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Republicans Respond To Rob Porter Scandal


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Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly and also Legislator Orrin Hatch are protecting implicating domestic abuser and former Trump assistant Rob Doorperson. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

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" White Residence principal of team John Kelly has finished a something of a 180 on previous elderly White Residence aide Rob Doorperson after allegations were made today that he physically abused 2 of his ex-wives.

Regardless of Kelly apparently learning about a safety order submitted versus Doorperson, as well as his ex-wives' allegations of misuse– which kept him from obtaining a complete protection clearance– the principal of staff elevated the assistant's placement in the White Residence.

When he was accused of residential physical violence in reports published by the Daily Mail and The Intercept, Kelly vehemently protected Doorperson.

However, after dealing with intense reaction over his action and Doorperson's resignation, Kelly released a second declaration:

" There is no place for residential physical violence in our culture. I wait my previous comments of the Rob Porter that I have actually come to know given that coming to be Principal of Staff, and think every individual is worthy of the right to defend their track record. I accepted his resignation previously today, and also will certainly make certain a swift as well as orderly transition."

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by ANGRY BUFFALO, at Reply


    • Posted by Paul Berevoescu, at Reply


  2. Posted by Druidic Troy, at Reply

    I wish we could dose all of them with truth serum then make them do a press conference.

  3. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Anyone know how many people have been fired or resigned from Trump’s administration to date? Because the guy who claims to only hire the best people isn’t really living up to the hype

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Optimus Fine: Yeah ’cause if you go through all the “best people” you’re only left with idiots.

  4. Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

    Hang on….no one is mentioning the most shocking part here..

    The Daily Mail did some actual JOURNALISM????

    • Posted by Vee K., at Reply

      Lol- is what I thought.

    • Posted by Paul Berevoescu, at Reply


  5. Posted by Jim Moore, at Reply

    I really don’t like men who beat on women.

  6. Posted by Saucy Marthee, at Reply

    How much longer till we impeach MR.DUMP,him and his staff are all corrupted πŸ€”πŸ€”………
    Ana,marry me pleases😩😩😩😏😏😏

  7. Posted by C Wilson, at Reply

    For a guy who hires “the best people” Trump sure has had to fire a lot of them. Omarosa, Bannon, Flynn, Spicer, the Mooch, Preibus. and now this guy? Trump has let go of more people than Taylor Swift.

    • Posted by prettymochame just T, at Reply

      C Wilson you forgot Comey, Scaramucci

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      prettymochame just T: Yeah you kind of need to carry a scorecard to keep track of all the White House firings.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      trump train is a already full of garbage, destined to be a train wreck on siberian stalinbahn death rail. better jump off early.

    • Posted by P1ranh4, at Reply

      Trump should quit in this case and record an album, like Taylor Swift. Seems like an improvement and a better fit than president.

  8. Posted by Tracy Gittins, at Reply

    Anna’s question: How does he differentiate between those he believes and those he doesn’t believe? Answer: He’s true blue, believing Mormon. He’s a gold medalist in mental gymnastics!

    • Posted by Avi Novus, at Reply


  9. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Kell, destroying whatever credibility he hd left: Hes a GREAT man. How DARE you impugn his reputation!”….a few hours later….”SHocked! Shocked I tell you! Theres no room for HIS ilk in civilized society!”

  10. Posted by Anthony Mcqueen, at Reply

    Kelly is trash like his boss he just pissed his so called honor and dignity out the door when he worked for this clown as 45.

    • Posted by hyper reign, at Reply

      well said.

    • Posted by Kyle Brown, at Reply

      He didn’t lose it at the door he never had it in the first place that’s one of the reasons that Trump would hire him!

    • Posted by tomt435, at Reply

      Kelly knew about Porter’s questionable background, but ignored it. That to me is as troubling as the allegations themselves.

  11. Posted by tomt435, at Reply

    What about the fact Porter along with several other appointees that are having trouble attaining permanent security clearance because of their back round checks. Yet they are given top level positions, should we be concerned about that?

    • Posted by Kyle Brown, at Reply

      Nope they got clearance from Vlad the Impaler, draft dodging Donnie’s boss, and if he gives the go-ahead on somebody, doesn’t make any difference automatically get a temporary security clearance

    • Posted by tomt435, at Reply

      In any other environment a simple background check on Porter would have deemed him not qualified for even lowest security clearance.

    • Posted by chang jeffrey, at Reply

      You can be concerned but you don’t have the power to do anything.

    • Posted by chang jeffrey, at Reply

      Kyle Brown now you sound like alt-right

  12. Posted by Collin Grimes, at Reply

    Orrin Hatch belongs in a nursing home

    • Posted by Memorandom, at Reply

      He belongs in a box in a crematorium.

  13. Posted by Tracey Kennedy, at Reply

    What if the anonymous woman is Hope Hicks? πŸ€”πŸ€”

  14. Posted by Dark Days, at Reply

    He’s a real stand-up, beat them around a bit, knock them back down kinda guy!

  15. Posted by Jason Overholser, at Reply

    More Republicans showing us their wholesome family values.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      So in other words you think Democratic domestic violence is Ok because they don’t espouse “family values”.

    • Posted by SciGuy, at Reply


  16. Posted by elcallao007, at Reply

    He doesn’t have security clearence either because of what he did to his wives and John Kelly new it, yet he was working as staff Secretary.

  17. Posted by Ralph Canfield, at Reply

    Kelly needs to go too

    • Posted by James skorpio, at Reply

      Ralph Canfield Kelly need to be water boarded…

  18. Posted by Idris Fashan, at Reply

    Welcome to Trump Survivor!

  19. Posted by Bayonne Blasphemer, at Reply

    Any man who would physically or emotionally abuse a woman for any reason is not a man.

    • Posted by Attic Knight, at Reply

      Bayonne Blasphemer pretty sure the definition of man isn’t contingent on that

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      Attic Knight.. it doesnt help…

    • Posted by Spring Time, at Reply

      We know how this works now. There will be more women coming out. This man
      hates women period. Like Gates who also hung out in the WH, they need to start looking for dead bodies under his house.