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Republicans Block Trump BIGLY


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Congressional Republicans are beginning to realize the relevance of taking unsafe things away from their toddler. Ana Kasparian, Steve Oh, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you think in the remark section listed below.

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" Prior to the Us senate left for its August recess on Thursday, legislators consented to a collection of pro forma sessions that makes certain the Senate never formally takes place recess. The step effectively obstructs Head of state Donald Trump from making recess consultations while senators are away.

When Trump's public embarrassment war Attorney general of the United States Jeff Procedure went to its height, Democrats vowed to obstruct any type of opportunity of Trump calling a new chief law officer while they're away for recess.

" Several Americans need to be wondering if the Head of state is trying to tear open the office of attorney general to assign somebody throughout the August recess who will fire special counsel [Robert] Mueller and also closed down the Russian examination," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said in a late July flooring speech. "First allow me state for the document currently, prior to this scheme gains wings, Democrats will never go along with the recess appointment if that situation develops. We have some tools in our tool kit to put on hold such action. We're ready to make use of each and every single among them."" *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Steve Oh, Jimmy Dore.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Steve Oh, Jimmy Dore.


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Question To Trumpanzees In The Comments Section: If Trump is willing to throw Jeff Sessions under the bus, what makes y’all think that he gives a damn about you people?

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      3.3 million tyt subs block this video bigly

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer if you support trump and policies you aren’t a patriot. You’re a sheep.

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      havocmaster69 ever heard of a boom crash cycle? Remember when Bush destroyed our economy in 2008 thanks to deregulation? Or do you not remember? Or are you completely ignorant?

      Either way, you’re confused, and deregulation WILL lead to another crash. History is our evidence. I understand conservatives hate evidence and proof but I’m telling you the truth.

  2. Posted by Yolo Swaggins, at Reply

    I’m obsessed with the word bigly. Bigly.

    • Posted by Alexsa Mims, at Reply

      Yolo Swaggins 😂😂😂😂

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Republicans would rather trust their kids to a coyote than to trump. One of them is a dangerous creature and the other is a dog.

    • Posted by Cenk Uyger, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond lame, and you probably got paid to post that.

    • Posted by jordan durden, at Reply

      haha why u have pepe as ur profile pic

  4. Posted by Dachusblot, at Reply

    I feel like Trump would still get away with it if he managed to fire Mueller. People would be outraged for a week or so, no one would do anything real about it, then he’d tweet out another covfefe and everyone would get distracted and forget what we were talking about.

    • Posted by I am Gumby, dammit, at Reply

      The Senate has already made it clear that they will re-appoint him. Meanwhile, there are two bills that have been filed to prevent him from firing the Special Prosecutor – both with bi-partisan support.

  5. Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

    Steve, you really think Trump’s lasting the entire first term? You bumped your head.

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      I don’t know, if there’s one thing all this has proved, it’s that nothing matters anymore. Repugnantcunts can do whatever they want to destroy this country and they will never have any sort of comeuppance.

    • Posted by Boogie Loo, at Reply

      NickTheGreatAndPowerful – ur right. I think he will survive. If Dems get the necessary seats, impeachment might happen in 2018.

    • Posted by google account, at Reply

      Hazzycakes republicans need a scape goat. rn he is their useful idiot. Unless If he starts getting out of control (like firing sessions) i dont think they will impeach.

  6. Posted by Alex Lutz, at Reply

    Trumps obviously getting ready for war. Naming generals to his cabinet. It’s a war time cabinet. Get ready for war my friends

    • Posted by DarkLordofHistory, at Reply

      I might think that if Trump was halfway competent. Right now? I doubt he has some master plan.

    • Posted by Benjamin Urbas, at Reply

      Alex Lutz u wont join

    • Posted by Kurt Cobain and some other sucky band members, at Reply

      Alex Lutz I get it but ur private parts smell

    • Posted by MexiDan, at Reply

      Alex Lutz As if America wasn’t already at war

  7. Posted by KenTara John, at Reply

    Jimmy!!!!! I missed you!

    • Posted by Ahmed Abdulrashid, at Reply

      @JANHOI MCCALLUM Cenk denied the Armenian Genocide and you probably still like him (and I do too), Bernie wrote rape fantasies in the 1970s, Obama promoted drone wars and I wont even start about Hillary… If you are looking for someone who hasn’t commited mistakes, you have been born in the wrong world.

    • Posted by JANHOI MCCALLUM, at Reply

      I realize that. Explain that logic to someone like Jimmy Dore who sets up this purist standard where he arrogantly thinks he owns the definition of what it means to be a progressive, and then trashes everyone else who doesn’t fit his pure definition, while ironically hardly even acknowledging his own flaws and imperfections.

    • Posted by Ahmed Abdulrashid, at Reply

      Its not a “purist standard”… The definition of Progressive is pretty straightforward: Support for a mixed economy, non-interventionism, the welfare state and minority rights and opposition to corporatism, racism and non-defensive war. He simply points out the hypocrisy of those who call themselves progressive to gain political points without truly pushing for progressive politics. It is actually quite simple.

    • Posted by JANHOI MCCALLUM, at Reply

      Yes. And he consistently engages in the fallacy of false equivalence. It’s one thing to say there is corruption in the DNC and critique Obama and the Clintons which I have no problem with. Saying they are the exact same as Trump and the Republicans is nonsense and I’ll give you clear examples of how he does this.

      On foreign policy he says because Clinton and Obama take some hawkish stances(i.e drones) they are the same as Trump and the Republicans. I’m against drones. I’m against American interventionism and imperialism. But his argument that because Clinton and Obama have flaws in their foreign policy therefore they are the same as Trump is nonsense. Trump and the Republicans are neoconservatives. Clinton and Obama are Liberal Internationalists. Both support intervention but the difference is one has a unilateral vision of the world. The other a multilateral one. Those distinctions are important. It was unilateralism that led Bush to invade Iraq in 2003 when they were accused of WMDS with no evidence. It was multilateralism that led Obama to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran backed by the U.N, E.U and international community when Iran was accused of building WMDs. Those differences are important. By conflating them and just lazily saying they are the same he’s guilty of deception and misleading people. And that’s my issue with him.

  8. Posted by Costeno Salao, at Reply

    Democrats aren’t as sinister and crafty as republicans so they suck at the “game.” Don’t protect Sessions–he is a horrible human being and Trump would be hard pressed to find anyone worse. Plus, Trump is on his way out with or without Sessions–Democrats can just chill and enjoy the show.

    • Posted by google account, at Reply

      yeah i dont think he can do worse than sessions. Giuliani would be bad but not as bad as sessions.

  9. Posted by Bernard Gilbert, at Reply

    If Trump has nothing to hide, why does he keep trying to fire (or actually firing) those who are investigating him?

    • Posted by Jason Hosea, at Reply

      because demigod/dictators cannot allow discent

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

      Jason Hosea

    • Posted by Asd scriber, at Reply

      because hes the apprentice lol

  10. Posted by BobsGuns, at Reply

    I always laugh when Jimmy is on the main show, he only shows his coked up face when he can attack democrats. I have no love for the democrats and I really like TYT. But seriously, get rid of Jimmy. He makes all of you look bad.

    • Posted by Michael Pietrzak, at Reply

      BobsGuns you make your mom look bad

    • Posted by KatchouroBlade, at Reply

      The centerists really do hate Jimmy don’t they ?

      Cenk rambles on about speaking ‘truth to power’ – but the only TYT contributor I see doing this on the regular is Dore.

    • Posted by ricomajestic, at Reply

      Jimmy is a nobody and an idiot!

  11. Posted by Zachary Leatherwood, at Reply

    Trump’s presidency has now become him essentially just trying to dodge (postpone) his impeachment.

    • Posted by Renegadeproject, at Reply

      Zachary Leatherwood I am still not feeling well until it actually happens

  12. Posted by Kevin Hodgson, at Reply

    Wow, the fact they can’t even trust him to do his job whilst they’re away XD He’s like a little kid who can’t be trusted to stay home alone without destroying the house.

    • Posted by Helen Stewart, at Reply


  13. Posted by Ancar Willis, at Reply

    People just don’t seem to understand, Trump is actually just as much a threat to the Republican Party as he is to the Democrats. Republicans represent big business and their financial donors. Trump is a populist, albeit a nationalist one, but a populist nonetheless. Populist no matter the message don’t really spur donors to empty their wallets. This leads to businesses backing the more financially acceptable candidates. Which aren’t Republicans at the moment. Remember the clowns in office don’t really care about you only your dollars and manipulating you away from them.

    • Posted by Lovely Wolf, at Reply

      Ancar Willis Thank you!

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      Ancar Willis
      The “right” wingers, including corporate democrats and their bases, value profits for the top few over Americans as a whole. Corporate welfare for the very wealthy costs Americans more than double all social welfare put together, but the “right” never complain about that. They only whine and cry when funds are used to help Americans who need the help.

  14. Posted by Phil Johnson, at Reply

    YOU DON”T WANT TRUMP TO BE IMPEACHED!!!!! Trump goes, Pence becomes President, and unites the party and pushes through their crazy agenda. The republican gridlock is the best we can get til the next election. If your going to do analysis, use some thinking to back it up!

    • Posted by Phil Johnson, at Reply

      Have you been watching the news? Trumps support is imploding.
      While Pence doesn’t have the amount of supporters Trump does, he does have support among the conservative wing. Relative nobodies, have taken the White House before (see Harry Truman), and taking the office changes everything. And I don’t know where you are getting the idea 2020 is going to work out well for the Dems; undoing legislation can be harder than expected, as the republicans have learned from the ACA. Pence is much more likely to be able to get legislation through, if for no other reason than Trump’s exposed incompetence.

    • Posted by Phil Johnson, at Reply

      The powers in the Constitution give the Vice President the power to vote to break ties in the Senate, and to replace the President if he is not able to preform his duties as president, that’s about it.

    • Posted by 123abc, at Reply

      Phil Johnson “Trump’s support is imploding”
      But keep in mind that 30% of Trump supporters deny that his son even met with Russians – even though Don Jr. admitted it. Also, the poll showed that ALL that approve of Trump say that he’s honest – despite Trump’s daily lies! Donahue’s right: this is the darkest political age in US history. Dems can do well because Trump has destroyed the reputation of the Republican Party. The Republicans could’ve invoked the 25th amendment and bring in Pence but they didn’t. If the Dems win the house in 2018, this whole issue becomes irrelevant. The “Trumpcare” had angered the vast majority giving Dems a bright future.

  15. Posted by Bilal C, at Reply

    Fire Sessions already and fire Mueller! I just want to see the Impeachment proceedings!

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      yep.. that’ll definitely do it…

    • Posted by My Getaway, at Reply

      do you even know what Mueller’s doing?

    • Posted by MahsaKaerra, at Reply

      It looks to me like Mueller is laying the foundations for post-presidency prosecutions by state attorneys (since POTUS can’t pardon himself or anyone else for state-level offenses), Mueller is not doing anything to help get Trump impeached during his presidency.

    • Posted by My Getaway, at Reply

      Mueller has to act bipartisan, he was chosen because of that, so that he can accurately look for every single thing that helps either side, that’s how justice works, he can’t just look for the things that will impeach the guy and ignore anything else (i don’t say that we should defend #45, but he has the right to have a bipartisan treatment). There are thousands of people with personal vendettas against Mr.Trump but they wouldn’t have done a thorough for both sides of the coin.

  16. Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

    Donald Trump is going to be impeached!

    • Posted by James Scully, at Reply

      He should be but he won’t be. He may – and that is a BIG may – get the same thing as Bill Clinton, but unless Mueller finds an AK47 smoking gun, it is not going to happen. If Dems are looking for this to get him out of office, they would be foolish to ignore 2020 because that will probably be their only chance.

    • Posted by 123abc, at Reply

      James Scully I disagree 100%. You need to research Watergate. There’s already more evidence on Trump than there was for Nixon and Mueller has some prosecutors who worked on Watergate. Mueller knows what he’s doing and has a great reputation. Don’t forget that there’s a ton of additional info unknown to the public confirmed by congress leaders plus Trump’s financial ties to Russia since the 80’s!! Trump is going down.

    • Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

      Where are we?

    • Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

      I have thought about that. I have a hunch that Mike Pence may be more involved in this corruption than we currently think. If that is the case, we might be able to remove him from office as well.

    • Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

      You might be right. He will probably resign instead.

  17. Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

    This and the nifty construction of the new Russia sanctions reducing Trump’s power send a clear message that even a Republican-dominated Congress does not flat trust the Moron in Chief.

    • Posted by Richard Davenport, at Reply

      At this point it is not Republicans vs Democrats or Conservatives vs Progressives. Rather it is the cult of Trump vs real America.

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      @Richard I agree. These are frightening people…

  18. Posted by Andrew_Owens, at Reply

    If you take “I think” and “you know” out of Anna’s speech, she’d be mute.

    • Posted by Pacia Carpenter, at Reply

      The entire premise of this show is a progressive panel doing commentary. So… people tend to voice their opinion by saying “I think”.

    • Posted by Andrew_Owens, at Reply

      It underscores how far away they are from original research. And BTW, I love Jordan. But he isn’t getting enough air time.

    • Posted by Graphic Designer, at Reply

      “It underscores how far away they are from original research” ?

      Nope. Using common colloquialisms while speaking says nothing about how well researched the viewpoints of that the speaker are. Wrong again, Bob.

    • Posted by Stephen Steelhead, at Reply

      Andrew_Owens wrong and fake news

    • Posted by Vijay Oza, at Reply