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Restaurant Slammed For Use Of Caitlyn Jenner Photos


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A restaurant in Texas is dealing with reaction for images they put on their restroom doors. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Grace Baldridge, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the remark area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" A Cajun dining establishment in Texas is raising a few eyebrows online for just how it is utilizing Caitlyn Jenner in order to let their consumers recognize which shower room is which.

Back in August, Dodie's Area showed off their brand-new washroom doors Facebook while they advertised their weekly specials. As you can see, the guys's area is currently marked by a picture of Bruce Jenner at the 1976 Olympics, and also the ladies' room attributes Jenner's Vanity Fair picture initially of her change to womanhood.

The screens been up for roughly 2 months, though it just recently attracted attention from the media. Some have applauded the restaurant and taken the pictures as a joke, though others have actually charged the restaurant of being transphobic and aloof.

Dodie's launched a statement on the debate last night, insisting that they were making a politically wrong joke rather than trying to stink."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Elegance Baldridge

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  1. Posted by Oliver Sean, at Reply

    I’m trans and my intial reaction to this was two fold:

    1. It’s funny. Jenner is a public figure who has capitalized on her transition and used it to cover up the fact that she killed someone, aside from the fact that’s she’s conservative and doesn’t support marriage equality.

    2. The vocal minority of “trans” people who’s identities are more about victimhood than anything else are going to blow this way out of proportion.

    • Posted by Brian Hamilton, at Reply

      I had a very similar reaction. This seems more a lampooning of Jenner (both Bruce and Caitlyn). I’m not sure that Caitlyn best represents the concerns of most trans people; and don’t see this as denigrating anyone’s idol.

    • Posted by Barry Shitpeas, at Reply

      Oliver Sean Nice, I thought I wasn’t being transphobic by finding this funny!

    • Posted by randomguy5990, at Reply

      Are you also one of the black people that say BLM is a terrorist group?

    • Posted by Oliver Sean, at Reply

      Barry Shitpeas no you’re not being transphobic. What would make the restaurant’s choice to do this transphobic would be if they were intentionally trying to make trans customers uncomfortable. I don’t find this any more “offensive” that women’s restrooms that are decorated in a way that is blatantly and stereotypically ultra feminine. People need to relax and thicken up their skin imo. It’s their restaurant.

  2. Posted by brazmanoqk, at Reply

    Hey, at least they recognise Caitlyn as a woman?

  3. Posted by lazaruslocke cat, at Reply

    oh for fucks’s sake

  4. Posted by reelreeler, at Reply

    Tempest in a Teapot

  5. Posted by Nick Holmes, at Reply

    What I find funny is that there are a lot of trans people out there coming out both for and against it. It’s an interesting case, but there is no right or wrong – it’s just a joke in sorta poor taste, not everyone will like it, but they don’t have to eat at that restaurant

  6. Posted by Albertus Vergilius, at Reply

    Snowflake alert

  7. Posted by Censtudios, at Reply

    Americans are so sensitive… I don’t think you realize this, but by making a big deal out of these things, you’re not really fighting against it. You’re actually just making it worse.

  8. Posted by Apathy Man, at Reply


  9. Posted by Christian Sousa, at Reply

    Of course the best way to “start a discussion” is to enflame one side before it even begins.

  10. Posted by darkmantlestudios, at Reply

    Hey, isn’t putting a trans woman on the female bathroom door showing that they are supportive of trans people using the bathroom they choose?

    • Posted by StarShot, at Reply

      darkmantlestudios, I thought so

    • Posted by KleineFichte, at Reply

      He/She is also put on the male bathroom door, and you’re not supposed to acknowledge transition as Ben said.

  11. Posted by G.Scott RAFITE, at Reply

    Cenk…. Can we please getta TRANS person on the panel!? It’s time TYT! 😀

  12. Posted by Rowell LeFrancios Jr., at Reply

    If this was anyone else I would say this is bad, but she is all over the papers, Pc and TV. So because it is her pics, this does not both me at all. I do not think she will try to kill herself because of the pics on the bathroom door. More likely she does not care, cause if she did, she wouldn’t have made a TV show about herself.

  13. Posted by KleineFichte, at Reply

    Why are pre-transition photos hurtful?? Hating yourself that much is hurtful!

  14. Posted by corinnajune, at Reply

    If they wanted to put up a famous trans person, maybe they could put a famous trans man (Chaz Bono maybe) on the men’s room instead of pre-transition Caitlyn Jenner. At least that would actually reinforce their correct gender and not come off as mocking.

  15. Posted by Razor leaf69, at Reply

    The problem is Bruce Jenner was an Olympian and very famous you can’t really act like he didn’t exist. Non-famous transgenders have the benefit that every new person they meet doesn’t know about their old life, Caitlin will never have that.

  16. Posted by Im Lieutenant Hoe, at Reply

    So there’s no women’s restroom at that restaurant?

  17. Posted by Travis, at Reply

    Okay this wrong but it was funny.

  18. Posted by Michael Campbell, at Reply

    Isn’t Cis just “normal”? How high does the percentage need to be to call something “normal”.