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Senator Feinstein’s Wealth Isn’t The Problem, Her Agenda Is


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Legislator Dianne Feinstein is an unbelievably affluent person, does that wide range affect her plan? Cenk Uygur as well as Jimmy Dore talk about Senator Dianne Feinstein with Justice Democrats candidate Alison Hartson.

Wolf-PAC's own Alison Hartson is challenging business Democrat Dianne Feinstein!

Alison Hartson is challenging Feinstein for The golden state Senate!
Anti-corruption community organizer Alison Hartson is releasing a main difficulty to Senator Dianne Feinstein! She's a working class leader from Orange County who has actually spent her life serving her neighborhood, combating corruption and also taking on the political establishment.

We need to elevate $147,000 by twelve o'clock at night on Friday to pay for this tool called PDI – political data interface. That's the targeted database of every California citizen that we'll have to start our HUGE area project to spread out Alison's dynamic message. Will you join our reason and add $27 today?

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  1. Posted by Usand Sports, at Reply

    Term limits

  2. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply


    • Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

      “I regularly own conservatives, so it makes sense that they’d deploy these clones. They can’t win with ideas, so they use lies instead. I enjoy it. Means I won. LOL.”

      Case and point. Delusional narcissist.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Are you still salty about how I outed you, for this is your sock puppet account, The Persian Atheist?

    • Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan
      For the trillionth time, no its not Vaness Antifan. Projection much?: I bet you use sock puppets all the time. That’s why you accuse everyone else of doing so.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      The Iranian Liberal
      I’m not like you conservatives. I don’t need sock puppets. I only use facts.

  3. Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

    TYT is so sure their content is garbage they post it in the middle of the night.

    • Posted by Vance Palizzi, at Reply

      Hal Jordan probably cause Egg headhe isn’t a bot or a troll you imbicile.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Vance Palizzi
      Lmao, defending the bot just makes you look sad.

    • Posted by dick, at Reply

      what’s the point of arguing opinions with people who dedicate time out of their days to troll youtube channels? Their videos are uploaded late at night because it’s 1.) smarter: people want to see fresh news in the morning when they wake up and uploading at night allows people to wake up to new videos. 2.) Necessary: because they have to have the actual main show to get clips from.

      Anyone who thinks can guess why they upload to Youtube when they do, if you can’t fathom why they do what they do and chalk it up to “lol they have to hide their videos at night lolololol” then you’re doing nothing but being an ignorant, obnoxious child behind a keyboard.

      And the best way to show petty children that they’re wrong is to argue facts, not opinions.

  4. Posted by Ricky Skalisky, at Reply

    only a crook gets rich after becoming a politician.

  5. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    That was powerful as hell! The left can actually drain the swamp because it recognizes the problem. The Trumpanzees think that refugees and migrant workers are the reason that the dollar has been devalued and such. The corporate agenda has continued under the naked emperor. No surprise given the kind of man that he is.

    • Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond = Person with numerous clone accounts of people who see the naked emperor for the scumbag that he is.

    • Posted by Vance Palizzi, at Reply

      That could be true but the left fails to see the problems it had… The progressives. Drain one swamp to make another. Also immigration does depress worker wages to an extent that I know to be true. How it effects inflation idk.

    • Posted by Chad Atchison, at Reply

      Vance Citation or stfu.

    • Posted by Jeff Dean, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis <<< That not what they think. It's due to High Corporate Taxes, Unions, High Interest Rates and Crushing Regulations that lead to the Out Sourcing of Jobs to Communist Countries. If we lower those to the point that we can compete with other countries, then our Economy will take off again. We also need to stay out of the Middle East's problems.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      We found shes a bot she sent out 2 identical messages

  6. Posted by Poncho Jefe', at Reply

    Screw that, no one has “the right” to be thousands or millions of times wealthier than the average citizen in a free society.
    You wanna get money out of politics, it’s easy:
    1. Don’t allow corporations to have “person” rights when it comes to politics and heavily regulate them if not bring them into public utility outright.
    2. Institute a Wealth Cap at no more than 10 million dollars for any and all individuals. That is more money than someone needs for a lifetime of relative comfort and luxery. That’s enough folks.
    These days of oligarchy need to come to an end before they drive us all to extinction.

    • Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

      “Screw that, no one has “the right” to be thousands or millions of times wealthier than the average citizen in a free society. ”

      If they earn their money fair and square, yes they do.

  7. Posted by Sean Jau, at Reply

    “No man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook. It cannot be done.” -Harry S. Truman

    • Posted by Eugene Sidebottom III, at Reply

      Who is Harry Truman?

    • Posted by Vance Palizzi, at Reply

      And Harry S. Truman was wrong.

  8. Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

    *Cenk Uygur’s Weight Isn’t The Problem, His Regressive Agenda Is*

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      The Iranian Liberal your name coupled with your stance is hypocritical cancer

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Vance Palizzi
      Your lies have no purpose here. Conservatives have largely already abandoned him. His Neo Nazi collusion was just the final nail in the coffin of his career.

    • Posted by The Iranian Liberal, at Reply

      +Sweederland Johnson
      How so? I can be a liberal and not a *regressive* .

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      The Iranian Liberal
      Begin by not using empty buzzwords like ‘regressive’ and starting forming valid arguments.

  9. Posted by Charlie, at Reply

    Nah, eat the rich. Money corrupts. FDR was a racist, JFK was a misogynist… please

    • Posted by Vance Palizzi, at Reply

      Charlie money corrupts kinda like indoctrination does but hey. You can’t stop it from happening lol.

  10. Posted by Anthony Mcqueen, at Reply

    This woman is older than dust she needs to retire being in politics for 25 years changes you.

    Its time for fresh faces and get these aging dinosaurs out of office and into retirement homes.

    • Posted by postmodern loser, at Reply

      Can’t wait until the baby boomers are gone

  11. Posted by THE JACK HQ, at Reply

    Boy, Jimmy is right. We could really use a Eugene V. Debs in Congress right about now.

  12. Posted by Palanisamy Venkatachalam, at Reply

    Wow, she can speak sense,,,,all the best Allison

  13. Posted by Telluwide, at Reply

    $80 million is not the problem if she had earned it before she got into politics. The real problem is her and her husband made that money AFTER she got into politics.

  14. Posted by Green TwoStay, at Reply

    “It’s to late,they passed a demarcation line,…

  15. Posted by Spiffy Horowitz, at Reply

    TYT must be loving all the negative comments they are getting from the right wing these days. It is a clear indication of just how scared they are of the impact TYT is having on the country. Plus it really increases the view count for their channel.

    • Posted by Pill Cosby, at Reply

      Spiffy Horowitz TYT averages about 150,000 views per video. That means about .05% of the country actually watches them. Meanwhile Tucker Carlson averages 3,700,000 nightly viewers, about 1.2% of the population. TYT is a failed “news” organization. Sad!

    • Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

      Scared is a bit exaggerated I’d say. More like amused.

    • Posted by Ispike73, at Reply

      Phill Cosby lol, even Mark Dice gets triple the amount of views that TYT gets and he’s a one man show. TYT fans are literally the most delusional idiots on the planet right now, it’s hilarious.

  16. Posted by David B, at Reply

    Both are the problem. You can’t horde wealth at the detriment of the poverty-stricken, and have investments in companies which have anti-progressive goals, and be considered a fair representative of the people.

  17. Posted by Probus Excogitatoris, at Reply

    Looking at photos of Dianne Feinstein, a suspicion arises that it’s actually a corpse they are dragging around for window dressing.

    • Posted by Russel Mcfarland, at Reply


  18. Posted by Charles Balliet, at Reply

    money enables the greedy to commit crimes just as firearms enable the violent to commit crimes.

  19. Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

    The benefit of being rich is that there are people who are not and that you then can take advantage of them. Please consider that when you are making comments.

  20. Posted by RESISTING1, at Reply

    California voters have no balls or brains, they keep voting for this old witch.