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Russian Trolls Caught Posing As Black Activists


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Why are there numerous Russian giants impersonating black protestors on Tumblr? Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson, Maytha Alhassen, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you think in the remark section listed below.

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" Russian trolls impersonated black activists on Tumblr to share political messages before the United States presidential political election, inning accordance with a Buzzfeed investigation.

The accounts apparently shared content on issues such as cops physical violence to attract young African-Americans.

Buzzfeed says it has actually linked them to the Internet Research Firm, a team known for its pro-Kremlin social networks blog posts.

A researcher at the University of Oxford said there were "parallels" with Russian task on Facebook.

Jonathan Albright of the Tow Centre for Digital Journalism, that worked with Buzzfeed on the examination, claimed the accounts appeared to be component of an "continuous project" that started in early 2015.

Popular blog posts criticised Democratic presidential prospect Hillary Clinton, sustained independent Senator Bernie Sanders and highlighted police physical violence against black neighborhoods, according to Buzzfeed.

In one instance, the account 4mysquad shared gifs showing a black woman being sexually assaulted by a policeman. The police officer was wrongly determined as a participant of the New York Authorities Department.

The Tumblr accounts regularly used the same names as some of the 3,814 IRA-backed Twitter accounts recognized by the company in its record to Congress, inning accordance with Buzzfeed."

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson, Maytha Alhassen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson, Maytha Alhassen


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  1. Posted by Snake Handler 13, at Reply

    lots of whites pose as Black activists, Just go to a BLM march and see for yourself.

    • Posted by Mrreciprocat, at Reply

      Ha! 😀 Snake Handler 13 = braindead confederate southern inbred! (whoops! redundant!) 😀
      Peace! 😀

    • Posted by Riccy R, at Reply

      White people can support black people activism , men can support women activism and straight people can support gay activism. Without being that minority themselves, shocking….

    • Posted by Snake Handler 13, at Reply

      Riccy R, you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you. If what you say is true, then, you would also agree that black people can support white power, women activists can support toxic masculinity laws and gay activists can support a heterosexual marriage only law.

    • Posted by Zombie Buster, at Reply

      There were so many fake blacks shilling for Jill Stein. Lousy actors though, their tone-deafness was too obvious. they can’t help black-trashing and whitesplaining even when black. They really worked hard at Dems=Reps false equivalency, poisoning Berners against establishment Dems, and subtly stab at Bernie “selling out”.

    • Posted by Zombie Buster, at Reply

      On Youtube, especially progressive channels.

  2. Posted by Bill Carr, at Reply

    “If his forces are united, separate them.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      This is what the establishment oligarchy is doing with this zero evidence (even according to Diene Feinstein and Michael Morrell) Russiagate scandal.

  3. Posted by Everett Cole, at Reply

    TYT & CNN looking kind of the same

    • Posted by Ken K, at Reply

      kinda? exactly the same.

    • Posted by André Azevedo Rodrigues, at Reply

      news flash no one forces you to watch either

    • Posted by Kyle, at Reply

      +Big A Those are the only two.

  4. Posted by Darthmufin, at Reply

    The first word in this video is Buzzfeed. You might as well quote the Onion.

    • Posted by Justice Rule, at Reply

      BuzzFeed is as credible as the Daily Mail (not credible)
      Still both more credible than TyT.

    • Posted by southrules, at Reply

      Russians love tricking those dumbass Fox News rednecks

    • Posted by Piromyśl, at Reply

      Storm Bey Let’s talk about Russia rigging the election.

  5. Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

    Will someone please provide me with proof that Russia interfered in our election??? I’m so sick of it! Who is to say our CIA didn’t hire Russian trolls to do this.

    • Posted by Decent man, at Reply

      Yeah these Russia-conspiracists sound as credible as the birther movement during Obama.

    • Posted by Jason A, at Reply

      If I post evidence will you read it?

    • Posted by Piromyśl, at Reply

      Mrreciprocat Oh yeah! “Nothing says it is true, but also nothing says it isn’t!”
      My answer is: Presumption of innocence. Ever heard of it?

  6. Posted by Mrreciprocat, at Reply

    Ha! 😀 People keep saying that Americans don’t care about the whole russian deal…they care about the economy, or jobs, or the “wall”, or immigration, or opioid abuse, or anything else but they don’t care about russia!
    ….but let TYT post a video about russia and it’s like BAM! MFs come out of the woodwork to criticize TYT for daring to to report something negative about russia! I mean for a subject that Americans allegedly don’t care about….”americans” seem to find it very important to comment that russia has done ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong and is in no way a danger or harm to the US! 😀
    Peace! 😀

  7. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    But but but Russia. Russia bad actors.. But Russia. What about Russia. Give me a break. First it was Russia magically got trump elected. Now that nobody is buying that. “ultra leftists” need to be concerned about what is going on IN RUSSIA? way to move the goal posts

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      Yeah, Russia only has the best interests of the USA at heart. Right? You are either Russian, or a traitor. Which one is it?

    • Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

      HerkimerSnerd GTFO with your bullshit. What did Russia do to make trump get elected? They ran Hillary? Did they hack the electoral college? Did they assassinat a US diplomat? You know how the US assassinates other countries politicians they want to topple

    • Posted by Head Boner, at Reply

      Russia wants to be an ally and open free trade you idiot.

    • Posted by Claystead, at Reply

      No, the US does not assassinate politicians of other countries. Despite the numerous conspiracy theories spread online, the CIA was stripped of assassination powers in the 60’s by Lyndon Johnson, and the only successful “US” assassination of a foreign politician, that of an Italian politician by Operation Gladio, happened without White House approval. Now, the US will happily allow local forces to off their leaders (e.g. Gadaffi or Che Guevara), but it does not itself carry out assassinations.

      As for what the Russians did in the US, they hacked voter databases (proven by the Winner Leaks) and used the data to target specific voter demographics in both the democrat and republican camps with fake news on social media, the primary purpose being to encourage a Democrat splitting of the vote and a Republican unification behind Trump. Typical fake news stories originating with the Russians were those of Trump helping veterans from Iraq get back to the US, or the story that the Clinton Foundation stole money to be used in Haiti. To further damage the Clinton campaign they hacked the DNC and RNC and selectively leaked emails to make it appear as if the DNC was colluding with the Clinton campaign in the primaries by reducing the amount of polls available in areas favored by Sanders. This is a truth with modifications; the poll numbers were lowered, but at the behest of Secretary Wasserman-Schultz, a DNC leader with a long-standing feud with Sanders. There is also widespread suspicion that the Russian hacked the voting machines in at least six states due Trump performing much better than the exit polls should suggest, but this has not been proven due to all voting-machine related data being heavily classified. Ironically the suspicion in that regard started after a number of intelligence community officials coming on TV all at the same time last February and saying “the Russians penetrated no voting machines at all” word for word, despite almost nobody even debating the possibility to that point. Typically this only happens when there has been an internal intelligence community decision to deny something to avoid severe damage to the national reputation, raising many suspicions that the opposite was true. I doubt they did, because the machines are not connected to the internet and so you would actually need access to the internal network (i.e. a hacker in every state) to do so, but many are more suspicious than me.

  8. Posted by LordZonaxe, at Reply

    Ok, Russians probably did medal in the us election (probably has been for a long time) and the US dose the same thing in every country. whats your point?

    • Posted by odog76543, at Reply

      LordZonaxe this has nothing to do with Clinton and everything to do with maintaining our democracy and society without outside and malicious interference. And as a former servicemember, I would be suspicious of any involvement from one of our country’s main adversaries. A critical thinking American citizen would be concerned as well that a foreign power was interfering and hacking voter registration databases.

      Cyber attacks like that can do more than just hard elections. Bank accounts, identity theft ect. A fool playing chess will fail to see the power behind the move of a pawn. You may not even realize that it was the beginning of the endgame when it finally becomes apparent to you that you’re losing badly. Open your eyes!

    • Posted by diaz eka, at Reply

      LordZonaxe the problem is in the US we would debate over facts (Ex: Global warming: fact or hoax?) And thats stupid. The same thing happened with this Russian bot. Cyberwarfare between russia and US and sometimes china have been going on for years and these dumbo bring the focus of discussion on “are you sure it’s not a hoax?” Or “it’s a government’s conspiracy” instead pushing for actions to prevent outsider’s interference.

    • Posted by Serdar Caylak, at Reply

      yeah but russia is not usa . russia is a shithole so are russians . roaches

  9. Posted by Kenny B, at Reply

    “Buzzfeed has investigated””… Goodbye.

    • Posted by Heat Seeker, at Reply

      Kenny B So true.

    • Posted by Mixtrix, at Reply

      *C’ya tomorrow, TROLL.*

    • Posted by Kenny B, at Reply

      Mixtrix. How could I stay away from such quality journalism, especially when augmented by such well thought out and original commentary as yours.

    • Posted by Piromyśl, at Reply

      Kenny B You just got demolished! Deal with it!

  10. Posted by Keeper Nod, at Reply

    “Buzzfeed has investigated” – Omg, i’m convinced!

    • Posted by Piromyśl, at Reply

      Keeper Nod Yea, I doubt they even investigated anything.

  11. Posted by Desol8 _, at Reply

    Who gives a damn about tumblr? Does anyone even use it lol

    • Posted by ReDDRussianBOT, at Reply

      3rd wave radical feminists, beta male cucks, furries and otherkin.

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing 01, at Reply

      Nah, it’s gotten really unpopular as of late.

  12. Posted by Harvey Smith, at Reply

    The disruption caused by state sponsored trolls is one of the greatest threats to society.
    African videos on YouTube are full of racist anti white comments made by Chinese state sponsored trolls with the aim of stirring up racial hatred so the Chinese can dominate trade in Africa.

  13. Posted by Erin Winslow, at Reply

    This is nothing new! The US has interfered in other countries’ election with both propaganda and ARMED intervention (“send in the Marines”) for other 100 years. Now we are getting a taste of our own medicine. Social media can be a wonderful tool for activists to spread info (i.e. in Ferguson, Standing Rock, etc) BUT we should always use our critical thinking skills and not believe everything we see online.

  14. Posted by Jax Rabbit, at Reply

    Russians were caught doing this same thing on Twitter last year if I remember correctly.

  15. Posted by Amy, at Reply

    It’s a straw man argument to say that Russians are bad actors when it comes to our elections because they are bad actors on things like gay people and journalists. We are fed propaganda everyday in this country and, as annoying as it may be, it seems pretty clear that such things are protected under our free speech laws. If you want to counter false propaganda, don’t shut it down, tell the truth about it.

    • Posted by Kenny B, at Reply

      Unfortunately Amy, TYT and the truth make uneasy bedfellows.

    • Posted by Sean, at Reply

      You would think telling the truth stops it. It doesn’t. In fact, telling the truth makes people who believe the lies believe the lies more strongly.

      Limiting how much money can be donated to political candidates would be a start. Ana talks about how she researched the video and determined it was fake. If she had covered it and told everyone it was fake the conservatives here would have been sending death threats to the NYPD over not firing the officer. We are separating ourselves into tribes.

      There has to be a better way that’s not censorship.

    • Posted by AnonEyeMouse, at Reply

      Amy It’s not a strawman, it’s a non sequitur. The strawman would be your claim that they are using this non sequitur. Pointing out the actions against gays and journalists is to remind those who are defending Russia of exactly who they are defending. What Russia is doing with troll and bot farms really doesn’t have anything to do with free speech. America can’t do anything against those farms even if they wanted to, legally. They could possibly engage in cyber warfare but that is something else entirely. No, the answer is, as you said at the end, to tell the truth about the attempted manipulation of opinion by extranational agencies. Which is exactly what TYT was doing here.

    • Posted by Amy, at Reply

      We definitely need to get money out of politics because that would solve a lot of it. I’m just as concerned about bribes being paid out from the United States as I am about bribes being paid out by foreign countries. Unfortunately, there will always be propaganda out there. In fact, in Spanish, the word for commercials is propaganda. We need to tell the truth AND we need to educate our people enough to be able to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. That last part is where we have been failing people for decades now and it’s the main reason why propaganda (even the commercial type) is so readily bought by so many people.

  16. Posted by Lucy Leo, at Reply

    All Americans should make it their patriotic duty to attack Russia online

    • Posted by Michael Petrovich, at Reply

      hehe. And how are you going to do that ewok?

    • Posted by God Bear, at Reply

      Lucy Leo
      Just ignore them. If you don’t know if someone is a troll or not tap on their profile pic and if it says “This channel does not have any content.” then it’s a troll. Take the comment above mine for instance.

    • Posted by Michael Petrovich, at Reply

      back of white knight. Me and the ewok Lucy are having a discussion.

  17. Posted by Next September, at Reply

    Russia, Russia, Russia! … Whatever.

    • Posted by mt unit, at Reply

      open the (jimmy)”DORES” of PERCEPTION (vision)

  18. Posted by Mark Wichterman, at Reply

    This kind of crap is why I don’t watch TYT much anymore.

    • Posted by Jay Carrera, at Reply

      Mark Wichterman but you watch Alex jones. Lol the irony.

  19. Posted by Lauren Brown, at Reply

    Blaming voters needs to stop. So many people spite Bernie-or-Bust types even though they were a small percentage (smaller than PUMAs) and overwhelmingly voted for Hillary in 2016. Black voter turnout was the lowest in 20 years, but they’re not the ones to blame either. They didn’t have great choices. I was angry at Trump voters for the first few months, but again it’s not like they had much of a choice. They took a risk for change, and they were duped. The fact that Trump even got that far is the fault of the system. Candidates earn votes. A system that enables shitty candidates with shitty messaging is to blame, not voters. How can we value We the People if we blame the People?

    • Posted by bjm090, at Reply

      I don’t think there is a point in blaming any particular group in particular. But I have to disagree with you. Everybody saw what Trump was saying. He wasn’t speaking just speaking about cleaning up the swamp–he denied climate change, advocated for increasing nuclear tensions, openly hated Muslims/Mexicans. I could go on and on about all the troubling policy proposals and offensive comments made by Trump over the course of the campaign. I know people were not excited about Clinton, but people should have been motivated to keep Trump out of office. We can say that candidates need to earn votes and the like, but at the the end of the day people had to choose between Clinton and Trump. Clinton by far was the preferred candidate of the two. That is a basic fact of the matter. One of them was the status quo, and one of them was a pathological lying, idiotic, racist/sexist, proto-fascist clown. People should have acted to keep him out of office. They had the choice presented to them, and decided to stay home. [I recognize some people face systematic barriers to voting, and so they should not be blamed in the least]

      As a young person, I was personally disappointed by my young peers who didn’t turn up to vote. They neglected their duty as citizens–the power was in their hands to prevent the election of arguably the worst president in US history. Our generation knows how important the issue of climate change is. It’s still unclear what this Republican party under Trump will do, but hopefully the damage done will at least be manageable. I can still value the people and be disappointed in them.

    • Posted by awakeningSheep, at Reply

      bjm090 – initially I thought Trump was a “clown and a stupid joke”. My alarm went off a bit late. But by June 2016 I was going crap crap crap – because it seems only Mike Moore was seeing what I was seeing! I was angry at non-voters. How could anyone play smug bystander as this superpower nation is hijacked by a loud KKK-rousing openly-Weinstein kind of menacing super-size monster. I am less angry now as I understand the mechanism of manipulation, hatemonger tactics, vote suppression, the attacks and ambush from al directions. It is time we blame less and forgive each other more, and target our energy more effectively. My alarm remains on high for divisive devils.

    • Posted by bjm090, at Reply

      awakeningSheep I hear you. But so many people were simply apathetic about the election when they had all the reason in the world not to be i.e. there was the possibility that Trump be elected. I don’t want to attack people who didn’t vote. I want to encourage people to vote. But in my heart I hold resentment over the fact that these four years could have been prevented if people had put in a tiny bit of effort to get out and vote; to really appreciate what was at stake. And now the world is suffering because of that.

      You are probably right that forgiveness is the way forward. However, as a matter of analysis, voter turnout (people who showed up to vote for Obama but not in 2016, not to mention the overall turnout rate of 58%) was one of the central facets at play in the 2016 election.

    • Posted by jay Cee, at Reply

      We have to be honest, African-American could have easily swung the election to Hillary, they didn’t get out to vote like they did for Obama. I’m not blaming anyone but the exit polls show.

    • Posted by bjm090, at Reply

      +jay Cee True, but they are not the only demographic who could have swung the election either if they turned out in their Obama numbers.

  20. Posted by SaiyanZ Entertainment, at Reply

    I always knew BLM were a bunch of Soviets!

    • Posted by Sean, at Reply

      No, Russia just pushes anything that create politically divisive conversations. They take anything that has conflict in politics and try to push it in your face so that way each time you see it it drives us apart.

    • Posted by Richard warren, at Reply

      No, Hillary is making it look like a republicans are acting like russians who are acting like blm but they want Trump to win because they are best friends

    • Posted by chairman lmao, at Reply

      Ruskies With Attitude.