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Schumer: Democrats WILL Filibuster Neil Gorsuch


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Are congressional Democrats expanding a spinal column? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark section below.

" Senate hearings on High court nominee Neil Gorsuch finished Thursday on a confrontational note, with the body's leading Democrat pledging a filibuster that can make complex Gorsuch's anticipated verification and inevitably upend the typical method to authorizing justices.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he will certainly elect no on Head of state Trump's candidate as well as asked other Democrats to join him in obstructing an up-or-down vote on Gorsuch.

Under Us senate rules, it requires 60 votes to get rid of such a barrier. Republicans eager to validate Gorsuch prior to their Easter recess– and also on trial wraps up listening to the current term of instances following month– have only 52 legislators.

Republicans have actually sworn Gorsuch will certainly be verified also if it means upgrading the method justices have long been approved. Commonly, senators can force the Senate to round up a supermajority simply to raise the election of a Supreme Court justice. If that is reached, the confirmation calls for a simple bulk." *.

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  1. Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

    The “Young Turks” committed the Armenian genocide

    • Posted by bornxmas, at Reply

      Jon Bones Jones = russian. do not trust.

    • Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

      Jon Bones Jones right on what you dumbass? you’re not listing facts, all you’re doing spewing bullshit and no one is buying it which is why you only have 2 subscribers.

  2. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    everytime i hear that Gorsuch is more conservative than Scallia it makes me want to throw-up

    • Posted by tyty2fly2, at Reply

      First of all, not once have I ever said anything about either party getting more votes in the senate or house. You’re the only person I’ve heard say anything about it. I only commented to you cause I thought you were confused about 2 democrats running for senate in california. I assumed that they were running for separate seats. But I just looked it up and you were right. California has a different system for its senate elections than the rest of the states. In California they have a runoff primary election before the general election. In their primary, people vote for their choice of candidates. After the votes are counted, the top two candidates advance to the general election regardless of political affiliation. The top two vote getters were democrats so for that senate seat the voters had two choose between those two democrats, since a republican didnt finish in the top two durring the primary. But as far as I know California is the only state that elects its senators that way.
      And of course I’m a democrat. I’m a working man, not a millionaire or corporate CEO. But I did vote for Ross Perot when he ran against Bill Clinton. I was also a big fan of Ron Paul.

    • Posted by phoenixwing50, at Reply

      +tyty2fly2 Lol why would a Democrat vote for Ron Paul? You don’t care about economic issues?

    • Posted by tyty2fly2, at Reply

      I didn’t say I voted for him. I said I was a fan of his. I didn’t agree with his economic views. He was a rare politician that seemed to possess integrity and honesty. He stood up for what he believed was right and spoke out against what he felt was wrong. And did so without using retoric, without slandering or demonizing opponents. He shared his views, unlike most of his colleagues who shared the views and only stood up for whichever corporation happened to have purchased them at the time. He pass legislation or approve nominations based solely on party lines. He voted against the iraq war, against the patriot act, and he was in favor of drug legalization, and supported the separation of church and state. He was a libertarian. He was real.

    • Posted by tyty2fly2, at Reply

      **he didnt pass legislation based solely on party lines**

  3. Posted by Vincent Abramo, at Reply

    The term young turk actually refers to someone who goes against the establishment. It’s in their description.

    • Posted by boloz boloz, at Reply

      freedombase create your channel if it means something

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      I see another muslim terrorist backer

    • Posted by Dylan Schwager, at Reply

      freedombase i see another Christian terrorist backer

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      +freedombase  “no such thing as the right wing” Lol, or oxygen or the sun ….

  4. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if republicans change the rules.

    • Posted by Patrick Pelayo, at Reply

      Isaac P
      No reason not to change the rules when Democrats already did so for presidential appointments.

      It is the Democrats own fault for using the nuclear option first.

  5. Posted by papiless, at Reply

    does anyone know Ana Kasparian’s porn name?

    • Posted by bornxmas, at Reply

      Ivonka Trump.

    • Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

      Ivana Hump

  6. Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

    i hope the republican get rid of the filibuster because one day the Republicans won’t be able to filibuster anymore.

    • Posted by Green Eyes, at Reply

      sdkeller72 I know.

    • Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

      Adam Smith Democrats are wiped out because they moved to the right meanwhile trump seemed to be to left during the primaries and GE.

    • Posted by Minority Voice, at Reply

      sdkeller72 when robots request rights and gene editing becomes a thing will be the republicans and conservatives

    • Posted by Bennie Gray, at Reply

      Damien Rellik only in talking, but his actions say he is crazy right

    • Posted by James Somerton, at Reply

      Until they vote to reinstate it during a lame duck congress after Democrats take back the senate.

  7. Posted by jorge luna, at Reply

    TYT!!!!! you guys are great!!

  8. Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

    Another bullshit tactic. They will hold the filibuster ruling hostage so they can get more line items to destroy every bill Obama put out. They are looking for a total reversal of everything a black guy did, so they can feel proud to be white.

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Aesithair Runekafi exactly. They are the same ones who said they wouldn’t even give Obama a chance when he was first elected. It wasn’t just because he was a democratic president.

  9. Posted by JustMish 2U, at Reply

    Progressives can’t be stopped. These old cronies motherfuckers have one foot in the grave and the millennials are taking over. 2018

    • Posted by JustMish 2U, at Reply

      +Adam Christopher 👍✋

    • Posted by Bruce Riggs, at Reply

      I look forward to dancing on his grave someday.

    • Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

      JustMish 2U I’m on the cusp of millennial and generation x am I invited to help with taking the power back or is their a certain cut off? Lol

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Antman4656 lol as long as you were born after 1981 then you are a qualified millennial.

    • Posted by Payhole Everdouche, at Reply

      JustMish 2U
      I’m on the cusp of dementia induced by herpes. Life’s f-ing grand.

  10. Posted by Jeri Rhea, at Reply

    is Gorsuch really more right wing than Scalia? !

    • Posted by bobthebobcat, at Reply

      Still can’t kill me for saying gas the kikes. Get rekt scrub.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      you are a terrorist who is a threat to America/Israel and Western Civilization
      hitler was a rapist cross dressing pig who raped little boys
      American Warriors Crushed your Cross Dressing nazi hero and nothing you can do about it Loser

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      you are not even human you are a nazi rapist clown

    • Posted by bobthebobcat, at Reply

      Keep the buzzwords coming fatboy.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      the only boy is you
      Jews and Women are Superior to you
      nazi troops were rapist and pedophiles who ran when they saw American Warriors
      i bet your wife left you for a Real Man a Jewish Man
      you cant stop America and Israel
      you sharia law terrorist will be defeated by Women and Jews and nothing you can do about it accept cry

  11. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    Cenk is a mess!

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Liberalism catches up with people. 🤒

    • Posted by Kevin Alonso, at Reply

      Darksider = troll

    • Posted by CERTIFIED NUT JOB, at Reply


    • Posted by KingStannis Baratheon, at Reply

      Darksider JEB BUSH Is a mess, a waste!

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      +KingStannis Baratheon Also True.

  12. Posted by Cezariusz 88, at Reply

    I wonder if right-wing trolls subscribe to TYT for the sole purpose of trolling… You know that you’re making them money, right?

    • Posted by Mitch Clark, at Reply

      They don’t pay. They just hang out on the comment section.

    • Posted by Isaac P, at Reply

      It just brings more attention to the show lol the more views and comments on something, the more people are compelled to view it themselves hahaha nice one morons.

    • Posted by Jake Bennett, at Reply

      +Cezariusz 88 Right-wingers actually like TYT because they represent the insanity of the left. Its sorta like how leftist like Alex Jones and always bring him up cause it shows the insanity of the right.

    • Posted by Drodz Drodz, at Reply

      The young turds are on food stamps.

    • Posted by Michael Shipman, at Reply

      Have you never heard of adblock? You’re not actually telling me you watch ads are you?

  13. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    Republicans blocked Merrick Garland for a year—-and the claim that they just “couldn’t” approve him during an election year is bullshit. Democrats approved a Reagan nominee in an election year. Rest assured, Republicans will once again care about the filibuster when they lose control of the Senate. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Posted by 888strummer, at Reply

      You would be wrong appma balraj; the vacated seat that Kennedy filled was vacated in June of 1987. So the seat was vacated a lengthy 17 months before the November 1988 presidential vote. It took Kennedy 4 months because the dems jerked around Robert Bork before finally rejecting him, so Regan picked Kennedy, but the selection process began 17 months before the election.

      Scalia died on Feb 16th of 2016, which was less than 9 months before the Nov 2016 presidential election. A vacated seat 17 months before an election is quite different than just 9 months

    • Posted by 888strummer, at Reply

      I think the cutoff should be before the primaries have begun which would be about 10 or 11 months before the election. Scalia died feb 16th, which was about 8 1/2 months before the election and after we had already had about 10 or 15 primaries. I agree with you that much of this is silly

      The dems need to focus on POSITIVE ideas that will help Americans and stop with their constant bashing of Trump

    • Posted by asdfasdf, at Reply

      Schumer started the filibustering judges tradition when George W Bush came into power. Then when it was republican’s turn with obama, they changed the rule to include nuclear option except for the supreme court. Sorry that your dumbass started all of this. Unethical Democratics.

    • Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

      asdasdf, you’re the dumbass. Republicans began overusing the filibuster against Bill Clinton. Republicans vowed to keep Obama from filling ANY vacancies on the nation’s 13 courts of appeals. Republicans said they might even block any of Hillary Clinton’s nominees during her ENTIRE time in office.

  14. Posted by Eay Dagawd, at Reply

    If this is supposed to be the ‘most powerful’ country, shouldn’t the smartest and most compassionate individuals be hired?

    • Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

      Eay Dagawd He ruled against someone because the defendant was going to freeze to death if he stayed where he was.

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      You must be new here. 🙁

  15. Posted by Wayne Morgan, at Reply

    Thank you Harry Reid. Gorsuch will help put an end to the Liberal Tranny agenda.

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      So do you just use that harry reid line to make people mad, or are you really that stupid?

  16. Posted by Kyle Shepherd, at Reply

    The comments are full of trolls. No wonder Cenk doesn’t bother reading. The knuckle dragging right winger’s are on full display.

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      Sure we’ve considered it. And the people who constantly hassle them never give sane reasons. If you actually have sane reasons, that’d be worth listening to. But you don’t, so.

    • Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

      Darksider have you ever considered moving out of your mother’s basement ?

    • Posted by President Donald Trump, at Reply

      It’s because Cenk is wrong on a lot of things and doesn’t ever acknowledge it or has a grain of humility.

    • Posted by David Stagg, at Reply

      +Darksider Hows the weather over in Russia comrade?

    • Posted by Dave Dave, at Reply

      Spoken like a true troll there Kyle.

  17. Posted by Anh Triệu, at Reply

    Wow, the trolls are particularly active today.

    • Posted by John Kirk, at Reply

      Anh Triệ

    • Posted by jamesbonq, at Reply

      I thought the Trump supporters were too embarrassed, lately to comment much. Must be so humiliating for them to be such winning losers. EPIC losers.

  18. Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

    I see the trumptards are in full force tonight!
    greetings sexually oppressed virgins!

    • Posted by Drodz Drodz, at Reply

      Greetings sexually transmitted disease.

    • Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

      Drodz Drodz Greetings STEVE BANNON JUST GOT CUCKED!

  19. Posted by TK99, at Reply

    I am convinced, absolutely convinced that if the GOP lose next year. They will try to change the Senate rules back and claim the Dem’s can’t change them again…cause it’s tradition we brought back. But when Justice Dem’s/Strong Dem’s win and turn around and say, the bell can’t be unrung, they will scream and holler about the evil Dem’s. But the GOP will cave cause the Donors pick weak politicians Dem or GOP.

    • Posted by The One, at Reply

      Dems aren’t winning jack.