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Republicans Lining Up To Replace Trump


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A Republican 2020 "shadow project" has started. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" WASHINGTON– Senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse have actually currently been to Iowa this year, Gov. John Kasich is looking at a return visit to New Hampshire, as well as Mike Pence's timetable is so filled with political occasions that Republicans joke that he is acting more like a second-term vice president wanting to remove the field than a No. 2 vowed in a little over 6 months ago.

Head of state Trump's initial term is seemingly simply warming up, but stars in his very own event have actually begun just what totals up to a shadow advocate 2020– as if the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Method just weren't involved.

The would-be candidates are cultivating a few of the party's most famous benefactors, courting conventional interest groups and also thoroughly enhancing their profiles. Mr. Trump has offered no indicator that he will decline to seek a 2nd term." *.

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  1. Posted by some body, at Reply

    I wish daddy would love me as much as I love Alex. 😥

    • Posted by Slamz Dunk, at Reply


    • Posted by Robert E, at Reply

      I like your picture.

    • Posted by Cunt Cunt, at Reply


  2. Posted by Nikesh Gamage, at Reply

    Trump will win again in 2020

    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      o o You mean you guys split the vote by cheating for Hillary?
      Yeah thats exactly what happened.

    • Posted by Stone Cold, at Reply

      Hopefully he wont. And no, I’m not a liberal. We need someone like a Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders. Someone with sense that’s not an extreme party loyalist.

    • Posted by sloovy mann, at Reply

      Stone Cold, I don’t care for Rand Paul. I do agree with your point. Wholeheartedly.

    • Posted by Beep Beep Imma Dragon, at Reply

      Bad bait betch 🙄

  3. Posted by DroolingKittens, at Reply

    It’s like Pence is Number Two and Trump is Dr. Evil 😂

    • Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

      Shadow Phace I don’t think, trump sons seem to fit that description better

    • Posted by Kevin Pham, at Reply

      ArgonTheAware12 also there is footage of COMEY ousting PENCE as liar for the Michael Flynn case and CHRIS WALLACE and SHEP both called PENCE out on his lie over MICHAEL FLYNN investigation on FOX NEWS, stating the PENCE was aware of FLYNN’s activities as COMEY confirmed it in the public hearing conference court meeting! Pence involunatarily now has no leg to stand on to be sworn in if he would lie over Michael Flynn investigation.

    • Posted by ArgonTheAware, at Reply

      Kevin Pham So that is why Pence has a lot more chance of being impeached along with Trump than being able to run in 2020 especially because when Mueller presents all the evidence for the charges, it will be a lot more people being involved with collusion, obstruction of justice, espionage and treason than just Trump, since his family, staff and many members of the GOP have participated as well

    • Posted by RU4REAL, at Reply

      DroolingKittens Well Bill and Hillary Clinton are a modern day Bonny and Clyde. Hang them high mother fucker!

  4. Posted by Aj Brandt, at Reply

    if they make a movie about this presidency, it wouldn’t be accurate unless it was a comedy.

    • Posted by Evil Fingers, at Reply

      Aj Brandt Idiocracy 2: A Donald Trump biography

    • Posted by Jay Corby, at Reply

      A free press is NOT ‘ the greater evil ‘. Muzzle the media, as trump would love, and you’re on the road to totalitarian dictatorship for sure!

    • Posted by Brian Cho, at Reply

      Aj Brandt it’ll be toooo easy for comedy. Any actor can play trumps character

  5. Posted by CAX117, at Reply

    GOP can line up whoever they want in 2020. Bernie will knock them all down.

    • Posted by Lonnie Frank, at Reply

      CAX117 socialist

    • Posted by CAX117, at Reply

      Lonnie Frank Why thank you.

    • Posted by Raindrop, at Reply

      Really really doubt he’d be running. Had his chance but the party wanted Hillary. The Democratic Party is lost out of their minds and lost my support.

  6. Posted by Edward Maxwell, at Reply

    Trump will be sacked. Everybody knows it. He knows it.

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      said another libtard

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Run for the bairder then!

    • Posted by Johnny Tony, at Reply

      Arjen Smit: Try, try again, this time in English. Thanks for your Russian POV.

  7. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply


    • Posted by Nicholas Halsey, at Reply

      But not with any republican candidates or especially the vice prez Pence.

    • Posted by, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond

  8. Posted by Jon Mapa, at Reply

    Shame on you for this foul clickbait

    • Posted by Chunk Ogre of The Cucked Turks, at Reply

      …to down vote.

    • Posted by Garen Truscott, at Reply

      …which has no effect and TYT doesn’t read.

    • Posted by Mixtrix, at Reply

      @Jon Mapa
      You are a TROLL with a FAKE channel that has no content.

    • Posted by Chunk Ogre of The Cucked Turks, at Reply

      You don’t know how YouTube works, do you?

    • Posted by Nassir J, at Reply

      How is it a click bait? Trumptard. They are lining up to replace him. Baby!

  9. Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

    OutlawRebel117 & Hal Jordan are gay lovers.

    • Posted by Eric Silva, at Reply

      that’s hot.

    • Posted by Patti crabtree, at Reply


  10. Posted by User name, at Reply

    Trump in jail 2020

    • Posted by Laura Alvarez, at Reply

      or sooner along with the criminals that helped him through deception

    • Posted by Dotte van Dijk, at Reply

      Four years of Trump reign is more than enough time for Blankfein to totally deregulate US industry in general and the banking industry in particular. (+ replacing key treasury functions)
      I even think that when they’ve finished their job before Trumps 1the term presidency has ended, they already will have left the White House to go back to Wallstreet and let ignorant Trump fall like a rock.

    • Posted by RU4REAL, at Reply

      User name Yeah, Trump will be in prison as soon as Hillary Clinton get a orange jump suit first. We all know neither is gonna happen, because you fools dont care about the law, you just don’t like President Trump.

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      RU4REAL – Says the guy who identifies with Hannibal Lecter.

  11. Posted by Adam Parks, at Reply

    QUESTION: How could we pay for Bernie’s universal healthcare idea? I’ve heard from multiple places it’s too expensive even if we tax the rich more.

    • Posted by Freddy C, at Reply

      Adam Parks no more wars…easy

    • Posted by MARCOS DESOUZA, at Reply

      If you learn how to read and write, and a little math, you’d know the answer to this.  Next time don’t go to Trump University for your education.

    • Posted by Bad Man Skill, at Reply

      Magik arp per capita health expenditure is twice as much as every other Western nation.

    • Posted by Mezail Flores, at Reply

      We can cut spending on things we’re overspending like the military.

  12. Posted by miguelito lee, at Reply

    Trump trolls are beginning to panic…

    • Posted by BillPrestin Esquire, at Reply

      oooo so scary

  13. Posted by Steve, at Reply

    Doesn’t it bother you blue pilled normies that TYT is funded by Qatar?

    • Posted by Tchado1000, at Reply

      I know , that’s the irony !

    • Posted by Ajay Moore IV, at Reply

      well MSM is funded by people in our country, and probably outside funding as well, and is doing just as much damage to our country as any other entity. why does it take funding from an outside country to get away from the 6 companies that run the MSM ?

  14. Posted by FRF DC, at Reply


    • Posted by Joseph Miranda, at Reply

      Nope just Democrats. This is Fake News that has been debunked already. Wouldn’t expect Qatar Funded Fake News TYT to give you the truth.

    • Posted by Illuminati Confirmed, at Reply

      Joseph Miranda Of course the Republicans are going to say it’s BS. Way to early for any republican to call out a 2020 campaign

  15. Posted by Jerry Holland, at Reply

    Trump wont be in office in 2020, HELL we’ll be lucky if the roof is still on the Whitehouse by the end of the month!
    The Cretin in chief is like to drop bombs on North Korea any time now & that will start a chain reaction that’s going to decimate half the planet, just so he can deflect the Russia investigation.

    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      Also, are you guys living stereo types?
      Or just born stupid?
      Because making fun of a foreigners name… eh whatever, but 5 years straight?!
      The only thing older then your sense of humor is your sense of justice!

    • Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

      MrVeggie247 Dont know where you get 5 years from this whole young turks thing wasnt around this time last year. And who says anything about achieving justice. Justice for what?

  16. Posted by Powerdriller Power, at Reply

    *T R U M P S U C K S*

    • Posted by xjaskix, at Reply

      Powerdriller Power no he doesnt, best president ever. YOU are a cuck and a globalist period

  17. Posted by Aicha Daillo, at Reply

    Trump and his supporters, watching every news channel and screaming fake news, failing news and no story. You’re the most pathetic people that exist, you won the election but it feels like you lost because you’re always whining and are so cold hearted and ungrateful that you can’t see happiness or positivity even if it rains on you. You voted for Trump because you always felt like losers, you kept complaining even when you were benefiting from Obamacare because hate is the only sentiment you know. Immigrants, women, Jews, Muslims and Mexicans have done nothing to you. You hate them because you’re pathetic losers who need someone to blame for every little obstacle you meet, just like your President.

    • Posted by Amaterasu618, at Reply

      Aicha Daillo Preach!!!!

  18. Posted by Lawrence Fishberg, at Reply

    Pence is a toilet and his boss is what swims around in it.

    • Posted by RU4REAL, at Reply

      Lawrence Fishberg It must have taken you all day to come up with your comment. Your poor little brain must be tired. Take your meds and go to sleep kid. Bahahhahahahaaaa! 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by HyperSniper, at Reply

      Lawrence Fishberg Wow that so funny dude hahahahah😐