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Security Cam Catches Police Burglar In The Act (VIDEO)


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Deputy Jason Cooke's department dragged their feet for weeks prior to ultimately jailing him. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us just what you assume in the remark section listed below. Join TYT:

" A Florida constable's deputy was apprehended after monitoring video clip showed him stealing from an elderly man who was fatally harmed throughout Storm Irma– and also the victim's household think he might have done it previously.

Replacement Jason Cooke was taken into custody recently on theft and also grand burglary with a gun fees for purportedly burglarizing the house of 85-year-old Moe Rosoff, who dropped throughout the storm and later died, reported the Sun-Sentinel.
The Palm Beach Region sheriff's replacement presumably located the garage code in a send off log as well as used it to get to the residence 90 mins after paramedics took the gravely damaged guy to the hospital.
The residence was geared up with an activity detection system that tape-recorded video revealing Cooke inside the house, and the dead male's boy later transformed the video over to police." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Brian Jermaine, at Reply

    I just came to see the excuses.

  2. Posted by mkellsoo24, at Reply

    Cops are just legal Criminals, you give a human being power and he will abuse it!

  3. Posted by Mr C2, at Reply

    I only had to hear the first few seconds: “A deputy in Florida …” *face palm*

  4. Posted by Hoodoo Man, at Reply

    Cops are just criminals without having to pay for their crimes. This stuff happens all the time. They seize property while planting drug evidence. Do not ever call the police. If you do they will own your car, your house and your bank account. Cops are just pansy criminals who know that once they wear a uniform they are free to help themselves to everything you have worked for. I had my Chevy Suburban stolen in Phoenix, Arizona. I called the police. They came over and immediately accused me of stealing my own car for insurance money. I had minimum insurance at the time, just PL and PD. The cops then searched my room at a Motel 6 and stole $3,000 dollars in cash that I had due to me being on the road in my big truck for 6 months. They literally robbed me. When I protested they both pulled out their guns and pointed them at me. And telling me if I reported it they would kill me. Welcome to America!

  5. Posted by Bandit Dog, at Reply

    Dishonesty and corruption start at the top that’s why it took a month to arrest him they had to cover their bosses.

  6. Posted by Travis Simpson, at Reply

    Let me guess, he will be punished with the most severe paid vacation ever and that will definitely teach him a lesson. I bet the cops bodycam conveniently “malfunctioned” as well.

  7. Posted by Matt Lannigan, at Reply

    One thing I still don’t understand is the whole complaints about the police being racist. Ok fine SOME are but many people in the comment section sound like they are generalizing all cops as bad. But isn’t it that a version of racism? The very thing everyone should be against. Also if you want all the police to be fired then what will you do when you’re getting beaten up? Call the church?

  8. Posted by barbara armstrong, at Reply

    I’m glad they had that camera

  9. Posted by @LoveForWriting_, at Reply

    ana looks like a housewife in the 50s . Hot

  10. Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

    This is why blatantly supporting every cop just because they’re a cop is ignorant

  11. Posted by bigkahuna, at Reply

    To protect and steal …

  12. Posted by Onychoprion27, at Reply

    Armed drug user robs a dead guy’s house? Almost not a crime.
    Twelve-year-old boy playing in a park. Death sentence.

  13. Posted by James Woods, at Reply

    They should have went directly to the DA!

  14. Posted by PeaceBeWithYou, at Reply

    How is it that ISIS is not to be blamed for this or that they are not claiming credit for it?

  15. Posted by Bert Stir, at Reply

    It’s called PD finder’s fee.

  16. Posted by Bro Pru, at Reply

    Sounds like he just a drug addict with a badge

  17. Posted by Dennis Wicker, at Reply

    Just another isolated incidence with the authority that rules are lives.  LMAO

  18. Posted by Jude St-Arnault, at Reply

    not mention that if the old man survived and came back home he would be missing his medicine.

  19. Posted by Piromyśl, at Reply

    You forgot to mention that he was looking for blacks to kill.
    Confirmed info!