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Russia Bans Famous Anti-Putin Image


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CAUTION, publishing the famous lipstick image of Putin will currently obtain you prison time in Russia. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about government bans on art. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

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" Russia's Ministry of Justice has actually condemned a digitally altered poster of President Vladimir Putin putting on lipstick as "a tip of some non-standard sexual orientation" and prohibited sharing it as "extremist" task.

The ministry uploaded an update of new photos, videos as well as posters that are to be included in the list of extremist products, focusing on material relating to the war in Syria, parody images of Russian officials, consisting of at least among Putin and also Head of state Dmitry Medvedev in Nazi uniforms.

Posting the photo of Putin with cosmetics edited into his face currently brings equivalent penalty to sharing other "extremist" images online: a maximum punishment of as much as 15 days behind bars." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Matt Patron, at Reply

    I still can’t believe Trump started a war with Assad. What a complete idiot.

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      True, but we deal not just with imperfect information, but with completely Orwellian upside-down reporting that is based not just on some slightly skewed or uncertain facts, but on no facts whatsoever.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Stranger Happened
      You mean ever since the corporate MSM got into bed with the alphabet-agencies some sixteen years ago, and subsequently got it into their heads that, in concert, they could operate with impunity some ten years ago?

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Adam Chester: We are NOT the world’s policeman. The Constitution doesn’t allow us to right every wrong in the world. Buy a clue.

  2. Posted by Flay Liberals, at Reply

    At least you don’t get executed like you do in Islamic nations for drawing the pedophile Mohammed

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Hmmm. Tricky. Perhaps a friendly ‘tard can help us out.

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      Nah you just get executed for resisting the Putin regime. Drive by or rat poison?

    • Posted by Flay Liberals, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan why is it dumb? You liberals defend it

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Halal Jordan
      Just the ‘tard I was hoping for. Please explain yourself.

  3. Posted by omww savage, at Reply

    Kyle from Secular Talk pretty much just dissed & ethered you guys and other corporate democrats for pushing this Russian boogie man hoax, that led to Trump bombing Syria, Russia’s ally to prove that that Trump isn’t Putin’s ‘slave’

    Stupid move libs, gg

    • Posted by Stu Bur, at Reply

      omww savage I didn’t say that or anything remotely related to that.

    • Posted by TheArtkaw, at Reply

      So this is how they’re spinning things now, huh? Nothing is ever Trump’s fault, isn’t it?

    • Posted by Michael, at Reply

      If you actually would have watched and understood what Kyle from Secular Talk was talking about then you wouldn’t write that dumb statement here. He said and I quote “The real Russian scandal isn’t that trump is Putin’s puppet. The real Russian scandal is what gonna happen when he decides to prove that he’s not a Russian puppet.”

      Kyle has in addition commented several times that Trump is unhinged, just looking at his campaign promises in comparison to his current actions. Don’t look for someone to blame when Trump is obviously a ticking time bomb.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @omww savage – Yes, clearly the Democrats should have let Trump selling out the USA to Russia ride so that nutball Trump wouldn’t react and do something stupid – like this attack.

  4. Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

    If Trump does this, free-speech warrior Dave Rubin would find a way to attempt to justify it.

    • Posted by Flay Liberals, at Reply

      The Progressive Atheist Its you liberals who want to ban speech. Not anyone on the right, this story is fake news by the way.

    • Posted by Swamp Cleaner, at Reply

      Flay Liberals fake news huh… It is not like Russia has had many pro-censorship moments under Putin. Tracer…cough…cough

  5. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    I’m sure Trump will ban any anti-Trump image pretty soon.

    • Posted by Paulette Sopel, at Reply

      Zachary Xavier he band journalist remember?

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      Zachary Xavier ha yeah right. everything is allowed.

  6. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    sounds like putin got triggered hard.

    • Posted by Angel, at Reply

      You know that feeling very well huh libcuck.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Aw, poor wittle Puti.

  7. Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

    Putin = worlds biggest cuck alongside his troll army supporters.

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      +Vladimir Putin We are anti theist. No one controls us. We control you.

    • Posted by Peter starostin helzenfder, at Reply

      Labyrinth9000 I’m putin supported and what’s

  8. Posted by Santiago Broncano, at Reply


    their prophet Putinmad must be censored.

    • Posted by Gold Man, at Reply

      Your playing with fire, if you hit one russian christian, the ramifications for USA, is bad! However your jews who created the situation have their evacuation pre organised in the event that their evil is discovered and caught out again. However when they move to the evacuated positions, they will need to remember this, where you going to run to now! The bahamas, on board your jets that cannot take off? Living in an underground basement in jew york, well I suppose the english did that in the blitz, better get your baccarat set ready ivanka, you might need it while your shitting into a bucket!

  9. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    There’s only one way to handle this: make Putin In Makeup our screensavers world-wide….

    • Posted by Anon A Mouse, at Reply


  10. Posted by marlonious76, at Reply

    Nazis killed 20 million Russians in WW2. Now Russia is a hot bed for Neo Nazis.

    • Posted by Delato, at Reply

      marlonious76 I just googled and I stand corrected. 24,000,000 my apologies.

    • Posted by marlonious76, at Reply

      20 million. If Im not mistaken I believe the Russians had the highest body count of any country in that War. Do your research.

    • Posted by marlonious76, at Reply

      How could you want to be a Nazi if your from Russia ??? That would be like a black man joining the KKK. No loyalty, honor or integrity. Total trash.

  11. Posted by Heath Fletcher, at Reply

    Putin really gets paranoid around election time.

    • Posted by Leggo My Ego, at Reply

      I’m not sure why, he murders or imprisons anyone that comes even close to being a rival and stuffs the ballot boxes anyway just to make sure.

    • Posted by Heath Fletcher, at Reply

      True, but it is this paranoia that makes him do these things to maintain power.

  12. Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

    Trump is the kind of guy who masturbates to a video of himself masturbating…

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      Takes one to know one.

    • Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

      liedetector101 how original…

    • Posted by xithappens, at Reply

      original? you stole that joke from a roast, so shut up.

    • Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

      xithappens which roast? I dont watch TV. If someone else used it, its purely coincidence.

  13. Posted by Fig Newton, at Reply

    70 conservatives dislike the video because they are also special snowflakes.

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      Not really; *THE COMMENTARYBY THE HOSTS IS INEPT.* The text that is under the image is using “gay” as an insult towards Putin’s voters and uses swear words that are banned by default anyway. The ban was about insulting a group of people, not Putin (there are countless caricatures of him that never get banned). The authors of this imagery wanted to incite homophobiс feelings towards Putin/his voters by making him look “gay”. While the ban of this banner is stupid, there is nothing to celebrate about this image.

      Also, everyone is allowed to criticize Putin, nothing about Putin is ever banned in Russia it does do not have swear words, Nazi-related symbolism and ideology, insults big groups of people or a call for separatism, which all are banned. And it is impossible to compare the situation to Turkey as besides the aforementioned differences Russia has never banned VK, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and even on government TV channels people can hear guest accusing Putin of being thief, aggressor and even the maniac conspiracy theories how Putin bombs his own country. The pluralism is pretty much unheard of in the USA, if you will watch the “free” CNN and the likes.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Meanwhile, Trump has the DHS trying to force Twitter to give them the identity(ies) of an anti-Trump Twitter account. Twitter is now in court fighting the Orange Terror.

  14. Posted by Darthmufin, at Reply

    And people on RT continue to pretend Russia is this free speech and rich utopia. lmfao

    • Posted by Riccy R, at Reply

      I know I stopped reading RT comments, every comment no matter what video is of it’s all “zionists did this, zionists did that”, ” black people are animals”. Nazi channel really.

    • Posted by злюка, at Reply

      Trust me, the Russian version is way worse

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @ Stranger Happened, the Putin troll wrote: “everyone is allowed to criticize Putin”

      Yes, but most of them end up dead.

    • Posted by Zaprozhan, at Reply

      Or, “everyone is allowed to criticize Putin”, once.

  15. Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

    Right-winger keep calling liberals sjw but they need to look in mirror

    • Posted by themplar, at Reply

      SJW/snowflake are the new “nazi! Racist!”

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      Trump cunts are the snowflakes now.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Steven: They are SIW (Social Injustice Warriors).

  16. Posted by Cassandra T, at Reply

    Hmm I’m going to start using this pic everywhere now lol

    • Posted by Claystead, at Reply

      Why does your hair not match your eyebrows? Do you colour it?

  17. Posted by max wortel, at Reply

    Put It on a Shirt!

  18. Posted by TheRobo1997, at Reply

    Russia is a 3rd world dictatorship what do you expect?

    • Posted by Leron Benari, at Reply

      India is a third world country. Compare india to saint Petersburg.

    • Posted by Anita Smith, at Reply

      lekkki1 it sounds like a grown-up version of that place that Pinocchio went with all the bad children… where he smoked a cigar….

    • Posted by lekkki1, at Reply

      xlnt analogy. Funny, THAT took me back to childhood memories.

    • Posted by mao zadong, at Reply

      elsa Grace oh? you’ve been to a place and don’t like it? well you’re just scared, dumb and blind. ok : )

  19. Posted by Mr. Seemingly Expected, at Reply

    Where you at Russian trolls? How’s it hanging? Gotten your ration of borscht for the day yet?

    • Posted by Powda Toast Mane, at Reply

      They just finished uploading their dashcam videos and now they’re reporting for duty

    • Posted by Anita Smith, at Reply

      Powda Toast Mane truest thing i have ever heard!