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Republican Tax Bill Explained


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The House Republicans have exposed their tax obligation reform bill. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you just what remains in it. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below. Join TYT:

" After months, also years, of details and also blueprints as well as "frameworks," Republicans in your home of Reps lastly released their first attempt at a real tax reform costs on Thursday.

While the wide strokes of the Tax obligation Cuts and Jobs Act were telegramed weeks, otherwise months, beforehand, this is the first time Republican politicians in any kind of branch of the federal government have actually explained their tax obligation plan in adequate information that it could really be debated, scored by the Congressional Spending Plan Workplace so its expense as well as impacts on the rich and also inadequate are known, as well as voted upon by the Home and also Senate.

The regulation looks for to significantly cut tax obligations on corporations and also settle benefits like personal exceptions, the common reduction, as well as the youngster credit rating for individuals. It would certainly get rid of the different minimum tax obligation and also estate tax, and pare back certain individual deductions. It would certainly also provide a brand-new reduced tax obligation price for owners of "pass-through" organisations like LLCs and also partnerships, whose revenue from their organisations is taxed as individual revenue.

The expense in its present form would certainly probably offer out of proportion advantages to rich Americans, who tend to take advantage of business tax cuts greater than non-wealthy Americans and who can likely manipulate the pass-through rate by establishing dummy companies. Individuals making between $400,000 and also $1 million would face a dramatically lower top earnings tax obligation rate.

But the bill will certainly likely not remain in its present form. As written, it is virtually assured to enhance the deficit spending by trillions over 10 years, and also rather perhaps maintain increasing the shortage after Ten Years are up."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Chuck Brown, at Reply

    Sorry, I couldn’t make it all the way through this propaganda. Listening to Cenk pontificate on things he knows nothing about is brutal. His “professional assessment” comes down to rich people, who are already paying 90% of the taxes in this country, DESERVE high taxes. But the rest of America DESERVES lower taxes. Why is it always “us vs them” with these guys? We’re all Americans. The rich and the corporations are THE ONLY REASON most of America has any income to be taxed in the first place. Why are the Dem’s so set on putting it to the rich? It’s such an old tactic to drum up fear and hate against others. At least acknowledge that the rich and the corporations have been footing the bill for the rest of us for a very long time.

    You cannot compare rates of taxation between a millionaire and someone making $50,000 a year. This is why tax cut bills are not easy to draft.

  2. Posted by Yamaha R3, at Reply

    Stop bitching and get your money up…do something and make money like these people did. Stop bitching bla bla bla GET YO MONEY UP! I MADE 195K LAST YEAR WHAT ARE YOU BROKE BITCHES DOING BESIDES COMPLAINING?!?!

  3. Posted by emanny1986, at Reply

    I am dying laughing here; they are not going to pass this and they know. I dare them, i double dare them. This is ridiculous, they are cutting student loan deductions and mortgage deductions to give tax cuts to estate heirs and corporations?

  4. Posted by GEORGIA MAN, at Reply

    The reason why they screw Americans in the white house because they don’t think we will snap but I think it’s going to happen. We the poor fight for this country not the rich or corporations let the rich fight for this country let the republicans and democrats and governor’s and mayors fight for this country

  5. Posted by Bill Winters, at Reply

    Cenk’s analysis of passthroughs is wrong. Most professionals are exempt from the LLC rate and those that aren’t, must have at least 70% of their tax as income tax, which works out to an effective top rate of 35.2% when you comply with that analysis.

  6. Posted by Philip Hall, at Reply

    isn’t this killing capiitalism conentrating the wealth to a select few preventing it from flowing into the market

  7. Posted by Nanto, at Reply

    Have we NOT learned from the last crash? Hey, republicans that are not wealthy…….tired of winning yet?

  8. Posted by wow717, at Reply

    OR if you don’t have insurance, which I don’t you can deduct medical expenses because everything is out of pocket. This is bullshit.

  9. Posted by daguard411, at Reply

    On the aspect of a president passing legislation for self profit, simply look at Bush and his increasing the time of protection for copy wrights and patents. A major money maker for the Bush family is that it holds many of such on oil drilling equipment. I ran into several Soldiers whom were furious that they could see the Iraqis loading munitions into trucks, yet they were required to guard the office of the oil ministry, and refused permission to intervene with the Iraqis. Why? The oil ministry had the records of all the wells and thus, how much the Bush family was owed in royalties. If I may add that I met the three Soldiers at different times.

  10. Posted by pacorpse666, at Reply

    He DID NOT get elected.

  11. Posted by SDwilly, at Reply

    Your average stupid conservative redneck won’t understand 1% of this. all they care is that Trump BUILDS THE WALL!

  12. Posted by Michael Vander Wal, at Reply

    The average middle class family would still get a hefty tax cut. Democratic lawmakers just got four Pinocchios from the Washington Post for saying middle class taxes would be raised.

  13. Posted by sunstarsmoon, at Reply

    this bullshit just gets worse daily. i thought our lives were supposed to improve with each president

  14. Posted by Fulton Barrons, at Reply

    Sure are a lot of Trumptard trolls on this comment section. Give it up, we don’t pay you any mind. You might stir a few but most of us look right over your statements. In this day and age we all can spot trolls. Because anybody that really thought Trump is right wouldn’t be on these kinds of channels. They watch their own propaganda channels.

  15. Posted by Alex Volkov, at Reply

    The Republicans feed the lie that ‘money creates jobs’ when we all know that in reality demand creates jobs. You think, even with tax cuts, corporations aren’t going to opt for automation when possible? They aren’t going to try to make workers as temporary and replaceable as possible? You don’t understand the whole corporate structure if that’s what you think.

    The best solution is: increase corporate tax, increase property tax (for non-private resident property), increase tax on the top 3% percent of the population. The outcome? Massive amounts of liquidity for the state to invest in better education for the public, better healthcare, better infrastructure, for enterprenuers, for medicinal and scientific causes.

    Also, decrease tax on small business owners. They need the money more to suppor their businesses, small businesses increase competition, and create jobs.

  16. Posted by Woo Cheol Shin, at Reply

    If Republicans truly wanted majority of tax breaks to go to the middle class, there’s an obvious solution. Tax all households making under 150k at 10%, and keep the tax rates of everybody above. It’s not rocket science. But Republicans would never do such a thing, because that would mean they’re keeping their promise.

  17. Posted by Brian M, at Reply

    I am in the 1% tax bracket and I will be paying net more taxes. My California state taxes are no longer deductible or my property tax. I am definitely seeing an increase from this tax bill. And no I am not a billionaire and barely a millionaire. This is a very anti republican bill.

  18. Posted by Joey Albertson, at Reply

    trump and republicans are for the rich vote dems for congress in 2018

  19. Posted by Jack Borgeson, at Reply

    I’m digging John’s dorky 80’s TYT logo shirt