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Russia Indictments: What Do They Mean For Trump?


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President Trump is tweeting "Donald Is Innocent, Donald Is Innocent!" which certainly must be true, but just what does the government grand court charge of 2 previous campaign authorities (and guilty plea of a Third) mean for the Trump Management? Liberal commentator and also White Residence press corp member Bill Press is joined by Ryan Grim of The Intercept to go over.

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  1. Posted by HEINRICXVI, at Reply

    Traitor Trump and his pathetic treasonous boot-lickers should be sent to prison for life.

    • Posted by HEINRICXVI, at Reply

      I hope you’re still laughing like a stupid donkey when your leader, your messiah, the CON man you’d hoped saved you rabid loathsome fucks from the misery of your ineptitude and stupidity…gets dragged away one
      faithful morning in handcuffs out of the WH by the FBI. Then you will know, there is a heavy price to pay when your only allies are a bunch of twisted old fucks from some pisshole down south, and you’re enemies
      comprise 90% of the world.

    • Posted by Dennis Lee, at Reply

      HEINY, your boyfriend Lord Sidius is here to help defend your honor, he is ready to grab your light sabre and use force on your Obama hole.

    • Posted by Dennis Lee, at Reply

      HEINY, don`t get butthurt, you the one obsessed with Trump, and so preoccupied with sucking and dicks, get some help or gas some Jews.

  2. Posted by Matt Rohm, at Reply

    How does it feel to have a president who takes his orders from Russia American comrades?

    • Posted by WoWFiend2005, at Reply

      Pfft, don’t look at me. I didn’t vote for him. It’s my one, little vote against an entire foreign country. And apparently that flies in the U.S. with no problem. If Obama had done nearly as much as Trump has gotten away with thus far, he would’ve had a half dozen ARs on the back of his head within the hour.

    • Posted by DLJ, at Reply

      The way I see it, there are ethical issues with doing business with a country that is run by plutocratic kleptocrats, with an appalling human rights record and with the explicit support of authoritarian christians.
      I thought the Russians had higher standards than that.

    • Posted by Roger Williams II, at Reply

      That’s just low. Too soon

  3. Posted by Bishara Hatoum, at Reply

    I enjoy this guy. Keep him

  4. Posted by Taj Lewis, at Reply

    Trump supporters are American traders get out of the land of the free and go take your asses to the land of the oppressed

  5. Posted by goodgulf13, at Reply

    Will republicans ever decide the democracy is more important then their party?

    • Posted by pettes pizzaparlor, at Reply


  6. Posted by sheep friends, at Reply

    True democracy and true capitalism can’t coexist

    • Posted by George kush, at Reply

      sheep friends corporations control resources. But there is no say for the people. Why not just get rid of CEO’s and be led by democratic communal working

    • Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply

      Humans and capitalism can’t coexist.

  7. Posted by Rick Komm, at Reply

    It isn’t the collusion with Russia thing that’s worrying Trump the most. He doesn’t see that as a crime anyways! Rather, it’s all the shady dealings (MONEY being HIS sensitive spot!).

    • Posted by keyboyrecords, at Reply

      Rick Komm he wishes all it is about is collusion. With sociopaths things coming out of their mouths are actually the reverse.

  8. Posted by Alan Taylor, at Reply

    Why does “Scarer fuckabee slanders” always remind me of a Picasso face painting 🎨 👩??

    • Posted by Jason Hanrahan, at Reply

      Because her eyes look in different directions?

    • Posted by Alan Taylor, at Reply

      Jason Hanrahan she is a bit of a horror show.!
      But at least she can lie… well… I won’t say with a straight face, more like a cockeyed, half melted candle, on a bad trip looking in the mirror at yourself too long face.??.!!
      But you know what I mean. lol.!
      Hehe.. This is fun.! It’s OK to make immature fun of her because she’s a terrible person & she’s an apologist for an even “Terribler” person.!
      Here’s another one… Somebody said to me the other day.. “Oh look.. Pumpkin Spice is back”.!
      And I thought.. “Hey.. Wasn’t Pumpkin Spice Donald Trumps character in the” Spice Girls”.??..!! 😂 😜.!

    • Posted by ThirtyFiveEDU, at Reply

      If “Huckabee” reminds you of a Picasso, you need glasses. Yes, there is enough foundation applied that lumpy facial mass to cover two 6’x9’ gessoed canvases, and there are many razors sacrificed daily to make sure her eyebrows don’t touch in the middle, but there is nothing abstract about “Huckabee”. He is the big-browed, Paleolithic daughter of old white money that should be worshiped by all gold-digging, power-mad men everywhere.

    • Posted by Alan Taylor, at Reply

      ThirtyFiveEDU Well done mate.!! 😂
      (did you mean the “he” or was it a mistake.?
      I think the “he” is fitting actually.!
      I mean, Trump wanted Obamas birth certificate to prove he wasn’t Kenyan.
      I think it’s only fair that we get to see “Huckabee’s” to prove he.. Errr.. She isn’t a male.!
      Maybe that’s the reason for all the foundation, to cover the 5 ‘O’ clock shadow.??
      And although I do wear glasses, I believe it’s more likely to be my complete ignorance of art that makes me think of Picasso, although I do know of Dali too(I had the obligatory Dali print on my wall as a teenager).!
      That’s about it though mate.
      Oh.. Van Gough with the ear.. & the fella that painted the cathederal.! LOL.! 👍 😀.!

    • Posted by ThirtyFiveEDU, at Reply

      Alan Taylor, the “he” was not a mistake. Whether the Sanders family wanted a daughter and were willing to sacrifice their newborn sons sanity to achieve such, or SHS was born a hermaphrodite and mistakenly chose option F, remains pure speculation in Internet comments. That aside, I still say that “she” is one of the ultimate obstacles in the Male Erection Maintenance challenge.

  9. Posted by bragsdriesen1, at Reply

    Impeach the bozo Trump,😀

  10. Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

    Nice to see Bill Press at TYT.

  11. Posted by Wanderer, at Reply

    Love this reporter!

  12. Posted by abmong, at Reply

    Gotta hand it to Putin. It’s a win win for him. If Trump’s campaign went without revelations of Russian collusion, Putin effectively has a puppet administration in the Whitehouse. If they get caught, the US government looks weak, incompetent and corrupt regardless of whether Trump gets impeached or not.

    • Posted by NKA23, at Reply

      I personally don´t think that Putin´s goal was to have a puppet administration in the White House, I rather think his plan was to destabilize the US by deviding their population even more than it already had been, no matter who would have won. As Trump has won, he now has a puppet in the White House, that´s true, but it´s a rather incompetent and mentally unstable puppet, which certainly is a unreliable tool.

    • Posted by ClassWarrior87, at Reply

      Why WOULDN’T Putin want a puppet? He has many, and the USA would be his biggest one…

    • Posted by Brooks Anderson, at Reply

      agmong Yep! Puppet or incompetent. Either way is a win for Putin.

  13. Posted by Ela Mongrella, at Reply

    Now that House of Cards is canceled, they should put hidden cameras up in the White House and just show that instead.

  14. Posted by BattousaiOfChaosⓋ, at Reply

    I like this old man

    • Posted by Cory Hinman, at Reply

      Bill Press is a long-time Democratic hack from whom TYT must disassociate.

  15. Posted by Jermain Jones, at Reply

    wow when did Bill Press join the TYT network? I’ve been listening to his show on WCPT Chicago Progressive Talk Radio for years and love it!

    • Posted by ursaltydog, at Reply

      Never seen him before, but I enjoy him on TYT as well.. he’s more able to express himself on this platform I believe?

  16. Posted by aaronpolitical, at Reply

    It means exactly what some alt-right trolls said to US around the election, but in reverse. “It’s over for you” alt-right fucks.

  17. Posted by ThunderDog97, at Reply

    Can you just name the people in trump’s government that DIDN’T collude with the Russians…. it appears that would be a much shorter list!

  18. Posted by Jclarkyall, at Reply

    Glad to see you on TYT Bill. Used to listen to you on Air America.