/Phytozine – Ringworm Treatment – Win the fight against ringworm

Phytozine – Ringworm Treatment – Win the fight against ringworm

Many of the topical ringworm treatment options are not made specifically to treat ringworm infections. Phytozine has been created to not only eliminate all of the fungi that cause ringworm but also to work effectively and fast.

phytozine ringworm ointment

Phytozine is the fastest-acting ringworm treatment!

Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin and it has been estimated that over 20% of the United States population has been infected and sought a ringworm treatment at one point or another. This infection is highly contagious and can be spread from humans, domesticated pets and animals from even minor contact. Ringworm sores are very itchy and unsightly from the outset and if left untreated, become painful and cause severe scarring.

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