//Republicans React To Trump’s NBC News Threats

Republicans React To Trump’s NBC News Threats

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Donald Trump doubled down on his strikes on NBC Information, numerous Republicans disagreed openly with his comments. Cenk Uygur simplifies on The Young Turks. Inform us what you assume in the comment area listed below. Sign up for our network:

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" House Audio speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) stated Thursday that he was a "constitutional traditional" when it came to the liberty of journalism, yet he stayed clear of criticizing President Donald Trump's recent assaults on journalism.

Trump claimed Wednesday that it was "disgusting" that journalism could create anything, and also independently contemplated testing the broadcasting licenses of information networks with whose insurance coverage he disagreed.

Inquired about the comments at a press briefing Thursday, Ryan joked to the press reporter that raised Trump's remarks: "Are you from NBC?" *.

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