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Republicans Backpedaling On Congressional Healthcare Exemption


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Republicans shielding themselves from the dreadful medical care strategy they're about to let loose after America isn't really going over so well. Brett Erlich, Ana Kasparian, and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you assume in the remark section listed below.

" Republican management has moved to reduce questionable language from its healthcare bill that would exempt Congress as well as their team from modifications to ObamaCare.

An amendment to the House GOP's ObamaCare repeal-and-replace bill would have enabled states to seek waivers for sure ObamaCare policies, however lawmakers and also their team would be excused from the changes.

A new expense authored by Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) would get rid of the exemption.

GOP personnel and also lawmakers claimed the exemption was originally added to comply with Us senate regulations yet recognized that it was politically bothersome.
" That'll be dealt with. That was written in to adhere to some Senate policies making certain it's just a budget plan ballot," stated Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), who authored the modification." *.

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Hosts: Brett Erlich, Ana Kasparian, Michael ShureCast: Brett Erlich, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.


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  1. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    hello. I know this is going to sound a little crazy but I’ve decided that I can no longer be silent while our country carries out mass murder against people in 3rd world countries and allows so much suffering to happen. Since President Trump has taken office we have increased drone strikes by 432%!!! In the month of March alone are airstrikes have killed 1400 innocent civilians!!!



    If you think this sounds like a platform you can get behind, the answers to how to make a lot of it happen are in my speeches on my channel. Let’s form together and unite and tear apart this evil that has taken over our country!

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      karen henry yeah the fact that we act like we are a Christian Nation is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever witnessed

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      karen henry the laws regarding sexual assault and rape in this country are actually a f****** joke just to be honest. just look at people like Brock Turner

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      A wild Cuck appears

    • Posted by PC BEAST Nvidia, at Reply

      pleaseeeeeee do save your money , trump will walk through you like you were nothingggggggggggggg

  2. Posted by MrFrotier, at Reply

    No dislike?? MIRACLE!!!

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      Give it time…

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Disliked! This is fake news.

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      And here we go…

  3. Posted by Kryojenix, at Reply

    The Congressional AIDS should go and do the fundraising and let the congressfolks READ!

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Kryojenix This show needs less Brett and more Ben.

    • Posted by Kryojenix, at Reply

      Nah, I like’em both/either.

  4. Posted by theodore mule, at Reply

    The republicans have had eight years to come up with an alternative and in many cases we were told they had one, yet when it comes time to @!$%# or get off the pot they walk away constipated.

    -Lowered unemployment 35.89% (down 50.50% since 2009 peak caused by the Bush recession)
    -Has a record 70 straight months of added jobs (broke all time record 17 times)
    -2014 was America’s best year of job growth since 1999
    -Veteran Unemployment Falls To 9-Year Low
    -Health insurance cheaper than ever ($85/month thanks to Obamacare)
    -Car insurance cheaper than ever ($25/month from Insurance Panda)
    -Black unemployment falls to 9-year low
    -Obama on pace to have the most private sector jobs created in any single Presidential term EVER
    -Job openings up 81%
    -Most job openings since 2000
    -16 million jobs created
    -NET 9.2 million jobs (Bush was NET 1 million in 8 years)
    -Unemployment Benefits Applications Fall To 42-Year Low (lowest since 1973)

    This is all the while republicans continue to moan about Benghazi, block any and all immigration reform attempts, and take any chance to vote to repeal Obamacare.

    • Posted by Meechie Smith, at Reply

      Well said..

    • Posted by d pro, at Reply

      theodore mule true facts and you see the trump idiots don’t have a rebuttal because they know its true

    • Posted by Michelediaf, at Reply

      theodore mule Too bad he is a war criminal.

    • Posted by Cookie Nibz, at Reply

      Fact’s relevance has died in the US.

  5. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    backpedaling? These fools are moonwalking!

  6. Posted by pyro 494, at Reply

    It would be so much simpler if everyone was just covered from birth to death. You wouldn’t have to deal with health insurance companies. You could go to whichever doctor you like because you wouldn’t have to deal with doctors accepting and rejecting insurers. You can go to the emergency room for a heart attack without living the rest of your life in debt. It’s money and unshakable ideology that are to blame for people dying because they can’t afford healthcare.

    • Posted by Shie H., at Reply

      pyro 494 Radical idea!

    • Posted by Hotspur37, at Reply

      This sort of radical thinking only works in the rest of the world. America is too exceptional for it work here

    • Posted by jfsfrnd, at Reply

      pyro 494 But then the Right will scream Socialism!

  7. Posted by Splaticus Blah, at Reply

    I am a Canadian watching you poor Americans try and cope and just survive. Both Demo’s and Repub’s say Canadians have long wait times for tests and procedure. I have had to wait no more than 5 days for tests results or to have an MRI, CTscan etc. X-rays are done within the hour. Operations are done same day or next depending on seriousness and how busy the hospital is. Health care is a citizens right not a privilege.

    • Posted by Brian Young, at Reply

      Yeah, pretty sure we will survive. Go back to playing hockey and hunting moose dude.

    • Posted by Cyber Billy, at Reply

      It’s what you get when your representatives serve the interest of the donor corporations.

    • Posted by Mr420Spy, at Reply

      Pretty sure, you are salty a Canadian just busted the bullshit bubble you were told to live in by your Republican overlords,

      GG Sultan of Salt

    • Posted by Sandie Peace, at Reply

      That’s why we are asking for Medicaid for all. Simple commpn sense.

  8. Posted by Wisakedjak Archetype, at Reply

    The more you look at the actions of the GOP the more you realize… they want to cull the population. They want the weak and the poor to die off, or at least make it harder for them to survive. While at the same time, they cry about abortions but won’t hesitate to shoot a trespasser. Why? In their mind, at least that individual had a chance to make life altering decisions. hmm… they are either aliens/reptilians/not-human or psychopaths… To them, this is nothing but a lab test.

    • Posted by mud cat, at Reply

      Wisakedjak Archetype
      That’s true, but then who do they think will vote for them…

    • Posted by Wisakedjak Archetype, at Reply

      +mud cat this is why it’s a lab test… The weak and the poor will vote them in. The weak and the poor are in the worst state of mind. Left docile through lack of mental, spiritual, and physical nutrition.

    • Posted by robert66michel, at Reply

      mud cat the democrats have your answer ,in open court they have stated that they are a private organization with the right to do and appoint whomever they like, voters are not entitled to a choice or even needed

    • Posted by Wisakedjak Archetype, at Reply

      +mud cat agreed.

  9. Posted by BV Bill, at Reply

    Ana Kasparian hit the nail on the head. As a Canadian, the only people I hear complaining about the quality of Canadian healthcare are American politicians and their hired shills.

    • Posted by shadekiller19, at Reply

      Bah in Quebec there is a couple of them saying complaining it takes to long. But hey its Quebec, whining is a popular sport haha XD

  10. Posted by Brandy Byers, at Reply

    the current congress is evil

    • Posted by Arvind Talukdar, at Reply

      Brandy Byers our system

  11. Posted by Locrian08, at Reply

    I’m an American who lived in Canada for 10 years. The healthcare was fine and better in many ways than it is here. I have known hundreds of people who had no complaints about the healthcare in the Toronto area. Single payer can work.

    We need to hold these Republicans and their supporters accountable when we lose family members in the US due to insufficient access to healthcare.

    • Posted by Sandie Peace, at Reply

      Locrian08 Oh they want us to have “access ” but it’s the medical coverage that many will not have. Those play on words is what needs to be pointed out.

  12. Posted by Richard Hunter, at Reply

    If congressmen don’t read the bills, who does then?

    • Posted by tyty2fly2, at Reply

      Their aids, just like they said.

    • Posted by Richard Hunter, at Reply

      But that would imply that laws are made by aids.

    • Posted by Jason Emmons, at Reply

      in short: congressmen have aids

    • Posted by oli godendrocyte, at Reply

      Richard Hunter they have separate committees to write it and then Congressmen staff “read it” but really they just look at who’s signed on for it and vote how they are told

  13. Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

    AMERICAN PEOPLE……….have you ever asked yourself just what are these “Senate rules” that “FORCED” them to exempt themselves from Obamacare regulations that we TAXPAYERS would be subjected to????? THINK…….you are PAYING these people to REPRESENT YOU…..but they make up rules to benefit THEMSELVES AT YOUR EXPENSE that is hardly REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT….where I come from we call that “BIG PIMPIN SPENDIN (YO) CHEESE”… So how’s that “Democracy” thingy working out again?

    • Posted by TheLinkoln18, at Reply

      Amen Knowtech

      The average Jo just picks up the tab, they are mostly payed by corporate interests.

    • Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

      even corporate interest money comes from taxpayers by way of consuming goods and services…the American Taxpayer is the Cash Cow that funds this whole charade…..the taxpayers pays the MOST into it….but gets the LEAST out of it…….and they have been brainwashed into believing the solution to this is to keep the same show running!

    • Posted by TheLinkoln18, at Reply

      Amen Knowtech

      Hrm not really, the majority of the money is from foreign interest, as we are talking large multinational corporations.

    • Posted by Sandie Peace, at Reply

      Amen Knowtech You are correct it is taxpayers money especially if this Trumpcare2 passes because corporations will receive a major tax break not the people. Shameful play done by the Republicans.

    • Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

      +TheLinkoln18 So in theory if the majority of US corporations are multinationals then that means they make a larger percentage of their money off shore AND see lots of benefits in offshore tax sheltering AND offset labor cost….So WHY are they allowed to lobby in the US LEGISLATIVE Branch in the first place???? See where this is going???? The truth is the majority of US Corporations are not multinationals so the bulk of their profit margins are courtesy of US Taxpayers….Keep in mind that the Corporations that are Multi National are able to reap HUGE profits overseas and it is the American Taxpayer that has made this possible by voting against their own domestic interest (NAFTA!!!) not because they want to see their jobs shipped to other countries but simply because they just are not well informed.

  14. Posted by B. Chan, at Reply

    hmmmm….Obamacare is terrible but righty wants to keep it for themselves….how odd

    • Posted by Pablo Sánchez, at Reply

      Basically they are admitting that the ACA is better, even by pulling out instead of saying it is a sacrifice they are making. clowns.

    • Posted by B. Chan, at Reply

      +Sandie Peace terrible according to most americans. I would have had to pay $700 for not being insured. Plus my high deductible doesnt make it easier for me. Its definitely flawed

    • Posted by Sandie Peace, at Reply

      B. Chan I agree there are flaws that xan be fixed. Not scrape the whole thing than replace it with something worst. Makes no sense.

  15. Posted by Angus Trout, at Reply

    Trumptards claimed the exemption story was Liberal propaganda which means the Republicans have announced they are going to remove a “fake” exemption from the bill. I guess that’s fake too. Maybe Trump supporter brains are fake as well.

  16. Posted by Misael Cifuentes, at Reply

    trump can’t read. he prefers to stick to his crayons and coloring books.

    • Posted by TheUnholiness Within, at Reply

      Well, a certain percentage of America voters got him into office.

  17. Posted by TheUnholiness Within, at Reply

    I find it extremely disturbing that America can’t figure something as important as healthcare out. I wonder if this is because healthcare is capitalism based and the economy demands everybody earns it or they don’t deserve it and do without.

    • Posted by fredman1085, at Reply

      The problem isn’t so much we can’t figure it out, it’s that our politicians are heavily indebted monetarily to the health care industry and then you get the right wing screaming “socialism and communism” if we move away from a capitalist form of heath care. Both reasons are bad for us.