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Ryan Seacrest Cleared After ‘Gut-Wrenching’ False Accusation


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Ryan Seacrest has actually come forward to inform his tale of being wrongly implicated of unwanted sexual advances. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section below.

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" To have my workplace conduct doubted was gut-wrenching," writes the celebrity as he promises "in order to help voices be listened to."
I do not take things for granted. Everyday I am living my youth dream because of the efforts of so many other people. I do my best to reveal and also reveal my gratefulness to my co-hosts, manufacturers, guests, target markets, executives, partners as well as followers for the opportunity of their cooperation and engagement, as well as for the steadfast assistance of my enjoyed ones as well as team.

In November, I received a letter from an attorney standing for a former program stylist. She claimed that I abused her more than a decade ago when we interacted. This arrived throughout an extraordinary public projection by women in our market and beyond, courageously coming forward to share their tales, most of them heartbreaking. These females sought to accentuate the systemic gender inequality that has happened for decades. I was– and also am– surprised at their fearlessness.

To have my work environment conduct doubted was gut-wrenching. I have actually always aimed to deal with all my coworkers with sincerity, respect, kindness as well as compassion. Yet, I knew, despite the self-confidence I had that there was no benefit to the claims, my name would likely quickly show up on the checklists of those believed of despicable words and also actions. The pressures of our overflowing newsfeeds would certainly insist on it."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by peter, at Reply

    Wow, this really triggered the trolls. No doubt they have all been falsely accused hundreds of times.

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      TYTs feminazi agenda will only make these false accusations more common

  2. Posted by Shane, at Reply

    TYT got it wrong in this video. The investigation didn’t prove Seacrest right, the outcome was that the woman didn’t fully support her claim. She isn’t at all required to prove her case to the private investigation company. This is a false win, he would have to win in court against her to prove himself right.

    Cenk should know this better with his law experience.

    • Posted by Bert Turbaville, at Reply

      The investigation wasn’t there to “prove Seacrest right”. This is exactly what PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE MEANS. Seacrest went into this investigation NOT GUILTY of anything. The plaintiff did not prove her case (there is not standard for “fully”- she did not meet the burden of proof, end of story) so Seacrest walked out STILL NOT GUILTY of any crime. And that is how American Justice SHOULD be.
      You claim she “isn’t at all required to prove her case to the private…” Uh, yeah, I’m afraid in this case the plaintiff was required, because she agreed to be interviewed by them. Had she had a case compelling enough to bring criminal charges, the plaintiff should have sought THOSE remedies, rather than attempting to go around the courts and get Seacrest tried in the Court of Public Opinion.
      Shane, there is no such thing as a “false win”, Seacrest won NOTHING in this. He is simply able to go on living his life.

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Shane if the woman couldn’t fully support her claim then her case is dead in the water right then and there. It’s her job to provide the proof and she failed, therefore Seacrest wins

    • Posted by Shane, at Reply

      Bert Turbaville A private investigation is not a court case and I believe you are conflating the 2. When Cenk said “this proves Seacrest right” it was an inaccurate assessment. Of course the courts will view Seacrest as not guilty throughout the case, but there hasn’t been a court case and that woman doesn’t need to prove her case to a private investigator. I swear I already stated this…

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      Ok which TYT intern gave this a heart? Hal Jordan I bet

  3. Posted by Clayton Saint Cyr, at Reply

    The false accusations hurt the women (and men) who truly endured horrific experiences.

    • Posted by xJoexRipx, at Reply

      They mostly hurt the innocent man

  4. Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

    You mean some women lie wow..who knew.

    • Posted by Dan F, at Reply

      @6dazey9 Well, you can believe that this one woman lied now, because Ana and Cenk said so.

    • Posted by MantasticHams, at Reply

      I’d rather carve a topiary, personally.

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      Dan F No because it was investigared and there was nothing

  5. Posted by Johnny Martinez, at Reply

    If you ever go to these right wingers YouTube channels their comments go unopposed. They rant and rave on how evil we are and how they are ready to start a revolution (kill people). The Russian bots there are kicking the hornets nest and they can’t even tell they are getting played. They are encouraged to come to liberal channels and sow discord and prevent any kind of reasonable conversations. This is how America will fall. The battle is being waged on many fronts, but here is where we hold the line. If they are successful and so far they have been. This degradation of trust and truth will poison us beyond repair. I don’t expect many to see this or let alone agree. But we must, MUST spread the word on this before it is to late.

    “annuit coeptis novus ordo seclorum”

    • Posted by Phoenix XN7, at Reply

      Got that backwards, bud.

    • Posted by Dan F, at Reply

      @Johnny Martinez You are an example of tribalism at it’s finest. No, that isn’t something to be proud of.

  6. Posted by Bert Turbaville, at Reply

    Conservative America seems to teach its children that respect for each other, manners, polite behavior, are all signs of weakness. We have a man in the Oval Office who preached “unity” at the SOTU speech, and the very next day, accused democrats of “treasonous” behavior during that SAME speech. We have gotten to the point where everyone is talking, no one is listening and we feel we only have TIME for snap judgements and whoever gets the story out first, regardless of facts, wins.
    Confirmation Bias has become the new American patriotism.

    • Posted by ollehkacb, at Reply

      Bert Turbaville ironic since you just made a snap judgement on all conservative values.

    • Posted by Bert Turbaville, at Reply

      Too bad you dont know what words mean.

    • Posted by Dan F, at Reply

      @Bert Turbaville I feel like you are talking, but not listening.

    • Posted by Bert Turbaville, at Reply

      Actually, I got more than a couple medals in the US Army, back in the late 80s. In other words, I’ve done my duty by the country I love, when do you plan on doing yours?

  7. Posted by tomas randa, at Reply

    “Women were not believed in the past.” Ok Cenk, we’ll take your word for it. Utter nonsense.

    • Posted by amacm69, at Reply

      tomas randa Google it!

    • Posted by Oppeldeldoc1, at Reply

      It is a sweeping kind of statement. LOTS OF women weren’t believed in the past.

    • Posted by tomas randa, at Reply

      To be fair Cenk was very reasonable here. I think he has a very silly view of history though.

  8. Posted by laki74, at Reply

    What? I thought accusers don’t lie.

    • Posted by spooky99, at Reply

      laki74 shhhh!!! Don’t say it too loud, you’re making scariest sense.

  9. Posted by Roedy Green, at Reply

    Ryan Seacrest gives off gay vibes. He would not be assaulting women.

    • Posted by Synerrox เ, at Reply

      Okay, creepy old man.

  10. Posted by ongo bongo, at Reply

    He can’t have done it, he’s gay

  11. Posted by youteub akount, at Reply

    wow, you’re close to admitting that 40% of accusations are false.

    • Posted by Dan F, at Reply

      Let’s assume that 99.9% of women tell the truth. How many men’s lives are destroyed by the ones that lie? Now try to guess what percentage of women actually lie. It doesn’t matter if one tenth of one percent of women lie or one percent or 10 percent. One wrongly convicted person should be enough to get you to open your eyes. Innocent until proven guilty is the only standard that should ever be used. His “statistic” is not what you should be focusing on.

    • Posted by youteub akount, at Reply

      Dan F “Let’s assume that 99.9% of women tell the truth”

      Let’s not

  12. Posted by gam mal, at Reply

    yes you should never believe the women. cause words arent proofs. get it in your empty skull. words=/=proofs. you can do an investigation sure.. but words arent proofs.

  13. Posted by sesshoumaru3st, at Reply

    Lol you didn’t wait for Micheal Jackson, or bill Cosby, or OJ ,or the rest. TYT is a bunch of hypocrites, but it is to be expected from humans who don’t believe in themselves.

    • Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

      sesshoumaru3st kys troll

    • Posted by Eddie Jones, at Reply

      sesshoumaru3st exactly. America’s pretty boy gets off

    • Posted by Chelsea Jones, at Reply

      sesshoumaru3st because there was massive amounts of evidence in each case. So sick of false equivalency

    • Posted by prettymochame just T, at Reply

      sesshoumaru3st oh stop the divide, he’s no Bill Cosby and black men raping ain’t the white man’s doing. Men of all color can be predators.

  14. Posted by Dicken Bahls, at Reply

    Women must be believed! Ryan is scum!

  15. Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply


  16. Posted by TAJ17187, at Reply

    Wait what? Woman?

  17. Posted by Jason C, at Reply

    Boy, was that woman barking up the wrong tree…

    • Posted by prettymochame just T, at Reply

      Jason C how would you know, you in DL circles..hater

    • Posted by Jason C, at Reply

      +prettymochame just T+ I see you hit from the other side of the plate.

  18. Posted by Greg T, at Reply

    The standard must be innocent until proven guilty otherwise it is not justice. An extended family member of mine spent 6 years in prison on a 20 year charge for a false rape accusation from a jealous ex girlfriend. He was only released after she admitted she lied. The woman who victimized him received no prison time for taking 6 years of his life. It is important we get these cases right, to charge an innocent person is an affront to justice as is not charging cases with corroborating evidence. To not be judicious in corroborating accusations with evidence before punishment could harm this important movement.

    • Posted by Sangode Lowe, at Reply

      That’s a horrid story, my sympathies to your family member.

    • Posted by Jonas Richert, at Reply

      She received no jail?? After admitting to something like this, she should’ve gotten those 20 years. How unfair.

  19. Posted by Luna, at Reply

    Definitely do not believe him.

    • Posted by Jay Diggy, at Reply

      Luna shut up hoe

    • Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

      Luna Based on what?

    • Posted by Beast900011, at Reply

      Andrew Mildenberg on his sexuality?

  20. Posted by Rachel Thompson, at Reply

    every woman has suffered harassment on some level, it’s systematic. But how to prove it, walk past construction site with a film crew?

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Rachel Thompson first of all, if you’re talking about catcalling from construction sites, then you shouldn’t need proof because there shouldn’t be anything to charge, you walk past the site and it’s over, no need for legal action, if one of them starts following you and grabs you, then he just gave you evidence by leaving fingerprints on you, and even if he doesn’t, a simple microphone can record what he’s saying and business cameras can record him following you, evidence isn’t as complicated as you think

    • Posted by nj cowboysfan, at Reply

      Rachel Thompson systematic? oh yeah theres a conspiracy that all men know about and have been keeping it secret for thousands of years and its to catcall and touch women around the world! muahahaha females wont stop the male-luminati!