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Republicans Are Coming For Your Social Security


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They’re coming for Social Security. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump distinguished himself on the campaign trail as the rare Republican candidate promising not to cut Social Security and Medicare.

But Republicans in Congress have other plans for the two popular social insurance programs ― and they are wasting no time rolling them out.

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee’s Subcommittee on Social Security, released a plan Thursday to reform Social Security that would drastically reduce benefits. The bill would make the program less of a universal earned benefit and more of a means-tested safety net that aims only to provide basic support to the poorest retirees and disabled workers.

In order to close Social Security’s long-term funding gap, Johnson would make Social Security’s benefit formula less generous for all but the lowest earners, rapidly raise the retirement age and reduce the annual cost-of-living adjustment, among other changes designed to save money.”

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  1. Posted by Wew Lad, at Reply

    Social Security is an actual Ponzi Scheme. Pay in now and there will be
    money for you in the future! Should be abolished IMMEDIATELY

    • Posted by Manatee 7, at Reply

      Wew Lad social security is a gr8 idea if only the Govt would keep its hands
      off of it! the Govt raids ss and the ppl who paid into it lose….the Govt
      should be sued for raiding ss!

    • Posted by AnimeRydar, at Reply

      They are NOT paying you with your own money

    • Posted by Manatee 7, at Reply

      +Derek thumbs up!

    • Posted by MrProof151, at Reply

      I think alex jones show should be abolished IMMEDIATELY

  2. Posted by MilitantAntiTheist, at Reply

    But, but…THE SJWS!!! What about the SJWs? Won’t anybody PLEEEEASE think
    of the SJWs???

    • Posted by Space Cadet, at Reply

      this is not an atheist channel low on viewers. so it’s not a necessary topic

  3. Posted by Sociade Anonymia, at Reply

    anglo americans are notorious for treating the elderly horribly

    • Posted by Sociade Anonymia, at Reply

      and grimhold , why wait , throw yourself off now

    • Posted by Tylr, at Reply

      no, we are just more realistic than other cultures…probably a side effect
      of evolving in cold conditions…if you can’t survive, it’s better to just
      end yourself and ease the burden on others. I’ve already had several older
      relatives tell me that if they degenerate with Alzheimer’s disease, and
      don’t know anyone, to just let them outside during a blizzard and call the
      police in an hour. Different cultures…

    • Posted by Sociade Anonymia, at Reply

      Don’t lie to me.

  4. Posted by Angel Fox, at Reply

    Guillotines, folks. I’m just saying. They’re cheap to make, easy to use,
    and they make one hell of a statement.

    • Posted by Brian Ring, at Reply

      +CrocodileTearsbro there is a lot of wisdom in those words (in the blog)
      its too bad its still unheeded

    • Posted by osp80, at Reply

      romania got a democray though…

  5. Posted by Foghorn Leghorn, at Reply

    The best part will be when Republicans figure out that the government isn’t
    going to stop at just taking money from minorities.

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      takfreak11 thanks for informing this “person”.

    • Posted by msl 2015, at Reply

      takfreak11 Just curious, how does mcdonalds, walmart and Starbucks make
      money from inmates in private prisons?

    • Posted by msl 2015, at Reply

      takfreak11 Don’t forget the extortion minorities have to deal with for
      nonviolent victimless offenses (ie. tickets). In Ferguson 80% of time keys
      written were to minorities.

    • Posted by msl 2015, at Reply

      takfreak11 Don’t forget the extortion minorities have to deal with for
      nonviolent victimless offenses (ie. tickets). In Ferguson 80% of time
      tickets written were to minorities.

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      only white people work in this country, minorities AND the elites are

  6. Posted by Keith Brooks, at Reply

    trump doesn’t need Social Security, he has millions he never paid in taxes.
    Why doesn’t the news start a public campaign for him to pay his back taxes
    or he can’t be the President.

    • Posted by The Sies, at Reply

      Because they are not back taxes he legally didn’t pay for them.

      Ps. No, I’m not a Trump supporter lol

  7. Posted by Orion RSX, at Reply

    I hope Bernie wont fight this all by himself.

    • Posted by some “stupidusernamestho” body, at Reply

      Orion RSX It can’t be stopped. The GOP have both houses.

  8. Posted by E Walker, at Reply

    The new to retire are the original baby boomers. We are the ones who were
    part of the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-Vietnam War movement. We can
    still move.

  9. Posted by Shan “Aron75” Santee, at Reply

    He will be impeached if that happens

    • Posted by lime light, at Reply

      Shan Santee lies. Obama and liberals will be blamed. There American people
      won’t do a damn thing.

    • Posted by Colonel 100, at Reply

      and do you really think republicans will vote to impeach their own party
      member ?

  10. Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

    Leave the rich people’s money and blame the corrupt government for giving

    • Posted by marioozzie, at Reply

      ”Privilege?” People actually paid INTO this program…How would YOU like
      to work for a reduced salary all of your life and then have the money you
      should have had CUT because rich bastards fucked around with your money?

    • Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

      +marioozzie We pay taxes for obvious reasons, but the government may be
      corrupted while stealing our tax money for unknown reasons by privileged

  11. Posted by Phil, at Reply

    The 1% are gonna keep poking that bear until it wakes up…..

  12. Posted by Jean Falco, at Reply

    150,000 million of us will go live in the White House! It has a garden,
    nice grounds and Washington DC will become the City for all us to live in!

  13. Posted by 1stfloorguy, at Reply

    retirement age 85 enjoy your remaining days unable to walk or go on

    • Posted by JACK HQ, at Reply

      1stfloorguy That’s my biggest fear. Once that happens, life expectancy will
      start to decrease.

  14. Posted by Martial Science, at Reply

    The Red coats are coming

  15. Posted by DarthCipient, at Reply

    Most right wingers on social security probably don’t know it’s a government

  16. Posted by Ron McDon, at Reply

    picking on the disabled and elderly is the lowest you can go.

  17. Posted by Jason Milton, at Reply

    I’m going to Move to Canada.. America is now a kleptocracy..

    • Posted by mark williams, at Reply


  18. Posted by Real Talk76, at Reply

    If they dismantle it before I can reap any benefits, I want back EVERY DIME
    they stole from me…plus interest!! Or “we gon have some talkin'” (to
    quote Lindsay Graham).

  19. Posted by Johnny Tek, at Reply

    If you take inflation and the rise of living costs into account, the
    potential cuts are much, much worse than they look at first glance…