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Russian Ambassador Assassinated In Turkey (VIDEO)


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The Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by an off-duty police officer. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"The Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot in the back and killed as he gave a speech at an Ankara art gallery on Monday by an off-duty police officer who shouted "Don't forget Aleppo" and "Allahu Akbar" as he opened fire.

President Tayyip Erdogan, in a video message to the nation, cast the attack as an attempt to undermine NATO-member Turkey's relations with Russia – ties long tested by the war in Syria. He said he had agreed in a telephone call with Russia's Vladimir Putin to step up cooperation in fighting terrorism.

At a special meeting at the Kremlin, President Putin ordered increased security at all Russian missions and said "the bandits" who committed the act would feel retribution.

"We must know who directed the killer's hand."

The assassination of an ambassador, not least of a major power such as Russia, marks a dangerous escalation of tension in the region and beyond. Security sources said he was off duty and some witnesses said there was no security scanning machine at the entrance.

The attacker was smartly dressed in black suit and tie and stood, alone, behind the ambassador as he began his speech at the art exhibition, a person at the scene told Reuters."*

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  1. Posted by ecdctechmma, at Reply

    islam once again … how shocking …

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +hakbug Apart from he’s not from Philadelphia . . . He’s possibly linked to
      an islamic cleric from Philadelphia. . .

      But please what exactly suggests it’s the secret service? ANY evidence?
      apart from your emotional knee jerk defence for islam?

    • Posted by mohamed jeele, at Reply

      Don’t you see what is happening in allepo. Russians is killing thousands of
      innocent women and children where is human rights or it just work for Jews
      and Christians. Western people is silent when thousands of Muslim innocents
      got killed but when it comes to Christians or Jews they park like a dog
      what a fools. Always remember an eye for eye

    • Posted by Hans Blitz, at Reply

      +mohamed jeele
      Shut up Muhammadan.

    • Posted by Brian S, at Reply

      Trololololololol92 not true , Edward Snowden

  2. Posted by Vasiliy Alexandrovich, at Reply

    Damn, that’s a new combo for the Religion of Peace, first the ambassador
    then the 12 dead Germans.

    • Posted by B Sinita, at Reply

      Ali Hassanzada i feel so sorry for your lost love ones. it hard being non
      white(im black american)in this world and really its not about
      race/ethnicity it classicism period.

    • Posted by Tyler Brennon, at Reply

      They aren’t civvies in Aleppo. Only female and young enemy combatants.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      As opposed to the thousands of arabs slaughtered by the jews in Palestine
      for the past 50 years or the hundreds of thousands of them slaughtered by
      the [Christian] US since 2001? I wouldn’t compare death tolls among
      religions if I were you, Va-silly.

    • Posted by OpRedDawn, at Reply

      WikeddTung the Palestinians elected Hamas terrorist and try to kill Jews
      every single day. You’re warped kiddo

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      LOL, and this guy claims the Russians are slaughtering people in Aleppo.
      What’s the difference? Anybody can call anybody a “terrorist” and kill
      anybody. #Clown

  3. Posted by potato jenova, at Reply

    Russia HACKED this man’s gun and made him kill the guy. This is an attempt
    to make muslims look like terrorists by islamophobic right wingers.

    • Posted by ernest747, at Reply

      how idiotic of you, lol

    • Posted by hakbug, at Reply

      I agree! That is exactly what I smell here.

    • Posted by Zenon Espinoza, at Reply

      Everyone’s got it wrong! It was a Danish troll who hacked the gun! Those
      Danish are trying to screw over America by releasing everyone’s internet

    • Posted by Selcuk, at Reply

      exactly, just a provacation

    • Posted by hans jensen, at Reply

      cmon ppl you are missing the real issue here!…… THE RUSSIANS CAN HACK

  4. Posted by Niggachu, at Reply

    just start WW3 already sheesh

    • Posted by Most Hated Person On The Internet, at Reply

      its already been like that in Chicago

    • Posted by rahkeid d, at Reply

      Niggachu Are you dumb or something.

    • Posted by Sword of the Morning, at Reply

      Seriously, the suspense is killing me.

    • Posted by Edgy Secularist, at Reply

      Obongo has to leave office, then Russia will rip Turkey off the face of the
      Earth with Trump’s help.

  5. Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

    Political assassinations have NOTHING to do with Islam!!!

    • Posted by viermidebutura, at Reply

      +Darth Vader but they dindu nuffin wrong…

    • Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

      futurestoryteller maybe you should stop giving stupid troll answers

    • Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

      Marijan Karaula who is the cuck?

  6. Posted by Mikhail Tagallie, at Reply

    Cant wait for Alex jones to turn this into a conspiracy about the NWO and

    • Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

      lol at first I read that as WWE, but knowing Alex, that would be no less

    • Posted by Opus Dei, at Reply

      Oh Islam.

    • Posted by Lord Goat King, at Reply

      Should of never trusted Hulk Hogan

    • Posted by Royal Adam, at Reply

      LMFAO he’s going to say “The shooter was a liberal terrorist!!!”

  7. Posted by Spirit of justice, at Reply

    Russia has a lot of Syrian blood on it’s hands so I guess the chickens are
    coming home to roost

    • Posted by sintered, at Reply

      you know who has a lot of syrian blood on his hands? Allah.

    • Posted by Purana Paapi, at Reply

      only Sunnis

    • Posted by vish, at Reply

      i agree.

    • Posted by Purana Paapi, at Reply

      +vish idiot

  8. Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

    Here Comes the TYT Trolls Coming To Defend Islam.

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      +Mateo Landazuri​ What?
      You’re delusional kid.

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      +Chukwu Can’t take dissenting opinions so you delete the comments of
      someone who disagrees with you? Tell me more about how you’re not an
      authoritarian right winger. You’re so sad.

  9. Posted by Sejez, at Reply

    So let me get straight, this russian was killed by The Young Turk?

    • Posted by Jaison Abraham, at Reply

      Sejez a young Turk. Wording. also it what you consider young. just found
      out he 22. so he is young too.

    • Posted by Most Hated Person On The Internet, at Reply

      Sejez Turkish James bond

    • Posted by sintered, at Reply

      The young turk sure did hate that white man.

    • Posted by serioushamster, at Reply


    • Posted by hakbug, at Reply


  10. Posted by Ebreeze84, at Reply

    White on white crime. This is sad!

    • Posted by Opus Dei, at Reply

      Turkey is not white.

    • Posted by They Killed Kenny!, at Reply

      Ebreeze84 what the hell are you?

  11. Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

    When will all of this war and violence finally end? The poor innocents of
    every country just want to live in peace.

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      When the United States of Terrorists and Russia disappear off the map.
      Then there will be peace.

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      It never will. This isn’t new, humans are violent, history is full of war
      and murder.

    • Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

      +6dazey9 I know, that is what’s sad.

    • Posted by WackyDeli95, at Reply

      When Islam is reformed.

    • Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

      +WackyDeli95 America is killing as many people and perpetuating as much
      violence across the globe as anyone else. Islamic extremism is not any more
      prevalent than any other countries violence. It is just the one we choose
      to fear right now.

  12. Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

    This is dangerously close to how World War 1 started.

    • Posted by biggerson51, at Reply

      Corporate coup d´etat counts

    • Posted by The Day of Reckoning, at Reply

      David Harrison Russia said this wont affect its relationship with Turkey

    • Posted by Blake's Cinema, at Reply

      David Harrison I was thinking same thing….I

    • Posted by David Ortiz, at Reply

      David Harrison thats exactly how ww1 started man

  13. Posted by faheeta, at Reply

    I though the thumbnail was a stock photo at first.

    • Posted by True Reviewer, at Reply

      I wanted to lol but this serious. But I thought it was too…………

    • Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

      faheeta i know right, crazy

  14. Posted by Stewie Griffin, at Reply

    Americans helped develop this hate and malice, by destabilizing the Middle

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      +Brian Mason I think you’ve forgotten who gave Europeans the means to
      achieve the Renaissance.

    • Posted by Brian Mason, at Reply

      +John Doe didn’t see much point in mentioning the Greeks.

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      +Brian Mason The Arabs and Persians too, don’t forget 😉

  15. Posted by TheRealSerio, at Reply

    white on white crime

    • Posted by Konservatīvais reālists, at Reply

      This is brown on white crime, you idiot.

    • Posted by El Turco, at Reply

      Konservatīvais reālists no. I’m literally white skin with light brown hair.
      why would I call myself brown?

    • Posted by Konservatīvais reālists, at Reply

      +El Turco
      Then you are Turk with European roots.

  16. Posted by dragonore2009, at Reply

    I hope this isn’t our “Franz Ferdinand” moment.

    • Posted by smaz eleu, at Reply

      i hope so to…

    • Posted by GamingGlowCloud, at Reply

      He didn’t take his security detail with him that day. This fucker decided
      to fake being that detail. He put a pin on his coat of a Russian flag and
      walked from behind him. No one questioned it because this man was a REAL

    • Posted by John Jeffrey, at Reply

      +dragonore2009 Wow…thats exactly what I thought about..incredible thing,

    • Posted by John Jeffrey, at Reply

      Classic assassination..just incredible…and so horrible…

    • Posted by Edwin O'Gray (Ed), at Reply

      dragonore2009 honestly mate it is a possibility seeing the recent events
      that unfolded in the year

  17. Posted by simran kaur, at Reply

    he’s very well dressed terrorist

    • Posted by Bart Basel, at Reply

      simran kaur u r stupid

    • Posted by Zaknafein343, at Reply

      He probably had to be well-dressed to meld with the crowd. And generally I
      find that Middle Easterners are well-dressed (here in Canada anyways).
      Don’t know why people are cussing you out though.
      Oh, +1 for fellow Sikh :-).

    • Posted by wajdef, at Reply

      Read my mind. Except terrorist tho?

    • Posted by wajdef, at Reply

      +Brijesh kumar LMAOOOO

  18. Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

    All of these “ISLAM IS EVIL CANCER” comments. I worked with a Muslim girl
    at my last sales job. Oddly enough she never tried to kill me, but she was
    very scared of racists. Hmm…

    • Posted by yoursodumn, at Reply

      futurestoryteller when you need to resort to anecdotes, you’ve already lost.

    • Posted by djaceman123, at Reply

      +Ahlamkin I was just being flippant and making a joke about his mindset.

    • Posted by Ahlamkin, at Reply

      +djaceman123 ah, thought there was a chance I read that wrong. My bad.

    • Posted by They Killed Kenny!, at Reply

      futurestoryteller Islam is not a race you imbecile and no one is saying
      Muslims are bad the Islam ideology is what’s dangerous and the only cancer
      is defending Islam because you’re too scared of being called a bigot even
      though it’s obviously to blame