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Rogue Scientist Frees Thousands Of Prisoners


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Annie Dookhan REALLY really did not wish to do her task. Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how she freed 20,000 individuals from jail. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area below.

" A mass termination of wrongful sentences ─ possibly the most significant ever before ─ unravelled in a Boston courthouse on Tuesday, as prosecutors in seven Massachusetts counties dropped more than 21,000 low-level medication situations tainted by the work of a rogue lab drug store.

The variety of corrupted convictions was so unwieldy that the area attorneys made use of cds to deliver listings of instances they were going down and those they believed they might efficiently re-prosecute.

By day's end, simply a couple of hundred instances including the disgraced chemist, Annie Dookhan, remained. The specific number may not be clear until Wednesday, when the court finishes refining the checklists. The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, which fought for the terminations, did its very own tally and developed 320 cases dropped from a complete 21,907."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply

    Bad title. She was the one that got them jailed. It was a team of lawyers working hard for years that got them free.

    • Posted by bodyfarmer, at Reply

      guilty until proven otherwise bro /s

    • Posted by SuperSitarGirl69, at Reply

      She was actually taking orders from prosecutors.

    • Posted by randomguy5990, at Reply


    • Posted by Darth Kal-El, at Reply

      SuperSitarGirl69 bullshit excuse.

  2. Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

    She looks A-rab, which means this is an ISIS terrorist attack on our criminal justice system.

    • Posted by Jule Stardoll, at Reply

      BloodMoneyLLC Very true… perhaps the source of all their confusion is Aladdin, you know from the ‘Arabian Nights’. If only people would stop depending on Disney for their education

    • Posted by stanger, at Reply

      Never in my life have i ever seen an “Arab” like her..

    • Posted by 327Stargirl, at Reply

      I don’t know if she is Arab, but she is Muslim.

    • Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

      +327Stargirl​ neither are particularly relevant to this story.

    • Posted by satish kumar, at Reply

      u r trying to be sarcastic or r u high?

  3. Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

    Hey look! Here is more evidence that the War on Drugs has completely lost all credibility.

  4. Posted by allispirithunter, at Reply

    this would make a sick documentary.

    • Posted by Free Uzer, at Reply

      allispirithunter: Yeah and how much I would love to watch that documentary.

  5. Posted by IBTV - Internet Broke the Television, at Reply

    Took 4 years to get them released?
    Sounds like a case of a judge saying “the jury has found you not guilty but I’m going to give you 2 years to be on the safe side”

  6. Posted by Isatu Shaheed, at Reply

    this is done all over the nation this is no way an isolated event

  7. Posted by Kirk Johnson, at Reply

    They should add up all the time served falsely and give it to HER.

    • Posted by Chelsea Rudisill, at Reply

      As someone else said, she wasn’t a bug in the justice system, she was a feature. This happens all over the country, chemists playing ball with DA’s and police to incarcerate people, getting their numbers up.

  8. Posted by Bsilbs 1996, at Reply

    The prison industrial complex probably paid her a substantial amount of money to do that if she agreed to serve a short sentence and not implicate them in this crime.

  9. Posted by Mansa Musa, at Reply

    Will those people get money for their years ruined and their lives fixed..? In ‘murcia i guess not

  10. Posted by kevinus99, at Reply

    they didn’t miss any red flags…she was their star chemist… she played ball for the DAs and cops to get people locked up….there were cops that knew her personally and getting her to help put people away…..Annie Dookhan wasn’t a bug in justice system, she was a feature.

    • Posted by Chelsea Rudisill, at Reply


  11. Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

    Desperately needs her case’s sentencing to be sent back for review, *and* to be held jointly accountable in a civil suit. Didn’t she also fake work experience and/or college degrees?

  12. Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

    It reminds me of that judge who was falsely imprisoning kids because he was being bribed by the for profit prisons. Hopefully he’s still inprison getting reamed every day for what he did.

  13. Posted by TheSonOfAGunFrom410, at Reply

    Drug dealers back on the streets, that’s just what the cities need…

  14. Posted by Zulu Nation, at Reply

    Of cause you will go Rogue. She has done 40.000 cases. Hell that is lot of over times.. There are lot of people going a shitty job and still getting payed for it.. Congress. Amateurs at work. Cops a lot of criminals..

  15. Posted by rencrow, at Reply

    When is TYT going to cover the white terrorist who bombed the bus in Dortmund, Germany?

  16. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    She’s black and looks slightly arabic.
    Trumplers are fuming.

  17. Posted by 228allday, at Reply

    S/O to all the dope boys thats about to go back on the same block and get arrested again

  18. Posted by ESDfilms, at Reply

    Our Justice system is backwards