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Sen. Bob Corker was on Fox News and MSNBC’s Morning Joe


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Sen. Bob Corker got on Fox Information as well as MSNBC's Early morning Joe attempting to tamp down objection of a special stipulation included in the final tax expense that could enhance property magnates like himself. I'm mosting likely to assess what he stated, and also comparison it with the facts we reported.

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  1. Posted by Larry White, at Reply

    Corker taking the golden parachute.

  2. Posted by Jason Vegan, at Reply

    So how do we keep our elected politicians from acting in their own best interests? They’re supposed to be doing what’s best for the country, not themselves!

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      Ask the French. I hear they’d invented a device in case of this.

    • Posted by AdventureTimeFan94, at Reply

      Jon Ericson To complicated we just need a mob and some horses and some rope that will do the trick just fine.

  3. Posted by Aaron Rodarte, at Reply

    Keep exposing the corruption man.

  4. Posted by livin lite, at Reply

    “journalism” what a novel idea.

  5. Posted by jesuisravi, at Reply

    well, you have to remember that no matter how rich a man is, if he plays his cards right, he can always get a hell of a lot richer.

  6. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    You read the bill? Wow! That’s way more than most of those idiots in congress did.

  7. Posted by Robert Hayes, at Reply

    This is why i remain subscibed to TYT. You and the reporters like you. Thanks for the work and research. Stay strong in 2018.

    • Posted by mkjboise, at Reply

      Chunk just continues to feed the liberal base bullshit so they continue to watch TYT, so he can enrich himself. Ask Cenk if he is going to pay his normal percentage of taxes on his business income or will he take advantage of Trumps tax break? OF COURSE he will take advantage of the tax break, he isn’t going to pay one dollar more than the new law requires…why? Because he has TYT for the money, he’s in it for the same reason everybody else is in business for…the MONEY!!! He’s a lying hypocrite who continually feeds his base full of bullshit, to perpetuate the vision of sweeping liberal victories across the nation…and of course the libs, still decimated from Hillarys loss, will fall in behind him and march straight off the cliff, just as scared sheep often do! The election of 2018, will give the liberals Zero power in any branch of government and then the next call will be for the 2020 election…losing till eternity. Yet the TYT sheep will follow!
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    • Posted by adjwindu70, at Reply

      mkjboise we will see. I have a different opinion.

  8. Posted by Pax Webb, at Reply

    “Country before party” Corker lol. Politicians are all crooks.

    • Posted by Christopher Craig, at Reply

      Pax Webb Not all of them.
      There is still hope.

  9. Posted by stephievon von, at Reply

    People are paying attention now

  10. Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

    Everything you have said indicates Republicans and Democrats do not deserve another vote.

    • Posted by Gary Schneider, at Reply

      Hermenutics means that one does not rely on logic and reason.

  11. Posted by Ingrid P, at Reply

    I was not expecting to see this guy…

  12. Posted by billy the dead, at Reply

    You keep thinking these republicans have any shame register and vote do a little bit of unbiased research so your vote is for we the people not we the party

  13. Posted by Toad Jiang, at Reply

    Liddle Corker got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so now he is going full Trump to call everyone who dares to report his blatant corruption “fake news”. Typical republicans.

  14. Posted by Elaine Brooksbank, at Reply

    What do you call a country where those in power blatantly enrich themselves at the expense of the public? What do you call a country where those in power refuse to answer questions from the constituents they purport to represent and even threaten to have them arrested for daring to question them at all? What do you call a country whose president lies constantly, demands that certain words not be used to prevent people from learning the truth, who tries to eradicate a free press, who tries to undermine the major law enforcement body as an excuse to instigate his own Stazi-style police force answerable only to him? What do you call a country where the president violates his oath of office every single day and his cronies abuse their power by switching their allegiance to him rather than the country simply to hang on to that power? Trump is turning America into an authoritarian banana republic and the people are sitting back & letting it happen. And the corrupt officials know there’s only one man who can stop him & threaten their grasp on power and that’s why they are desperate to stop Robert Mueller from turning over any more stones – he might just turn over the one they’re skulking under. In a year Trump has managed to destroy America’s credibility throughout the world. Hiw much more damage to America and the world can he do in another three? How much of it will irreparable? How long will people sit back and let this continue?

    • Posted by Jeri Harms, at Reply

      Elaine Brooksbank yes!

  15. Posted by 00 0, at Reply


    Bob Corker: The president has great difficulty with the truth.

    Corker after been caught red handed: FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!

  16. Posted by Sandy LaComb, at Reply

    Corker is your typical Grand Old Pig

  17. Posted by David Kalnins, at Reply

    I think that the real story is – why are there no consequences for conflict of interest? Don’t you feel outraged by this – I’m sure you could find many examples, but there seems to be no accounting.

    • Posted by Nick Wolf, at Reply

      David Kalnins This has literally been the story of the Republican Party since the 1910’s, and to a lesser extent with the Democrats since the late ’80s. — Our judiciary’s track record of treating white collar crime and corrupt politicians is a national embarrassment, perhaps only slightly rivaled by blatantly corrupt Tories who spent 10-25 years in the House of Commons to now be sitting on millions of pounds stored away in oil Hedge Funds and Bermuda bank accounts. — It’s just worse here than it is in any other high-HDI country.

  18. Posted by Drm R, at Reply

    It should be illegal for politicians to make or change laws for personal gain.

  19. Posted by snakey973, at Reply

    Trump and the Replutocrats are eroding our country in every way- economically and culturally from within and in terms of global influence and power.