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Russia Hooking Up North Korea


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Russia is being an excellent next-door neighbor and offering North Korea their wifi password. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you just how Russia is hooking North Korea up with net. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area below. Sign up with TYT:

" Russian state-owned company TransTeleCom has supplied a brand-new web connection to Kim Jong Un's program, according to North Korea checking project 38 North. Cybersecurity professionals have actually additionally confirmed the new Russian web link.

The step strengthens North Korea's cybersecurity abilities at once of increased tensions with the U.S.– and also lowers its dependence on China.

Formerly, North Korean net website traffic was channelled through one sole link, supplied by Chinese telecoms strong China Unicom, according to experts. Currently, it's got some back-up from Russia.

That's considerable at a time when the United States is increase pressure on Chinese companies to cut organisation ties with North Korea over its missile and nuclear tests.

" This new link implies 2 business would need to cut company to reduce the nation off," said Martyn Williams, that discussed the news for 38 North as well as runs the website North Korea Tech. "As TransTeleCom just began under the existing scenario, it's most likely not also worried about operating."

TransTeleCom said in a short statement to CNN that it has telecoms relate to North Korea under a deal checked in 2009. It really did not clarify."

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  1. Posted by Andre Valcourt, at Reply

    This guy sounds like an idiot.

  2. Posted by ModernDayVikings, at Reply

    if anything the world should blast some free and OPEN WIFI into NKorea. just give them info about how fake there World is.

    • Posted by Ernest Hughes, at Reply

      ModernDayVikings but is our world any better? I mean we have foid and stuff but our world is pretty fake lile a different fake lol

    • Posted by Average Toad, at Reply

      ModernDayVikings their

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Well in this extreme instance, I definitely think that some education will help the people overthrow him and establish a better form of government.

    • Posted by I.C. P, at Reply

      ModernDayVikings maybe they’ll be jealous that they don’t have what rich people have and hate us more

  3. Posted by Pappa Wheelie, at Reply

    Why do Americans think they have a right to interfere in the foreign affairs of other countries when the US can’t even run its own country?

    • Posted by YangBalanceYin, at Reply

      Rich white American politicians to be fair.

    • Posted by Aws, at Reply

      Those are not mutually exclusive. It’s like saying why do scientists try to explore Mars when we haven’t fully explored our own ocean. Silly argument. And quite telling you choose to criticize America for interfering, but make not mention off Russia INVADING and ANNEXING the Crimea.

    • Posted by Pappa Wheelie, at Reply

      Aws The US invaded Mexico and annexed the whole southwest United States. How is that any different?

    • Posted by MrHatterr, at Reply

      Well, lets see, maybe because their not pointing a nuke at your back yard.

    • Posted by Pappa Wheelie, at Reply

      MrHatterr The US flies nuclear bombers over North Korea all the time. We threaten others with nukes every day. How is that any different?

  4. Posted by Kwamina Dankwa, at Reply

    Everyone knows what Putin does to “Traitors”. Donnie would be wise to say fookin nuttin.

  5. Posted by Thomas L, at Reply

    Bot’s comments are so pathetic and clearly epic losers behind them! so weak and tiny they are !

  6. Posted by jakatom, at Reply

    I bet there is a Russian under every bed in the USA.

    • Posted by Ask808Ecs, at Reply

      I wish there was a Russian on my bed 🤣🤣🤣 jkjk

    • Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

      jakatom Russia so slimy I wouldnt doubt. They are probably standing outside as well eating food the US has thrown in the grabage. Kill Putin!

  7. Posted by Rick Grimes, at Reply

    I watch while they report the news. Once they start ranting I turn the video off

  8. Posted by Zab Zab, at Reply

    This is a drama

  9. Posted by Floyd Lee Baldwin, at Reply

    I love you TYT.!!!!!!!

  10. Posted by Texas Haunts & Roadside Attractions Woody, at Reply

    Now he has Netflix

  11. Posted by Oscar Yanez, at Reply

    at the end of the day, we know trump will never do anything against Putin. We all know that Putin has info on trump, that’s for sure.

  12. Posted by MikaelKKarlsson, at Reply

    We have the best hookers. Just ask your president. – Vladimir P. Imp

  13. Posted by Larry, at Reply

    The. People in charge will live. We will die.

  14. Posted by Joshua walls, at Reply

    WWI, WWII, Civil War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, War in Iraq, Cold War, Cyber War, Korean War, War on Afghanistan all lead to the inevitable Nuclear War which will then lead to the rise of the mutated cockroaches

  15. Posted by Hogsweed School, at Reply

    shrewd move he can watch them easier

  16. Posted by Maria Reyes, at Reply

    President Trump may not know that the Russians are the mother of North Korea and most likely will motherhood it again.