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Republicans Repeal Disastrous Tax Cuts


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Republican politicians in Kansas are doing the ideal point as well as standing up against Governor Sam Brownback. Ana Kasparian, and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

The Republican controlled Kansas Legislature that has actually soured on Gov. Sam Brownback's vision for the state voted late Tuesday to roll back the governor's signature tax obligation cuts.

Lawmakers voted to bypass Brownback's veto of a tax obligation plan estimated to bring the state greater than $1.2 billion over a two-year span.

The Senate vote was 27 to 13, and your house adhered to by agreeing 88 to 31 to supersede the Republican governor's wishes on the tax obligation strategy and force the become law.

Lawmakers marshaled with each other a union of modest Republicans, traditionalists and Democrats to overcome the governor's opposition to seeing his site tax cuts, which have in large component pertained to specify his period in Topeka, basically concerned an end.

Us senate Vice Head of state Jeff Longbine, an Emporia Republican, said that he values the governor and also other legislators.

" Respect to me does not imply blind contract," Longbine said.".

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  1. Posted by CheeseReaper22, at Reply

    Well I’ll be damned.
    Kansas Republicans have finally figured out how to grow a brain.

    • Posted by CheeseReaper22, at Reply

      I’m not celebrating. I’m being cautiously optimistic.

    • Posted by Craig Kennedy, at Reply

      CheeseReaper22 they are simply scared of losing the next election. There are enough Grass Roots Progressive in the state that they are starting to make a difference. Kansas Republicans need to go

  2. Posted by doodelay, at Reply

    If you’re a republican, I applaud you for watching TYT so religiously (Not an insult), but what I wana know is why DO you watch TYT? Like what are you getting out of it? I’m legit curious lol

    • Posted by da da, at Reply

      doodelay just getting some news updates (headlines if you will). Filter out the mocking commentary/tone but hear valid points. Then I just make my own opinion. It’s a shame they think ALL republicans are “alt-right or nothing”

    • Posted by doodelay, at Reply

      +da da ah I see

    • Posted by BoojumFed, at Reply

      To be fair, that’s how most liberals watch TYT too. Unless someone is actively making themselves open to misinformation lawsuits from their audience (put their money where their mouth is) by paying the lower tax rate (spending less money) you get by filing as a news/ information/ educational program, relatively accurate headlines are just about all you can reasonably expect from any show; regardless of what social/ political/ religious/ etc. views they tend to espouse.

  3. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    I love how TYT aren’t partisan hacks. They call the left out just like how they will praise the right when the situations calls for it. Let’s face it the government at a whole is pretty rotten. It really is a swamp.

    • Posted by jonesy, at Reply

      Slay kween

    • Posted by MrInuhanyou123, at Reply

      they support social and economic progressivism, so GOP and Democrats who dont follow the tenets of social and economic progressivism get their ire. the left vs right is not really defined by democrat vs republican

    • Posted by ssn90, at Reply

      TYT are partisan… are you a blind fool?

    • Posted by ziah Reid, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis You’re pretty and I like what you say.

  4. Posted by hhiippiittyy, at Reply

    Those tax cuts would grow the economy, just give it a few more generations. The problem is a all you socialist commies aren’t wiling to starve to death leaving only the wealthy, thereby increasing average wealth.

    • Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply


    • Posted by LincDN, at Reply

      I’m stealing this.

    • Posted by leavy, at Reply

      peak Poe’s Law

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      problem is that you made no sense.

  5. Posted by Bad Lifestyle, at Reply

    I don’t give the right wing lawmakers any credit. It’s taken them many years to realize what most Democrats already knew. TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS IS A SCAM.

    • Posted by Beloved One, at Reply

      Yeah, trickle down into offshore accounts.

    • Posted by MrInuhanyou123, at Reply

      Most democrats don’t know much either, that’s why JD is a thing

    • Posted by Beloved One, at Reply

      You think it worked huh? Maybe for you. Take a look at the gap between the wealthy and the poor today and compare it to what we had before Reagan.

  6. Posted by MystBunnyGaming, at Reply

    Wait wait wait.. Republicans LEARNING from their mistakes?! What alternate reality did I walk into?!

    • Posted by Fiery One, at Reply

      You walked into a reality Dems can’t learn

    • Posted by MystBunnyGaming, at Reply

      That part’s not much different.

    • Posted by Anne Frank, at Reply

      I would be impressed with John’s use of word progenitor here, it’s not exactly correct but it illustrates what he is trying to articulate very well. But, it’s like the second or third time I have heard him use the word in the last couple weeks 😉 it’s the new literally

    • Posted by MystBunnyGaming, at Reply

      Anne Frank, are you responding to a comment that was spam-flagged and removed?

  7. Posted by Justin Shim, at Reply

    trickle-down economics is a scam and ALWAYS has been. give more $ to the rich and their bank accounts get fatter. give more $ to the poor and they buy stuff. which do you think REALLY grows the economy?

    • Posted by Justin Shim, at Reply

      ssn90 what does THAT have to do with the PERPETUAL FAILURE that is Reaganomics? heck, even George H. W. Bush called it “voodoo economics”. HE knew it was a scam.

    • Posted by ssn90, at Reply

      Economics is not a definitive science… there are policies which are suited to different situations. The fruits of massive infrastructure development (during the Regan period) were reaped years later in terms of transportation/logistics/industrial hubs etc. You can blindly criticize Regan nor blindly praise leftist policies (Cuba, Venezuela etc.). Each has its pro & cons, contractors & detractors…

    • Posted by Justin Shim, at Reply

      ssn90 odd, pretty sure I said NOTHING about Cuba OR Venezuela. Brain, did YOU mention Cuba or Venezuela? (he says no) this, my friends, is what’s called a “straw man”, a CLASSIC diversionary tactic, traditionally employed when one finds a/he is unable OR unwilling to defend his/her position and desperately tries to change the subject.

    • Posted by ssn90, at Reply

      Stop debating like a 5th grader. What is your counter… I am saying you can blindly say Regan’s economic agenda was a sham. Have you done a thesis on the circumstances of the world economy then etc that you say with such confidence it was a sham. BTW Reagan’s contribution may have been 15-20%, the policies were by economists…

    • Posted by ssn90, at Reply

      Stop debating like a 5th grader. What is your counter… I am saying you cant blindly say Regan’s economic agenda was a sham. Have you done a thesis on the circumstances of the world economy then etc that you say with such confidence it was a sham. BTW Reagan’s contribution may have been 15-20%, the policies were by economists…

  8. Posted by No Dogma Mama, at Reply

    What needs to happen​ is find out how many jobs did those “small business” create? you can run a million dollar business with 3employees for example. giving them more tax cuts doesn’t benefit the state or nation. what do billionaires buy? they have everything they need already. trickle down is a farce.

    • Posted by leepicciotto, at Reply

      No Dogma Mama trickle down in America is a farce. These people are spending everything in other markets/countries. They already have their hold on the Americas,it’s all about expanding overseas. They’re competing with companies from around the world for their share of those markets. I own a couple of “small businesses” myself and will tell anyone it’s a giant line of bullshit being sold to the American people.

    • Posted by miapdx Portland, at Reply

      No Dogma Mama Trickle down economics; the rich get richer, and we get to buy from their excess at Goodwill.

  9. Posted by axion, at Reply

    so they finally figured out that trickle down economics doesn’t work atleast they know now it that state

    • Posted by Phil, at Reply

      They have known for a long time that tricle down only works for the wealthy. That is the point.

  10. Posted by Wasp, at Reply

    Plot twist: Trump’s secret plan is to be such a scumbag that the entire world ends up united against a common enemy.

    • Posted by ross vandenberg, at Reply


    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply


    • Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

      this thought keep occurring to me – that Trump is being so outrageously conservative that he will destroy the conservative brand. but what is in it for him other than a completely ruined reputation and death threats?

  11. Posted by MovedMasterMike, at Reply

    Is that why Sam Brownback is the least approved governor? The GOP just do not learn do they

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      MovedMasterMike He still won. The voter turn out was only 26% when he won last year.

  12. Posted by Dan Extrinsic01, at Reply

    Kansas….did you ever get the Trickle-Down?

    • Posted by GREGG T, at Reply

      Dan Extrinsic01 HAHAHAHA!

    • Posted by Phil, at Reply

      Don’t look up because that’s not wealth trickling down!

    • Posted by Phil, at Reply

      I guess that’s what freedom tastes like to conservatives…

  13. Posted by Phil, at Reply

    Wait?!? Trickle down economics doesn’t work?

    • Posted by Jacob Taylor, at Reply


  14. Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

    Zero sympathy for states that vote for Republicans in these kind of numbers.

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      Well, the high tax rates and other high costs have driven corporations OUT. Or, is outsourcing and offshoring a lie?? Corporations LEAVE the USA because their after tax profits are too high?

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      +luvcheney1 Which is why you place other penalties on corporations and businesses that do those things. If they want this market, and they’re supposedly American, they’ll learn to adjust.

    • Posted by socom 2, at Reply

      greed it’s never enough

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      Gangrel Aussie  Unfortunately, those who will “learn to adjust” to higher prices are the People. The customers. You desire to use govt force to raise the cost of doing business. The only way a consumer will pay more is THROUGH force. Otherwise, we buy Chinese stuff, and Foreign brand cars.

    • Posted by David Sendero Del Santos, at Reply

      Gangrel Aussie
      Unfortunately the rest of us are forced to ride in the car being driven off the Cliff by the most dangerous and despotic ruling class in history. The poorly educated, though frequently impecably credentialed, Right Wing Dings that put them in the drivers seat keep the radio tuned to mainstream pop and Holy Roller Howlers to drown out our warnings of the fast approaching precipice.

  15. Posted by avin r, at Reply

    My roof was caving in, so I just cut a couple beams. It will fix itself. I truly believe that. Such is the world according to my Republican mind.

    • Posted by Nathan Frater, at Reply

      wiz9496 please elaborate with proof. Otherwise stop spouting nonsense.

    • Posted by wiz9496, at Reply

      It’s common knowledge that Social Security And Medicare are going to go bankrupt. If you want proof, look it up. I’m not here to work for you.

    • Posted by avin r, at Reply

      +BusterXXXL​​ just let him talk. No effort needed to get him to show his own stupidity.

  16. Posted by NY NY, at Reply

    for every trump voter…this is destroying our country,,,u are all traitors to all hard working americans,,,factory worker working 40+ hours they gonna take from our healthcare and give that money to the super rich…this country is headed to hell…dam Trumpanzee

    • Posted by 888nivek, at Reply

      free healthcare was nothing more than a scamm to give money to big pharma

    • Posted by god hand, at Reply

      888nivek then how come they fight it tooth and nail in every state house and congress

    • Posted by paulgary allbritton, at Reply

      That “white knight” turned out to be an” elephant with hemorrhoids” wake up repubs

    • Posted by god hand, at Reply

      then how come france does it so well? we pay more for healthcare than they do.

  17. Posted by Zachary Raymond, at Reply

    i live in wichita, ks. im 19 years old i graduated about a year ago and i got out just in time. im friends with multiple people at different schools in wichita. my friends would get in trouble for wearing tank tops which is against the rules but the schools couldnt afford air conditioning. some temperatures were as high as 90 degrees in the school. and some students have passed out and many kids have been pulled from schools. brownback is trump and that is why i will always be a Democrat

    • Posted by Brian B, at Reply

      Yes, I suggest identifying as liberal or even left leaning libertarian like Bernie sanders over being a democrat

    • Posted by Leo, at Reply

      Brian B bernie is not a libertarian, hes a democratic socalist. libertarians have similar social standpoints but when it comes to the economy their quite different

    • Posted by Magma Mage, at Reply

      Leo hes talking in the traditional sense of Libertarian, as in Libertarian Socialist. Libertarian was originally a left-wing and even anarchist term, but right-wing ancaps stole the term.

    • Posted by Leo, at Reply

      +Magma Mage im aware of the roots again bernie isnt a libertarian socalist either tho. And Libertarianism is still a anarchist term. It is socially left yes but again, economically it is very right.

  18. Posted by Cum Dumpster, at Reply

    I’m a 19 yo from Kansas, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kansas flipped blue because of what republicans have done to the state.