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Second Deadliest Country In The World Is…


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The 2nd deadliest nation worldwide is quite close to house if you're in the US. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you which nation is the second most dangerous and why. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section below.

" Mexico's medicine war has actually produced the 2nd most dangerous problem location on the planet after only Syria, according to a global study.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) reported that the six-year battle in Syria is the globe's most dangerous problem zone for the fifth consecutive year, creating an estimated 50,000 casualties in 2016. The Armed Problem Study 2017, the IISS annual summary of conflicts and also casualties worldwide released on Tuesday, found that the battle on drugs plaguing Central America has actually received "scant attention."

In Mexico, 23,000 individuals died in the fight versus drug cartels in 2016. In various other, smaller Central American countries battling cartels, including El Salvador, Honduras as well as Guatemala, an additional 16,000 have actually been eliminated.

" The death toll in Mexico's problem goes beyond those for Afghanistan as well as Somalia. This is even more unusual, considering that the problem deaths are nearly all attributable to small arms. Mexico is a dispute noted by the absence of weapons, containers or combat aviation," John Chipman, IISS chief executive and also director-general, stated in the declaration."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Alex Turlais, at Reply

    a wall isn’t going to fix this. the only way to stop this is to legalise weed and decriminalise all drugs like Portugal did.

    • Posted by alejandro frade angel, at Reply

      Alex Turlais dude it’s the US, they see a problem and they bomb it.

    • Posted by TitanBait, at Reply

      Alex Turlais YES

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      Legalize all drugs. Period.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Legalizing drugs like heroin and crack wouldn’t make for a very productive society, now would it? There’s already a heroin epidemic as it is. Making it legal would be catastrophic.

    • Posted by Dj Eisenberger, at Reply

      +Dustin Zilbauer if heroin was legal, would you shoot up? no people are predispositioned to use drugs like that from traumatic events in their lives.

  2. Posted by Kevin Brown, at Reply

    Any yet TYT doesn’t want a border

    • Posted by Benedikt A., at Reply

      Kevin Brown It’s not that people don’t want a border. It’s that a border wall is completely ineffective at stoping drugs and is therefore a massive waste.

    • Posted by Gilgamesh, at Reply

      Learn how to spell you berk

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      Benedikt A. read the original post, where does it say wall? He never mentioned it.

  3. Posted by 12ttttttttt, at Reply

    trump worst president ever. he’s a failure.

    • Posted by 12ttttttttt, at Reply

      Robert Helring idiot trump supporter

    • Posted by John Black, at Reply

      You obviously haven’t seen the Clinton family, Bush family, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and Obama, which are all worse than Trump.

  4. Posted by bqureshi21, at Reply

    no evidence assad attacks his own people. also, do you figure in colonial regimes that are killing other people in other countries…?

    • Posted by bqureshi21, at Reply

      Figures and charts are not evidence. Until I see concrete evidence, I remain skeptical. Your statements are also just assertions.

      One of the most important questions to ask during investigations is: what’s the motive? So tell me, what is the motive to gas women and children days before peace talks, when he is winning the war and Al Nusra and Al Qaeda are shrinking and fleeing? Under these conditions, it makes no sense at all for him to deliberately kill his own people. Say what you will about Assad, but he’s not a fool.

      The same kinds of “reports” were produced four years ago; there remains no evidence. Neocons just keep screaming that Assad kills his own people, and he uses poison gas. Assertions.

    • Posted by Alex M, at Reply

      What do you expect to constitute evidence if not reports and body-counts?
      Reasons why Assad kills civilians.
      1: To make life so unbearable for those living in opposition controlled areas so that they agree to either surrender or flee.
      2: To make any attempt at setting up a viable parallel government impossible. It sends the message “you have a choice, being slaughtered and living in constant chaos in a rebel held area, OR live in comfort and stability in the government held area”.
      3: To send a message to any would-be supporters of the revolution “we will kill your children”.
      4: To kill or expel the large numbers of (mostly Sunni) civilians who oppose Bashar Al Assad’s regime. They’re not “his people”. Assad’s people are the Alawites. He would love a Syria devoid of Sunis, composed entirely of the minority sects who support him. He’s changing the demographics of the country precisely to achieve that aim.

      The peacetalks have never achieved anything, they’re irrelevant. They don’t even include the largest, most professional and diverse coalition of within the Syrian opposition (the Syrian Democratic Forces).

      We have photographs and film footage, there are bodies of dead children who obviously died of poison gas. Not everything is a Neocon CIA mainstream media hoax. Stop believing fringe anti-West, pro-Russian conspiracy theories.

    • Posted by bqureshi21, at Reply

      photographs and film footage, again, are not evidence. seeing dead children who died of poison gas does not answer the basic question: who did it? a photograph coupled with an accusation is not evidence – you can wave all the photographs of civilian casualties you want, they do not answer the question: who did it?

      same thing with body counts: they only count the bodies, they do not give any information on who killed them.

      i’m not believing anything without evidence. reports and numbers are not evidence – this isn’t a controversial statement. i can make an excel sheet, stamp my organization’s name on it and say “he did this,” and no one will take it seriously. evidence is far more nuanced than that.

      your four reasons are on the fringe, but not implausible. they are less believable to me, especially given the state of affairs – i can find absolutely no motive in killing women and children when he’s clearly got the upper hand. gasing women and children? of course the world would know if he did it, and he knows that, so why the hell would he? if he wanted to kill them, for argument’s sake, there are way more efficient methods than gas.

  5. Posted by Z, at Reply

    If the US supported Mexico economy, Mexican democracy, and end the drug war, we would have less immigration. Mexico would be a much brighter place with a booming economy. Same goes for all the other Latin American countries. Instead, the US meddled with them, toppled democracy, and created dictatorship, oligarchy, chaos and civil war. Immigration is the symptom, not the problem.

    • Posted by mysticonthehill, at Reply


  6. Posted by Mike Craig, at Reply

    why do you keep saying​ Asahad did the chemical attack there’s no proof

    • Posted by Al Osama Hadid Destroyer of evil, at Reply

      Mike Craig this

    • Posted by Dun Hilda, at Reply

      Fake news, that’s why.

  7. Posted by James71, at Reply

    Ana should do Porn…

  8. Posted by Robert Helring, at Reply

    and the liberals say don’t put the wall up

    • Posted by Satyam Patel, at Reply

      Robert Helring The wall won’t effect the rate of drugs coming in from Mexico, in fact most drugs that come from Mexico and transported through rail tunnels built underneath the tunnels or by rogue cargo. No one makes profit by strapping a couple pounds of drugs and then running through the border

    • Posted by JabberCT, at Reply

      Because liberals are smart enough to know there are things called planes, trains, and automobiles.

    • Posted by VanDerSandy, at Reply

      also there’s net emigration with Mexico, if anything putting a wall up would lead to more Mexicans being in the US because they can’t leave as easily

    • Posted by Dun Hilda, at Reply

      So how do you get the drugs in to the country when TSA is there with dogs? how do you drive in to the country when a wall is in the way and the Check point is the only way in?

      Hell they can use a Private plane if they like, once it’s noticed they are using planes it will not take long to set up Anti Air and shot it down.

  9. Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

    ah, so Syria is deadliest country because of the Assad regime… not because of US & Arab funded civil war?
    TYT pls stop spewing that warmonger propaganda, you assclowns.

    • Posted by Manu Leach, at Reply

      lol TYT talk about how stupid the USA is for go in to war the all the time

    • Posted by Callum Quinn, at Reply

      Assad has killed more people than all the other forces combined Stop watching Sputnik.

    • Posted by Christopher Ortega, at Reply

      Callum Quinn It’s not Sputnik News dude. In fact Jimmy Dore Breaks down in his latest video. You should check it out.

    • Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

      +Callum Quinn obviously the deep state fabricated evidence to make it look like Asad did the gas attack, open your eyes!

  10. Posted by shanpis, at Reply

    the war on drugs is one of the biggests mistakes mankind ever did.

    • Posted by Rene Roux, at Reply

      shanpis well they planned it to work in their favor

  11. Posted by Dun Hilda, at Reply

    So Mexico is the second dangerous country in the world and TYT doesn’t think we need a border wall.

    Need I say more about how stupid they are? Trying to Blame the USA war on drugs yet this is all in Mexico…

    • Posted by ho2cultcha, at Reply

      there already is a wall where it’s needed. it is still porous and always will be. can you name a country w/ a border which is not porous? when people want to get through, they will find a way. trump goes on and on about bullshit he knows nothing about. we have a full grown child – and not a very bright one – in the most powerful position in the world. makes me want to vomit.

    • Posted by ho2cultcha, at Reply

      every country in the world has porous borders. the longer the border, the more porous it is. you are as educated about this as trump is, and he is the supreme idiot! when people want to get through, some of them will. period. we already have walls pretty much everywhere we can along the border, and people still get through. it’s not going to change, no matter what and it isn’t a ‘big problem’ like the orange caligula says it is.

    • Posted by ho2cultcha, at Reply

      super poor people come across the border everyday even though we already have walls wherever it makes sense to have them. do you think middle class and wealthy need to cross the border illegally? nope. you talk like trump, and that’s sad for you.

    • Posted by ho2cultcha, at Reply

      keep dreaming and watching fox news. you sound like trump’s talking points and he is a total basket case.

    • Posted by ho2cultcha, at Reply

      a wall won’t do any of those things. if it did, we wouldn’t have the problems we have today because we already have walls where it makes sense to have them. get this through your head!

  12. Posted by 58 fregate, at Reply

    Fun fact in the US it’s about 33,000 people a year who die by gun shot. They don’t make it in this study? Oh yeah it’s not about peaceful countries…

    • Posted by ATL 1, at Reply

      58 fregate There are only about 11000 thousand people murdered by guns, the others are suicides.

    • Posted by 58 fregate, at Reply

      they’re still only dead.  Still only a country not in a civil war. Compared to between 1 and 3 a year in Japan. Only 11000 is not the right choice of words

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      fun fact…52% of these are blacks, and 30% latinos who are killing each other….fun fact japan doesn’t have these people therefore lower gun deaths….who would of thought

  13. Posted by YTfancol, at Reply

    The USA is the deadliest. Their drug addicts finance narco traffic, and then want to play the victims and blame other countries.

    • Posted by Vanguard, at Reply

      YTfancol Exactly.

  14. Posted by David Damgaard, at Reply

    Since ww2 the american governement has killed more people than any other country and also has helped other countries do the killing, So number 1 killing -machine of this world is without any doubt the “so great” united states of america

    • Posted by Brian Boruma, at Reply

      David Damgaard Mao killed 45 million in 4 years. Estimates for the US put the figure from 9- 30 million. What figures are you working with?

    • Posted by Ali Jordan, at Reply

      David Damgaard no doubt about it

    • Posted by David Damgaard, at Reply

      Brian Boruma there is no doubt that Mao killed many people, but this figure 45 million ( if it is true ) is mostly because of Maos failed economic policy which made millions of chinese starving to death ( correct me on this one if I am wrong ). Unlike Mao the us governement has been killing for its own gain and still doing it.

    • Posted by Brian Boruma, at Reply

      That’s true but I wonder if its an important distinction. If one regime kills with bullets and another with neglect is there a difference? Mao killed many through internal repression but most were from starvation. (With regard to domestic brutality Communism wins) The US mostly kills civilians unintentionally (due to not caring if they die) and Mao’s agricultural policies killed unintentionally and he stuck to it for some time. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t actually think there’s much of a difference.

  15. Posted by Dan B, at Reply

    I think some people get the impression that legalising something means everyone will do it
    Smoking is legal yet I’ll never smoke

    • Posted by Ali Jordan, at Reply

      Dan B sucks for you. Really would help change your views on basically everything. You would look back on yourself and realize how much propoganda you believed in that was complete bs

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      Ali Jordan What?

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer You already have a country full of drug addicts

  16. Posted by Gian, at Reply

    Bashar Al-Asaad is not killing civillians! why does Anna keep saying otherwise?

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      but chemical gas, but russia

    • Posted by Dicktaa, at Reply

      KVN Joa no he isn’t…do you know anything?

    • Posted by Zizu Zai, at Reply

      They receive money from Saudi Arabia

  17. Posted by Fart Wind Blowing SHlT STORM A Brewing, at Reply

    Mexicans arte all FAT UGLY COWARDS, we need to keep the Smelly SHlT Farts out of North American , keep us White Christian and Great Again 🙂

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      Mexico is IN North America, dumbass.

    • Posted by Undeniable, at Reply

      imnotmike Lol what do you expect from a TrumpTard 😂😂😂

    • Posted by joey04ryan07, at Reply

      I see you’re still using Trumptard, real original. You must be fun at parties.

    • Posted by Fart Wind Blowing SHlT STORM A Brewing, at Reply

      @ joey04ryan07 ,me 100 % Pro President Trump and me 100 % against MS-13, they all ugly Fat pussies and me will kick them a new Fart Hole if they decide to come here to Quebec 🙂