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Republicans Rigging Elections With Democratic Voter Purges, Dems Silent


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Republicans keep speaking about voter fraudulence to distract from the truth they are committing organized mass citizen fraud. How long are Democrats going to allow Republican cheat? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you think in the remark area listed below.

" In yet another reversal of a previous Justice Division position on ballot civil liberties, Attorney general of the United States Jeff Sessions' DOJ has evaluated in on a pending Supreme Court caseregarding Ohio's method of purging inactive voters from its rolls.

The division argued in an amicus brief that Ohio's citizen purges, which have overmuch struck Democrats as well as African Americans, are legal. That's the opposite of just what the DOJ under Attorney general Loretta Lynch claimed about the situation in 2014.

" Among other things, exact registration checklists are essential to stop [ing] voter scams," the quick insists.

Ohio is fighting for the right to send notifications to any type of voters that miss 2 federal elections asking if they have actually relocated, died or end up being or else ineligible to elect. If the voter does not respond and also continues to miss federal elections, she or he after that would be removed from the voter rolls." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Jiggaboo Jones, at Reply

    Not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are Republicans

    • Posted by ADeadlierSnake, at Reply

      REEF70 You think Clinton is left? That’s adorable

    • Posted by Jay Kline, at Reply

      Abortion is legal, dumbass.

    • Posted by Jay Kline, at Reply

      It’s weird how that happened.

    • Posted by Steve S, at Reply

      You mean racist like Maxine Waters who wants a political party just for black people? Wouldnt that make her a rhino also?

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      Jay Kline this is legal why else would it be going through the courts?

  2. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    In Canada, we encourage people to vote and feel that voting is essential to our Democracy. Doesn’t look like its the same in the US, eh? (Pun intended)

    • Posted by rob collette, at Reply

      The slippery slope of DC legalized corruption rules the day. They like the Big Business creeps and the Billionaires, and the Communist Chinese Capitalists. The average American, not so much.

    • Posted by Herley Taylor, at Reply

      You’re right.

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      BV Bill, the VOTING is clearly democratic. This video and similar issues are about access to voting, not the voting itself. There’s only one office in the country where the person with the most votes doesn’t win – the presidency. Regardless, that’s not unique as only France among developed countries picks it’s head of government by popular vote.

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      I’m surprised people don’t cite Canada’s lack of options as a detriment. Geographically it’s not diverse, with the best weather in the country in Vancouver/Victoria with an average of 60F and rainy all year. The major urban areas are all near the U.S. save for the cities like Calgary dependent on the fossil fuels industry. It’s expensive and not really set up for travel given the vast distances and weather, as Optimus acknowledged. All those factors seem to make it tailored to people who want to set up roots and not move about. Same with the European countries. Brexit was in part a revolt against Poles moving to the UK – the distance from Denver to Atlanta. I’ve taken jobs across the multiple states and enjoy the freedom to get up and move about such a large and diverse area. Regardless, I’d say Optimus is correct that civically, Canada is ‘more evolved’ than we are now, but government is not the only factor in quality of life.

    • Posted by Fiona Kotziampasi, at Reply

      Thanks to the Schengen agreement there is free movement between countries in the Schengen zone and even countries that are not in the Schengen zone have made free movement possible. Europeans are free to travel and work in most European countries. About 1.4 million EU citizens alone move from one EU country to another each year. As far as Brexit is concerned yet again fear and ignorance ruled the day!

  3. Posted by Grim Locke, at Reply

    Not a post-race country.

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      No. You have to go back to pre-Obama times to find that country.

    • Posted by fuzzy one, at Reply

      A post-race USA has never existed. A black president just aggravated entitled little racist white men.

  4. Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

    How to solve the issue of race and crime in America:

    1) Target ALL drugs equally, not just the drugs used by black people, like weed and crack. Target cocaine, opioids, heroin, ADHD meds, and anti-depressants. Ban pharma companies from making such drugs.
    2) Make prison sentences shorter, but harsher, for non-violent crimes. Drug users get 1 year in prison, but with 10 hrs of hard labour a day. Petty theft gets 6 months to a year with extreme hard labour as well.
    3) EXECUTE people who sexually abuse kids below the age of 12, if the perpetrator is above the age of 20.
    4) Increase the death penalty from 35/year to 1000/year.
    5) Make sure that defendants are judged by a judge and jury of the same race as them, in order to avoid racism in the justice system.
    6) Make sure that cops patrol neighbourhoods of the same race as them, for the same reason above.
    7) Use hanging as a method, and reduce the waiting time to a max. of 2 months. This will slash the cost of the death penalty.

    Only then can modern America, in 2017, rid itself of it’s endless mass shootings, murders, drug abuse, and crime, and return to an era where people were safe and happy.

    Share your thoughts.

    • Posted by adam perkins, at Reply

      +Jessica Kalinowski I agree, my son was misdiagnosed with ADHD when in elementary school only to be told in middle school he did not have ADHD, glad I did not follow the schools plan for him to take meds. But yes if meds. are needed for someone fine

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      Severe punishments actually make people who commit minor crimes (usually by accident), commit much more severe crimes.

      When people believe they are going to jail for most of their life or that they are going to be executed or hit with some other unacceptable punishment no matter what they do from that point onward; they determine that the consequences of their actions no longer matter (because objectively, they don’t). People respond to this by trying to make as much trouble as they can (including but not limited to rape, murder, destruction of property, etc) as a form of revenge.
      This is basic human nature. Harsh penalties for minor crimes lead to more extreme crimes.

      By contrast, if minor crimes have minor penalties and people are given help readjusting to society or fixing their problems, then they are less likely to commit further crimes.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + Chris Hakala

      They will only be executed for violent crimes, not non violent ones.

  5. Posted by ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°), at Reply

    That’s the only way Rethuglicans can win, with voter suppression.

    • Posted by Ntwadumela 1974, at Reply

      TheYoungTurksExposed Jeff KKK Session skin him slowly and rub salt in the wounds.

    • Posted by Dave.R, at Reply

      ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) millions of illegals voted and LA doesn’t even cooperate to check this out. Up to 144% op ppl voted in some counties.

    • Posted by Ntwadumela 1974, at Reply

      Dave.R 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Posted by ASSASSYN, at Reply

      ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) and with gerrymandering.

  6. Posted by Yvaelle, at Reply

    Virtually all instances of voter fraud are by and for Republicans. If you really want to crack down on voter fraud, purge 2 million Republicans from being allowed to vote.

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      The only proven cases last year were by GOP voters, who claimed they did it cuz they wanted to combat voter fraud (no joke)

    • Posted by Fuffy Baig, at Reply

      I….still can’t fathom the stupid that are republican voters……help

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      Yvaelle And if election fraud was a crime with criminal charges, nearly all Republican governors and legislatures would be serving time right now.

    • Posted by cynisturb, at Reply

      Purge 50 million.

  7. Posted by MiQuel Quiles, at Reply

    TYT you guys are awesome you guys rock continue the great work and informing us with the truth this is what we definitely need to hear rather people like it or not thank you guys…..

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      That’s funny. Nothing like a little sarcasm to start the day.

    • Posted by Jayden Parks, at Reply

      MiQuel Quiles thanks for making me laugh libtard dumbass

  8. Posted by Brandon Jackson, at Reply

    This is why I say blacks need to get off the Democratic plantation.Democrats don’t fight to protect minorities they all talk no action. At least progressives are willing to actually fight to protect minorities. Yes, there are some progressives that racist but the overwhelming majority are genuinely concerned and are willing to fight.

    • Posted by Perry McCorkle, at Reply

      I hear you! This is what Tom Joyner, D.L. Hughley, Steve Harvey need to be talking about! The Democrats of the Civil Rights era are done and gone. Today’s Democrats don’t much care about the minority community and would rather court wealthy republicans. Ask Schumer, he’ll tell u all about it. The sooner POC wake up to the new reality the better.

    • Posted by Brianne Davis, at Reply

      Brandon Jackson Amen! Baby boomers are stuck in the neo liberal/ neo conservative loop.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      Brandon Jackson well you are half right….

  9. Posted by DarthServo, at Reply

    Your fight back plan has a big flaw–there are 34 GOP controlled states and only 16 Democrat controlled states.

    • Posted by goodrich g, at Reply

      DarthServo ….MORE Dem-Tard will lose Cox of black run cess pool cities like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore. … People are tired of living in death towns and voting for crooked democraps. They will lose more.

    • Posted by New Wave, at Reply

      +DathServo Flaw? Not really.. you see those 34 States you reference are largely sparsely populated. For example, New York City just by itself has a larger population (over 8.5 million) than the entire state of Alaska (over 741,800) and keep in mind Alaska is the largest state in the union. Nationwide there are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans. The only thing that saves Republicans is the electoral map and gerrymandering congressional districts in there favor. If Democrats played dirty like the GOP it would be very bad for the GOP.

  10. Posted by Adrenalized1099, at Reply

    Tyt is fake news just like they deny the Armenian genocide.

    • Posted by Jacqueline Fashbaugh, at Reply

      Johnny the boy Thank you for schooling me as to the proper way to leave a response in a YouTube thread, Johnny the Boy does appear to be an appropriate way to address you. Cenk having made very ignorant statements on this topic over twenty years ago is not indicative of the accuracy of their reporting. Beyond that he has addressed it on the show, he talks about the article and expresses his regret and the fact that he has clearly since changed his views on the topic. Owning that he was wrong and being willing to talk about it is what sets tyt apart from other news networks. If Cenks article from the period of time when he was a Republican college student is your go to in attempts to discredit everything that tyt currently reports on, again, keep reaching. Also, making broad claims referencing all the inaccurate information tyt reports without giving one verifiable example doesn’t help substantiate what you are saying. Unlike the majority of Conservatives, I don’t base what I know to be true and factual on any given topic exclusively on the words or claims of any one person or news outlet simply because they are in my same political party.

    • Posted by Reynold Cole, at Reply

      Johnny the Boy Cenk used to be a Republican in the 90s, sounds about right he’d be an idiot at that time

    • Posted by Jacqueline Fashbaugh, at Reply

      Armando Gallegos Look up the definition of Young Turks. Additionally, as I stated in this thread, I look at facts and information through a filter that is based on a lot more than whether or not the source is also affiliated with my chosen political party. Attempting to discredit tyt and their reporting based on an over twenty year old article, that the writer has since addressed as wrong, and your perceived meaning of the name of the network, only illustrates how far you’re reaching.

  11. Posted by Gollum, at Reply

    This has nothing to do with race, though. It is about cleaning up rolls of people who are not voting. TYT race-baiting once again.

    • Posted by waxandwane, at Reply

      But this IS the truth… this has happened hundreds of times in the past and its always a Republican who’s to blame.  And they always target blacks….. can you just accept this as fact???  This isn’t race baiting its stating the facts…

  12. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    Technically, there were just 4 cases of illegal voter fraud reported from the 2016 election (out of 136.7 million votes), but of those 4, 3 were for Trump (including a Colorado RNC chairman) and only 1 was for Clinton. There was also a study done earlier this year (though I can’t remember where) that said going back to the 1970s, there have only been 40-50 cases of voter fraud, and around 80% were committed by Republican voters. Remember, according to our Constitution (the document that has the laws that all Americans are supposed to follow) if you are an immigrant (legal or illegal and from any country) you can’t vote in our elections because only registered citizens can. Furthermore, if you are caught voting illegally, you could go to jail for up to a decade and pay a fine in the tens of thousands. So risking 10 years in prison for 1 additional vote isn’t as easy/worth it as President Trump made it sound. Now, is voter fraud real? Yes. But does it make any real difference? No. So any Republican politician that argues we need to make stricter voting laws to end voter fraud, remind them that their party is the 1 who “benefits” from it.

    • Posted by Daniel Harper, at Reply

      Jesse Torres FOR THE WIN!!!

  13. Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

    All Im thinking is the OKeefe video were a democrat operative admitted on video that they are bussing people around to vote multiple times and that they are doing it for years.

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      There’s that, plus proven instances where “dead” people voted.

    • Posted by Sonia C, at Reply

      Dave Z you mean the same OKeefe who was paid by Trump? Yeah, spread that GOP propaganda 😉 Paid for by Trump, enough said

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      Sonia C Some conservative millionaire gave Cenk a 4 million dollar loan to start TYT. Does that mean that Cenk is paid propaganda for the conservative movement?
      And lets follow your strain of thought and assume that Trump personally paid OKeefe to make a video about democrats bussing people around to vote multiple times.
      You still cant ignore the fact that the democratic operative admitted on camera that they do exactly that for at least fifty years.
      And by your logic, do you believe that any news source is credible? They all have shown bias for their favourite candidate and even supported them with money and free air time.

    • Posted by Reginald Regency, at Reply

      Didn’t Okeefe admit his stuff is fake?you sucker lol

  14. Posted by JacksKyu, at Reply

    I’m from Ohio and hearing this just makes me sad and now I just want to move out of state, but I can’t.

    • Posted by Kelly Fowler, at Reply

      I understand your frustration. Perhaps you could join a group helping to get people registered to vote? Taking positive action to counter negative actions can help with that kind of frustration. Take care.

    • Posted by Brianne Davis, at Reply

      JacksKyu I am too. I’m disgusted with our State. I wish I could move too.

    • Posted by Brianne Davis, at Reply

      TheYoungTurksExposed Did you even watch the video?

    • Posted by MacKenzie Bartlett, at Reply

      I’m with you. I laugh when people say Kasich is a moderate. Please, he approves of this, and has passed, what 17-18 anti abortion laws while in office? He’s just not an idiot like the current right wing is.

    • Posted by Bertha canty, at Reply


  15. Posted by submarinerdeep7, at Reply


    • Posted by Maxx Headroom, at Reply

      Judging by your last three comments, the moron in this instance is you.

  16. Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

    Under this logic democrats have killed more black people since they are typically more pro abortion.
    If you are going to cherry pick statistics then we can too.

    • Posted by ASSASSYN, at Reply

      Mark Broadhurst abortion. Personal choice.

      Purging voter rolls. No choice, illegal, racist, and a known republican tactic.

      Keep trying light weight.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      ASSASSYN and who made it legal?
      And you Claim that they would have no choice?
      Reply yes I’m still at this address and alive please keep me in the voter roll. Easier than an abortion.

      Maybe you could explain how it’s illegal since it’s going through the courts?
      And how is it racist?
      A disproportionate amount of black people commit murder is that a racist law that we should abandon?

  17. Posted by barry williams, at Reply

    It unusual to hear that the country that claims to be the greatest democracy in the world, deny people’s right the vote.

  18. Posted by Owen Oulton, at Reply

    Why do you keep squawking “It’s unamerican”? It’s the most American thing there is!

  19. Posted by Quirk Zone, at Reply

    I’m tired of hearing from Republicans about so called widespread voter fraud. It’s actually the opposite – what the Republicans are doing is voter fraud. It’s time for progressives to throw this back into conservative faces and begin saying, “What you are doing is voter fraud.” It is voter fraud. It has to be quashed.