companies to undermine the agency. So now we have someone in a position that should be filled by a scientist with someone who knows nothing about science and doesn’t even believe the scientific conclusions of the agency.

    • Posted by MrToolmaker23, at Reply

      Canaan Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. Maybe stupidity should be listed as a pre-existing condition. How many Americans would be able to get health insurance then?

    • Posted by alejandro frade angel, at Reply

      RancisGamer then stop voting for.them

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      the idiot politician is actually using the same talking points that the GOP has been using to try to sell their replacement healthcare bill if you can believe that. :O

  5. Posted by RancisGamer, at Reply

    how many people would buy auto insurance that covers only the side mirrors… and if your car was running at the time of impact then that is a preexisting condition thus you are not covered… this Republican way of thinking is inside down backwards

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      ” Someone with a history of DUIs and hit-n-runs can’t legally drive a car since they’ll have had their license suspended. ”

      Not always, it depends on the state. Some insurance companies won’t insure you after 2 DUIs, but will raise your rate at the very least. But you will be able to keep your license.

      “Also, are you forgetting that insurance companies are incredibly
      profitable? It’s not like they can’t afford to insure risky people.”

      Insurance is there to pay for services and goods that are expensive that you do not plan to get. For example, if someone totals my car I never planned that nor was I saving up to buy a new car (or maybe I was but have not saved enough). Car insurance covers that. With healthcare insurance if you get into an accident and need emergency surgery insurance should cover that. It is very expensive. You do not plan on that so you do not expect to pull out a loan or have money saved up so you have insurance cover it. The issue is that insurance, due to the payroll tax in my opinion, has become the equivalent to healthcare. Insurance should cover extreme cases that are not planned and expensive much like car insurance does. But for routine checkups it should not, just like car insurance does not cover oil changes.

      But, just because they are profitable does not mean they can afford risky people.

      ” You want to know why insurance is so expensive? ”

      Because people cannot negotiate their premiums and coverage. To me the problem with healthcare lies in the payroll tax and here is why. Over half of the country receives their healthcare insurance through their employer. An employer pays their workers that way because it is a 100% tax free way of paying them where with a higher wage they will have to pay a higher payroll tax. So that means the employees are limited to the coverage that the employer offers. That is where you have women paying for Viagra. And if you switch jobs you could have a pre-existing conditions and thus can’t be insured. And also since healthcare insurance has become a form of payment people just lumped all of healthcare in with their insurance.

      People should instead be paid with a higher wage. In doing so people can go to insurance companies, have them compete which will lower the prices, and have them develop plans that will cater to the individual customers. Instead people get generic plans that their company offers. And this is all due to the payroll tax.

      I want people to have high quality care at a low cost. Our system does not allow that because it does not allow for competition.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Quinton, I am not saying that. Read my most recent comment I posted. I want people to have high quality healthcare at a low cost.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Eironeia JSPS, to add, since healthcare insurance has become healthcare, companies won’t insure people who are already sick. But if healthcare insurance was not healthcare and people had the option to pick their plans, you can have sick people being able to receive plans for situations that are beyond their control. For example, a person who get type II diabetes a the age of 30 and refused to get insurance before hand will struggle to get a plan to cover their diabetes. But they can get a plan that will cover a car accident that will require surgery for example. Better than nothing at that point.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      @whyamimrpink78 what this congressman and the rest of the GOP has been saying to try to sell the replacement healthcare bill is equivalent to wanting to drop anyone who has ever had a parking ticket or a not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign from having car insurance. i wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they have provisions in it that won’t cover medical costs if they go to the ER room in an accident that was preventable by the person in the accident. they would go that far. listen to the vile crap that they have been saying and what that congressman said in this video.

  6. Posted by Shaun, at Reply

    I can’t believe Republicans are actually this stupid.

    • Posted by Snakeye808, at Reply

      karld001, so true. I reckon the Republicans like him are actually quite clever. He can’t be stupid when he keeps getting re-elected in landslide victories. The voters love him!

    • Posted by Purple Translatoid, at Reply

      Translating Snakeye808 >>> Most America voters are stupid. Correct?

    • Posted by Gerroditus, at Reply

      They aren’t stupid, just venial, uncaring and greedy as well as corrupt to the core.

    • Posted by Yuri Hageshi, at Reply

      Gerroditus self righteous and relegious fanatics actual policy be danged

  7. Posted by WanderingTaoist101, at Reply

    Brooks I hope you die slowly and painfully from a preexisting condition.

    • Posted by Dustin Gant, at Reply

      WanderingTaoist101 his kids too

  8. Posted by Allen Ferreira, at Reply

    Cheney’s on how many mechanical hearts?

    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

      He drinks the blood of unicorns otherwise he would have died already.

  9. Posted by Wolfgang Kenshin, at Reply

    Wha? Republicans? Demonizing the sick and the poor? No!

    • Posted by Genevieve Marie, at Reply

      Wolfgang Kenshin Republicans live to flaunt their Christian values but how is it Christian to repeal a health care plan that benefits the sick, the poor and the old?

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Republicans aren’t actually christians. They use the faith of the masses to manipulate them and further their own agenda.

    • Posted by jb hann, at Reply

      Blob Loblaw …just like ISIS using religion to serve their agenda. Republicans and ISIS are one and the same in their thinking.

    • Posted by Yuri Hageshi, at Reply

      Blob Loblaw yeah I saw that. Two people were having a batsh** conversation and I should have left well enough alone but I Had to meddle and did nothing but reinforce stereotypes.
      conversly this senator reinforces the scolding self righteous parent type

  10. Posted by duwaine blake, at Reply

    somebody please explain the thumbs down?

    • Posted by Tony Eric, at Reply

      Mindless drones who drink the FAUX News Grape Kool-Aid Jim Jones popularized. Current WH would force you to drink it if they could, just like Jim Jones trigger-men. Leo Ryan and others died trying to save them. Jackie Speier survived. Others did not.

    • Posted by Snow Anaya, at Reply

      It’s what youtube does. Even a baby holding a kitten and puppy laughing cutely will get dislikes. There’s always people waiting to dislike something. No video on youtube has a 0 dislike . Some people just click the video to just dislike it and leave.

  11. Posted by mrbadguysan, at Reply

    Conservative ideology in a nutshell: bad things only happen to bad people.

    • Posted by Zaprozhan, at Reply

      And no matter how many women we harass, how many minorities we oppress, we are never the bad people!

  12. Posted by ERAUPRCWA, at Reply

    Where are the “All lives matter” people now?

    • Posted by Sara Danhoff, at Reply

      No lives matter to them.

    • Posted by Yuri Hageshi, at Reply

      they are part of the ones asking “wtf ” about the ineptitude of leadership and how willful it is

  13. Posted by Melina Marissa, at Reply

    That new guy is sooooo fuckable it hurts

    • Posted by MrZapparin, at Reply

      You don’t think tattoos and t-shirt is a tad inappropriate for a host on a news program?! He’d fit in better on a motorcycle program, or something. If you don’t set standards next thing you’ll know is him sipping a beer whilst nodding to the professor and the cuck whining about stupid, evil republicans

    • Posted by Justin M, at Reply

      He’s not new. He’s just rarely on the show. I believe he is an ex cop from Baltimore. Cenk did a long interview with him more than a year ago.

    • Posted by Fukken Saved, at Reply

      As seen in the DAPL protests.
      And when he said that we should stop the pipeline to protect trucker jobs, that is still stupid.

  14. Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply

    What a monster. This is one of those idiots who will go and tell a kid born with a disease that they did something bad in a past life. If that’s you, btw, kill yourself. That’s not a joke. do it

    • Posted by Jak Teapot, at Reply

      Dom Trussardi Jesus why cant you just get with the rest of the civilised world and insisnt on single payer universal national health whatever you want to call it. The whole culture mentality has to change. You pay a basic rate and everyone is covered. It’s called a compassionate hu manitarian society. These republicans are seriously not human.

  15. Posted by P. Tear Griffin, at Reply

    We should demand every single member of Congress sign up for the Trumpcare they are pushing. No more insurance paid for by taxpayers. They don’t want coverage of preexisting condition? No ER? no chemotherapy? No pregnancy and hospitalization coverage? Then thats what they get!

    • Posted by Yuri Hageshi, at Reply

      P. Tear Griffin they are frantic in making sure their aides are protected from their own predation

  16. Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

    So grateful to be Canadian. While I was able to work I quite happily contributed to our health insurance program through taxes. I knew my taxes went to help folks who couldn’t afford to pay for doctors or medicine on their own, but that was fine, because that’s what decent folks do for each other. Now I’m on disability and am really dependent on our healthcare system. What goes around comes around. In a humane society, people that have help people who don’t. That’s not socialism or communism, it’s civilized behavior. It can also be called ethical or moral behavior.

    • Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

      We Americans can also bask in the joy of providing more than the entire cost of universal health care with our own tax money to the Israelis.

  17. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Leftism = Fascism

    • Posted by Cider Yeti, at Reply

      So you are saying they are both left and right?

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Both are totalitarian and Right wing is for freedom and personal responsibility.

    • Posted by Cider Yeti, at Reply

      “Right wing is for freedom and personal responsibility” you really have no concept of reality. Ok troll.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Yes truth hurts.