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Republicans THRILLED Trump’s Never Leaving Afghanistan


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Republican politicians couldn't be better. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" In going against his instincts on Afghanistan, Head of state Donald Trump won the praise of some of his most difficult movie critics– defense hawks in Congress.

Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who've blown up Trump in the past over his nationalistic foreign-policy views, hailed the president's choice Monday to increase the United States footprint in the 16-year war versus the Taliban.

" I compliment President Trump for taking a big step in the ideal instructions with the brand-new approach for Afghanistan," claimed McCain, that chairs the Senate Armed Providers Committee. "I believe the head of state is currently relocating us well past the prior administration's failed approach of simply holding off defeat."" *.

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  1. Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      Lindsey Graham wants to shove a nuclear bomb up his butt with gay delight.

    • Posted by Mister Stevo, at Reply

      that and gay porn.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Mister Steve – beat me to it !

  2. Posted by I support the gay agenda, at Reply

    It’s official, Trump has killed more civilians than Obama.

    • Posted by LogiKaiser, at Reply

      bee gargamel
      “alex cuellar, that is not false equivalence you ignoramus. Tell that to syrians and russians who feared her election, and hoped for trump due to her war mongering.”

      Trump fired 60 missiles at Syrian government bases housing Russian military personal.
      Trump dropped the largest conventional bomb in the US arsenal on Afghanistan.
      Trump threatened an armada to take down / go to war with North Korea.
      Trump is continually threatening North Korea and upping the tensions.
      Trump is threatening Iran with military action.
      Trump is authorising special ops activity in Yemen and Libya.

      Who’s the war monger?

    • Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

      LogiKaiser exactly!! You also would not have fears that she’sgoing to privatize the fucken war

    • Posted by Martin Tapia, at Reply

      I support the gay agenda e

    • Posted by bee gargamel, at Reply

      LongKaiser, Hillary turned Libya from stable relatively & prosperous into a isis slave state and a refugee crisis. That far outpaces anything trump’s done so far, thou we’ll see later. She also sided with iraq, unlike trump. She also war mongered against Russia and Iran. How you can elevate her on foreign policy is insane. You and ur trump bashing, thinking someone is ‘noble’ if they killed 100 civilians as opposed to 101, ignoring what h.c did to libya, which amounts to a 2nd iraqi quagmire, and she backed the first and initiated the 2nd without even being potus.

  3. Posted by John Paul Jones, at Reply

    Taliban have been at war in Afghanistan since 1979. They have waited this long…

    • Posted by Mercenary Marine, at Reply

      John Paul Jones the Taliban came about in the 1990’s not in 1979….

    • Posted by Nexus, at Reply

      John Paul Jones The CIA did fund and train the mujahideen though in the 1970s

    • Posted by Freshie207, at Reply

      Like Mercenary Marine says Afghans have been at war that long but first they were the Mujahideen and then when the Soviet invasion ended the Taliban was originally formed to rival the newly formed Mujahideen warlords.

  4. Posted by george in-virginia, at Reply

    The Chinese will win because they won’t spend all of their money on wars with no end.

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      China will become the #1 superpower in a decade or so while the United States will become more uneducated and undeveloped. Just ask how stupid listenbuddy1 is!

    • Posted by San Qiang Li, at Reply

      Well, saying China will win because they have a wall is pretty weird thing to say.

    • Posted by Liptonicetea, at Reply

      China is engaging in the South china sea stealing oil from poorer countries in the area ( like India and Vietnam) and they pretty much invaded africa for the resources; look at how many Chinese are in Ghana right now.

  5. Posted by The Official 4th Reich, at Reply

    We don’t leave until every last kebab is dead

    • Posted by mick stot, at Reply

      mmmm, kebabs

    • Posted by магика, at Reply

      The Official 4th Reich ты пизда. Отвали украинский фашист!

    • Posted by Beloved One, at Reply

      We’re not there to kill ‘kebabs.’ We’re there to safeguard those poppy fields.

    • Posted by bee gargamel, at Reply

      ‘moslems are violent’, say the dorks calling for this all the way to nukes, while the military’s unilaterally bombing them, it isn’t enough for the savages.

    • Posted by David Sendero Del Santos, at Reply

      I notice that you use the emblem of the murderous fascist AZOV brigands as your avatar. While the AZOV thugs were quite skilled at shelling the civilian neighborhoods of the Donbass with heavy artillery and Grad rockets, torturing elderly veterans of the Great Patriotic War for daring to wear their Red Army Medals, raping pubescent children, and stealing the valuables of the ethnic Russians that they drove from their homes, they did not fare so well when they were met by the citizen militias of the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics. When met with lethal resistance the AZOV NewNazis fled the field leaving behind massive amounts of equipment, munitions, armaments and materiel as they beat a retreat. The Russian Federation didn’t need to supply much as the Ukies surrendered sufficient materiel, everything from assault rifles to trophy tanks and BMPs, to equip an army. Which it did and the civilian soldiers of the Donbass sent vast numbers of the AZOV Bandera Rightists to Valhalla.

  6. Posted by TRUMP IS THE BEST, at Reply

    But wait Cenk did you forget you love Graham and McConnell now?

    • Posted by wickednwyld, at Reply

      Antman4656 – THANK YOU!!! I have been telling republicans the same thing for decades now. No business is going to hire more people or expand simply because they are paying less in taxes.

    • Posted by Kevin Pham, at Reply


    • Posted by webster wu, at Reply

      political science when ppl stand by their leader instead of principle, dictatorship is not far from the door

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      robert mayorwitz: Repubs have no idea what a “principle” is. They have only allegiance to party.

  7. Posted by Dexter White, at Reply

    Of course the Republicans are thrilled about more war. They’re scum.

    • Posted by wickednwyld, at Reply

      888strummer – Yup, it does. There is plenty of blame to go around, and most if not all of the swamp dwellers deserve to get splattered with it, regardless of party.

    • Posted by Q G, at Reply

      Democrats are quite upset about President Trump’s decision to ramp up the war in Afghanistan — and I’m upset about it too, but I just have to ask: Do they remember that their own nominee had the most hawkish foreign-policy record in the race?

    • Posted by Samantha V, at Reply

      I’ve never seen Lindsay Graham so excited before. He’s shaking, trying to contain himself, about war. Disturbing.

    • Posted by B L Huber, at Reply

      Samantha V If war could be personified, Graham and McCain would gangbang it.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Dexter: Repubs were all against it (aside from McCain) when Obama was in office. Now they’re all cheering it.

  8. Posted by bagofbarn, at Reply

    Trump wants to keep the drugs flowing. We know the rich love to snort their stuff.

    • Posted by Beloved One, at Reply

      Afghanistan produces 98% of the opium that goes into all the drugs doled out by pharmaceutical companies.

    • Posted by Jeremy Latour, at Reply

      What he means is opium. American consumes 80% of the world’s opioids. Big pharma has a vested interest in this as well

    • Posted by Svitlo37, at Reply

      Jeremy Latour I agree with that. It’s hard not to see a connection between american troops PROTECTING opium fields in Afghanistan…and then the huge swell in opioid abuse in america.

      I suppose I missunderstood the OP, Im just so used to talking to fanatical idealogs everytime I leave a comment on political vids.

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      Folks, it’s a complex problem. Poppy farming is what earns money for the locals. The Taliban provided a way for dirt poor locals to put food on the table. We now have to provide the same, either through opium or another crop, and none is as profitable. Take away the opium and tribal allegiance goes right back to the Taliban and they win militarily. Wars are won by civilian solutions, not military ones, and we’ve had no exit plan for the civilian one in Afghanistan since we went in.

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      888strumer: See my above post: Lithium doesn’t feed villagers nation-wide, it’s a geographically finite mineral that makes money for a select few business men (local, regional, and USA). It won’t lead to a lasting solution.

  9. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    If republican are so thrilled that Donald Trum is never leaving Afghanistan, then why don’t they sign up to go to war?

    • Posted by FIRE SIGN, at Reply

      cne08 # SEND THEIR!!! RICH!!! KIDS!! TO GO FIGHT!!!….

      YEAH BET! WE’LL NEVER!!! SEE THAT!!! 😠😠😠😠😩

    • Posted by Michael Turner, at Reply

      cne08 its a rich mans war and a poor mans battle. Those rich politicians in the government could dodge the draft… i bet if they had to go they wouldn’t be such warmogtols

  10. Posted by miguel cruz, at Reply

    Where is Mike Pence he’s been out of the picture for a while??

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Doesnt wanna get any on him when it hits the fan

    • Posted by Anthony Interiano, at Reply

      He’s dead, replaced by a mannequin

    • Posted by FIRE SIGN, at Reply


    • Posted by Jock Wochi, at Reply

      Chasing his homo friends. Pence is as queer as a clockwork orange!

  11. Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

    F*ck the US. Seriously. F*ck this place.

    I simply can’t deal with this place anymore. I’m so ashamed of it. How low it has fallen. And how much worse it will get in the future. I can’t deal with how out of control, weird, and insane the people in this country are. I can’t deal with a place filled with so much violence, hate, and immorality.

    Seriously. Even Africa seems better.

    Share your thoughts.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Stoeger: He lives in 1947, like most rednecks contards
      магика: Seriously… what an ignorant dip he is. Beyond stupid.

      He’ll avoid this thread since he was revealed to be a dunce.

    • Posted by RiffSkozzFans Furry Bara Collection, at Reply

      bloodraighna blood, qwerty is a troll that lurks on tyt comment sections. If you think a man that says “all lgbt people need to be shipped out of the usa and into Russia” needs defending, then you’re clearly new here

    • Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

      QWERTY 123 I agree.. I no longer feel this is the greatest country. This country shows that nobody matters except for whose donating the most money to Congress.. Blacks don’t matter, Hispanics don’t matter, and whites don’t matter unless they have a certain income.. I literally told my husband that I really am wanting to move to Tonga, to get out of this mess that we are in here and finally move to a country where their laws, on the books, are for the people. I read Tongas laws and I couldn’t believe how amazing they are to ALL the people no matter the race..

  12. Posted by CENK YOGURT, at Reply


    • Posted by Sankento, at Reply

      CENK YOGURT dude you are not funny. When are you going to get that?

    • Posted by CENK YOGURT, at Reply

      Sankento shut up racist

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      Great comeback, loser.

    • Posted by Collin Jensen, at Reply

      CENK YOGURT *Slow clap*

  13. Posted by Abraham Garcia, at Reply

    Seeing how many people are idiots, i think we need to be ruled by aliens or something. Humans aren’t smart enough to self govern

    • Posted by Yusuke Urameshi, at Reply

      Abraham Garcia facts

    • Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

      The system praises psychopaths who don’t have empathy for others they slowly get all the money and perfectly suit running corporations then they use the money for power and influence and then we have wars to make more money. If the system doesn’t change nothing will. We need to start by getting money out of Politics to take away their influence.

    • Posted by Ramyar Alizadeh, at Reply

      not every human is an idiot, but yes most americans are

  14. Posted by SuperXrunner, at Reply

    If he wants wars why doesn’t he go fight them…I’m sick of fat old men deciding to fight war and young men and women have to fight them and die or come back mamed and broken…Americans should stop them from doing this to their children

    • Posted by FIRE SIGN, at Reply

      SuperXrunner 😢😢😢😢😢😢 SOOOO TRUE AND SAD 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    • Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

      Send the rich donors lobbyists and weapons manufacturers to fight they are the ones paying millions to get into these wars whats a plane ticket. HELL we could even raise money to send them.

  15. Posted by Grim Reaper, at Reply

    1) The filthy white terrorist neanderTHUG race is evil. 2) There is no “war” in Afghanistan. There never was. It’s white/western terrorism. “War” is when both sides are equally capable. That AND it has to be justifiable/legitimate. Those two things don’t exist in the whites’ terror in Afghanistan. Same with white terror in Iraq.

    • Posted by LogiKaiser, at Reply

      That’s an amazingly incoherent racist rant

      “”War” is when both sides are equally capable.”


      “That AND it has to be justifiable/legitimate.”

      Also wrong.

      “Same with white terror in Iraq.”

      And yet nearly every suicide bomber, headchopper and regular terrorist has brown skin, not white, now to me that means nothing because I don’t judge people by race, this is nothing more than a geographic correlation due to most people in the region being brown skinned.

    • Posted by Musiq Love, at Reply

      Grim Reaper SPEAK THAT TRUTH!!!! SPEAK!!

    • Posted by Musiq Love, at Reply

      LogiKaiser there is no greater terrorist amongst the annals of history than the dismal pale male heathen. All over this earth the white agenda has been nothing g but LIES TERROR RAPE THEFT DEATH DESTRUCTION AND PILLAGING of melanated nations. It’s time to pay the piper!!!

    • Posted by thesparitan, at Reply

      Right, well I guess you are ignorant of history. It’s the same flawed thinking racist use. Some people don’t understand how logic works. Oh well.

  16. Posted by Adam Murphy, at Reply

    And you Young poor White Males in the Alt Right are the *1st* ones hes looking to throw over there to die for his buddies. Once again Race is used by Rich Old white men to get poor young white men to die for their interests and against their own. Just like the Confederacy.

    • Posted by scowlistic, at Reply

      Too soon?

    • Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

      Actually lets send the Alt right and Nazis because they want to fight for their beliefs.

    • Posted by Duke Allen, at Reply

      Yes the ignorants are easily scared due to insecurities and those in power relish the support.

    • Posted by Musiq Love, at Reply

      Adam Murphy YOU HIT IT ON THE HEAD!!!

  17. Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

    Lets piss more people off in the middle east because that will stop Radicals wanting to kill westerners
    Remember every 1 you kill 10 more become Radicalized.

    • Posted by David Metis, at Reply

      Antman4656 – easy fix to that – keep killing them.

    • Posted by hamza abid, at Reply

      +David Metis are you bieng sodomized 😂

  18. Posted by DrChin Strap, at Reply

    Why are we still there again?

    • Posted by King Lito, at Reply

      DrChin Strap oil resources Israel Saudi Arabia Milliary Industrial Complex

    • Posted by Liptonicetea, at Reply