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Sean Spicer: Even Hitler Didn’t Use Chemical Weapons


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Sean Spicer compared Assad to Hitler saying that Hitler didn't utilize chemical tools on his individuals outside of "Holocaust facilities." Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, and also Elegance Baldridge, the hosts of The Young Turks, attempt to explain Spicer's remarks. Tell us what you think in the remark section listed below.

" There's no good time making a Hitler contrast, but releasing one in the midst of Passover to justify volunteer airstrikes is a specifically foolish choice, as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer realized, to his irritation, Tuesday mid-day.

Spicer was fielding inquiries concerning the Trump management's complicated and also diffuse strategy towards Syria when he was asked why the White House believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin would brake with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad presently.

" You look, we really did not use chemical tools in World War II. You had a person as despicable as Hitler who didn't also sink to making use of chemical weapons," Spicer stated.

As puzzled reporters and various other onlookers quickly kept in mind, Spicer's statement was deeply complicated, even if one could make a case it was precise in very narrow terms. The Nazi federal government did not release chemical weapons on the battlefield throughout World War II. This could be the factor Spicer was attempting to make, as Protection Assistant James Mattis made use of a similar line later Tuesday afternoon."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Elegance Baldridge

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Elegance Baldridge


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  1. Posted by SteelCurtainGaming, at Reply

    Sean Spicer is just straight up beyond moronic … ugggh

    • Posted by Space Man, at Reply

      its not that he is a moron, its forced narrative, seems moronic to us, but to the sheep its like warm sweet milk. the sheep outnumber us, they know this.

    • Posted by Assassin Hawk, at Reply

      Yeah and letting it known america’s objective is to destablize the ME.
      proof they support ISIS, obamas mercenary boys.

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      No, no, he’s going to meet us for sodas tonight down at The Holocaust Center.
      –I hope Stump doesn’t fire Spicer. Spicer’s the perfect representative of this idiot administration. Do people REALLY want a slick, smooth talking apologist for this criminal administration?

  2. Posted by Mental-Morphosis, at Reply

    This man is a professional idiot.

    • Posted by Neko Yuki, at Reply

      Get outta here you goddamn loch ness monster, We ain’t givin you no tree fiddy!

    • Posted by Martin Luther King Jr., at Reply

      Mental-Morphosis he’s the professional idiot because you failed to understand the context of what he was talking about

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      And he’s far too unprofessional at it. Makes me long for the days when Katrina Pierson was flame baiting.

  3. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    Sean Spicer probably wishes he was the White House Easter bunny again.

    • Posted by, at Reply

      eliw 6965

    • Posted by Sunfish OutOfWater, at Reply

      As would many Americans (wish he was the EB, that is)

  4. Posted by Rambling Goats, at Reply

    Sean Spicer looks like a constipated turtle.

    • Posted by paula null, at Reply

      Mitch McConnell has been called “Turtle’ for years.  This year he has been smiling a lot which makes him even spookier.

    • Posted by, at Reply

      Rambling Goats

    • Posted by, at Reply

      paula null

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Looks like an full on man-child. Not hyperbole. Click mute and watch that lying face go.

  5. Posted by Highland Chicken, at Reply

    Sean Spicer is such an odd little man.

    • Posted by MrAwesomeTrex, at Reply

      He has such a weird looking face, he’s like a wax sculpture of himself.

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      Can’t trust gingers. Carson Palmer. Andy Dalton.

    • Posted by Jedke Mekt, at Reply

      You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.

  6. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Can think of 11 million reasons why Sean Spicer is an idiot.

    • Posted by Relaxing M, at Reply

      Hal Jordan i heard 11 trillion were killed in the holocaust .

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Relaxing M
      Did you now?

    • Posted by Gaeron, at Reply

      Hal Jordan 6mill

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You’re thinking of only Jewish deaths. Not total deaths.

  7. Posted by John W, at Reply

    We all knew trump was a war hawk.

    • Posted by Macdaddy, at Reply

      Can’t wait to see the look on your face after the next 8 years.

    • Posted by Deaglan Cullen, at Reply

      Amid He’s there now, isn’t he

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Chickenshit hawk, but still a hawk. 😉

    • Posted by Christian Hussar, at Reply

      John W Zionist Jew

  8. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    So Zyklon B is not a chemical weapon.

    • Posted by Shane Young, at Reply

      Its a multivitamin

    • Posted by gia, at Reply

      +paula, even on accepted dosage, its an slow poison, takes a lifetime

    • Posted by Yandi Cocaxtl, at Reply

      No, you are absolutly right. It is not and never was employed as a chemical weapon. Wake up and realise that you have been lied to.

  9. Posted by Knekten, at Reply

    The trolls who roam here have been posting troll comments on every video, every single day for years.

    People who spend that amount of time trying their best to get people angry and to hate them, has to have some kinda deep mental deficiency.

    • Posted by Knekten, at Reply

      Blazed and Confused no i didn’t see that. You’re just being childish.

    • Posted by Knekten, at Reply

      +zech You know nothing about politics, and talking to you is like talking to a wall, nothing comes through.

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

      Yea you’re right. My apologies.
      To make up for it let me clue you in on some of my favourite comedy podcasts
      Bobby Kelly’s You Know What Dude
      Legion of Skanks
      The Bonfire

  10. Posted by Eternal Dragonoid, at Reply

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened then Spicer?

    • Posted by SALEH Lafi, at Reply

      Eternal Dragonoid Then that almost defeats the whole point of your argument.

    • Posted by Eternal Dragonoid, at Reply

      That isn’t even my argument.

    • Posted by Eternal Dragonoid, at Reply

      I already explained my argument in a previous comment

    • Posted by Eternal Dragonoid, at Reply

      Let me make it clear. Once again

      He is trying to portray Assad as the boogeyman whilst using the worst analogy ever. The US nuked two cities to kingdom come and he’s trying to say Assad’s behaviour is worse than those countries who participated in WW2.

  11. Posted by Ava is vegan, at Reply

    Sean Spicer you’ve heard of gas chambers right?

    • Posted by Doktor Wer, at Reply

      Which were used for delousing

    • Posted by FlameHAZE2010, at Reply

      They are better known for being used to kill thousands, the so called “Final Solution”.

    • Posted by Tokenetta, at Reply

      I knew he was talking about not using it against combatants, but you can’t say that the man wasn’t already despicable for gassing millions of non combatants.

    • Posted by Relaxing M, at Reply

      Ava is vegan you still believe the holocaust ???

    • Posted by Yandi Cocaxtl, at Reply

      Spicer knows more than you.

  12. Posted by Alex Ivankov, at Reply

    Sean Spicer must have failed History Class, Zyklon-B

    • Posted by Carlos Gonzalez, at Reply

      Ungoogleable o_O Vietnam

    • Posted by Yandi Cocaxtl, at Reply

      I take it you took the history class and now believe fiction really happened!

    • Posted by Thomas Almond, at Reply

      Carlos Gonzalez
      Because being able to tell the difference between two things is a basic human function. Your point?

  13. Posted by Jonathan Ramirez *Esteban*, at Reply

    Snl already has a skit for this.

    • Posted by Brandon Reed, at Reply

      Jonathan Ramirez *Esteban* absolutely

    • Posted by jose estrada, at Reply

      Jonathan Ramirez *Esteban* cant wait to see new snl video

    • Posted by Brownsugar Brownsugar, at Reply

      Jonathan Ramirez *Esteban* I don’t think so.. only because I can’t think of any skit that can top Spicer.. the idiot has really outdone himself this time.. yet I may still be surprised.. go on snl show us what you got

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      ..Maybe he’s *too* useful an idiot.

  14. Posted by fav383, at Reply

    Personally I think his apology was even worse then the original comment. Did no one else catch that he tried to say that it’s different because these were innocent people being attacked. Does he mean to say because the victims of the gas chambers were mostly Jewish they were not innocent?? Unbelievable…sad in a bigly way.

    • Posted by Tygerion, at Reply

      +Robin Sparkles: It’s called sarcasm.

    • Posted by Relaxing M, at Reply

      Tygerion you made no sense even if jet fuels weakened the steel it was in the upper area not down ,the base would resist the upper section , again this buildings were made to resist anything , and by your logic on building7 so why didn’t every building near the towers collapsed also? i suggest you to search for “The Physics of 9/11” on YT , to get a better understanding and for the witnesses i’m talking about the ones who were outside not just civilians firefighters also mentioned they heard explosions , the footage is still on YT , if you wanna check , Peace.

    • Posted by Tygerion, at Reply

      Seriously? “The base would resist the upper section”? have you seen the videos? When the top started falling, it wrecked the structural integrity of the tower. The top essentially collapsed inwards, breaking the floors below, cascading down all the way (yes, that IS how physics work).

    • Posted by Relaxing M, at Reply

      Tygerion anyway still the building wouldn’t fall on it’s own foot print ,that’s how demolition works not building weakened by jet fuel , and how about building 7? you didn’t address my point on that .

  15. Posted by Rick Pad, at Reply

    didn’t the u.s use the atomic bomb :/

    • Posted by max wessel, at Reply

      Terrain Genesis
      umm, bit of a logic issue there.
      example: cowboys dont want to storm a house full of robbers. so they burn down the house killing everyone inside. any lives saved are speculative, where as the actual death toll is an actual death toll.
      and i just dont believe that narrative, i think japan was on its last legs. their navy was decimated, their airforce was decimated. we probably could have just ignored them til the end of the war at that point. No way they could have recuperated enough to launch another attack on the US before the end of the war. Not with so many of their factories burned.

    • Posted by 295Phoenix, at Reply

      Yes, and it saved millions of lives.

    • Posted by Troy Sims, at Reply

      295Phoenix and ended hundred of million lives.

  16. Posted by geoffreyturksmoney, at Reply

    Didn’t use chemical weapons?!?! That’s what he used against 6 million Jews, dumbass!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      6 milliard Jews. 6 million is not equal to 6 milliard you are antisemist you should be excuted!

    • Posted by 295Phoenix, at Reply

      +coffeatt arabicaut

      Silence, neo-nazi.

    • Posted by Yandi Cocaxtl, at Reply

      Says who? Wake up. Check out the 6 million jew story and you will be amazed. What a spin and a mindjob!

  17. Posted by NORA, at Reply

    Wasn’t Agent Orange used by the US during the Vietnam war

    • Posted by Michael Kahr, at Reply

      +alexander Ingraham : And the US are the only one that dropped nukes. Dispicable. And Turmp’s little hands itch to drop a few more.

    • Posted by Thomas Almond, at Reply

      Davante Johnson
      But it wasn’t. It was used as a herbicide, so effective weapons such as napalm could be used with better accuracy.

    • Posted by Carl Taylor, at Reply

      Ryan – It was used as a weapon. It was used to destroy all the Vietnamese crops – thus effectively starving them. It made it impossible for them to feed their own troops.

    • Posted by Angel the fellow7, at Reply

      NORA No it was used in the 2016 presidential election xD

  18. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    This administration is like a bad comedy….

    • Posted by I Stand With The Poor And Downtrodden, at Reply

      Bad comedy turned into a Horror film.

    • Posted by Yandi Cocaxtl, at Reply

      Which one was not?