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Romney Groveling To Trump?


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Mitt Romney gave a scathing rebuke of Donald Trump during the campaign. Not he’s acting like his best friend. What happened? Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“At Jean-Georges, a three-star Michelin restaurant on the first floor of his namesake hotel in New York, Donald J. Trump took time out of his Tuesday schedule to share a four-course meal with Mitt Romney and Reince Priebus, his soon-to-be White House chief of staff.

Rain was falling outside. Young garlic soup and frog legs were on the menu. In other words, it was the perfect occasion for a photo op.

There were plenty of pictures taken of this meeting, but one stood out in particular. It cut Mr. Priebus out of the frame. It showed Mr. Trump leaning forward over his food — perhaps the soup, with an errant frog leg inching its way to the top of the bowl? — with a sly smile.

And then there was Mr. Romney.”

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by The TYT Critic, at Reply

    Tyt still not talking about #PizzaGate! Not surprised!!!!! YOUNG TURDS

    • Posted by RonVandeil, at Reply

      TYT does not cover Alex Jones level conspiracies as real stories.

    • Posted by JayRockSkee .Bibbles, at Reply

      No way! They’re hard hitting K-dog. Like the fake Kardashian robbery and
      how it made Ana feel? ‘You ‘member? I ‘member…

    • Posted by G G, at Reply

      Oh boo hoo… TYT didn’t cover some meta subreddit bs, cry me a river.

  2. Posted by Keith Greenan, at Reply

    I think Mitt could have won the president this time.

    • Posted by John Hurley, at Reply

      No, no he couldn’t have.

    • Posted by Ashley Walton, at Reply

      Keith Greenan – Agree – 100%

    • Posted by MJFan625Moonwalker, at Reply

      Why do you think that?

  3. Posted by MrBibi86, at Reply

    Rich people food looks unfulfilling! no pun intended.

    • Posted by Jason Reyes, at Reply

      MrBibi86 they get like 7 to 13 courses. it fills u up by the end of the 3
      hour meal lol. tastes bomb though

  4. Posted by M.M. Schill, at Reply

    I think Romney is trying to salvage this. I don’t think he’s changed his
    opinion. He’s not qualified to be Secretary of state…either.

  5. Posted by Dennis Vu, at Reply

    lol @ groveling. Dude is worth a quarter of a billion dollars. He’s not
    groveling lol

    • Posted by DeeGee Kay, at Reply

      And yet worth absolutely nothing at the same time.

  6. Posted by Bob Stewart, at Reply

    Sad to see Romney drop to his knees before Trump.

  7. Posted by chasemebaby, at Reply

    Every time we watch Romney speak I have to check the crawl to make sure it
    isn’t a clip from 1950. His hairstyle, his mannerisms, and he way of
    speaking scream ‘Mad Men” ad spokes person. Its hilarious. I keep waiting
    for him to say “And to my wife & kids.. Martha keep the pot roast warm
    ,i’ll be home in a Jiffy!”

  8. Posted by ryvr madduck, at Reply

    I bet Romney gave Trump a handjob under the table during dinner. Look at
    the smile on Trump’s face!

  9. Posted by Marc Piechowicz, at Reply


  10. Posted by Chaotic Entropy, at Reply

    The awkward pauses where he’s waits for applause and whoops are kind of
    painful. Has a sort of “please clap…” Bush vibe.

  11. Posted by nxahko, at Reply

    stfu anna u turnip

  12. Posted by B.W., at Reply

    Romney’s embarrassment is going to be worse than Christy’s .

  13. Posted by plasticbutler, at Reply

    Trump to Romney: Imma eat your mormon soul.

  14. Posted by Flash, at Reply

    That second clip of Romney speaking sounds like he has a gun to his head

  15. Posted by Feenx sama, at Reply

    TYT, did you see Tomi Lahren get absolutely destroyed by Trevor Noah during
    her interview??

  16. Posted by oqkdsi, at Reply

    The Donald likes to behave like a don who takes hostages.. So far we have:
    Christie, Romney

  17. Posted by Azem Cancarevic, at Reply

    Sellout. Of course he would be on trump side even after he said all those
    things. Pathetic