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Roger Stone Cooked Up Uranium One Story To Attack Mueller


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Roger Rock, like Trump, is an expert scam artist. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you believe in the remark section below. Join TYT:

" With the very first costs submitted in Robert Mueller' sTrump-Russia investigation, frustrated Republican politicians are looking once more at ways to prevent the meddlesome unique district attorney. Discharging Mueller would precipitate a political situation that would certainly engulf, and also perhaps take in, Donald Trump's presidency. Earlier efforts at eroding Mueller's credibility by highlighting his relationship with James Comey, his short-term successor as F.B.I. supervisor, only was successful at more outraging Trump's base. Yet while the head of state's attorneys have suggested him to let Mueller do his job, quickening a lawful procedure that they think will eventually vindicate him, various other Trump allies are out for blood. And some believe they've located a means to compel Mueller to resign without obtaining the head of state impeached at the same time." *.

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  1. Posted by j, at Reply

    Lock Her up!

  2. Posted by Owen Oulton, at Reply

    Throwing Jared under the bus? I prefer the metaphor of throwing him from the troika to the wolves. The Russian aspect of the metaphor is simply more appropriate.

  3. Posted by Russ Wilson, at Reply

    Roger Stone. Now there’s a traitor for you. He is totally in Putins dildo collection.

  4. Posted by Jimmy Firecracker, at Reply

    So just because she isn’t President doesn’t mean she didn’t break the law Cenk it doesn’t matter if it’s relevant they lock people up for murder 10+ years later which they should because despite relevance it’s still breaking the law

  5. Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

    Moral of the story: When you come to the table and manufacture a false Trump / Russia narrative in an attempt to reverse the election results, perhaps you shouldn’t have unclean hands. Perhaps you shouldn’t bring baggage with you associated with an actual Russia scandal.

  6. Posted by Proud Boys, at Reply

    Cenk shilling for Clinton again … So because Mueller was in on the Uranium Deal we can’t talk about it?

  7. Posted by slothkingn1, at Reply

    Anyone or just Republicans doing it? I feel like I’m not really gonna defend Clinton simply because she’s no longer relevant. I get calling hypocrite when the person is a supporter of Trump because it’s like kettle meet pot.

  8. Posted by mrsasshole, at Reply

    Wow, that $20 million really buys a lot of loyalty to the Clintons. “Anyone talking about this is part of a Republican plot.” LOL So we’re still playing the Republicans vs. Democrats game at YT’s. Ignore the fact that plenty of Republicans were involved or at a minimum, looked the other way during the Uranium One deal.

    Folks, just look at the evidence instead of what this souless doofus is telling you. Hell, ignore what everyone is telling you and just look at the evidence. The people involved in this deal are corrupt to the bone. Making excuses for them only hurts the Democratic party, it doesn’t help it.

    On a positive note, I can’t tell the difference between Cenk Uygur and Joy Reid anymore. I guess I’ve reached post-racial nirvana when it comes to paid shills.

  9. Posted by jeffrey roddam, at Reply

    This channel is a joke. Your real name should be the Young Turds! America doesn’t care to hear your liberal BS! You sir, are TRASH!

  10. Posted by JM Vandy, at Reply

    “Get Me Roger Stone” on Netflix. Stone is a smear tactician beginning in Nixon era. “Make America Great Again” was Reagan’s running motto. Stone has been involved in smear campaigns for Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes and trump. Watch it.

  11. Posted by Sean Green, at Reply

    Roger Stone, a master of the black arts in politics, as he himself once said.

  12. Posted by Hope Emch, at Reply

    Mueller will get Stone first.

  13. Posted by balarabb7, at Reply

    Why do you only focus on trendy politics? It seems you too are manipulated/forced into playing the game of distracting the masses by the powers that be…
    What about covering other areas of import crying/begging for immediate attention as they are actual life and death matters. Like the GMO topic and its catestrophic, ecosystem destroying effect on the nation/planet. It’s ever-increasing, permanent mutation on ALL genetic codes/DNA nearing the “point of no return” by the day/hour! Doesn’t it matter enough to you to merit coverage- WHY?!
    Or, the floridated water systems; long since recorded to actually be unhealthy. Why is it The USA is one of the very few countries still allowing it?! … Not noteworthy enough for ratings …for your families…our country?
    Hm, I would think cover such topics would only increase your viewer base/rarings/salaries…

  14. Posted by Joe Saxon, at Reply

    Cenk “I’ll say anything for enough money” Uygur

  15. Posted by greg romero, at Reply

    stone is a pedophile. trumpf, and his entire crew, including stone are organized crime. al capone want to be’s. minus real guts. capone was not a whiner/pouter.

  16. Posted by Phil Sarazen, at Reply

    They’re all crooks and cowards. They all, including Mueller covered up 911.

  17. Posted by jug gernug, at Reply

    Seems like cenk here is afraid of what will be found in a uranium one investigation.

  18. Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

    Mueller is coming for Stone, Bannon, Kushner, et al. It’s a beautiful sight.

  19. Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

    Robert Mueller is investigating the Podesta Group. Keep up, Cenk.