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Republicans React To Trump’s NBC News Threats


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Donald Trump doubled down on his strikes on NBC Information, numerous Republicans disagreed openly with his comments. Cenk Uygur simplifies on The Young Turks. Inform us what you assume in the comment area listed below. Sign up for our network:

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" House Audio speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) stated Thursday that he was a "constitutional traditional" when it came to the liberty of journalism, yet he stayed clear of criticizing President Donald Trump's recent assaults on journalism.

Trump claimed Wednesday that it was "disgusting" that journalism could create anything, and also independently contemplated testing the broadcasting licenses of information networks with whose insurance coverage he disagreed.

Inquired about the comments at a press briefing Thursday, Ryan joked to the press reporter that raised Trump's remarks: "Are you from NBC?" *.

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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply
    • Posted by Alternative Facts Survivor, at Reply

      Yea but how we extract the corruption and misinformation propaganda from the media ?

    • Posted by Gillian Landry, at Reply

      Alexander Jones I understand that you’re on the internet and you get to write whatever lie that you want just like your Orange idol but please show me the clip where TYT incited blacks to shoot cops and NBC is panicking people by reporting the news! You’re so brainwashed by that fool in the Oval Office that he can tell you that the Earth is flat and you would believe him!

    • Posted by zen babaloo, at Reply

      The earth may not be flat but my girlfriend is and I’m furious about it.

    • Posted by Slave2PaperWithInkOn, at Reply

      The 14.31 yt video ”WaPo Threatens Writer For Exposing Horrible Working Conditions,” by The Jimmy Dore Show

  2. Posted by Andy Irwin, at Reply

    And here I thought Republicans were about less government not more government interference and censorship. Trump loyalist should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      Andy Irwin these things mean nothing to them. He scapegoated muslims and they liked it. Nothing new in america.

    • Posted by 9753flyer, at Reply

      Republican hypocrisy.. more of a universal standard than gravity or the speed of light.

  3. Posted by Ana Please Sit On My Face, at Reply

    Trump is a snowflake

    • Posted by David Daniels, at Reply

      Ana Please Sit On My Face
      what does “snowflake” expression actually mean? Im sure this is a slang that i only read on youtube.

    • Posted by 9753flyer, at Reply

      @ David

      From the Urban Dictionary: “Referring to someone, usually the Alt-Right, Yiannopoulos, And Nazi Sympathizers (A.K.A. ARYANS), whose immense white fragility causes a meltdown when confronted with the most minute deviation from orthodox White Supremacy. They often cry bloody murder when expected to give the most modest expression of basic human decency.”

      This has been expanded to include the people who voted for drumpf (vast majority republicans), who meltdown at the slightest hint of challenge and/or facts that might challenge their perceived supremacy.

    • Posted by David Daniels, at Reply

      9753flyer , thanks for the explanation. Not that Im taking sides but I do believe the level of “meltdown at the slightest hint of challenged” goes both ways unfortunately. Voilence is never the answer.

    • Posted by 9753flyer, at Reply

      @ David

      Well I do not agree with any violence either.. and I 100% disagree with your attempt at a false equivalency in saying it ‘goes both ways’.

      I don’t remember those on the left driving a car through a crowd.. or blowing up a Bldg in OK City… or going on shooting sprees.. etc…etc…etc…

      74% of all extremist murders/attacks in the US from ’04 to’16 were carried out by those on the right.. alt and extreme right to be sure.. but still on the right, not the left and the sentiment of ‘both ways’ does nothing to help the problem, it actually makes it worse.

  4. Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

    So for Trump a large variety of sources of information and/or opinion is “bad for country”???
    That is one big, scary sign of a fascist mindset. This reaction, to try to shut down opposing views, is literally, what every authoritarian leader has tried to do in the history of the world.
    Wake up United States! Remove the village idiot!

  5. Posted by Steven Lees, at Reply

    Trump is bad for the country. period!

  6. Posted by Zapp Brannigan, at Reply

    Well, it seems as if our constitution is under attack from a domestic enemy…

    • Posted by Carl Taylor, at Reply

      Zapp – So – doesn’t that count as terrorism?

    • Posted by Zapp Brannigan, at Reply

      I believe to count as terrorism, you would have to have a violent act to try and effect political change.

  7. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    The Founding Fathers “looked into it” and they created the First Amendment
    —something Trump has probably never heard of.

  8. Posted by aditorium1, at Reply


  9. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    _”Stop reporting EXACTLY what I said!”_

  10. Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

    Seems like most of the trump trolls have fallen off, I wonder why?

    • Posted by David Benjamin, at Reply

      Dwight Schrute they’re still me. Maybe they’re realizing that this 1st Amendment issue affects them, as well

    • Posted by J D, at Reply

      They are all off arguing about anime or some such bullshit as I understand.

  11. Posted by MuttonChop Red, at Reply

    Do you understand yet trumptards?

  12. Posted by Pabcde. Babcde., at Reply

    Trump’s ignorance of and contempt for the First Amendment is… beyond all understanding.

  13. Posted by Phillygrl, at Reply

    It’s amazing how Trump is always screaming fake news. How much truth has come out of his mouth?

  14. Posted by Joey Albertson, at Reply

    america needs obama. now he was a president not a clown like trump

  15. Posted by raven3moon, at Reply

    But…but…but…Cenk, he was elected to run the country like a business! This is just how he runs his businesses (into the ground)!

  16. Posted by kristabella222, at Reply

    Ryan apparently thinks it’s Trump’s threats to the first amendment are funny but if Obama had said something like that I’m sure he wouldn’t laugh it off. He and other Republicans would angrily demand that he respect the constitution. The things Trump gets away with….smh

  17. Posted by Christian Sousa, at Reply

    Remember when we had a president who actually taught constitutional law, instead of one that has never even seen a picture of the Constitution? That was cool.