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Sean Hannity Asks The DUMBEST Questions


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Sean Hannity asks the DUMBEST questions on Twitter. It's time a person provided him some REAL solutions. Thanks for visiting #HannityMeetSanity. Held by Francis Maxwell. See much more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by Faith Goldy, at Reply

    Sean Hannity is the New breed of Zionist Stooges spewing Garbage .

  2. Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

    Who is going to ask Trump to apologize to the 330 million American people — and the Korean and Japanese people, and the other 7 billion people who live on this planet, for Trump’s first 100 days achievements ——> EXPLODED record nationwide hate crimes! Won inauguration crowd of the tiniest-hands size! Dragged into office 400 pending lawsuits! Charged $25 million for scamming youths! Violated multiple emolument clauses! Killed nepotism rules screwed protocols! Daughter-wife self-ordained as first Fake Lady! Porn-wife self-enriched as First Landlady! Filled cabinet with sadistic predators! Turned The Oval into Trump Global Headquarters! Hired Wall Street to Occupy White House! Proved Republican Congress TOTAL SELL-OUTS! Botched Yemen blamed his generals! Exploited tears of war widow! Bloated up overfed military! Escalated collateral casualties! Cranked up violent fascism! Brutalized illegals and innocents! Banned Muslims sans Trump biz nations! Abused The Constitution hurt citizens! Sucked Big Pharma Big Oil dicks! Gutted the State and basic benefits! Disemboweled public schools! Debased women deified womb tissue! Miscarried major legislation! Pushed genocide by Obamacare assassination! Threw comrades under the Trump bus! Blamed fxxk-ups ON DEMOCRATS! Played AWOL played excess golf! Burned excess Air Force One fuel! Collected millions on Trump properties! Bragged and bitched at more rallies! Ignored cries for tax reports! Shoved expenses down taxpayers throats! Set loose water coal pollution! Mocked scientists killed environment! Glorified autocrats and Le Pen! Scorned Merkel Sanders and Warren! Unleashed subprime big banksters! Robbed the poor to feed billionaires! Divided country alienated allies! Sowed chaos with barefaced lies! Demonized the whole Fourth Estate! Tried to monopolize The Internet! Attacked net neutrality and privacy! Hijacked Twitter to DEFLECT REALITY! Accused Obama of Wiretap! Smeared Hillary with alternative facts! Defiled Lady Liberty raped Decency! Dishonored 250 years DEMOCRACY! Desecrated Highest Office with filth and trash! Diminished morale destroyed FAITH! Consorted with foreign agents! Shunned domestic intelligence! Launched unilateral ILLEGAL WAR! Bombed tarmac with 59 TOMAHAWKS! Praised own flops or NATO flip-flop! Inflamed global violence distressed Europe! MOAB while chocolate cake with China! Fired word guns to stress North Korea! Dehumanized hapless foreign civilians! Brought nuclear nightmares upon all Koreans! Afflicted the world with HUBRIS and IGNORANCE! Holding HUMANITY ransom with RECKLESS INCOMPETENCE!

    SO. Who is going to ask Trump to apologize to the people? James Comey? Xi JinPing? Pope Francis?

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      You seem to care enough to respond! I live a fabulous life! Go eat some of your own young turds! 🙂

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Diva Artist it was a response out of pity. I am sure you do and dont hold that against you.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      i.imgur dot c0m /HnV8bNj.gif

    • Posted by Ass Möde, at Reply

      spoder man hehehe

  3. Posted by Cezariusz 88, at Reply

    O’Reilly – fired
    Tomi Laren – fired
    Milo – exposed as a pedo
    Richard Spencer – too afraid to show his face in public
    Bannon – sidelined
    Gorka – fired (kinda?)
    Kellyanne – locked in White House basement
    Alex Jones – reduced to a boring Republican shill, no longer funny, lost his kids, despite explaining he’s just a ‘performer’

    Hannity knows he’s the last one left, and his time is coming…

    • Posted by Nalidus, at Reply

      Ray “The Troll” Fire My lord… your Trolling is far more transparent than Drumpf’s stupidity. You really gotta learn how to hide your Trolling more. /Block for Trolling.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Nalidus Stupidity? ?? Im just listing off facts. Im not a troll.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Democrats – fired from controlling every branch of government not long after controlling them all.

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      Liberal Nazis silencing the truth tellers?

  4. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    TYT posts the most ridiculous videos with hypocritical hosts that call themselves journalist.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      American Insurgent i feel bad for your wife.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Magnumanxl who called who out? Cenk named his network after the radical government that committed the Armenian genocide. what were you saying? #LoserCenk #BaconGrease

  5. Posted by Lostgunman, at Reply

    LOVED THIS!!!! Keep it up, I would love to keep seeing someone smack down Hannity every week 😀

    • Posted by Elian Gonzales, at Reply

      Lostgunman That’s what she said.

  6. Posted by lumina mentari, at Reply

    Hannity meets sanity, GENIUS! And catchy! There are so many BUTT HURT Trumpflakes Trolls in the comments which ONLY means that everything you say is on point. Keep it up! Show how stupid and imbecilic they all are. People need to wake up from this cult of mental illness nightmare.

    • Posted by Vermiculus Nova, at Reply

      lumina mentari Slow down there snowflake, go back to being brainwashed by a genocide denying, safe space network who panders to SJWs like yourself

    • Posted by lumina mentari, at Reply

      Vermiculus Nova oh honey, Trump always use his chance to deny holocaust which also include his staffs and always use his son in law jewish-ness as a defense. Holocaust is the highest among highest hierarchy of genocides in the world. With that said, you worship the SNOWFLAKIEST orange overlord we’ve ever had in history! The most petty when it comes to his image, the most narcissistic and insecure little tiny hand of a character, which made his alt right supporters among the most HATED SJW class in modern society. People around the world already learning to contemplate your kind, that’s why France would rather have a naive little Macaroon corporatist who bangs his own teacher than a woman Trump, Trumplethinskin era will be over soon, he’s suffering from a serious case of dementia, you Trumpflakes will all regret to have supported a mentally ill man.

    • Posted by Nalidus, at Reply

      Vermiculus “Trumpflake Troll” Nova Well, thanks for proving lumina mentari right.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      The libs are extremely “butthurt” right now over (the already collapsing) NuttyCare being repealed and replaced, saying insane things even in congress like, “PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!”. Lefties are unhinged.

  7. Posted by Joe show, at Reply

    Honestly Trump is gods gift to Democrats. he even managed to piss off the senior vote with his TRUMPcare bullshit and that *WAS* a republican base.

    • Posted by Jaime Fernandez, at Reply

      except 99% of democrats,are corporate republican whores,including HRC, which is why Trump won, if hillary runs again in 2020 republicans can run Lenins corpse and win.

    • Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

      I hope so. The Democrats need to get their act together. No Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in 2020.

    • Posted by Brett Ahern, at Reply

      Spunky1991 no more DLC centrist, corporate democrats.

    • Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

      No to a far left agenda.

  8. Posted by Mitchel Cole, at Reply

    Tom Perez is a hack. Screw him and Trump!

    • Posted by ernstbtmn, at Reply

      I can agree with that.

  9. Posted by Nick Burris, at Reply

    Alt + Right / Shift + Left. This PC Culture is ridiculous. Just get a PS4.

    • Posted by American Insurgent, at Reply

      Nick Burris funny u say that cause i got a ps4 a couple weeks ago and ive noticed since i havent been obsessive over politics day after day ive been way more happy

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      PS4’s cure everything. lol

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      Lol. PC Master Race ;p

    • Posted by Jay D33, at Reply

      Nick Burris PS4 is heaven.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      lol PS4, PC, or Xbox. Whatever floats your boat 🙂

  10. Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

    He’s scum floating on a cesspool….I’m sorry but that’s the nicest thing I can say.

    • Posted by Sidd Maria, at Reply

      jacktheripped well said

  11. Posted by djdarklyceum, at Reply

    dude you are so cringe its not funny.. you and brown fabio should have a kid together.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      djdarklyceum I didn’t see you actually arguing any of his points tho

    • Posted by djdarklyceum, at Reply

      I gave up on that a long time ago..

  12. Posted by Mama Mimi, at Reply

    Asking stupid questions is how he got through the Trump WH interview-tour without getting shut down on.

  13. Posted by sean fast, at Reply

    they made up alt left lol, the alt right literally calls them selves alt right,
    their has never been alt left and IF their wer it would be infinity better then the openly racist alt right

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +sean fast What they really mean by “alt-left” is people who are actually leftists rather than corporatist-centrist-at-best-democrat-shills.

      I mean, come on, anybody who is left of the democrats is obviously a dirty Marxist/communist/socialist. /s

  14. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    #Hannity Doesn’t believe what he’s saying. He tows the party line. And collects a paycheck.

    That’s it

  15. Posted by Debra Cecchi, at Reply

    If Donald trump is Sean Hannity’s idea of PERFECT, it would only make since for him to ask crazy questions, because he’s a nut.

  16. Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

    LOL @ the Igoudala reference… hahaha

  17. Posted by Euan Reid, at Reply

    I bet Hannity preformed well on the Faux casting couch.

  18. Posted by TheGnarlyDoug, at Reply

    Sean Hannity is a hypocritical, stupid, partisan hack.

  19. Posted by Leticia Nieto, at Reply

    Don’t forget it’s Obama fault too some how