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Republican Politicians Making Huge Profits Off Trumpcare Vote


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The Congressional Spending plan Workplace finally released their record of the new version of the American Health care Act, and according to that CBO score, 23 million Americans will certainly shed their medical care covering in the next couple of years. Yet that's the story you currently learn about– what you likely have not heard is that 40 of the House Republicans who elected this regulation own health care stocks and got a mixed $2 million in personal earnings after they elected this tragic item of regulation. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reviews this. Register for the Ring of Fire for extra:

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  1. Posted by Skank Hunt, at Reply

    This isn’t something new

    • Posted by RobotShlomo, at Reply

      They’re just doing it out in the open now.

  2. Posted by Chen Soustra, at Reply

    Call it wealthcare.

    • Posted by Annie parker, at Reply

      call it TYT or ring of fire?

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Call it being successful.

    • Posted by Chen Soustra, at Reply

      Yeah, these poor millionaires and billionaires… They sure have it hard these days.

  3. Posted by markito B, at Reply

    I’m not surprised

  4. Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

    It is beyond me how anyone can vote republican. Are there that many Americans who are that blind or stupid? I guess when you believe in a book with a talking snake you will believe anything.

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Joker well you could always drink a gallon of bleach and not have to be dismayed by life.

    • Posted by Joker, at Reply

      Zero substance

    • Posted by Stephen Mystery, at Reply

      I can’t believe anybody votes for either republicans OR democrats. I mean come on. They’re both evil pricks. don’t pretend they aren’t, because if you do, you are the problem.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Dustin HisBrain: You can be successful and wealthy but not immoral and greedy. Republicans have a real problem with the second set of qualities in the previous sentence.

  5. Posted by Old Geezer, at Reply

    America isn’t a first world country

    • Posted by Henbot, at Reply

      Old Geezer technically you meant to be. America is a continent so some states can be way more lacking in criteria to be called first world because you pretty much collection of countries, not that different to the EU tbh

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Not for liberal losers, that is.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      Actually the US is a first world country.

  6. Posted by Luna vampire, at Reply

    This will kill and bankrupt America. I hope you’re happy Republican, you just destroy America Medical life.

  7. Posted by Ancar Willis, at Reply

    23 Million now hmm just need to redo this bill 23 more times then.

    • Posted by SNEAKxxATTACK, at Reply

      Ancar Willis we need 23 more black presidents. so just 44*4 = 176 years to go.

  8. Posted by kristen stillwell, at Reply

    I don’t understand how they can pass bills if they have conflict of interest

    • Posted by Izzy1782, at Reply

      kristen stillwell
      because the ones with conflicts of interests are in power, and they only care about the law being obeyed when they can use it to persecute and/or belittle others. whether the others be the “opposing” (in name only) party, their own constituents or, more truthfully, anybody who *isn’t* a huge donor

  9. Posted by Greg Raines, at Reply

    And the Trump supporters rejoice. West Virginia has 29% of population on Medicaid which gets cut bigly and they still vote for Trump. Who could have imagined.

    • Posted by Baron Samedi, at Reply

      Greg Raines Rural America voting against their own interests, go figure!😂

    • Posted by Andy murday, at Reply

      Greg Raines Only in America

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Greg Raines if those 29% are the reason my wife gets hit with 4 digit penltys each year on my tax return. becuase she was uninsured for 3 days last year. ill shoot them my self.
      honk if you love bacon grease.

  10. Posted by jefferson broady, at Reply

    The Republicans do not care about the 23 million people that would lose health insurance, all they care about is satisfying their donors wishes. Cuba is a extremely poor country but at least tries to give Health Insurance to every citizen in their country. America the most wealthy country in the world can only come up “Trump-Care” and massive cuts to programs for the less fortunate, all in the name of the almighty dollar. What country in the world cuts after-school programs and lunches for children? Cuts “Meals on Wheels” for elderly people? and they are just warming up.

    • Posted by Marcus Gaunt, at Reply

      Tamir Almeida healthcare is an inelastic service. So your little rant about income inequality doesn’t fit this area of capitalism. And the lengthy list of things that you are complaining about are heavily regulated and yet we have fallen behind. Somehow government doesn’t seem to be the answer. Somehow, I don’t think taxing the daylights out of citizens is going to turn the table.

    • Posted by Marcus Gaunt, at Reply

      Tamir Almeida and I responded to the Cuba comment from the OP. I didn’t just bring it up out the blue

    • Posted by Josey Wales, at Reply

      Propaganda, BS

  11. Posted by doodledots, at Reply

    When Drumpf’s base support start losing their access to affordable health insurance, their medicare, medicaid and social security and their bodies start piling up will there be any blow back and it will be dire for the GOP.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      doodledots liberal crystal ball of DOOM!

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      G Washington There’s my DEPLORABLE COCKROACH

    • Posted by Xavier Stewart, at Reply

      Nah, there needs to be more done, if his supporters are targeted with something extremely painful for a bill they will *maybe* see past the blind loyalty. And I mean job ending, homeless status, type of bill.

    • Posted by Josey Wales, at Reply

      Propaganda, BS

  12. Posted by Wayne Jackson Galloway, at Reply

    is this not then a conflict of interest??¿¿

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      yes.. but they dont care.. and apparently neither do the neutered democrats in washington . smh..

    • Posted by Wayne Jackson Galloway, at Reply

      Very scary times3

  13. Posted by Dan A, at Reply

    Yup GOP Greedy Old Profiteers strike again. When will voters ever learn.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Dan A fake news. Beats a commie in office any day of the week.

    • Posted by snowbaordguru, at Reply

      G Washington, It’s not the Left that’s working with the Commies! Better check your executive leadership!!

  14. Posted by Ryan Anderson, at Reply

    American Healthcare Act…. also known as AHA… as in A HA HA you got screwed

    • Posted by eclemensen, at Reply

      Yetn it worked when Romney did exactly the same thing, as it does in every other country in the world.   and yes they were laughing at Trump when he told the Australian that Australia had better health care then we do.  They do , because it IS  ONE PAYER

  15. Posted by Neko Yuki, at Reply

    Isn’t this considered, oh I don’t know, a CONFLICT OF INTEREST?!

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Neko Yuki weeaboo weeaboo WEEABOO WEEABOO WEEABOO FREAK! you and your japanese cartoon body pillow Sailor Moon crap.

    • Posted by Xavier Stewart, at Reply

      Actually its from Disgaea 2, *Defends his fellow weebs*

    • Posted by Neko Yuki, at Reply

      Actually, it’s Disgaea 2, which is a game. But I assumed the troll already knew that? Otherwise, you’re just a lashing out imbecile, which is even worse. But that’s none of my business *sips tea*

  16. Posted by Debra Cecchi, at Reply

    The New Health CARE Death Plan is Officially called the PURGE Or The DEPOPULATION AGENDA which will target these groups of people;
    The Poor
    Working Poor
    Middle class
    Senior Citizens
    Mentally disabled
    Melenated/Blaq People
    Did I forget anyone?
    BE SAFE!

  17. Posted by Specific Nerpo, at Reply

    Might as well call it DeathCare. Because that’s what it is

  18. Posted by Christian Lee, at Reply

    Can’t wait for everyone to wake up and see the greed in Republicans..