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Rick Perry To Head Agency He Forgot Existed


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Remember when Rick Perry said he wanted to eliminate three government agencies, but he couldn’t think of the third one? Trump is going to put him in charge of the department he forgot. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. CLICK HERE to become a Wolf PAC member

“President-elect Donald Trump has tapped former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy, according to multiple sources.

Perry was reportedly chosen over Ray Washburne, an energy investor and top fundraiser for Trump’s campaign, and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who were rumored to be other contenders for the post. CBS and NBC first reported the news, both citing transition process sources.

The former Republican presidential candidate met with Trump on Monday after Trump transition sources said he was a leading contender for Energy secretary. He had reportedly been under consideration for other administration posts as well, and had already met with Trump last month.

The department that Perry will lead was one that he famously forgot to name during a GOP presidential primary debate in 2011. Perry listed off federal agencies he hoped to eliminate if he were elected president.

“The third agency of government I would do away with – the Education, the Commerce. And let’s see. I can’t. The third one, I can’t,” Perry said. “Oops.”

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  1. Posted by Michael Uche Nwatah, at Reply

    the worst pick so far..

  2. Posted by SirArghPirate, at Reply

    anyone remember his campaign video?

  3. Posted by ahmed essa, at Reply

    off course he was a governor in Texas…

  4. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Obama care Launch day was Democrat ups moment

    • Posted by smartdave599, at Reply

      Gouky oops moment

  5. Posted by tom nickerson, at Reply

    You can criticize Rick Perry but he was absolutely right about abolishing
    the Department of Energy, you could eliminate the entire department and the
    American people would never know the difference. The same could be said
    about the Department of Labor and Department of Education. The Department
    of Energy was established by Jimmy Carter and promised the United a States
    would be energy independent within 20 years, that was more than 40 years
    ago and we are no closer now than when the Department of Energy was
    created. Do you really need a government agency which sole purpose is to
    tell you to conserve energy, when you only need to look at your power bill
    or see what you are paying at the pump?

    • Posted by Brian Linderman, at Reply

      tom nickerson That’s really misleading. The DOE (as far as the name goes)
      was created by Jimmy Carter following the 1973 Crisis. However originally
      there was a Department of Fossil Fuel Energies and the Atomic Energy
      Council. These two agencies merged and created the DOE. Also the reason why
      are not Energy independent is largely thanks to nuclear disasters like
      Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island and Fukushima. Nuclear energy has the ability to
      replace all fossil fuels in terms of power and hydrogen fuel cells can
      replace some forms of petroleum. However if you hadn’t noticed nobody likes
      to talk about nuclear energy. It’s entirely a PR problem, because people
      are scared every nuclear facility could be Chernobyl. Despite the fact that
      new nuclear technology can eliminate the threat of meltdowns with MSFR
      plants; severally reduce nuclear waste with VHTR and Supercritical LFR,
      LSR, and lead- Cooled reactors (and most Closed Loop Breeder reactors
      reduce waste as well); use of Thorium instead of uranium completely
      eliminates the fear of nuclear proliferation. In reality the only real
      problem with Nuclear is the cost, but then again one f the reason the cost
      is so ridiculously high is public fear. Carter didn’t lie, the American
      public got scared and no longer trusts scientists.

  6. Posted by tapolna, at Reply

    Trump is putting people to head governmental departments who
    previously wanted to eliminate those same departments?
    And Trump says, he wants to make America “great”?
    What exactly does Trump mean by “America”?

  7. Posted by Rebecca Benway, at Reply

    I feel sick.

  8. Posted by United States GOP, at Reply


  9. Posted by coladict, at Reply

    The “Oops” moment was in 2012? Damn, I’d forgotten!

  10. Posted by Martial Science, at Reply

    Republicans are going to screw up again. They screwed us during Bush jr.
    And are doing it again.

  11. Posted by ernest747, at Reply

    This country is going to hell. And I wanted to immigrate there from Europe.

  12. Posted by arif abaas, at Reply

    Cenk Uygur is using typically sake oil sales technetium to sell points on
    his own agenda

    • Posted by Jesse Edmondson, at Reply

      facts don’t go away just because you call them snake oil.

    • Posted by arif abaas, at Reply


  13. Posted by toastsandwich, at Reply

    Don’t worry, he’ll pray really really hard and everything will be fine

  14. Posted by CampingforCool41, at Reply

    We are so massively fucked.

  15. Posted by Eljan Rimsa, at Reply

    Perry. Ha ha, Donald, nice sense for irony.

  16. Posted by d00m92, at Reply

    That’s not such a bad thing. He might forget about the department again,
    and leave it alone.

    “I’m secretary of… of… can’t remember… oops”

  17. Posted by Jason Anderson, at Reply

    When it’s all said and done, government will be a hollow hull of what it

    I’m so excited, it’s amazing.

  18. Posted by Akkadian Azeroth, at Reply

    I get the feeling that Trump asked all of his wealthy supporters and donors
    to put their names into a hat so Trump could just sit on his golden throne
    and indiscriminately select his cabinet. Still waiting for Sarah Palin to
    get secretary of edjumacatingship and Michelle Bachman named secretary of
    interior decorating. “Does plaid go with barren wasteland? Or does it class
    with the wandering bands of starving citizens too much?”

  19. Posted by Martin Armenta, at Reply

    Does he know how to run it though? That’s the important part not a lapse of