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Russians vs. Rednecks: FailArmy Presents || FailArmy


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We made a decision to place two of our preferred failures together: Russians vs. Rednecks. That had the worst fail? Let us know in the comments below! Have a few of your own? Submit them to !!

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Guy Falls down Building
Keg Stand Friends Flip Enthusiast
Bird Assaults Guy on Phone
Mower Wheelie Fail
Lady Obtains Swept Away by Wave
Daddy Makes Uncomfortable Do It Yourself Waterslide
Individual Aims to Turn off Dune
Dirt Bicycle rider Tries to Do Technique on One Wheel
Rally Cars and truck Drifts right into Snow
Couch Browsing Fail
Car Crash Practically Hits Rollerblader
Mower Jumps over Green Automobile
Bear Climbs up Tree in Community
Gun Flies from Male's Hands
Directly Collision Occurs Throughout Snowy Day
Tree Landed on Vehicle
Car T-Bones Transforming SUV Triggering it to Flip Over
Lawnmower Uphill Fail n/a
Guy Shovels Snow Straight right into Wind
Firework Explodes Near Person
Car Crash at Crossway
Individual Strikes Pal With Wiffle Sphere
Parkour Falls Attempting Void Dive
Individual Running Down Hillside Eats Dirt
Hit as well as Run Happens Right in Front of Authorities
Guy Towing Vehicle Falls in Mud
Food Stays with Layer
Individual on ATV Detects Mud
Vehicle Engine Bursts into Flames
Excavator Rope Swing Fail
Delivery Vehicle driver Throws Bundles into Vehicle
Drunk Man Falls off Tractor right into River
Scooter Crashes into Auto, Flees Scene
Hillbilly Falls Off Raft
Bike Attempts to Elude Automobile and Collisions
Tree Branch Selfie Stick Ends Badly
Cars Crash Worsening on Icy Road
Man Rides Boating down Slip n Slide
Cyclist Runs Light and Hits Pedestrian
Guy Stands As well Near to Burning Oven
Snowy Roadway Results in Frightening Car Mishap
Genuine Homemade Backpack Flamethrower

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  1. Posted by Jørgen Pedersen, at Reply

    the vid at 0:24 is not russian or american its fucking norwagian!!! WTF!!!

    • Posted by Ole Hofsøy, at Reply

      So… are you guys talking about accents or dialects? They are not the same.

    • Posted by Helge Fransson, at Reply

      Ole Hofsøy I meant dialects I think… I didn’t know that it was different.

    • Posted by Ole Hofsøy, at Reply

      Most likely dialects, and you’re not alone, a lot of people don’t know there’s a difference.

      “An accent is the way that particular person or group of people sound. It’s the way somebody pronounces words, the musicality of their speech, etc.
      A dialect describes both a person’s accent and the grammatical features of the way that person talks.”

    • Posted by G2GO 4NOW, at Reply

      Jørgen Pedersen i know

  2. Posted by Илья Жеребцов, at Reply

    не понял, при чем тут забавные фейлы?
    показанные здесь русские это просто кучка долбоебов, которые либо не соблюдают ПДД, либо просто “паркурмены” и прочая подобная херня (люди без мозгов). не понимаю, что тут веселого,

    • Posted by Julia, at Reply

      The Bean Club For Julian2 Jesus I am finding spinny boiz all over the Internet

    • Posted by Reverse THIS!, at Reply

      It’s like that with Americans too.. there are all types. 🙂

    • Posted by Cartoon Nephew, at Reply

      1 1, не утрируй, мудила) Думай башкой, когда комменты строчишь.

    • Posted by constantine_8m, at Reply

      9о Фиск уоиг$еГФ

  3. Posted by 123maarten123, at Reply

    ayy lmao
    the result of millions of years of evolution. how amazing…

    • Posted by 1Nice1Guy5, at Reply

      ayy lmaos would not be proud

    • Posted by Zancuto, at Reply

      He didn’t clap his hands and everything was a created. It was a process. Like I said nothing can be created without a creator.

    • Posted by ZombiecoHQ, at Reply

      +Zancuto Enlighten me, what was the process, how did he do it, tell me in detail. Did he follow some instructions he found on buzzfeed or what? Did he sprinkle some fucking magic dust and bam, life was created? Tell me how it happened.

    • Posted by Ted Horowitz, at Reply

      chikki fucking brikki

  4. Posted by spielMassiv TV, at Reply

    What is an Redneck ? I’m from Germany and never heard this.

    • Posted by Jan Adam's, at Reply

      vFallout I live next to a few refugees for a year now and they raped me yet? Also my soccer coach is a refugee who speaks my language completely fluent and is well integrated. So where’s the problem?

    • Posted by The Silencer Project, at Reply

      spielMassiv TV “Trump Supporters”

    • Posted by Nathan Clepper, at Reply

      Kez 2009 lol libtard found

    • Posted by João Antônio, at Reply

      spielMassiv TV the average American citizen.

  5. Posted by Knackebrodz, at Reply

    0:24 is Swedish. She’s yelling “Den juckar på dig!” Translated: It’s humping you!

    • Posted by Chris G, at Reply

      +Kapten Eliaan Det gjør vi ikke

    • Posted by Henrik Berg, at Reply

      Jag tycker hon låter som från Sveriges västkust medan han mumlar nåt på norska…

    • Posted by Eric Elestig, at Reply

      Kapten Eliaan jag e åkså svensk😄

    • Posted by Katelyn B, at Reply

      Stormrage They need a bit more English.

    • Posted by Teestain, at Reply

      I think it sounds more like Norwegian dialects, but then again, it is quite similar to Swedish.

  6. Posted by Josh Santos, at Reply

    People on bikes never seem to be to think the rules apply to them!

    • Posted by Laura Sanchez, at Reply

      Unrelated Popcorn Fire Lol you’re talking about Walterrific? But yes, that’s stupid of him. But it’s really rare for a bike to be stupid like that

    • Posted by ExaltedDuck, at Reply

      Josh Santos when you wrote that, were you riding a grammar bike?

    • Posted by Unrelated Popcorn Fire, at Reply

      Laura Sanchez
      Yeah, i guess a few people can paint a pretty bad picture for bikers in general.

    • Posted by Laura Sanchez, at Reply

      Unrelated Popcorn Fire What about cars then? I feel like 10% of people in cars use their phone while driving. And maybe 1% or less of bikes. But people still hate on bikes for that reason

    • Posted by Unrelated Popcorn Fire, at Reply

      Laura Sanchez
      The reason people hate on bikes probably has to do with constant speeding, lane splitting, running from police etc. and you can’t do that in a car.

  7. Posted by jigglefloyd, at Reply

    I wonder, what a Russian Redneck would do?

    • Posted by mistamunchie215, at Reply

      Just go watch Crazy Russian Hacker and you’ll know

    • Posted by EbberDeeMills, at Reply

      jigglefloyd. Ask FPS Russia

    • Posted by richard demontreal, at Reply

      they just trying not to die!

    • Posted by Подпольный консалтинг от славного Иисусика., at Reply

      Nick Coffeemaniac, тебе, сыну мерзкой шлюхи, мало межнациональной розни между нами, мало вражды, мы друг-друга уже и так ненавидим, причём здесь Украина, зачем ты сюда Украину вплёл? Шоб ты умер от СПИДа.

    • Posted by Lifelong Vacation, at Reply


  8. Posted by TheDragkhar, at Reply

    The one with the turkey or w/e bird it was, wasnt from russia it was Norway or Denmark

    • Posted by tim mårtensson, at Reply

      Thomas Skjevik it almost sounds the same in swedish, “han juckar på dig” with an accent!

    • Posted by Egolego u, at Reply

      TheDragkhar He says “faen”, but in a way that norwegians say it. In my hometown we speak like that.

    • Posted by Thomas Skjevik, at Reply

      I know, but im certain it’s Norwegian, I have family up in those God forsaken places 😂

    • Posted by tendency82, at Reply

      Hahaha, I can’t believe so much Swedes think it is Swedish. :’D Come on. It’s Norwegian.

    • Posted by Its Aodhan, at Reply


  9. Posted by Александр Сёмочкин, at Reply

    Бред какой-то, не могли найти видосы не с видеорегистраторов? Я, конечно, понимаю, что Наши не любители пострадать всякой хернёй, записывая это на камеру, но всё же есть более интересные видео из России, чем ДТП на дорогах. Ну и куда же без медведя)

    • Posted by Рысья, at Reply


    • Posted by anycool25, at Reply

      nasrat na rusko do piče! 😀

    • Posted by Radiantcat, at Reply

      Александр Сёмочкин um this is America🇺🇸

    • Posted by Squirtle Calmarno, at Reply

      I don’t understand anything tho

    • Posted by Abbedego, at Reply

      Spreek algemeen beschaafd engels alstublieft……

  10. Posted by ShinobiNintendo, at Reply

    What do Russians and rednecks have in common?

    They both elected Trump.

    • Posted by Dylan Zrim, at Reply

      Romanian Gypsy I hope everyone has their post nuclear war plans right…

    • Posted by Хц Пзд, at Reply


    • Posted by Хц Пзд, at Reply

      use google translate, pikachu

  11. Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

    Can we have an “Africans vs African Americans” next?

    • Posted by OldSchool, at Reply

      kickinitoldschool03 You should say Jamaicans. Do you see the way they would dance at nightclubs? 😂

  12. Posted by MexicanOtaku, at Reply

    Mexicas vs something :V

    • Posted by Richard Luong, at Reply

      Mexicans vs school. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Peurastajaa, at Reply

      Mexicans vs trump

    • Posted by Diana Kuroneko, at Reply

      Mexicanos contra Indus, dicen que nos parecemos mucho a India

    • Posted by Kenny Mccormick, at Reply

      Mexicans vs your mom

    • Posted by Josh Foster, at Reply

      MexicanOtaku Mexicans vs trumps new border patrol.

  13. Posted by BOT Bob, at Reply

    Rednecks: stupid ideas, atv, mini tractors, fat.
    Russians: Car crashes, parkour, byat.

    One common thing “Stupid”

    • Posted by Ghostiification, at Reply

      *blyat 🙂 I don’t know what it means but I’ve watched enough russian car crash videos to learn cuss words

    • Posted by Diego Espinosa, at Reply

      Correctly “BLYAT”

    • Posted by John Dou, at Reply

      Я сейчас задумался и понял, что сам хз, что значит блять

  14. Posted by Виталий Ляхов, at Reply

    Привет из России!!

    • Posted by Alvin C., at Reply


    • Posted by Diana Kuroneko, at Reply


    • Posted by 4 Life, at Reply


  15. Posted by Sergio Alejandro Orjuela, at Reply

    4:42 That’s a russian car
    6:05 and that’s a Russian selfie stick

    • Posted by Александр Степнов, at Reply

      Yes it is LADA 1979 of release

    • Posted by depressive Sweetie belle, at Reply

      Жигуль 2107
      (For you just lada)

    • Posted by avgonspot, at Reply

      как же я ору

    • Posted by tony Zinati, at Reply

      I was your 100th like

  16. Posted by swag swag, at Reply

    0:24 they’re fucking Norwegian. It seems as the USA sees Russia as all of Europe.

    • Posted by Emmanuel Arredondo, at Reply

      swag swag well those are European countries 😦 the continent is Europe and Russia is one of the biggest countries

    • Posted by Girl With One Eye, at Reply

      Emmanuel Arredondo Russia is in Asia

    • Posted by Emmanuel Arredondo, at Reply

      +Girl With One Eye the continent is commonly known as Eurasia where I’m from

    • Posted by Phillip Moriss, at Reply

      swag swag right? Geez… I mean the only thing worse would be someone making a broad statement about 300 million people because some editor on YouTube who may or not even be American didn’t distinguish between Norwegian and Russian. That wouldn’t happen though. Only Americans make broad judgement about other nations.

    • Posted by Emmanuel Arredondo, at Reply

      Phillip Moriss wow I like that statement 👌 (not being sarcastic)

  17. Posted by Alex Paksu, at Reply

    Do Russians have more dashcams or worse drivers?

    • Posted by Hanny Su, at Reply

      No dashcam no insurance.

    • Posted by Yaro Christiaans, at Reply

      Alex Paksu probably both

    • Posted by Felix Endlicher, at Reply

      Alex Paksu both

    • Posted by Ernests Lenss, at Reply

      Both. You have dashcams because of shite drivers. Russians will try to tell otherwise, but You can look up statistics pretty easily

  18. Posted by Timelapse Graffiti, at Reply

    I always feel the same;
    Russian clip: i think he died
    Redneck clip: that was funny
    Russian clip: i bet he broke every fucking bone in his body

    • Posted by frEzzy, at Reply