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Riot Police Chant: “Whose Streets, Our Streets”


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Absence of outrage to police brutality in St.Louis confirms individuals just fear a dictatorial cops state when it's not suppressing black individuals. Held by Hasan Piker. See more TYT Facebook originals at

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  1. Posted by Chris fehn, at Reply

    “Peaceful” protest

    • Posted by Chad Boswell, at Reply

      Yeah that old lady at the beginning was such a threat. And when some guy tries to help her they push him away and they keep on marching and stepping on and over her.

  2. Posted by Angela Day, at Reply

    Look at that…. Someone’s trying to tell the truth, and the paid trolls come on out!

    If you can’t see that the police is against the people of America and are run by the corporations not even the government anymore… Then you are a Paid troll or you are devolving to a less advanced Human. There is clear violations of the Constitution that has been happening all over America by the government. That police are acting like a bad 1950 cop flick. This is reality this is not opposing Version of events.

    Nazis are considered OK now and should run for state government in the open…. This is disgusting and your ancestors are deeply ashamed by you allowing this to happen.

  3. Posted by Joseph Roman, at Reply

    All those cops need retraining.

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      No, they need to be put to sleep at the nearest vet clinic.

  4. Posted by Roman Kvapil, at Reply

    People who defend actions like this in the name of “protecting property and crime” to quash the ability are fans who do not appreciate the first amendment and use it as an excuse to support acts like these. It’s projection.

  5. Posted by Amerimechcan Guy-Engineering, at Reply

    All of them are getting paid

  6. Posted by wajdef, at Reply

    Anyone from Europe or Canada want to willingly come and live in America? 😁😁😁😁

    • Posted by Freeasabird, at Reply

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!..Ah 🙂

    • Posted by Snorri Saga, at Reply

      Yeah me, Europe is getting flooded by Orcs and Goblins, time to move to the land of the free.

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      wajdef Rural North America is the last chance of survival for white conservatives

    • Posted by Alex Delarge, at Reply

      Christopher Herndon
      And you won’t even survive here, fashy. Come near us in a threatening manner and you’re done. Self defense, buddy bear. Goodnight fashy right.

  7. Posted by Windskar88, at Reply

    were living in a dystopia novel

  8. Posted by Arnau Villoslada, at Reply

    Could you talk about the injustice that Catalonia is suffering? Thank you.

  9. Posted by Celeste Oliver, at Reply

    This is due to Jeff Sessions

  10. Posted by Reza Ym, at Reply

    No fear from telling the truth! I love this brave smart man. Keep it up Hassan!

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      Reza Ym this loser

  11. Posted by Velvet Rose, at Reply

    Not COULD be next…’s WILL be next!!!

  12. Posted by Zombl337, at Reply

    Cops are out of control

  13. Posted by ongo bongo, at Reply

    Cops have made themselves the enemy of the American people

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      ongo bongo *the enemy of criminals

      If you obey the laws and live peacefully, the cops will not bother you

    • Posted by Alex Delarge, at Reply

      Christopher Herndon
      Your white privilege is showing, fuckboy.

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      Not my enemy. I am not a criminal.

  14. Posted by Angel Gd, at Reply

    This attitude is seeping onto Canadian Police, they were as bad during the G20 in Toronto several years ago. Recently a guy in Calgary got pulled over and the cop said, “you’ve got balls I’ll give you that”, when pressed why? The cop said “you had the nerve to pass my car” legally. He gave the guy a ticket for 1 Km over the speed limit, yes less than 1 mile per hour over. He also lied about how he came up with that number, he stated through approved methods and equipment such as radar on the ticket. Turns out the cop lied, totally made up all of it and the ticket never even got passed his watch commander. It’s this attitude that is destroying public trust in Police.

  15. Posted by Kanyarat Baker, at Reply

    I wonder what Hasan would think if he actually experienced being a police officer. He’d probably whine a lot less.

  16. Posted by Chason Wright, at Reply

    This is what happens when people start messing with global agreements!!

  17. Posted by Factz Knight, at Reply

    If I got to choose between cops in riot gear roaming the street or black baboons I’ll choose the cops

  18. Posted by Adrian D, at Reply

    Zero respect for those “police officers”. Despicable. Disgusting. Deplorable

  19. Posted by Max, at Reply

    I am happy as all hell that the EO-13688 was repealed.

  20. Posted by Rui Qiang zeng, at Reply

    That’s what best democracy, liberty, equality, freedom, fairness for you, real big American by beating n jail n exploit their own people.